Prophecies about the Last Days before the end and especially about the Last Judgement are quoted here.

This is the chapter "6. Last Judgement" of "Redemption Period".

6. Last Judgement

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In this phase the earth gets reshaped. The earth discontinues existing in its present form. It is the end of the earth and this means that the surface of the earth gets completely renewed. It is the end of the present redemption period. The spiritual decline results in the earthly collapse. It is the end. Jesus wrests all power from Godís opponent and binds him for a long time.

It is the last judgement. Jesusí church gets removed by himself and it is now out of the courtroom. The remainder, the great majority, experiences his wrath. They get banished into hard form. The enemy of God and all his followers, all the ones who served him on earth, who executed hate and lack of love, who did what he demanded, are bound into hardest matter Ė matter that they so eagerly aimed for and that they wanted to own and to accumulate - the matter of the new creation. He is put into prison so that he canít harass the good spiritual. The good spiritual has now an easier walk to the light for quite a long time. The goats are so bad through all their unkindness and evil acts they performed that they have to remain on earth. They canít get into the spiritual realm after their death. Their guilt was too great. The upward development therefore cannot take place in the spiritual realm. They have to remain on earth. Their death just means a change of their outer form. Their souls just receive a new wrapping. They will remain on the surface of the earth but in a completely restricted state. They will not be free. They are now prisoners. And they canít liberate themselves from that imprisonment.

Now follow several prophecies. B.D. is the abbreviation for Bertha Dudde.


Last Judgement 0668

Judgement of God

14. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0668.

The judgement of God has to come over men for the Lord has announced it in word and script, and his word fulfils itself in all truth. Because the Lord saw the will of men shaping in such a form as it rules the world at present. And he again and again points to judgement to move people to turn back and so be able to avert judgement for it is only alone because of the will of mankind to escape from this, but when men do not listen to all warnings and admonitions they are themselves to blame for the misery which will strike earth. It is an incessant coming and going, and living and dying, and each generation has received news from above and heard the will of the Lord. But faith has become weaker and weaker Ė everything what the Lord sent to men for the purpose of instruction has been rejected unbelievingly, and the thinking of me became shallower and shallower. Likewise all so-called religiousness has become just mere formality, and that is it what now forces the eternal divinity to intervene Ė so that mankind can be led back to true faith, and so it will happen as the Lord has said. The forces of heaven will unite with the good of earth; without any visible instigation a change will occur in nature which will worry and then paralyze all people with horror. Towards the end of the day you see the threatening forms of clouds and know no explanation for it. Your senses hear a strong roar around and above you Ė you seek to flee and so save yourselves and still do not know where to, because all around you is night. And so you are beyond saving, exposed to the powers and just have one protection Ė prayer towards the creator Ė towards the heavenly father. He alone is your refuge and protection; he alone can bring rescue to you and keep judgement away from you. And he will be close to everyone who calls upon him in his trouble. And therefore do not flee wherever you may be. The judgement catches up with you everywhere, and likewise Godís help is ready for you everywhere Ė not one of you can escape the disaster out of his own strength, because the arm of God reaches all, and also his love and mercy stretches exactly as far, where it is desired. Every disaster is stopped when the child of earth has recognized and turned to the father. But where the hearts are stubborn and hardened, there earth threatens to burst and quite many will be victims of the judgement of God, because they do not listen to the last admonition of the Lord and therefore there is no rescue for them. Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before, so that the mind of men turns Ė away from the world and on towards the true aim, so that he becomes believing and seeks God. And suffering will be great, but essential Ė for the Lord is forbearing and merciful; he would like to avert the great suffering of the judgement, which can only happen when mankind turns towards faith. And that is why also such an enormous spiritual work starts, because the rescue of innumerable souls out of night is necessary towards eternal light. Who has found the Lord does not have to face the judgement with fear; he will find consolation in the promise of the Lord, who knows the ones who are his and will protect them of every danger of body and soul. And all trouble will pass them, when they are only believingly looking up to the Lord and saviour. Who is aware of the coming time and makes an effort to fulfil the will of God, who always asks God for firm faith and commends himself for him and his mercy, he will not be surprised by the time of judgement. Who always just looks up, him judgement cannot frighten, but the word of the Lord is just fulfilled, as predicted, and the Lord just announces visibly his power and his will to the terror of those who do not want to hear him. But his true children are not afraid of this voice - to them he is near in all love and mercy and protects them that they do not come to any harm and become to stagger in the great trouble which will come over earth. Therefore pray constantly that you remain in his love, and you will escape all disaster. Amen. B.D. NR. 0668.


Last Judgement 2242

Last Judgement.

23. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2242.

The demon of hate and of lack of love poisons the world, and this means the start of the spiritual collapse, of spiritual decay - it means the downfall both spiritually as well as earthly. What has completely become lacking of love must be regarded as being lost for eternity, i.e., it cannot acquire on earth eternal life, but death, therefore complete lifelessness is its lot for eternal times. Consequently the earth has become unnecessary as redemption station for the spiritual, because it has used no possibility, and that is why the time of stay has ended for the spiritual on earth Ė a redemption period finds its conclusion, so, as it is announced in word and script. A time of development lasting millennia ends with a judgement, with a separation of the redeemed and the unredeemed Ė of that spiritual turned towards God and that completely far from God. God judges his creatures, i.e., he finally separates his from the followers of Satan; the former he gives a free life in happiness and binds the opponents anew in form, in matter, which they desired and forgot God because of it, therefore became completely estranged from him. These are the living and the dead Ė which are now judged, which receive their award and their punishment from God according to his words, because God is just, and he gives out according to merit. Those will live who have recognized God, who love him and fulfil his will; but being damned to eternal death those who did not acknowledge him and turned towards his adversary and whose life was just lack of love. God certainly has infinite patience with his creatures, and he still postpones the day; but his patience is not valued by mankind because those who do not acknowledge God, they also lack every faith in a judgement of God, and every hint at it is unsuccessful. And so it will come unexpectedly for men who have no faith, and trigger greatest horror, but brings rescue in greatest trouble to the believers because they are in extreme distress for the sake of their faith. And now the separation has to take place because no possibility of improvement exists any longer for the unbelievers who vegetate in fullest lack of love, because all tests before, suffering and earthly misery, are unsuccessful and the power of Satan immense, because they submit to him and seek the life of the believing people. This is the time of the complete decay which precedes the last judgment, which means the end of the present earth and the beginning of a new time epoch, which is exceptionally significant spiritually, because God banishes evil anew for inconceivable long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2242.


Last Judgement 2243

Last Judgement. End of epoch of redemption.

24. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2243.

