Prophecies about the new redemption period are quoted here.

This is the chapter "8. New Redemption Period" of "Redemption Period".

8. New Redemption Period

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The people of Christís church have returned and are now living, again, on earth. Their close relationship to Jesus prevents the reappearance of the opponent of God. He remains bound. His fetters can only be loosened by the will of men. As the relationship with God begins to slacken, men turn again to matter, to the matter that contains the fallen spiritual. And their desires loosen the bonds of matter and so slowly the enemy of God, through the will of men, becomes again active. And the fight between light and darkness is on again.


Prophecies are now following related to this subject. B.D. is the abbreviation that stands for Bertha Dudde.


New Redemption Period 2755

New redemption epoch. Paradisiacal state. Renewed fight.

27. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2755.

A time of great chaos is now replaced by a time of deepest peace because everything what lives there in free will is for God, therefore of a will turned towards God and hence neither suffering nor tribulation is needed as means of education. It stands in love and therefore is close to God Ė and the God nearness means peace and harmony and a state of happiness already on Earth. And this is the beginning of a new redemption period in which the opponent of God still has no influence upon men because he is bound for a long time. It is a paradisiacal state because men stand in recognition, because faith and love earn them knowledge and they are happy in the recognising of truth. Every event on Earth is comprehensible to them, error is banished; they hear the voice of God in themselves, which carries on instructing them, and their love towards God is increasing and is expressed in unselfish neighbourly love. And this harmonic state lasts a long time. But the creations upon Earth are again carriers of the spiritual, which is to develop upwards, and therefore they also must give it the opportunity to serve. And hence they will dissolve like the creations of the old Earth and change in themselves to release the spiritual in it, that it can shape itself again anew. Consequently also men of the new Earth must carry out a certain activity to support this continues development of the spiritual. But the spiritual is still very immature and pushes men in a certain state of maturity, i.e., it seeks to steer the mind of men to itself, and when they let themselves be influenced by it, they remove themselves from God. These are only the coming generations, whose souls are still holding immature substances in themselves and who therefore must wrestle more to reach spiritual maturity. Knowledge of God is dulled accordingly; they are indeed not completely far from God, but they are no longer able to hear his voice clearly, because their senses are already splitting, because they are no longer undivided orientated to God, but are also distracted by earthly things, and this results in a darkening of the spirit. And then the opponent of God has again influence upon the souls of men, and the fight about the spiritual starts anew; a new redemption period sets in; a renewed wrestling of the world full of light against the threatening darkness and also a heavy earth life for men, who are in danger to get lost at matter. God certainly speaks to men and announces his will to them, but the more they strive for matter the less they hear the divine voice, and therefore they remove themselves from him. But divine love draws them again and again to him, and again and again he comes closer to them to make the complete redemption out of form possible for them, which certainly is not achieved without fight, why God again grants power to his opponent over the souls of men, but to whom he makes his power available in the same measure to resist him. This is a redemption period of shorter time because the spiritual must cover its renewed course on Earth under particularly severe conditions; it must atone for its rebellion far more severely than on the old Earth and it decides faster to give up this resistance. Consequently it covers each following phase of development considerably faster and can accordingly embody itself as man earlier. But also this life as man brings him only then final redemption when he testifies to the giving up of resistance through continues work of love, for what he also has again plenty opportunity. Because as long as Earth is the stay and station of schooling of the spiritual, the opportunity is also given to this spiritual to leave it as perfect being of light. But it is incumbent on itself how long it needs for this because the spiritual as man is equipped with free will and this can now be used by him the right or also the wrong way. Because the new Earth will make the same demands upon men Ė to redeem themselves through love towards God and towards the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 2755.


New Redemption Period 3439

Paradise of the New Earth. Struggle of Light and Darkness.

17. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3439.

Only the good proves itself in the last struggle because it is in direct contact with God and therefore will be able to offer resistance until the end. The evil however leans towards the opponent of God, will be seized by him and pulled down into the depth of the abyss. This is the end of the redemption period and at the same time the beginning of a new one so that the upward development of the unfree spiritual progresses in a new time era that again begins with the paradise on earth. Because the good that will emerge victorious from the last struggle, i.e. the humans that have love for God and the neighbour, will now carry off the wages of their perseverance, their loyalty towards God, by being awarded a life on earth in deepest peace where suffering and worry are banished and happiness has taking the place of them. In harmony of their souls they will lead a life full of concord, giving love one another and therefore being allowed to receive permanently love from God who dwells as eternal love among them. They canít anymore be pressed from the enemy of their souls; because he is together with his following banished for a long time and he therefore canít influence the people anymore who live on the new earth and are in rapport with God. They donít know fear and doubt because they are in the light and in knowledge due to their life devoted to love. And this state is a state of perfection and a state that also secures the entering into the kingdom of light. But still a time on earth is given them because they are to form the stock of the new human race that is to live on this new earth. And only good men can be the inhabitants of the new earth because they have given up all proneness to matter since they have recognized God and have love for him in their hearts and they therefore also know about their assignment on earth and their final objective. God can now draw near to them Ė visibly and invisibly - he can permanently dwell among them in his word, he can teach them and enlighten their spirit because they donít put up any resistance through their will or through a thinking devoted to matter. And as long as this state remains among men on this new earth, as long as they fetch power and happiness from God himself by remaining close to him, it will remain a paradise where happy men live without suffering and misery. But also this state will experience a change, but only after a long time. Then matter will again hold an attraction for men who will become more lukewarm in their love towards God. And then men themselves give the enemy of God the right to assail them because through the striving for matter they themselves turn towards him who is banished in matter. And he makes use of this, he seeks to turn the will of men more and more towards matter and to force it away from God. For man cannot strive for both at the same time. He will always have to give up one for the sake of the other and there is a danger that men will again set their heart on matter and leave God. And again the struggle of light against darkness begins - the wrestling of the forces that have turned away from God for the power over men. But also the beings of light struggle for their souls, however the will of man itself will always decide which force will get the upper hand, until the raging of Satan will become obvious again and the end of a redemption period has come again. Amen. B.D. NR. 3439.


New Redemption Period 3606

Time of storm before last judgement. Paradise.

20. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3606.

The beginning and the end of the prophecy are given here only:

The last judgement will make an end to all horror, and there will be peace over earth for a long time. There will be a state on earth in divine order where only love rules, where love connects men among themselves, where the love of the individual also guarantees the work of God through his spirit, where every man is able to hear the voice of God and is extremely happy to know God so close Ė where God will also stay visibly among his, in a way still unimaginable to men of the present time. Men of the new earth will live again in paradise in harmony of their souls, in the longing for God and his love and in constant fulfilment of their longing. And all evil will be banished for a long time.

And when you want to prove yourselves in the last time before the day of judgement, then you still must be busily be active with yourselves; you must get in ever more intimate touch with God; you must fetch power for yourselves daily and hourly and remain in constant prayer so that you also receive power constantly, when you open your heart and desire Godís favour and power. And he will be with his and remain there until the end; he will stay with them in paradise on the new earth and remain indissolubly connected to them until all eternity. Amen. 3606.


New Redemption Period 3972

Struggle of Light with Darkness.

10. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3972.

Also in the spiritual sphere the battle of light against darkness rages in heightened measure before the end of this earth because Satan seeks also there to still win the souls that are not anymore able to offer him resistance. He tries to rouse worldly desires in them and to let them go through agony that way, to induce them to a constantly increasing opposition against God and so to increase their distance to him. But also the light beings are at work and in their great love towards the unredeemed give them their support so that they are not defencelessly exposed to the attacks of the enemy. And again and again love fights against hate, also in the spiritual realm, it comes to the fallenís assistance and often goes and stands protectively between the weak souls and their attacker. And also this battle will find its end with the day of judgement, also in the sphere of the spirits a time of peace will replace the previous time of warfare because also their a separation of spirits will be executed by a likewise renewed banishment of that what is completely far from God for the purpose of the redemption to-be. This is an extraordinary favour that the spiritual that is opposed to God is given the opportunity once more to develop itself upwards even if being subject to mandatory law. It is a favour insofar as the will of the fallen spiritual again gets bound so that it canít anymore fall further away from God, so that also from Satan the power over this spiritual is taken away, even though it is in bondage to him. God himself takes the spiritual again into his school that will inevitably again, even if it takes an exceedingly long time, earn it an increased degree of maturity which in the end also ensures its free will. So after the last judgement on this earth a time of peace and quiet will arise where the beings of light alone will be active on earth and on the other side as well, where they can emit light because they donít meet with opposition - where also in the spiritual kingdom the imperfect is willing to accept their advice, where also men on earth will have permanent contact with the inhabitants of the sphere of the spirits and where direct instructions and spiritual gifts are nothing unusual since the high degree of maturity of their souls also allows an extraordinary working of the spiritual beings without compulsion being exerted on such souls that way. Because Satan has lost his power for a long time, he canít harass anymore men on earth who have proved their affiliation with God in the last battle on the old earth. And also the spiritual in the beyond is removed from his sphere of power because what was in bondage to him is banished in the new creation and the still weak but willing souls have been wrested from his power through the luminescent spiritual. And there is now in the spiritual realm only an upward development, no falling back any more, and in fact as long as men on earth remain in close contact with God and therefore also enter the realm of light when they pass away from earth. Only when the closeness of this connection decreases, when men will begin to put matter again next to God they loosen the bonds of Satan through it, they themselves give him freedom and as a result hand themselves again over to his control. Then the struggle between light and darkness will also again commence in the spiritual realm because then his influence is also again greater on the souls of those who ceased to live on earth that he again tries to win by cunning and force. Light and darkness will always fight with each other but always the light will carry off the victory in the end. And woe to the spiritual that has sunk so low down into darkness that it has to expect a new banishment into hard matter. Its upward development is an endless chain of suffering and pain but it is still an ascent because the prince of darkness has no influence anymore on the spiritual in this phase of development since it is placed under divine mandatory law and the upward development of the spiritual is for evermore supported by the will of God until during the last stage the being itself can decide if it chooses God or his enemy as its master. And only when all beings acknowledge God as their only Lord will the struggle of the light against the darkness end and there will be a state of eternal peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 3972.


New Redemption Period 4054

Transmission of the Divine Word on the New Earth.

1. and 2. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4054.

It will only be a small flock that expects my coming before the last judgement; only few men who I can count as mine, who remain strong in faith and who confess me before the world and who therefore will receive hostile treatment in every respect and would have to fear for their life if they would not look towards the spiritual and if their thinking would not reflect on spiritual things. But this small assembly knows about the end, it expects me in deep faith and therefore endures the extreme times of need with steadfastness, confesses Jesus before the world as son of God and therefore I will fetch them up to me and give them a paradisiac place of residence until they are allowed to again step on the reshaped earth. It is the assignment of this small flock to pass on my word to their descendants so that it will again be presented unadulterated as I have imparted it to men and as it is to remain on the new earth as the basic teaching of Christianity. Because I also continue to care for the ones who are mine and to them belong all who submit to my will, who strive to reach me and are therefore active in love as the desire for me is already the expression of their sense of love that expresses itself also towards the neighbour. These therefore fulfil my commandments and to these I send my word directly and indirectly. My word contains the teaching that Jesus Christ preached on earth as he was permeated by my spirit of love since the man Jesus had found the unification with me already on earth and so that also men on the new earth are to achieve this complete union with me, they have to be taught the teaching of Christ, so the pure truth, that is now offered to you men from heaven, must be passed over as my word to the new earth where it will be recognized in all its depth and wisdom as the message from above, as Godís direct instruction. And that is why it will remain the basic teaching for a long time until men again will become more material and will again as far as they are concerned carry out corrections and changes to my word that already will be again the next occasion to give up their knowledge and to darken their mental state and induce me to again send my word to earth. But for the time being it will remain unadulterated and gain currency. Every word will be considered to be a gift from me and men will love me and serve me, they will give love to each other and will be happy on earth. Because they live in constant contact with me and are therefore also receivers of light and strength because my nearness will have such an effect that they become strong and wise as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4054.


New Redemption Period 4125

Last Judgement. Spiritualization of Earth.

16. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4125.

A severe judgement will be held at the end of times, i.e., a time is coming when the nature of earth cannot anymore be called earthly matter but where all materials have become spiritualized so that also the earth has become a more spiritual creation as there are infinitely many in outer space that however every one of them claims for itself to be an educational institution for the spirit. And also the earth remains such an educational institution for the spirit only that both its creations and its occupants can be called spiritualized, that the life of the creatures happens under different conditions and also its purpose is not comparable to the present one. Also the present earth has to go through such an epoch after an infinitely long time and about this epoch Jesus talked to his listeners on earth. Every material creation goes through this development course, i.e., it is only judged matter at first and rises in infinitely long times, in eternities, that men are never able to guess, to a complete different level; it spiritualizes itself more and more and can in the end only be called a spiritual creation. But these periods of time are immeasurable long because before all banished spiritual has to go first this earthly material way so that then matter can be considered to be completely overcome. And therefore also now still an endless long time will pass until the complete spiritualization has happened on earth. And this time until then comprises again separate development phases that every one of them on its own has to be considered by the still ignorant men as an eternity because many generations have to come to maturity in such a phase to reach a certain degree of maturity that then comes up to the spiritualization on earth. Each phase starts with men of high spiritual maturity and ends with men whose inclination downwards is so strong that it gets fulfilment that they get banished again in creations of the following new earth. Endless long for human concepts are also these development phases but they always once find again an end and again and again an epoch of development starts anew. But in the end of times the spiritualization of the former material creation happens faster and faster and the tests of will, every one period belongs to them, can diminish more and more because all creatures are then experiencing the same Ė they all long to see the face of God and therefore strive for God more and more fervently or alternatively they have been already carried away by the counteracting force too far than to still find back to God. And that is why later these have to stay in places also as spirit in spiritual creations where they are drawn to and this is the hardest punishment that can hit the spiritual that is resisting God as it is after all a state of complete blindness, a state of slavery where service only takes place against the will of the servant, but man cannot go any other way than to continually serve until he gives up his resistance. This is also a divine law that every process happens on a small scale and then repeats itself in infinite multiple modifications. Jesus foresaw the end of this time but you men can only set sight on times where everything humanly possible is intended. You all reckon with only one last judgement. But this will be repeated again and again as long as redemption periods find their conclusion according to divine will. Every tribunal ends with the condemnation of that what belongs to the opponent and with the reception of those into the spheres of light who remained loyal to God even in greatest tribulation. And so also the last judgement will bring along a total disturbance of all that that is still material but a complete spiritual new earth will emerge but only after such an infinite long time that it is not necessary to mention it, to not let men now lull themselves into a false sense of security and to announce a new time of development to them in that they in their opinion could make up for omissions. The judgement comes irrevocably soon, that separates one redemption period from the following one. This is to be announced by the seers and the prophets who are appointed by God for this, to whom he himself makes it known through his spirit, because it is necessary for all of mankind that they keep the nearby end in mind, change their way of living and work on the soul because soon the time will be over that still remains as last gift of mercy for mankind. Soon the last hour is here and with it the judgement that will execute a complete separation of the pure from the impure. Amen. B.D. NR. 4125.