The entire mankind will be judged at the Last Judgement, and everyone, whether good or evil, will receive his wages. And therefore there will be a separation of the good from the bad, the just from the unjust, the believers from the unbelievers, and God himself will sit in judgement and reward or punish everyone according to merit. This judgement is inevitable and concludes a significant period, a time of favour, which was granted to the unredeemed on earth through Godís over-great love. This time was a time of constant wrestling of the luminous spiritual with darkness; it was a time of struggle of all beings which strive up, and in this time the beings had the possibility to develop themselves to light beings so they just wanted. But God also imposed limits on the beings by the period being determined beforehand for eternities, which was available to the beings for redemption. And this time was certainly so apportioned that it was completely enough for the total redemption, however it was not used in that measure as it could have been used, and no notice was taken of countless possibilities because the beings did not make use of their free will or abused it and chained themselves anew to the power from which they were to free themselves. On the day of judgement the being now has to answer for this free will and its use, and according to its will it will turn towards heaven or towards hell Ė to light or to darkness Ė nothing else will be its lot than what it has created through its will for itself. Spirit will be in all freedom when it has striven for this on earth, or again be banished in hard matter, which it desired on earth with all its senses. The former is a state of happiness, the latter a state of agony and inconceivable suffering Ė renewed imprisonment through endless times in most agonizing remorse and helplessness. But God is just Ė because in his love he made an effort through eternities to guide these beings to freedom. All aids were at their disposal, the favours of the work of redemption he acquired for the beings through his becoming man and his death on the cross; he was infinitely longsuffering and patient, but he had to leave one thing to them Ė free will. And according to this he now must also judge men when the day has come, which ends this time of favour. Because this free will is degenerated; it is only still used for the work for the opponent, and therefore it must again be bound for endless times. The Last Judgment is the beginning and the end Ė a new epoch begins, and the old has ended; earth life has found its conclusion for all beings, which were embodied on earth, partly in the works of creation, partly in the flesh. But a new creation comes into being, which again holds the spiritual in itself, which has not yet finished its earth way, was however close to the last embodiments. Because this spiritual has not yet been given back its free will, therefore can also not be held responsible on the day of judgement. But the entire mankind will have to answer God on the last day, and its sinfulness will be revealed, and only a small number of righteous will be able to hold their own before the eyes of God and enter into the kingdom of peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 2243.


Last Judgement 2294

Announcement of Last Judgement. Paradisiac State.

9. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2294.

The time of life on earth that is full of grace is coming to an end and therefore the war between the two powers against each other is getting stronger and stronger as each of them seeks to still win many souls for itself. And this time is also recognizable by outer signs so that men pay attention and know that the time is nearby that was announced in word and writing. And he who pays attention to the signs he will also not be surprised but will prepare himself for the last judgement, for the end and the decision. Because God announces the time before and this is a renewed blessing for mankind. His love and his compassion apply to his creatures until the last hour and he accepts every sinner who still his way finds to him and asks him for mercy; untiringly he is prepared to hand out favours which men have to just make use of to escape the final downfall. But only few men will appeal to him for mercy because God is not recognized anymore and mankind completely lacks faith in him. And that is why final judgement is inevitable Ė it has to come and destroy everything what is still living on earth to make possible a reshaping of the earth so that the work of redemption of the still immature spiritual can again begin in accordance with the divine will. Because the beingness that has not yet reached the last stage as man is hindered in its upward development and so new possibilities have to be given to it in which this beingness can further mature. The age that now begins is again like the paradise because men are living in peace and create by their love for each other an existence on earth that is harmonious and free of suffering on which the blessing of God rests evidently because men meet his will and their hearts go out to him. The time of war is over and a time of serving has begun in contrast to the time before which only brought struggle because mankind would not anymore decide on serving. And the new generation of men will be flushed with love towards God and this prompts God to dwell amidst them because he is there where love is. The decadent beingness that misused anew his will also be banished anew, free will will again be taken from it and men cannot anymore be pressed by the adversary who uses these weak beings who are in bondage to him to have an unfavourable effect on the believing men. This power has now been taken from him and men can now easier develop themselves upwards and reach a state of maturity on earth that was previously not possible to reach. The fight of the world of light has now reached an end for a short time because these light beings are now not anymore meeting with resistance but men are devote themselves of their own free will to their influence and now live according to divine will Ė in love and in spiritual solidarity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2294.


Last Judgement 3221

Acknowledging Christ. Weak Will. Demon.

15. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3221.

The demon rages and will take more and more possession of the souls of men and men do not defend themselves. They have no sense of responsibility. Their will leans towards evil and their thinking and acting is equivalent to this will. And so they themselves head for the abyss, they accelerate the process of dissolving and therefore their own ruin. As spiritual beings they can however not cease to exist but they will be robbed of their freedom of will because they misused it during the time of their partial freedom. And this misuse of the will is the result of the weakness of the will that the enemy used to influence them the wrong way. The weakness of the will however, which is the reason for the decline and spiritual downfall, can only be banished by the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. But the world rejects him. Even if it acknowledges him according to the word, even if people call themselves followers of Christ, they are far from grasping the work of redemption and it is still even much less likely that they make use of the favours of the work of redemption which earns men a strengthened will, therefore also supplies him with power of resistance against evil. To recognize Christ and his work of redemption means to know about the importance of the life of love that Jesus lived and now, in order to be able to receive the favours of the work of redemption, to also live the same life Ė so to know that only love can redeem and that is why only such people acknowledge Jesus Christ and his work of redemption who decide on this life of love. Mankind lacks this knowledge and again that is why it also lacks love. And the result of this is an extreme weak will that is not able to resist the power of evil. The world cannot resist the demon because it forfeits itself the power through the rejection of Christ. Christ and his work of redemption has to be acknowledged otherwise the world walks towards its ruin when it has knowledge of him. And the knowledge of Jesus Christ has been spread on earth. But the acceptance of his teaching does not alone exist in confessing through words but in a life of love. Where men are acting in love among each other there is true Christianity and in these men the will also will be strong to get to the top, to the light, and the power to resist evil will be supplied to them because the works of love carry this power in them and convey it to men. These therefore make use of the favours of the redemptive work even though they lack knowledge of the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. But if they have this knowledge then they will acknowledge Jesus Christ without fail as love is living inside of them and this recognizes the eternal love that was embodied in Jesus Christ. But the world does not have this love in itself; men who belong to the world only love themselves; and therefore they hand themselves over to the adversary of God. They reject Jesus Christ because he preaches neighbourly love to them, their will is hardened as is their heart, but the hard will hands himself over to him who wants to destroy it. Man has a will that is at once ready to do evil acts, but no will power at all to do good deeds because love alone can achieve these. But good works are a following of the love teaching of Christ, close prayer for power joins good deeds and the follower of Jesus has the favours of the redemptive work at his disposal. But a follower of Jesus is every man who lives in love, who therefore follows him and acknowledges his work of love on earth. He will be able to resist the work of evil and he will muster a stronger and stronger will when the last days have come. He will also acknowledge before the world that he belongs to the church of Christ and he will stand firm when Satan is raging in a most evil manner. He receives his power from God himself and this certainly will be enough to overcome him who wants to corrupt his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3221.


Last Judgement 3232

Fulfilment of the Predictions.

25. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3232.