New Redemption Period 4369

New Earth. Creations. Paradise.

9. and 10 July 1948. B.D. NR. 4369.

The new earth will again be formed according to the infinite love of God and his unsurpassable wisdom. All creations are again bearer of the spiritual that now can continue its uninterrupted course of development and also bring it to the fastest completion because matter is of less long life span, i.e., it is likewise in continues change; beginning and ending alternates in shorter time and therefore the spiritual can leave the form quite fast and move into the next form. And again the purpose of every single work of creation is to serve the preservation of other creations. Men of the new earth will be incessantly busy in exceedingly great will for love and therefore will need all works of creation so that these can fulfil their serving purpose completely. Moreover matter as such will also have no great resistance except the hard matter of basic creation, that, because it bears in it the spiritual that is insubordinate to God, that was sentenced to new banishment, is almost an indestructible mass that again requires endless time to dissolve if not God in his great mercy would accelerate the liberation according to the wise plan for the spiritual that is to be redeemed. The forming of the spiritual can happen faster on the new earth because men are already in a state of maturity so that also the spiritual that is bound in the animal and plant world submits to them voluntarily. It feels the love of men and therefore gives up the resistance much easier, it serves them even if under mandatory law still voluntarily and therefore proceeds quicker upwards as well. And so matter also passes quicker on the new earth, i.e., the beginning and ending of constantly new creations is successively fast, that is the reason for all creations being especially charming to look at and they make men happy in their versatility and forms that please the eye. Who still has stayed on the old earth, so who at the day of judgement belonged to the raptured, cannot marvel enough at the variety and the wonderful things of the new earth and it is a true paradise for him because only good powers are at work and every influencing of powers turned away from God is impossible. These men will be able to assess and appreciate best the wonders of God because they still have memories of the old earth with all what was good and bad. The following generations will only hear about the old earth and, the more time advances, view the creations of the new earth more and more as a matter of course and so also the love for God subsides even though a long time passes where the new earth can still be called a paradise, where love dwells among men and God himself stays among the ones who are his. It is really also worth the hardest life on earth to experience this time because God himself has set a limitation for men, he will keep his stock to be turned to him and faithfully will lead until the end of this earth through suffering and trouble. And he will shorten the time so that the ones who are his will be happy. But everything will be forgotten by the inhabitants of the new earth because the bliss makes up for the time of misery thousand fold. And again and again the warning has therefore to be called to men: Endure and remain loyal to God - he will reward you eternally - and his love will give you power when needed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4369.


New Redemption Period 5170

Development Periods - Length of Time. Matter and Influence.

14. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5170.

The plan of redemption of the fallen spiritual unwinds always in certain periods of time that correspond to the respective state of the spiritual. And that is why the individual redemption periods are different, time wise as well as in their conditions and maturing possibilities. There are longer and shorter redemption sections as well as completely different creations in these, meaning more of less hard fetters for the bound spiritual in it. And from that it can be concluded that also different demands are made on men in such individual redemption sections so that they gain their maturity of the soul. There might be so to speak a gradation recognizable when the individual development periods could be compared with each other - and it could be seen that the creations adapt oneself to the state of maturity of men, i.e. their will, that therefore men without hard resistance against God also live in a world that shows easier dissolving of the material form and therefore also a shorter time is needed for a course of development. And this will always be then the case when a total dissolving of the earthly creation has gone before and the spiritual that has escaped from it is to be brought again into a new form. Then this spiritual living in an environment that is beneficial for it, strives far more eagerly upwards even if it is still unconscious of it. But after such a total dissolving mankind on earth is also still more peaceful, more connected to God, that benevolently influences the spiritual that is still bound and also helps it upward. But hard matter is still inhabited by the deeply fallen spiritual and this spiritual will still want to assert its influence especially then when also this redemption period again draws to a close. But every epoch is an ascent from the deep to the height, every epoch has spiritual that no longer offers resistance to God or abandons it very soon but also such that remains in opposition to God, that has hard matter as its residency and again and again wants to and will have an unfavourable effect on the more mature spiritual. The longer now men avoids this influence the longer also the development periods will be because an ending occurs only then again when these beings bound in matter are again allowed to embody themselves as men after endless long transformation. For the beings now determine the time of the end or the dissolving of the creation that they inhabit. A turning to God also secures a long existence, a turning away from him is renewed resistance and causes again the destruction of that in the end, which does not fulfil its purpose - a dissolving of the earth and a new formation of spiritual forms. Because according to law from eternity everything has to strive to the top and what fails will sink so deeply that it can again be integrated into the process of ascent development so that the law from eternity is fulfilled - continual upward development of that what is fallen until it has reached again the former height. Amen. B.D. NR. 5170.


New Redemption Period 5235

Behold, I make all things new.

14. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5235.

I make all things new. You men who are without knowledge, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, you do not know what these words of mine mean because you do not believe in the reshaping of this earth, you do not believe in the last judgement, in the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one. You know nothing of my plan of salvation from eternity and therefore also do not grasp my words: Behold, I make all things new. Every one of my words has multiple meanings that also my awakened ones do not know because this understanding is still too high for men of this earth; but the simple meaning is clear to them that I want to renew what has gone outside of my order from eternity. I want to create a change as men on this earth do no longer strive for it and therefore miss their purpose of life on earth. They have failed and did not use their life for eternity. Yet I still do not want them to get lost and therefore give them the opportunity to once more cover the missed course of development however not as repetition but in a complete new way. Because a renewed course of development is an enhanced allocation of favour and must be acquired through heightened achievement for which completely new creations present the opportunity. I therefore renew first the school house of the spiritual, my earth, which is to again promote the ascent development up to men. I supply it with complete new creations of such manifold nature and features that will create new opportunities for the exceeding large number of spiritual to prove itself and I let a new human race come into being, arising from men blessed by me that have carried out their spiritual development in love and loyalty to me, that have reached a degree of maturity that allows a high spiritual looking after so that the new human race has all guarantees for highest possible spiritual completion and that also the bound spiritual can reach maturity fast through the exceeding good influence that men exert on all creations surrounding them. I make all things new; I also relax the conditions for the deliverance of the spiritual but therefore not deviating from my law of eternal order, only taking care of that in deep love and mercy that still lives in bondage. All oppressiveness will fall off from men; full of power they will strive up because I alone am the most desirable and they cannot be pulled into the deep by my opponent who is in chains for a long time. I create a new heaven and a new earth, i.e., spiritually and earthly I make men happy who now belong to me and who are also to level off the way to me for those that come after them. Who of you men can grasp this? And who of you men does believe this firmly and undoubtedly that the old ceases to exist, that also men will no longer be who are still remote from me, that only the small flock that loyally follows me as their shepherd will not lose their life because I have blessed this small flock and chosen for survival in paradise of the new earth - that a new phase of redemption begins according to the plan of salvation from eternity that was laid down by my love and wisdom to ensure eternal life for the spiritual? Behold, I make all things new. You who believe in me remember these words, move them in your heart and know the time has come where this my word comes true. Firmly believe in this and hope, and endure all heaviness that is still given to you until the end with patience and submission into my will. Because the day comes very soon where I fetch the ones who are mine to reveal paradise to them of which is written: A new heaven I will create and a new earth and I myself will dwell amidst of those who are mine and guide and teach them as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5235.


New Redemption Period 5258

Harmony on the New Earth.

22. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5258.

The transient will cease to exist, but the spiritual will leave the form that so far held it. And then the new embodiment of the spiritual takes place again in another form according to the state of maturity that the spiritual has reached. The course of development of the spiritual in the previous stages continues so that therefore the destruction or dissolving of the earth does not particularly concern this spiritual whereas all that has reached the stage as men and does not belong to the raptured does no longer progress upward in its development but it falls down into the deep. It starts its ascent development anew since it totally failed in the end. That is why the new creation will be an exceedingly peaceful world that gives pleasure to men and animals alike, that is in fullest harmony with the divine principle and every work of creation will praise and extol God in its beauty and practicality that men find exceedingly beneficent. As it were there is nothing base, that human eye does not enjoy, everything only causes joy, everything is functional and created for the comfort of men. But hard matter, in which is banished what is insubordinate to God, cannot yet influence men unfavourably because it is still in the state of new banishment, completely without power and unable to do anything. That is why there is now also a time of peace since nothing is in opposition to each other, since everything is moving again in divine order, since the still bound spiritual feels that it is walking upwards and because men are full of divine spirit, so know about everything and this knowledge makes them happy and makes them to be the most peaceful inhabitants of the new earth. Because they are in union with God and their essence is therefore so radiant with love that they only can be good all the time, what is also felt by what is underneath them, the animal world and the plant kingdom, and the whole sphere of love is suitable for rapid upward development. As dreadful as the earth will end so peaceful and harmonic it will begin again and a happy destiny will be given to the inhabitants of the earth as reward for their loyalty to God and their steadfastness in faith. And God himself will dwell like a father amidst his children as he has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5258.


New Redemption Period 5743

Witnesses of the End on the New Earth for Descendants.

9. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5743.

And you will be my witnesses on the new earth; you will give evidence of me and my glory, of my might and love because you will experience it at the end of this earth - you will see me coming in the clouds in the bright shine of my majesty - you will experience my love when I rescue you from greatest trouble, when I rapture you in front of your fellow human beings who are out to kill you in true devilish mentality. You will experience the proofs of my might because also the last work of destruction on this earth will happen in front of you, and so you will enter the kingdom of peace with an experience that you are to keep in your memory to give evidence of me to posterity, men who only through handing down gain knowledge of the proceedings on the old earth, so that they also again pass it on and the knowledge therefore remains preserved for a long time on the new earth. You are to give evidence of me and my glory. A believing generation that is loyally devoted to me will inhabit the new earth, which has no doubts about my strength and might, my love and perfection. And as long as I myself can now stay among them because their faith and their love of me allows it, there will also be no testifying necessary of what you experienced - but as soon as new generations come from them, they also again have to be informed and the proceedings of the end of the old earth have to be specially emphasized so that also men who live now unite themselves closely with me, and are and remain my children. The living testimony will have an unusual effect on their hearts and also they are to announce in following times what has been given to them by you. The faith and the love of me will now survive for a long time, the human race will live in peace and unity for a long time, in harmony with infinity, in constant union with me, and my spirit will be able to flow into their hearts, and they will be able to hear my word and will be happy. And still also this state will change; the effect of counter forces will first be very weak, then will recognizably become stronger all the time - because the spiritual that is bound in the creation again gets to be embodied as man and so that it again matures differently, so that talents and desires in the state as man emerge that demand a greater change, that still again betray a faint resistance against me, and therefore men again will live on earth, which require special, effective means of education - and then it will be necessary to give them knowledge about the effects of a life that does not fulfil my will. Then again the fight between light and darkness will start because the desire for matter will again become stronger in the hearts of men; my word will no longer be able to be heard directly, and announcers of my word will speak to them on my behalf; and so that this happens lively, evidence is also to be given of the end of the old and the beginning of the new earth. And that is why you men of this earth who experience the end, who remain loyal to me until the end, also have an assignment on the new earth - see to it that the knowledge survives, that also the descendants once can keep these proceedings in mind, that they will be encouraged through this to remain in my will, that they will let me become alive in the heart and strive for me all the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5743.


New Redemption Period 5769

Binding of Satan. New Earth.

14. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5769.

The might of evil will be broken for a long time; Satan will be put in chains - a time of peace will replace the time of struggle in the universe; to no being of darkness will it be any more possible to harry men on earth; Satan himself with his following will be bound for a long time, and men on the new earth do not loosen his fetters because they are closely united with God and no longer strive for anything but him, who now spiritually and bodily looks after them in love. This time of peace on the new earth is the compensation for the time of indescribable trouble in the last times on this earth that is given to men who are and want to remain loyal to God. For these it is truly a time of fighting because spiritually and earthly they are pressed and can hardly ward off those who are after them, who even threaten their life when they do not want to give in. But through seers and prophets these men are again and again promised the time of peace, the time, when no longer danger threatens them from any side, when body and soul are allowed to refresh themselves by the miracle works of divine love, when a happy peace enters the heart through the presence of him, whom they love and for whom they have suffered. Everything will be peaceful; creations and creatures will complement one another, and also the spiritual that is still bound will strive and quickly give up its resistance because it feels the nearness of him to whom it again is to surrender, and because the spiritual charisma of men charitably touches that what is bound in the creations. Men already have made the decision of will and therefore a new test of will is no longer necessary on the new earth because men belong to God with body and soul whom they will now never leave. But all satanic languishes in darkness; it is banished anew in hard form; it no longer has influence on the spiritual that strives for the light; it has to submit to the will of God and is robbed of its power for an endless long time. And Satan himself is weakened because all that strengthened him and his might is bound and therefore also withdrawn from his influence. In the middle of his world he his powerless as long as he again is strengthened through the wrong will of men, but this will only happen again after a long time when the first generations of earth, the inhabitants of paradise and their children and grandchildren have long since entered the spiritual kingdom - when there will be new generations, which will already again divide themselves in their directions of will. Then there will also again be men who will be captivated by matter and who through their desire for it will loosen the chains of him who is lord of the unredeemed world. Then also the paradisiacal state will come to an end; the time of peace will have to give way again to the time of warfare between light and darkness because now again the struggle begins for the souls of men until again a development period has expired, but with success, that innumerable beings have reached spiritualization and the power of Satan decreases more and more until once also he will surrender, what will however still require unthinkable times and redemption periods. Amen. B.D. NR. 5769.


New Redemption Period 5807

Turning Point of the World. Not Turning Point of the World.

16. and 17. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5807.