I have sent knowledge about the forthcoming end to all men because I also inform my opponents so that they canít say one day it has remained hidden from them. But when they close their ear, when they mock and scoff at what touches their ear in the form of prophecy then my warnings and admonitions are in vain because I force no man to believe. But these will shake when the end is nearby because they will recognize their wrong thinking and also the hopelessness of their situation. Mankind does not want to accept anymore what is offered to it from the spiritual sphere; it is so worldly minded that every sense for spiritual quality is lacking but I cannot offer men more than they are prepared to accept. I cannot force them to believe through visible miracles because they are my creatures that originally were active in fullest freedom of their will and they would completely lose their freedom through a compulsion of faith and therefore remain imperfect until all eternity. I can only express myself through the mouth of man and have to leave it to them if they want to recognize my word through absolute desire for truth and unselfish activity of love. Because now my word will sound to them and they recognize the giver of the word in every admonition and warning and so they also follow it. But what lack of willpower controls men just in view of these spiritual announcements. They take nothing seriously and believe that God will direct events so that they meet their will and their deliberation. And as a result how little are they doing for the shaping of their being. And the hour will come without them being prepared for the near end. They only observe world affairs and draw their conclusions. But I will startle them and show them that I am ruling the world and that I indeed determine as it is expedient for you men. And everything will unwind according to my plan from eternity Ė as I announce it to you men through my servants on earth. And men will now have to recognize that I was only intent on their welfare, that I wanted to save them and found resistance from them only. For only the will towards God connects their souls with me. But the will towards me also gives them the understanding for my word, for my action and working in the last times before the end. And only then my word will be followed, when it is still time, because what I announce comes literally true because through the spirit I direct knowledge to earth that agrees fully with the truth. And that is why everything must come true what I announced to you men before a long time so that you recognize when the end is close. Amen. B.D. NR. 3232.


Last Judgement 3255

New Course of Development. Banishment of the Spiritual.

15. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3255.

The course of development of the spiritual will be broken off by divine will. What through infinite times had been in a continuous upward development and now fails at the end, i.e. has come to a standstill or backslid, that will be prevented from further decline and again bound anew. Because a decline or a standstill of the development can only take place in the state of free will while the bound will always means an upward development, in a mandatory state, but also largely adapted to the will of the being that is visible to God at all times. The binding of the free will now again requires new outer forms that are in accordance with the hardness of the insubordinate will and now have to hold again the spiritual in it that begins the course of development anew. Only an upward development can exist in Godís eternal order and law Ė where his will is active; and only the free will of man can change this order. Up to a certain degree God does not intervene in manís free will, he allows man complete freedom how he makes use of his last embodiment on earth for his spiritual development. However if there is danger that all spiritual upward development is prevented, that also the spiritual that strives towards God is dragged into a state of darkness, then divine will puts a stop to it by God then depriving the spiritual that violates his will of its free will - by binding it again into hardest form to give it every opportunity to change its contrary will that irrevocably has to happen once, even if it takes eternities. Because every decision has to be done in free will and the prerequisite for free will is always a state of maturity where the spiritual can embody itself again as man. Eternities pass for the beingness that again and again lets this free will get active in a wrong way and that is why always harder and more difficult assignments must be given to it so that it finally gives up its resistance against God and turns towards him in a state of free will. Understandably as a result an exceedingly strong raging of the spiritual that is turned away from God will always start at the end of a development period because it senses that it is soon robbed of its power and because it now tries to also gain control of the one that is full of light because it believes it will reduce Godís power by this. And this fight with the light takes such shape shortly before the end that only a violent intervention of God protects the one that is full of light because the power of the opponent has become exceedingly strong due to the voluntary support of mankind and this always means the end. For God takes the power from it as soon as the war against the light comes undisguised to light, as soon as the people who strive for the light are supposed to be forced to turn to darkness. Then the fight of Satan turns against God himself and then he finds his master. The binding into form deprives all the dark spiritual of all its strength and power. In none of the works of creation it can now be busy by its own will but it now has to be active by the will of God, it must serve in a mandatory state and through it walk the course of upward development, in an endless long time it must bring itself again to that state of maturity that will earn itself the last embodiment on earth Ė as a human being, using free will. As long as the divine will alone is decisive there will be no retrogression and therefore the beingness has to mature as long as it is in the bound will even though the degree of the rebellious will determines the outer form and therefore the measure of the suffering of being bound. Only when God withdraws his will from the beingness in so far as he gives it the freedom of its will so that it can determine its own life, exists the danger of experiencing a standstill or a decline in the upwards development and this again until that limited that God has set. Then he aborts the course of development for the beingness and it now must again begin the development anew in a new earth period that is again destined for its final redemption, so it makes the right use of it in the last stage. Because only the perfect can get rid of its outer form and only through the right kind of use of its free will can the spiritual in man become perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 3255.


Now a comment to the above follows:

To understand this concept of a beingness being bound in matter it is helpful to remember the difference between a prisoner and a person that is a free citizen. The imprisoned person has to do what the prison authorities determine and his free will is restricted. Especially the carrying out of his criminal acts is prevented. A prisoner is allowed to use his free will to advance. He will not be allowed to use his free will to commit illegal actions. Should he however commit a crime in prison he might lose all his privileges and he might even be taken to court and receive an additional sentence and has to spend an additional time in jail. Only at the end of his term he might be allowed to venture outside for certain periods of time Ė and therefore to be able to use his full free will. And when he misuses these privileges then he loses all the progress he has made during his term and he is back where he started.

And in order to better understand the spiritual situation at the time of the end it might be helpful to envisage a prison revolt and examine all the different aspect of such a situation.

End of comment.


Last Judgement 3307

Extent of Sin Prevents Entrance in the Hereafter. Banishment.

26. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3307

The extent of sin that mankind incurs increases daily and all men are to be named guilty who execute or approve acts that deny all love for the neighbour. Where hate and lack of love gain acceptance there men sin because they violate of Godís order, they offend against the commandments to love God and the neighbour. And so they increase the guilt with every act that is bad; and the one who does not detest such action but consents to it is sinning as well. Men do not consider the consequences but they have to take them upon themselves on earth or in the hereafter, and as sin rises immeasurably it is not repayable, not on earth and neither nor in the hereafter, because the time on earth is too short and in the hereafter an upward development can only proceed from a certain stage and men who are sinning to such an extent that they are all the time committing new acts that lack love do not anymore reach this stage. And that is why they have to remain on earth, they cannot come in the spiritual realm after their death but their death will only mean a change of their outer form, their souls will receive different wrappings and continue to move on earth, only in a completely subjected state. Because due to the great extent of their sin they have forfeited all freedom and they end up in a painful imprisonment from which they will not be able to free themselves. But the extent of sin demands atonement and as they would have to spend eternities suffering and languishing in the spiritual realm in order to get rid of their wrongdoing it is a work of Godís mercy that God prepares another possibility to atone for this sin and at the time again aim at freedom even if it will take an endless time before the soul is given renewed freedom of the will. But nevertheless in a mandatory state it will be prompted to activity that simultaneously denotes higher development whereas in the hereafter, in the spiritual realm, due to its own fault, the being lacks all strength and its will for activity is also brought to a complete standstill. And so is this seemingly most cruel work of the divine creator also a work of love towards the fallen spiritual that has increased its former sin many times over due to actions opposed to God which it commits in free will on earth. And as long as men do not turn round and change to love, they accumulate sin and the results are dreadful because they inevitably mobilize Godís punishment and deprive themselves of all freedom. Because they must make amends in accordance with Godís righteousness, they have to bear the consequences - they again have to go the course through all of creation until free will is given them anew in order to be used for final liberation from form. B.D. NR. 3307.