The turning point of the world does not mean the end of the world. Because my creations will still remain in existence for evermore until they have fulfilled their purpose to have helped up the spiritual that is in the deep. Only then one can speak of the end of the world when everything is spiritualized that needs these creations for perfection. But what lies ahead of you, what you can expect with all certainty, what I let announce to you through seers and prophets, that is a turning point that can well be described as an end for the inhabitants of the earth, but more correctly speaking is a total transformation, a change of the existing and a complete reshaping of earth's creation. It is a change from one epoch into a new one - what means an end of life for men as well as for every creature - that is equal for men to an end of the world. The total reshaping of the surface of the earth with all creations is at the same time an ending of every development of earthly material kind. Everything that was thinkable as progress in the scientific field or human achievements, everything that was attained as technologies falls prey to destruction and all experiences lose their worth because nobody can any more use and apply that what was previously considered to be so important, that all spiritual striving was forgotten on it. Of all this nothing will remain; nothing of this will be taken to the new earth although this will be inhabited by those men who have experienced the old earth and inhabited it - because nothing of it will be useful on the new earth and nothing of it will needed. A complete new world will make the small crowd of the raptured happy, a world that in nothing reminds of the old world, that rightly can be described as a changed world. And men of the new earth will now understand why the talk was about a turning point - but under which never the end of the world is meant. So this turning point is to be meant earthly, but still even more so spiritually. The spiritual turning point is cause and purpose of that what comes. A spiritual state as it exists before the end of the old earth irrevocably brings about a dissolving because something spiritual dead also means the stiffening of it and true life can only emerge from spiritual life. That is why a turning point has to occur where life is no longer thinkable in the totally dead surroundings. It is obvious that the turning point can no longer take place on this earth because men are constantly becoming more worldly, constantly more they strive for material goods, and constantly less becomes their faith because love cools off in them. But cooling off of love means hardened spiritual substance or also rejection of my love power that livens up everything - and therefore a motionless state, a complete lack of power and as a result a stiffening into inactivity. What still lives will then have become a slave to death, but what now is still bound will gain freedom to now be able to strive upwards with the aim of final freedom. A turning point has come for the complete earth creation, every spiritual changes its outer form, and so also a general ascent is then secured because only positive powers can have an effect but not the negative powers, because the last ones are bound and totally powerless - and therefore spiritually only an ascent is possible everywhere. Amen. B.D. NR. 5807.


New Redemption Period 5981

Closing of the Gates to the Spiritual Kingdom.

21. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5981.

The gates to the spiritual kingdom will close when the end of this earth has come. To understand this you men have to know that also after death the soul in its development can go on or sink back to extreme darkness. You have to know that still many possibilities are offered to the soul in the otherworldly kingdom to increase the degree of maturity that was obtained on earth or to get out of darkness into the light, always according to the free will of the soul. The ascent upwards is far more difficult in the spiritual kingdom and requires much help and willingness of the soul, but it is not impossible and therefore a special favour of God, who wants to help the souls up all the time. But his opponent is just the same way anxious to keep the souls in darkness, which he has won on earth, and that is why the sinking down into the deep is just as possible, which is why the fight between light and darkness is also carried out in the spiritual kingdom, i.e. both sides struggle for the souls. Because it is a matter of still liberating souls from his fetters before the end of the earth; it is a matter to also there still put the will to the test whether it is directed upwards or downwards. And that is why redemption work takes place both on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom and with special eagerness during the last times before the end because also there a separation of spirits has to take place before the new earth arises. Because a new redemption period starts - the creations of the new earth incorporate the souls in themselves which still remain in strongest resistance against God and would never find their way out of darkness because they themselves resist the light. And so hell expels everything what has become a slave to it; the spiritual kingdom gives those souls back where there is no hope that they change their will and God banished the spiritual anew in the creations of the new earth. But those who have succeeded to come off the chains of Satan, they also strive for the light and they find innumerable helpers and accomplices who level the way up for them, who help them to reach upwards. As long as the earth still exists the spiritual gates are still wide open to receive the souls, which first leave their body - it does not matter in which spiritual state they arrive in the hereafter. Redemption work will continue on every soul, which does not enter the spiritual kingdom as a soul of light. But when the end has come then the gates close for a long time because then the possibilities for further development are switched off. The spiritual that is bad and stands completely in the service of Satan experiences now the new banishment in the creations of the new earth, while the good spiritual that remained loyal to God also remains on earth, i.e. will populate the new earth as stock of the new generation. But everything that is still capable of development will be recalled first and in the end only those exist who openly take action against God and so are clearly recognizable as servants of Satan and those who remain loyal to God in the most severe fight against the faith and are therefore suitable for the stock of the new generation - who now lead a paradisiacal life on earth that is incomparable for men of the earth and therefore also not imaginable. It is an exceedingly happy state for those because the father will dwell right among his children - where there is no sin and no death, no suffering and no worries, and where men enjoy heavenly happiness through the presence of God, although they stay on earth. But the earth is no longer that what it was before the end - a breeding ground for hell, where the opponent of God raged to win his victims for himself. Earth has become a paradise, and those who now stay on it are men who were suitable for the kingdom of light, but who are still allowed to own their earthly body and yet are still happy - who live in the will of God, who take possession of a glorious, new formed earth to now again level the way upwards for both their descendants as well as the still bound spiritual and to foster their upward development as it is intended in God's plan of salvation. For a long time the struggle has ended in the spiritual kingdom but the light souls also now again go down to earth to offer their guidance to men and so a spiritual progress is now also ensured for all creatures on the new earth, and the redemption from form advances surprisingly fast because the effect of Satan is switched off for a long time - and so peace is on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5981.


New Redemption Period 6079

God's Admonishing Voice. New Epoch.

15. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6079.

Do not let the voice of God remain unheard at your ears because a new time dawns - a new epoch, which you well can experience when you pay attention to what God himself tells you - when you follow his voice and you turn out well, as it is required by the new epoch. Because only such men will stay in this on earth who have the closest relationship with God, who then also will stay on earth in the midst of the ones who are his. And this dealing with God also requires a state of men, which allows such close relationship. But this you men can achieve still in this last times because that is why God himself addresses you that you see the necessity out of his words and also draw the strength to reshape yourself to beings of love, without it a life on the new earth is unthinkable. What you do not do of your own accord that you are to do when God urges you to do it so forcefully and easily to understand that you can be impressed by it when only you pay attention to his voice, when you let yourself be moved by his words and follow them. To hear the voice of God in the noise of the world requires your will, then it will sound in you directly, or you will listen satisfied when God speaks to you through his messengers - you will recognize the voice of the father who is concerned about you and wants to help you to find your way out of a state of death - who would like to make life accessible to you. But you have to go the way yourself, which leads to life. And this way God shows to you through his word. He himself teaches you and his instructions are indeed clear and unmistakable, and they can light a bright light in you when only you pay attention to it and do not let them die away at your ears. Whether you want to believe it or not - the earth enters a new development epoch, and also in this one it will be inhabited by men, but who have to be in a different state than you are at the moment on earth. But a change is still possible for you; you yourself can reach the degree which allows a stay on the new earth but always only with the help of God. That is why his voice again and again sounds for you and admonishes you to strive for this change of being and to get in such close touch with him that you become suitable to be transferred to this new earth when the hour has come. Because it is shortly forthcoming for you - soon the period has expired which God has fixed for you men on this earth and soon the reshaping of the earth will take place, which starts a new development epoch. And all what is unsuitable for the new earth will find its end and will again be banished into new forms according to its spiritual maturity. Listen to the voice of God, which admonishes and warns you so that you belong to those who his will rescues, whom in the end he transfers to the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6079.