Last Judgement 3321

Last Judgement. Sin Punishment and Act of Mercy.

7. and 8. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3321.

Fear and terror will attack men in the face of the end and in their helplessness because except of the few faithful all lack faith in a loving, wise and almighty God, in survival after death and in a spiritual domain. They only belief what they see and see its downfall and therefore their state is hopeless. They overrated earthly life and now they recognize that they cannot even extend their life by one hour and the imperfection of their souls gives them a terrible fright because they fear death. Unconsciously they feel that the soul is heading for an exceedingly agonizing state, that there is no obliteration for the soul and the insufficient maturity of their soul forces them fear the end or to become believers. The believer approaches the end with calmness because he knows he is protected as long as he lives on earth and also life after death does not frighten him because it is the real life for him that was the purpose and aim of his life on earth. But the last days will be terrible because all the powers of darkness will unite and rage against the light on earth to drag it down into darkness. And the believers get into greatest difficulties where death seems to them to be salvation. And therefore they long for the last hours; they wait calmly for the recall from earth and hope for the coming of the Lord that precedes the last judgement. And from this they draw their strength to offer resistance. But Satan rages until the last hour has arrived. Men vie with one another in cruelty and take outrageous action against the believers. Then judgement catches up with them. Flames burst out of the earth and consume everything they get hold of. And men face death from which they canít escape. But their misery and fear does not compensate for the measure of the sin they got themselves loaded with during the time of persecution against the God-fearing because this measure is full to overflowing and can only be paid off by the banning into hard matter so that the beingness settles in it the guilt through a long time of imprisonment. And no man will escape his fate that he created for himself through his life. The fear and the dismay will be exceedingly great for the guilty; the happiness at the coming of the Lord likewise for the believers and all want on earth will have an end for a long time. Men canít get an idea of the proceedings that will happen at the Day of Judgement. Godís might punishes everything that rebels against him. Satan himself will be bound and with him all powers that were in bondage to him. And the earth will be at this time a place of living devils completely under the control of their lord. But they were not forced, they followed him voluntarily, and therefore they are enemies of God and will now feel the wrath of God. They must pay for their sinfulness; they must take upon themselves exceeding agony because they are extremely far away from God and this means total powerlessness and hardest imprisonment, a state which is incredibly agonizing for the spiritual that once was powerful and could move in freedom, because it does not lose the consciousness of existence. But still also this act of banning into hard matter is an act of mercy to help this spiritual to get liberated after all, to give it the possibility to again reach the original state. But the extent of sin determines the measure of agony; the sufferings are possibly a punishment, a repayment for the sins, but at the same time a means of improvement, a means of transformation of the spiritual that is totally removed from God into beings that strive for God. That this means is of such a severity, which appears cruel to men, is caused by mankind itself in the latter times on earth because the spiritual that is already in the state of free will retrogresses into the darkest abyss despite all the accommodating help of God which wants to protect the spiritual from it. Men sneer at the love of God, they do not respect his word, not his servants and prophets, all earthly events that pass by make no impression on them; their free will turns downwards, to him, who fights against God, and so they become like him. This can only result in a complete banishment from God and this complete banishment is always a state of great agony because only the nearness to God can bring happiness to the being and remoteness from God is the exact opposite of the original state of the beingness. When now God wants to give the fallen beingness the opportunity to again return to him then this has to get a taste of the pain of the farness from him so that it changes of its own will and strives again to God. At first it is so opposed to God that it will not muster this will and therefore the stay in hard matter lasts an endless long time. But God knows when the stubbornness of the will begins to decrease and he then also slackens the casing of the spiritual and the quicker the more compliant the spiritual in the form shows itself. This is the only way on which the spiritual can again acquire the state of free will that now again is faced with the decision. Because this must absolutely be made in complete freedom of will. So also the coming judgement is only an act of recovery of the spiritual even though it is connected to a severe expiation of sin that men incur in the latter times before the end. An upward development, therefore a change of the will on this earth, does not exist anymore, and therefore all life will be brought to an end. A time of closeness to God and innocence will again begin for the few who God will take from the earth, whom he has chosen for the reproduction of the human race after the physical life of all other humans is taken, so that they canít anymore harass the few good men who remain true to God. Because this is the end where God separates the good from the evil, that he rewards the good and punishes the bad, so that the former are allowed to live a paradisiac life on the new earth and the latter are sentenced to endless long imprisonment. Amen. B.D. NR. 3321.


Last Judgement 3330

World Renewal. Not One Stone will be Left Upon Another.

14. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3330.

The renewal of the world can only then take place when the old world is completely destroyed and so the word finds fulfilment: There shall not be left here one stone upon another. This has a spiritual and a physical meaning, a total spiritual upheaval will take place and therefore also spiritually a disruption, a state of dissolving must happen first, as also physically nothing that before existed will continue. And both will be executed by human will itself. Material creations will be destroyed by the will of man, worldly facilities and conditions will be untenable and therefore many worldly changes will take place which at the end will have an effect as the dissolving of materiality. And in the same way spiritually the dissolving will be noticed because initially all schools of thought are going against one another, one will be hostile towards the other, against every one of them action will be taken by the authorities, and in the end the war against everything of a spiritual nature will break out that will make any spiritual striving impossible. On the part of men it is the wish to wipe out all belief in something immortal, in something of a spiritual nature and in higher power. And God also allows this because all this has to precede the spiritual change since something new is supposed to be come from the chaos, something pure, chastened, strong and spiritual, and this requires final destruction and dissolving of the old world. Not one stone here will be left upon another. When man pays attention then he will recognize the decay and will also know that the end is not far away. And even if everything looks like perishing in the spiritual and earthly chaos man himself is supposed to rescue himself out of it, stand firm, and not allow this decay to spread to himself. And even when everything around him is sinking he should keep his head above water; constantly he should hold up his hands, he should allow the divine love of the father to draw him so that he does not go down when everything is sinking. He is to want from of the bottom of his heart that he will experience the new world, that he emerges unharmed from the spiritual and worldly chaos, has a healthy soul and is full of hope for the new era which is spiritually and worldly peaceful because God himself is close to people who survive this last time of disintegration. Because the bad will fall, it will not anymore be able to rave on earth and therefore also not anymore hassle men who are united in love with God. And that is why the world is renewed, it is not anymore the old earth, because not one stone will be left on another, and the old earth must go through this process of reshaping, it must become a new earth also material wise, creations must past and new ones arise because the spiritual renewal also requires a renewal of earthly creations - nothing can remain as it was before because a new purpose will be assigned to the creations and that is why the old creation must be dissolved according to Godís eternal plan of salvation. Everything will be changed, but not cease to exist for ever, it will take on a different form because the old form does not anymore fulfil its purpose. And this must happen because it is destined to be so since eternities - and because the will of mankind has arrived there where it is more active in destruction than in building up and because this is an offence against divine order. So this must have an effect that earthly and spiritual chaos arises and this is the end of the old earth. But from this emerges a new world - a world of peace, a spiritual and earthly paradise - in which love reigns because eternal love itself dwells among men who have remained loyal to it even during toughest conflict. B.D. NR. 3330.


Last Judgement 3469

Men in the Last Days. Favours.

9. and 10. April 1945. B.D. NR. 3469.

A countless number of people will leave the earth in a state of maturity that does not mean any progress for the soul, i.e. it will be on the same level as at the beginning of its embodiment and this means extraordinary much in the last days before the end because there can be no ascent for it in the hereafter anymore, every possibility is therefore taken from it to make up for what it missed on earth. This is no injustice or neglect of these souls because extraordinary means were available to them, blessings that are enough to even offset a completely unused life on earth even in the last phase - when man has the will to do it. But if he makes no use at all of the blessings the soul has to take also a greater responsibility, it rebels anew against the love of God and this results in a relapse towards the opponent of God which has an effect that at the end of its life on earth it is completely in bondage to him and that there is no more a possibility for it to ascend but that it has to cover the course through creation again. The enemy of God rages unimaginably in the last days but God hands out his blessings likewise in unimaginable measure so that man is not at the mercy of the former. And the blessing of God also approaches every man but it is left up to him if he wants to accept and use it or if he doesnít. But his state of maturity depends on his decision at the end of his life on earth because without the use of Godís blessing he will develop backward because the enemy of God has much power over him. And that is why during the last days men who are living without God will be very well recognizable because they are complete tools of Satan who only carry out his will and who live a life on earth to frighten those who are loyal to God. It is just a short time in which Satan is given free reign in his rage but it will require exceptional strong faith and likewise be in need of extraordinary blessings because men will be harassed by the enemy to fall away from God. And only those who have strong faith will stand firm in the last battle. But also those need much help from God and he gave them the promise that the days will be shortened for the sake of the believers so that they are not defeated but emerge from the fight as victors. But who is in bondage to Godís enemy is ready for any atrocious deed and therefore his degree of maturity has sunk so low that there is no possibility of ascent for him neither on earth nor in the hereafter and that he therefore has to remain on earth but bound in the new works of creation in complete lack of freedom of will and in complete ignorance of his actual purpose of which he will only become conscious in the stage as man. God still tries to win those souls and again and again he presents himself to them pointing them to him through suffering and trouble. But only few will listen to what he has to say and will still change before the end. But this is not far because the time has run out that God has granted the spiritual for the liberation from form. And by the signs of the times the believers will recognize it and prepare themselves and God will help them and will lead them through all emotional and physical dangers until the hour of redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 3469.


Last Judgement 3479

End of the World.

10. May 1945. B.D. NR. 3479.

The end of the world is the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new epoch that again has the purpose of redeeming the still unfree spiritual. The earth as such will completely change itself, i.e., its outer form will not remain the same but the surface of the earth will be completely destroyed by the forces of the interior of the earth and this understandably results in the disappearing of all creatures on earth. All living beings, the animal and the plant world, will be wiped out and even hardest matter, the rocks, will experience a change in itself and this means the end for mankind living on earth, the extinction of what is visible to their eyes, even though the earth as a celestial body will still continue to exist. In Godís eternal plan of salvation this change of the earth is intended as a means for the recovery of the spiritual and so inevitably that will take place what God has announced since the beginning of this redemption period through seers and prophets. But men do not believe it and therefore will fall into deepest despair when they will experience this end unprepared. That all events, all works of creation and all creatures, only have the spiritual maturing as its aim, is unknown to men and because they do not observe life on earth through their spiritual eyes they only see the course of earthly events and deny every cosmic change and so also the extinction of the earth. And it is difficult to teach them and therefore they are also not to be persuaded to change their attitude and life in accordance with the coming end and to prepare themselves. All evidence they reject and more than ever they are hooked on earthly goods, the acquiring of which keeps them completely away from spiritual striving. And even plight and misery do not make them more open to ideas coming to them from the spiritual sphere as thoughts or via mediators. And that is why the times draw to a close where the old earth will be dissolved because a change in thinking, a spiritual ascent is not anymore to be expected among mankind. Therefore men themselves are determining when the end is because God saw the will of men from eternity, he saw the complete turning away of them from him and he saw that the continued existence of the old earth was pointless. And in his merciful love he applies new means to win the souls of men. He lets a new earth arise that again holds the fallen spiritual that now has to go again the painful long course through the new creation but has once again the possibility to aim at God in free will and to redeem itself from form. And still in the last days he seeks to save man of the old earth from this renewed course through creation by again and again referring them to the end, to the hour of judgement and the damnation by him letting speakers arise among them who proclaim his word, who are to present to men the consequences of their ways of life to get them to change their will. But in the last days all will be persecuted who preach the word of God and this will be the hardest time for the believers who are to be deprived of all stability by this. But then God reveals himself to his people and his word will be hard by them indirectly and directly, he will stir up among the believers men through whose spirit he will make himself known. And his people will be strengthened and their faith will become strong, they will expect the end full of confidence, they will stand firm and defy all threats of the world because they feel the nearness of their father and all fear and worry fall off from them when his word sounds audibly and distinct. And he will be in the very midst of them who long for him, he will show himself to them and through his presence impress deepest peace in the hearts of those who are worthy of his nearness. And their courage of conviction will grow, without shyness they will stand up for the name of God, they will confess to be followers of Christ and not fear death, they will expect his coming and hope for salvation from greatest trouble. But the flock of believers will be small - in the midst of living devils there will be always only few who have God in their heart and are closely connected to him. And where God himself dwells visibly or invisibly to human eyes the devils will be powerless even though they are out to kill the followers of Jesus and make use of every possible means to make them leave him. The power of God is stronger and compared with it even the enemy of God is powerless. And the end will come when the misery seems unbearable. Then the Lord himself will come in the clouds and fetch home his people into his kingdom. Then the old earth will pass away, there will be extinction for all men who live on earth - the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one has come as it was announced in word and scripture. Amen. B.D. NR. 3479.


Last Judgement 3486

The End of the Earth.

24. and 25. May 1945. B.D. NR. 3486.