New Redemption Period 6148

Further Development on the New Earth.

29. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6148.

All spiritual capable of development will continue its course of development, also when the end of this earth has come, when a complete reshaping of it has happened - while the spiritual, which has proved to be incapable of covering the last level of development, will again be transferred back and has to go the course of development once again according to divine law, which transfers all spiritual into that stage, which corresponds to its degree of maturity. And so one development epoch has well ended but the cycle of development has not been interrupted. The spiritual, which is still in bound will, continually rises up, and also man can rise upwards in free will and free himself of form. But he also can sink by virtue of his free will, and he then has to get up again from below. The redemption of the fallen experiences no interruption, even if the earth is before a spiritual and also earthly turning point. Only divine order is restored, which has been considerably disturbed by the free will of men. Everything is only transferred there where it belongs according to its maturity. So the spiritual, which is still bound in form in the different works of creation, experiences also a change of its stay, and that also causes a dissolving of the visible works of creation and a letting come into existence of a new earth. This is not plausible to men, and it will still happen according to divine conclusion, which always only aims at the upward development of the spiritual, which is to reach out of the deep up to God. If the spiritual would live in the stage of free will - as man - totally in God's order, then a complete reshaping of earth would never be necessary, because then the process of upward development would take place as planned and a redemption of all spiritual could happen very fast. But the free will of man so often acts against divine order, that through it the whole previous course of development is endangered and again and again a violent intervention of God is needed to put again right what got out of order. And this always means the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one; it always means a reshaping of the earth, therefore also a passing of all works of creation and arising of complete new creations. It means a becoming free of the spiritual, which is bound in hard matter, and a renewed binding in considerably loosened forms, which now also start the upward development of this spiritual, which is already kept imprisoned since eternal times - which is gratefully felt by this spiritual as relief. Such a reshaping of the surface of the earth means an improvement for all spiritual, but not for the spiritual which is embodied in man, which failed, by misusing its freedom of will and strove all the time down instead of up during its life on earth. This spiritual will be transferred there after which it craved - it becomes hard matter - it will be tied up by this, which all its striving and desire was meant for. It is a fair compensation for the tremendous favour of freedom in the embodiment as man - but which man ignored, which he used in a wrong sense - that he more and more went away from God for the sake of matter, which now becomes his wages. And that you men are standing before the end of a redemption epoch, you will again and again be urgently reproached with. In all love God keeps you supplied with information about all connections, about cause and effect, about the consequences of a right and also of a wrong walk on earth. He keeps you supplied with information by his word, and with a good will you also can believe it. But he cannot force you to accept his word as truth. The freedom of your will alone determines your belief, it determines your thinking, wanting and acting - but therefore also your fate after every reshaping - which certainly can be wonderful in paradise on the new earth, but can also earn you unspeakable agonies when you are banished anew in matter - in accordance with your will and your love. Amen. B.D. NR. 6148.


New Redemption Period 6267

Beginning and End of Redemption Period is Far Apart.

27. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6267.

In long intervals the individual redemption periods take place so that the beginning of such is hardly provable any more at the end because this is also necessary for men that they remain free in their faith. For an end which is to be expected for sure would determine the will of men. Still the knowledge about the end of the previous period has not got lost so that everyone can accept it when he wants. And no-one will be able to furnish proof that there never was such an ending of the previous epoch. That is why also the forthcoming end of this earth remains a matter of faith, and that is why the spiritual need is also so exceedingly great because the end is approaching and men very little reckon on it and prepare themselves. And it is as at times of every ending - prophets and seers arise who driven by their spirit point to the coming end - but, as always, find no faith because to men everything spiritual lies infinitely far away and their earthly thought and wish allows no end of the earth because they simply do not want to believe it and it also cannot and must not be proved to them. No-one knows exactly day and hour but many know they are not far away. Also these are only believing it and still are inwardly firmly convinced of it because their spiritual knowledge, the degree of their understanding, is also able to read in God's plan of salvation and they can follow up on cause and effect and that is why they also know that the end is inevitable because it is not only a matter of men of this earth but a matter of upward development of all, which is bound in the works of creation. The knowing man who has understanding observes everything with different eyes and he only finds out that everything happens according to God's law. But he cannot transfer his knowledge to men whose degree of understanding is so low that they are still blind in spirit - who only believe what they can see and prove and have no sense for the spiritual. He cannot transfer his thinking and knowledge to the fellow human beings but he can admonish and warn because full of conviction he can point to the forthcoming end, as it is however to be expected. The conclusion of a redemption period is something so powerful and not yet experienced by men that it is difficult to consider it to be possible and that is why it also appears for men to be implausible. And no matter how clear the signs are that are given before, they will be ignored on the part of unbelieving mankind. But all the greater will be the horror when it comes true what seers and prophets have announced long before. And still nothing can be done to prepare men for it than to permanently give them knowledge of the word of God, the reason he sends it to earth is only because to find faith, because people no longer believe in men. That is why God speaks to men, but also so that they are not forced to believe, but can believe, when they are willing to do it. And this is the last possibility to make knowledge accessible to men, which could determine them to change and to only still seek the way up - a knowledge, which would give them a proper explanation and therefore would be a help for them and would mean salvation from ruin. But also God's word is not recognized and therefore not accepted. And mankind faces ruin; it only strives for matter all the time, and matter will become its stay when the end has come, when a new redemption epoch begins, as it is intended since eternity in the divine plan of salvation, so that everything reaches happiness what still remains in unhappiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 6267.


New Redemption Period 6373

Paradise of the New Earth.

8. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6373.

The earth will lose its old appearance; completely new creations will arise; exceedingly charming areas will make men happy who will inhabit this new earth. A new period of time begins but under completely different conditions because it is no longer necessary that the creations develop slowly - because only for the spiritual which is on the process of maturing new outer forms have again to be produced, which correspond to the degree of maturity - but because all degrees of development already exist, so creations of all kind can be given to this spiritual as outer cover. So a long creation period is no longer necessary but in a moment can this new earth - thus the surface of the previous earth - be reshaped. Still the legality which is always observed by God is not overruled because men of the new earth do not know in which time the new creation has happened - although also the knowledge about it could no longer harm them as they have recognized the power and glory of God after the preceding events and are fully believing so that therefore also unusual works of God mean no faith compulsion for them. A complete new phase begins in the life of these men who are raptured at the end to be brought again to the new earth as stock of the new generation. They again feel happy on earth; but their souls are already spiritualized to a degree that also the barriers fall in which normally men move on earth. The spiritual kingdom is made accessible to them so that they have contact with the beings of the kingdom of light, that they can associate with them unhindered, that they no longer have to suffer from the gravity of the earth and their life only serves the future generation, which also has a certain maturity but is still already more tied to earth because of its spiritual ascent. A state of peace and happiness will be on earth because evil is reduced to silence for a long time, because the author of evil is tied up and can no longer influence men and that is why a good harvest can be recorded for the kingdom of light throughout a long time - where the complete redemption from form is secured and therefore also the opponent of God loses enormous power because his following becomes smaller all the time - until he once again frees himself from the fetters because men themselves help him with it - because their will will again turn more to matter, which means liberation for the opponent of God. But it will take a long time until this happens because the world of light is in a position to do infinitely much. The direct union with men on earth is of best influence on these, and the will of men is always directed upwards because the power of love has a powerful effect in them, the love towards God fills their being, and they want, think and act always in his will only. Through love they are closely connected to him and lead themselves to redemption as well as what is bound in creation - what surrounds them. The new earth will be a paradise as you men are not able to imagine. But happy who is allowed to experience it - happy, who holds out until the end because he will be blessed with a life on earth in sheer bliss. Amen. B.D. NR. 6373.