The end of the earth is that all inhabitants of the earth will be destroyed who do not belong into the kingdom of God, the believers however will be taken from the earth with their body alive. So the end has arrived for the inhabitants of the earth as it was announced in word and scripture. The surface of the earth experiences a total transformation that happens in such a way that no living being can survive on it, that men, animals and plants will be destroyed, i.e., that their material substances dissolve themselves while the spiritual in it receives new encasings assigned by God so that it can continue its course of development in different outer forms but on the new earth that God lets come from the old earth. So the earth as such is not going to cease to exist but only change completely; in the same way the spiritual that was banished in the works of creation will not cease to exist however all works of creation will have found their end, so also the end of the world has come for the inhabitants of the earth and with it the redemption period is closed while a new redemption period has its beginning. The flock of believers that was raptured from the earth will be allowed to experience this end, the destruction of the old earth will take place in front of their eyes because due to their faith they are in a state of maturity, that they live with understanding and Godís eternal plan of salvation is comprehensible to them. They are in close contact with God and therefore also with knowledge about his love and wisdom, they recognize his power and worship and praise him and his glory. And therefore they also know about the poor state of spirituality of men who live on earth during the end in a state far away from God, they recognize the necessity of the transformation of the old earth and are prepared to contribute to the redemption of the banished spiritual. And so they will receive on the new earth again an assignment even though they are mature enough for the spiritual kingdom and do not need anymore the life on the new earth. The banished spiritual however must again be given the opportunity for further development - and this will be again done by human will. Life on earth is progressing but under completely different conditions. The earth has become a paradisiac place of residence for men where they are acting in love and where they are exceedingly happy - it is a place of peace and of harmonic solidarity where Godís blessings are evident. And men are left with the memory of the old earth, their inhabitants and the hard struggle before the end, but only as a silhouette does it touch them because they have overcome all heaviness, they have emerged as victors from those fights and are so closely connected to God that they feel to be full of power and are free and happy. And a new redemption period is beginning because all spiritual is supposed to reach one day this happy condition and the love of God towards his creatures has the final liberation of them as its aim and he again and again creates the opportunity to achieve his aim without interfering with the free will of man. And that is why a new earth will come into being. New creations will contain again the spiritual in them and help it to further development. And the old earth has to die to release all bound spiritual so that this can again embody itself in the creations according to its state of maturity. A change has to take place insofar, as the spiritual that was in the last stage of development and was supposed to take the last test of life on earth as man, in which it failed, will again be banished in hard matter while a new embodiment will be given to the other striving spiritual in which it can mature faster and can reach the last stage sooner. Mankind will possibly be destroyed at the end but the spiritual continues to exist and has to again start anew its course of development on earth because it completely again turned towards him from whose power it was supposed to free itself. The last course on earth as man must be walked in free will, which man can use at his own discretion. If this will however is directed the wrong way then he also has to bear the consequences because every possibility is given him to live according to the right direction. And during the end the earth will be so full of devils that it must be dissolved if the spiritual that is contained in those devils shall ever find salvation. Only a short time is still left, a time of hardest tests and suffering, which could be enough to change even the wickedest devils if they would only make the right use of their will. But with the expiration of this time inevitably the end of the world has come, i.e. for the earth in its present arrangement and for the inhabitants, for whom there is no upward development given in the hereafter, but the necessity of a new course through creation. Amen. B.D. NR. 3486.


Last Judgement 3519

End of the World. Day of Judgement.

21. and 22. August 1945. B.D. Nr. 3519.

The end will come when nobody is expecting it. It will be a time when men who have turned away from God revel in the pleasures of the world while the god-fearing are in trouble and are expecting the coming of the Lord. But the former do not spend any thought on the approaching end, they live from day to day having no scruples, they know no bounds in earthly delights, revel and sin and are completely under the influence of Satan. It will be a time where seemingly an improvement of living conditions has occurred, where the earthly neediness is corrected for the people who yield to the demands of the authorities, where only those have to suffer who are outlawed due to their faith. And in the middle of all these ecstasies comes the judgement Ė unexpected also for those who are loyal to God, because nothing before looks as if a change is going to occur to their sad situation. Mankind is full of sin and guilt, it has completely turned away from God and towards his enemy, it has received his part on earth, earthly joys in excess, and thoughts and wishes of men are constantly getting worse and concentrate on acts against the believers who are getting pestered without mercy and are helpless against their power and brute force. They completely support Satan and men are ripe for their downfall. And the end comes as it is foretold in the word and scripture. It will be a day full of horror for men, the earth will split and fire will break out of the interior of the earth and all the elements will be in turmoil. And men will try to flee and run into indescribable panic, but wherever they turn everywhere it is the same, certain ruin. The end has come for all who are of a God opposing mind - and salvation from greatest misery has come for those who are the Lordís, who will be raptured with their bodies remaining alive and so escape the bodily end. Already a long time ago God has announced the time but his prediction is not respected and so men will see themselves suddenly in a terrible situation from which there is no escape. The downfall of the old earth is decided since eternity but when it happens is hidden from men and so they experience it at a time where they believe to be save and to be the rulers of the world, where they seek to win pleasures from life whatever is possible, where they are completely captivated by the world and therefore dismiss God from their thinking. And so God makes them remember him. He calls to account what has sinned against him because it does not acknowledge him. He holds court of all men and separates them from each other by fetching up to himself into his kingdom those who are his and the others he again puts into banishment - by letting them find their bodily end in a terrible way and captivating their souls anew, i.e. binding the will of the spiritual so that it - without free will - again has to cover the course of development in the new creation. It is a horrible occurrence but still an act of divine righteousness because the sinfulness of men has reached its climax. They are in the service of Satan and have themselves become pure devils that donít deserve anything but bodily extermination and spiritual imprisonment, so that the righteous get rid of them and can live a life of peace and unity on the new earth. And even whether God postpones and again and again is patient while the sinfulness increases Ė the end comes irrevocably and at a time when it is not expected. Because also the believers will stop short because everything worldly seems to asserts itself because the power of those increases who are representing the world and the believers have become powerless and without rights through them. And so the world seems to stand firm but still so close to its downfall Ė until the day has come that God has prescribed since eternity, that nobody can determine in advance and that still will bring the final dissolving of that what is on earth according to Godís plan. God alone knows the day, men are always to expect it and prepare themselves for it so that they belong to those who God raptures first so that they do not belong to those who are getting damned on the day of judgement as it is announced in word and scripture. Amen. B.D. NR. 3519.


Last Judgement 3520

Powerlessness of the Strong Against Natural Disaster.

22. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3520.

The power of him who is powerful on this earth will accomplish nothing against the raving of the elements when God will speak through them. Small and weak will he be and he has to submit to the natural disaster because one is stronger than him. The one who is Lord of heaven and earth. His strength will be recognizable and no man will be able to oppose him and call a halt to nature in its raging. Because it obeys the will of God only but where the will of God itself is active and brings the elements into commotion to prove his strength and power there he also determines the end and the course of an occurrence that is incomprehensible in its extent and effect. But men are to learn to recognize God; they are to sense a higher power at whose mercy they are and to connect to it by recognition and silent calling to it for help. They are to recognize further how small and weak man is compared with him even if great authority is given to him on earth, even when his power seems to be unlimited on earth. Before God the mightiest is small and insignificant and he can destroy his power in a moment. Whereas the weakest man on earth can be powerful when he uses Godís power and works with it. Then he can act in the will of God and command nature and it will obey him. Because then the will of man is subject to the will of God and then God himself acts, who has authority over everything, heaven and earth and all elements. But these will seem to be small and insignificant on earth because their strength lies in faith and in love, in a childlike disposition that always and permanently seeks contact with the father in eternity. Their strength is in the humility of the heart which never tries to be something on earth but which goes along still and modestly and which therefore never wants to make itself felt as a ruler before its fellow human beings. But who is strong and mighty on earth seeks to rule the world but he lacks the spiritual strength. And that is why he has to recognize his helplessness when Godís voice sounds from above and as a weak human being he will be afraid of the elements because he is helpless in the face of them. And so he could start to believe in a higher power which he should recognize to exist above him. But his arrogant character mostly prevents him from submitting. He does not want to surrender his power, he wants to rule and give orders. And that is why he has to feel his powerlessness so that he might gain cognition in the last hour and he might surrender. Then the terrible hours also have become a blessing to him even if he loses the life of his body as soon as he submits to him in the face of death who has created him and who for his sake lets his voice sound to win him for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3520.


Last Judgement 3529

Form Faith. Convinced Faith.

30. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3529.

At times of greatest earthly misery the spiritual state of individual men will be settled insofar as faith will either become firmer or gets lost completely when it previously has been just a form faith that could not yet convince people. Many fall away from the faith, their eyes are still too much on earthly things and they canít bring in line world events and their own fate with the eternal divinity from which they just expect a happy life on earth due to their ignorance. They only want to recognize a God who gives them all the comforts of life but they canít understand that they themselves forfeit a well-being on earth by their way of life, by their farness from God. The more they have to face up to tribulation the more they withdraw from him, they reject him, do not resign themselves to their fate but grumble and complain and seek to relieve themselves from their state of calamity by unfair acts and uncaring procedures towards the neighbour. Their belief in God was just a form belief that did not stand up to a serious examination that nevertheless also was useless and first has to become a convinced faith. Only few men will come closer to God in times of trouble because they strongly believe in him and are not going to be talked out of it. They regard the sufferings as that what they are, as a means through which God wants to win unfaithful men. They ceaselessly ask God for strength and are now also able to bear the suffering. Faith is giving them this strength and God does not forsake those who are his, i.e. who believe in him and flee to him in every trouble. But the state of those unbelievers is hopeless as long as they only pay attention to the earthly occurrences and do not think about the purpose of it all. But a clarification has to take place because a formal faith is no faith as God requires it to be - it is formally applied to men and has not become alive in them; it is a dead belief that does not encourage the soul in its development and therefore in need of a strong examination so that man sorts out through it his thinking and his attitude towards God. He who rejects him impressed by trouble and earthly events, by oneís own fate, will have to undergo greater trials in order to still win faith after all or he will be lost and at the end belong to those who are damned, who are ranked among the enemies of God and who therefore receive just punishment and who have to walk again the course through the new creation for the purpose of their redemption. Also the believers will be exposed to severe trials but a convinced belief is not shaken that easily and God supports those who remain faithful to him, who stand firm in all trials and who draw all the closer to God because they firmly believe in him and in his love, omnipotence and wisdom. And this firm belief will be rewarded at the day of judgement where God himself leads them to paradise, where all misery finds an end and where they are exceedingly happy in the presence of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3529.


Last Judgement 3535

Time of the End. Predictions.

2. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3535.

Excerpt only.

Irrevocable is the decision of God to reshape the earth and to let new creations come into being that are to become carriers of spiritual entities for the purpose of redemption. And since eternity also the time has been fixed when this reshaping, that is preceded by the dissolving of the old earth, is to take place because God knows since eternity when mankind will have reached the low that makes a new shaping of the earth necessary so that the spirits will finally be separated from each other, that are close to God and far from God. Eternities have passed in this development period but because God himself has put an end to it this end has to occur once, even though it seems to men to be incomprehensible. But God has announced it since the beginning of the time epoch in which men live on earth.


Last Judgement 3549

No annihilation Ė Reshaping only.

15. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3549.

It is in my power to destroy everything that is against me and so I ought to challenge men who do not acknowledge me, who violate my commandments and are therefore against me if not my love towards my creatures would hold me back from this and induce me to help them so that they find me. Because the love towards that what I have created remains eternally and it always finds means to recover what believes it can leave me. My love and mercy are anxious to give back life to that that is dead in spirit. Because what is out of me I eternally never destroy, it remains existing only in a more or less blessed state. And therefore my love and my compassion take the place of my might and strength. I spare the perishable and gives what is imperishable the chance to find its way back to me. But the spiritual itself determines the length of time by the duration of its resistance against me. The spiritual has been given a time for its liberation that it can shorten or also lengthen by its own will according to its attitude towards me. Has this period run out and the spiritual is not redeemed then I still does not let it drop completely, I keep it from destruction even then and helps it again to get new possibilities to reach its last aim and to become free from form and to enter the spiritual realm as a blissful being. But this process of liberation does not happen voluntarily but unwinds according to my eternal plan of salvation. And so every event is already predetermined since eternity because I know since eternities about the state of maturity of every single soul as also of the whole human race, I know about the maturity state of the spiritual in the whole university and my will and my power also gets active accordingly. Permanent possibilities to change are a precondition for the spiritual for its development and constant reshaping are therefore my will and my work. As long as a form is utilized for further development it remains in existence, if it remains unused its materiel part disappears and the spiritual moves into a new from corresponding to its will of activity. When now the state is reached that all of my works of creation on earth do not anymore fulfil their purpose, that materiel creations through the will of my enemy by the use of the will of men are getting destroyed, that men themselves through abandonment of their will to my enemy are not using the time on earth for liberation, for the last redemption, then also the earth does not anymore remain in its present form, but the spiritual in and on it needs other forms, and my love meets this want. It lets the old pass and something new arise so that the will, the state of maturity and the love of the spiritual on the old earth are taken into account - that it again enlivens that form that its love and will is meant for. And whether it also appears as if my might and my will is busy to finally destroy what is disobedient - my love and my mercy create only new possibilities for the spiritual that does not yet recognize this, that it can develop itself upwards because my love does not rest until the spiritual has reached its goal, that once went out from me and is again to return to me. B.D. NR. 3549.


Last Judgement 3625

Men Themselves Determine the End. Low.

11. and 12. December 1945. B.D. NR. 3625.

Since eternities I have intended the end and therefore it will come irrevocably so the spiritual low of men requires it. The end will therefore be preceded by a time where men will go so far away from me out of free will that I cannot anymore have an effect on them through my power of love because they themselves are preventing it. But where my power of love is suspended, i.e. cannot touch anymore the spiritual, there also life - being busy - stops. The spiritual sinks into a state of numbness. For this is the result of lack of power that closes itself to it. Man as such still possesses the life power but because he uses this in the last times in a complete wrong way in that he, instead of having set his sights on me, out of free will wanders away from me, so I also have to still take away this power meaning therefore the physical end of innumerable spiritual beings who are embodied as men on earth that now, robbed of their last form of development, completely freeze again, therefore sink into powerlessness and darkness, until my love again gives him form wherein his course of development can begin anew. The beingness cannot live, therefore be active, without supply of power, but against its will this power will not reach it as long as it is in the state of free will. Man is possibly weak-willed at the beginning of his embodiment or his will is still undecided, and the life power that is given him as a favour he can use in every direction. But as soon as men reach the low, that they do not use this life power to receive spiritual power supply, when they consciously resist the supply of the power from me, then I also take the life force away from them. They have to cover once more the course of development that again starts with the complete powerless state in solid form, in hard matter, the conquest of that again requires endless time. I want to save the beingness this long imprisonment and my love therefore first applies all imaginable means but men are unteachable. When through my servants their spiritual need is explain to them, when they are reproached with the serious consequences of their unbelief, when the end is pointed out to them that is approaching fast, they close their ears. They do not believe in my eternal plan of salvation, they do not believe in me and in my never ending love and so they themselves pull near the end in no time. They not only remain in the spiritual low, but sink deeper and deeper. The own will accelerates the dissolving of that what contains the spiritual, as also the own will lets man again return into that what his soul had already overcome long ago. Not I but the will of men themselves determines the end but I foresaw this will since eternity and so I bind it anew because the freedom of the will is misused. He who has my word knows my love, knows my plan of salvation for the redemption of the spiritual and he also foresees the end because he recognizes the spiritual distress. But he who does not recognize this misery is not filled with my love he is still in spiritual darkness and hardly can step out of this into the light of the day. Because for this he needs my word, the light that brightly shines for him and enriches his knowledge. And he will understand the earthly plight of the times which is caused by the great spiritual plight. He who has my word will also believingly expect the end because everything will happen as I have announced in word and scripture. Therefore pay attention to my word, all of you to whom it is given through my messengers Ė respect the word that comes from above to earth, that guarantees fullest truth, that emits from me, the giver of truth, and that I impart through all love to you so that you find the way to me, so that you†are not getting lost for my kingdom, so that you donít have to go through the long course of development once again that means great agony for your souls. Pay attention to the word so that you belong to those who are mine that are spared at the end to go into the kingdom of peace that I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 3625.