New Redemption Period 6479

Before God Thousand Years are as One Day.

18. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6479.

Eternal times will still pass until all works of creation, the whole material world, which holds the unredeemed spiritual, can be dissolved - until all what is material has been spiritualized - until all what has become imperfect has again reached perfection. Eternal times will pass. But before God thousand years are as one day because he is from eternity to eternity; for him all times are like a moment. But for the imperfect spiritual they are endless times until it again has reached perfection, but then the time of changing back likewise appears to it as a moment. And so you men can safely believe it that the earth will also still exist for eternal times to fulfil its great purpose to help men to become children of God; you can believe it that again and again men will inhabit this earth and that therefore an end of the creation work of earth is not official yet for a long time. But that the earth will change again and again, i.e. will be renewed, that it again and again has to be reconditioned to be able fulfil its purpose, and that this will always take place in certain periods of time, that you can certainly believe the same way, although also the development process is not nearly completed and you cannot call it an end of the world - when you understand by it a complete coming to an end of earthly-material creations. Infinite much spiritual still waits for its redemption; the once fallen spiritual is still only to a very small part redeemed and has returned to God. Most of it is still in judgement, i.e., is bound in creations of all kind. And all this which is still bound has to reach up to the stage as man and is then therefore allowed to embody as man on earth. And that is why the earth will again and again arise when such a development period begins to falter. But the arising of a new earth always means to total reshaping of its earth surface, an end for men populating the earth - except the few whose walk on earth earned them maturity. And that is why an upcoming end also has to be announced to men; it has to be made clear to them what is meant by it because they do not want to and cannot believe in an end of the whole of the world's creation and you will not be able to refute to them the arguments in favour. But for men it is unimportant if an end of the world is possible. They are just to get used to the idea that the end has come for themselves, that this star earth experiences a reshaping, to which men fall a victim to, even if still eternities will pass until the earth will once have completely spiritualized itself. This time has still not come, and yet mankind is still standing before the end - because a proper further development of the spiritual on earth requires a dissolving and a new forming of creation and such will always take place in certain periods of time. This knowledge can only be imparted to men in spiritual ways, and that is why it will hardly be believed. And the less it will be believed the more the end is on its way because also the ignorance of men is a sign that the ascent development of the spiritual on earth has come to a standstill, that men no longer reach that degree of maturity, which they are to reach and also can reach - otherwise they would have understanding for God's plan of salvation. Eternally the earth will still remain a station of schooling for the deepest fallen spiritual, but will have to again and again be newly renovated to bring to maturity the spiritual in accordance with the divine plan of salvation. And again and again new human generations will populate the earth because God himself brings men to the newly formed earth from which such generations are to come from - which at the end of a redemption period are nearly on the brink of perfection, so that each epoch will again begin anew in fullest harmony with God and striving for union with him and then also the guarantee is always given that men reach perfection, that they return to their father from eternity as blessed spirit beings standing in the light. Amen. B.D. Nr. 6479.


New Redemption Period 7520

New Earth. Romans 8.

11. February 1960. B.D. NR. 7520.

No work of creation on this earth will escape the great upheaval; it will affect everything, beginning with hard matter, the plant and the animal kingdom up until men. Everything will fall victim to a work of destruction, of which the extent surpasses everything, which already has taken place on earth. For everything is affected, so that in fact afterwards it can be called a new earth, when the work of reshaping of the earth has been completed. All banished spiritual therefore for the time being first becomes free from form; but it will not be able to enjoy its state of freedom for a long time because it will again be bound in new creations, as it corresponds with the degree of maturity of the spiritual in each case. That is why the new creations can arise in a very short time; they need no long course of development because for all creations also the corresponding matured spiritual substances exist and just need a different form so that the development goes further upwards on the new earth. And these new creations are so varied that really a great spiritual progress can be achieved in far shorter time than on the old earth because the spiritual is not opposed by so many resistances as it was the case lately in which everywhere the effect of bad forces became obstructively apparent. The act of reshaping therefore takes place in a short time, but no man is aware of it because the raptured will be brought to the newly reshaped earth, but they cannot themselves assess how long they were away from earth because they lacked all idea of time. But nothing will remain in the old forming. And even men will no longer feel their earthly dress so heavily - it is so to speak already a more spiritualized form, which covers them, even though it is still earthly material substance, but they feel no bodily weaknesses and aches and pains and can spend their life on the new earth in a state, which can really be called paradisiacal. And this state will last as long as men live closely connected to God, as long as they have a direct relationship with the world of light and its inhabitants and live according to God's will in everything. A change will also re-enter in time when the prince of darkness again wins power over men; but a long time passes until then because the first generations are still so connected to God, whom they were allowed to get to know in all power and glory, that they remain loyal to him and lead their life under his love and favour. And that is why the influence of men on all creation will be an extreme favourable one; the love of men feels the spiritual in all works of creation, and it therefore comes all the quicker to further development the more love it feels and also gives up its inner resistance quicker in a love filled environment. It willingly serves and often can very quickly leave a form, to be able to move into the next higher one, so that the course of development will be considerably shortened compared with the time before on the old earth. And already for the sake of this spiritual still bound in form should the work of upheaval let men recognize the love of God because not man alone needs the help of God but all creation sighs for redemption. But man has the possibility to free himself from form during earth life. When he fails then it is his own fault that he has misused anew his free will and he now also has to take upon himself the consequences because he then is only given what he himself has striven for in earth life - matter will become his outer form, which alone he has desired. Amen. B.D. NR. 7520.


New Redemption Period 7582

The Paradise of the New Earth.

21. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7582.

I want to transfer to the paradise on the new earth all of you, who remain loyal to me until the end. This promise is to spur you on to eager soul work; it is to be hope and comfort for you in difficult days; it is to give you strength to endure, and it is to encourage you to always only rely on me, to seek strength and consolation with me, to demand help from me when you are in trouble. And I will help you. Who believes in me he will so obviously experience my help, and he will therefore also have nothing to fear whatever may come over men because he belongs to the ones who are mine, whom my constant care is for and who therefore will also pass the last fight on this earth because they believe in me. I want to announce this to you that you well will have to come through a time of trouble, but that you do not need to be afraid of it because you will get through it with my strength, and it will not touch you as hard as your fellow men who have no faith. And when the time will come where you will be pressed from all sides for the sake of your faith, then you also know that my coming no longer lasts long, because for the sake of the ones who are mine I will shorten the days, for the sake of the ones who are mine time will pass quickly - the time of the last faith struggle on this earth. And then you are to think of and hope for the joys in paradise on the new earth which lie ahead of you according to my promise. Once the time on this earth stops, because this is so scheduled in my plan of salvation. And as soon as the first signs are visible, you also can reckon with a fast course of all events. Because I want to establish again law and order on earth so that it can again fulfil its assignment to serve as education station for the spiritual what is soon no longer possible in the present time. That is why a change has to take place, and this is approaching fast. But first the last faith struggle takes place because men still have to make a decision - because a separation of spirits has to happen, which this faith struggle will bring about. But you, who belong to the ones who are mine, you, who believe in me and want to remain loyal to me, you will also get over this time unharmed because in this struggle I myself am your commander, and together with me you will win this fight - because you are also confident and think of my promise. And then the joys in paradise of the new earth will fully compensate you for all troubles and sufferings which you had to endure for the sake of belief, but which you will also get over with my power, with my help. And that is why you are to look forward to that time without fear, because nothing can happen to you than what my will allows. And that is only a blessing for you. You only are to want to be and remain mine. And time will pass quickly because I put a stop to the works of Satan, because his time has run out and he will be put in chains anew - which also gives rise to the end of the old earth and the day of judgement, where I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 7582.


New Redemption Period 7966

Paradisiacal State on New Earth.

13. August 1961. B.D. NR. 7966.

I want to build a new kingdom, a kingdom where I alone rule, where my adversary is eliminated for a long time, where law and order is, where only love rules and I myself then can be with men because their state of love allows this and because they have passed their test of faith and will, and now belong to me for time and eternity. And order will again be in this kingdom for a long time, because love is the basic principle of divine order, and where love rules everything will also take place according to my will. And so also the faster upward development of the spiritual still bound in form will happen, because it feels the love around it and that is why it also gives up its resistance faster to also reach the last forming as man. And this kingdom will therefore be on the new earth when my work of reshaping will have taken place, when all creations of the old earth are dissolved and are changed into new creations through my will, when the paradise of the new earth is created and will receive the ones who are mine, who have held their ground until the end. The process of destruction of the old earth will still be visible to them because I want that they are to announce my power and glory to their descendants, and because they themselves are to be made happy through the transporting onto the new earth as reward for all suffering, which they had to endure before for the sake of their faith. And they will forget all their sufferings and troubles at the sight of splendour and glory, which radiates towards them on the new earth in all works of creation. And I myself will be in the midst among the ones who are mine because their great love allows this. A new redemption section starts because much spiritual is still unredeemed and still bound in those creations. And even if men are no longer in the banishment of evil, the later generations of men still will have to pass the test of will on earth, only my adversary cannot have an effect on these as long as love is in men to a high degree, as long as therefore their hearts go out to me in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and that is why they also do not sin but are redeemed from their original sin through Jesus Christ. And love is exceedingly strong in men, who will populate the new earth at first, and it will break out more and more intense towards me because I myself can make them happy with my presence and will teach them through my light messengers any time, with whom men will directly associate with and that is why they will be exceedingly happy. The paradise of earth marks the beginning of a new time because the spiritual and earthly turning point has been carried out. And it will be a time of peace where there is no hostility, neither with men nor with the animal world. Everything will live in harmony with each other, and want and misery is eliminated; there is no sickness, and also death will only be a painless going over into the spiritual kingdom; the soul just changes its stay, but without suffering and fear because it has led a life in and with God and now enters my kingdom; it lays down its earthly body to now be able to dwell free and buoyantly where it wills. But always in the kingdom of light and happiness. And this happy time is awaiting you, and all of you can be candidates and belong to the ones who are mine, who are allowed to live in the paradise on earth, you only have to hold your ground in the last faith struggle; you have to hold out until the end. And really, your fate in the paradise of the new earth will be glorious one, because I myself am with those who remain loyal to me and my nearness is your happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7966.


New Redemption Period 8429

Harmonious Life on the New Earth.

4. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8429.

Whatever pictures you form for yourselves of the new earth, they will still be exceeded by far, because a happy time dawns for the ones who are mine, for men who withstand until the end and will be raptured to the new earth. Men will live with each other in fullest harmony and in peace, surrounded by works of creation of unrivalled kind. And also the animal world will peacefully live side by side; no fight between creatures will take place because also their soul substances are just before their embodiment as man, and all spiritual bound in creation feels the harmony around it, and its resistance also obviously changes, which is apparent from the willingly serving of all creation works because also this spiritual wants to come quickly to the last course on this earth. And men will be allowed to enjoy many wonderful things because they are mature for a life in happiness, and otherwise they would enjoy this happiness in the kingdom on the other side, but the reason they are to lead their earthly survival on the new earth is because the new human race is to come from them. And again such souls will be allowed to embody, which have also reached a higher degree of maturity through the great change, through the exceedingly sorrowful end times, through the great destruction, who are now to a heightened degree prepared through the love life of men on the new earth to fulfil the last serving functions in material form, and who therefore are also not completely without love at the beginning of their embodiment as man and therefore develop quicker upwards, particularly as the difficult situations through the adversary fall away, because their love also secures them protection and help on the part of the beings of light - so that they can easily get rid of the impulses and desires, which still cling to them. For their will is turned towards me, and so they pass the test of will also fully aware in their being on earth as man, for my adversary cannot irritate them and the love in man establishes the union with me. The ones who are mine have acquired this privilege of an easy walk on earth of their descendants through the struggle they have passed before the end, which certainly required a strong will and great love towards me and which I therefore will also pay in every way. Moreover I know about the change of will of the spiritual in form, and I can again engender it accordingly in the outer form on the new earth, which guarantees a willing serving of the spiritual. And a state will be on the new earth where men are no longer oppressed by sufferings and worries, where they will feel both no earthly as well as no spiritual misery, where they are allowed to enjoy unspoilt the wonderful creations, where one is so fond of another in love that he wants to clear everything out of the way what could burden the other. And this love causes me to be myself in the midst of the ones who are mine, to teach them and to make them happy with my presence. A true divine peace spreads over all created beings, and it will last a long time, because love determines everything what is done, and so also the following generations allow my stay among them - but the adversary is completely eliminated. For he cannot be there where I am, and all these men are redeemed in truth, for they walk under the sign of the cross; in brightest clearness they are informed about the work of redemption of Jesus Christ and love me in him with all fervour of their heart. It is a truly paradisiacal state, which well lasts a long time, but will still not stay indefinitely. For always more spiritual, which has gone through creation, will reach the last embodiment, whose resistance is still not yet completely broken, and then also again the material desire will predominate and as it were loosen the chains of my adversary. For men will then desire that, which still belongs to him, and prove themselves to still belong to him and therefore also get again under his control. And now the adversary again has the right to have an effect on the will of man, and he makes use of it and again causes men to activities, which are not right before me, which violate the commandments of love and therefore also oust me from the face of him, who surrenders to my adversary. And again the struggle between light and darkness will begin, and the earth will again serve as maturation station, for still endless much of the bound spiritual goes the way of upward development, and for all its time is set, and again and again also completely redeemed souls will depart from earth into the spiritual kingdom, for the work of redemption of Jesus Christ will never have no effect, and for my part it will always be ensured that the knowledge about it is supplied to men, for Jesus will always be the opponent of the prince of darkness, who carries off the victory for longer or shorter time, according to the will of men, which is and will remain free and which will also accomplish the last perfection in life on earth - because once it will surrender to me and completely make himself subordinate to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 8429.


New Redemption Period 2012 Mar 23
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