Last Judgement 3950

Cause and Forces of the Dissolving of the Earth (Atomic Energy)

2. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3950.

All conditions for the creation of a new earth must exist before the old earth will be dissolved, i.e., a total change of its outer form can take place. The earth has to experience as it were a process of dissolving that liberates the entire spiritual that is bound in it so that this can again form itself anew into creations where a further development of the spiritual is possible. Therefore the process of the last destruction has to be of such a great measure that it can be described as a total dissolving of matter. Not just isolated stretches can be affected by it but eruptions have to take place in the interior of the earth that have an effect in all directions so that the whole face of the earth will be touched by it that therefore nothing will continue to exist that was before but will be dissolved down to the last detail. And men themselves give rise to this - they go so far into a scientific field that exceeds their mental ability. They do not know the laws of nature and their effects in order to be able to do research on such a field and therefore trigger off forces that they are not anymore able to banish themselves. But I do not hinder them because my plan of salvation from eternity is also based on this human will because then also the time has run out that was granted to the spiritual for redemption. So the event of the last destruction will possibly be triggered off through human will but also meets my will insofar as it ensures a safe upward development of the spiritual that is still bound in hard form and asks for activity otherwise I could let experiments fail to get men off their project. The tests will therefore take place locally; they will however have no boundary because the released power cannot anymore be contained and therefore has an elemental effect in all directions. Because the earth has a limited space while the released power does not know limitations and everything that comes into contact with it will be destroyed by it. This process is not conceivable to you men in its effect moreover it will take place in a period of time that will take away from you all ability to think unless you belong to the small flock of those who belong to me, in front of whose eyes the last work of destruction is taking place because this is my will that they are witnesses of the end of this earth. But you can form a small impression of it in your mind by imagining that an explosion is taking place that does not leave anything in existence that was joined together so that it completely destroys everything and dissolves it into smallest atoms. But this process, which only needs short moments, is preceded by shock waves and outbreaks of fire that are completely enough to get men panic-struck because they face certain death. And this also makes it understandable that nothing can anymore remain, that no creation continues to exist, but the only thing that is left is matter dissolved into small atoms, and that matter I form anew on the strength of my will and of my power into new unimaginable creations in which the further development of the spiritual progresses. And again there will be creations in different degrees of hardness but the hardest matter holds that spiritual that lived on the old earth as man and that completely ignored its spiritual development. Because their souls cannot expect a further development in the spiritual sphere, they have to cover the course of the whole creation and so a new development epoch begins when the time is fulfilled, as human will goes so far as wanting to release powers whose control require a different mental degree of maturity than men have at the end of this redemption period and that will therefore never express themselves constructively but only destructively. Amen. B.D. NR. 3950.


Last Judgement 3951

Spiritual Low Ė Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.

3. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3951.

To determine the laws of nature is possible for you men only to a limited extent because this is my will as long as your soulís maturity has not reached a certain degree. But with my help you can at any time break through these limits that I have placed and then any field is within reach of you, all knowledge accessible, and every single research work possible. Because then you have myself as master teacher who certainly instructs you properly even in fields that require human mental activities to arrive at the right conclusion. And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting. But as long as there is a lack of this spiritual maturity you will not be able to differentiate between truth and mistake and therefore also be unable to determine the powers, to discover their cause and their effect, and to exploit them appropriately. You can possibly make experiments any time and can increase your knowledge seemingly but you also can work with the support of that force that permanently endeavours to destroy my works over which itself has no power. And I will therefore never give my blessings to such experiments unless they are pure works of charity, experiments to help suffering mankind without being out for oneís own advantage. Then also all powers will become subject to you, then you will be able to make unrestricted use of them and greatest success will be seen because then you have reached a certain spiritual maturity that ensures proper and true thinking and you will be able to enrich your experiences and to be a blessing. But mankind has now reached a low that also the researchers are working without me that they are just mere mentally active and are just only endeavouring to use the powers of nature for the sake of worldly success. And so I have set them a limit that they canít overstep in their wrong attitude towards me and towards matter. And so their research and calculations will not be free of mistakes even though they are convinced of their correctness and experiment on that. Only partly are the laws of nature known to you because my emission of power is enormous, it flows through the whole infinity and not arbitrary and aimless but in accordance with my basic eternal law distributed to all creations so that their existence and preservation is secured as long as a work of creation has to fulfil its spiritual assignment. Therefore the power is bound so to speak, its strength is adapted to the magnitude of a work of creation and as long as the proper relationship remains established it will have preserving and constructive effects. Therefore the measure of power cannot randomly be increased otherwise the effect will be destructive. I myself as creator from eternity have the authority to abolish the effect or to distribute it in such a way that compensation is created by the generating and enlivening of new creations, man however lacks this authority due to his imperfection and so a force triggered off by his ignorance falls back on himself, i.e., it does not only destroy the ones that are ignorant of my natural laws but destroys the whole work of creation that bears men for the purpose of maturing their souls. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will reject the intellect of the rationalizer. As long as research is done by them without me their thinking will be dull and the result wrong. And the consequence will be an effect that was not calculated, a downfall of the work of creation, whose upkeep requires the right amount of power flowing towards it. And so through the will of men, that has not me as its aim but exclusively materiality, the last work of destruction on this earth will be orchestrated without being prevented by me because the time has come and the whole of mankind, except the small flock of the ones who belong to me, is fit for ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3951.


Last Judgement 3966

Complete dissolving. Love work of God for the fallen.

1. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3966.

Eternal love leans compassionately towards its creatures, which languish in deepest darkness and go towards destruction. And that is why it prepares an end to the development stage of the spiritual, to prevent a further decline and to create a new possibility for it to climb up. The greater the spiritual misery is, the more urgent the help of God has become, and another help than complete dissolving is unsuccessful in the face of the complete resistance of the spiritual towards God. And yet is the dissolving, the destruction of the great work of creation Earth, an act of greatest compassion and love of God and at the same time a just compensation for the evil doings of men, who leave the last possibility of maturation completely unused and abuse their will to acts of most glaring lovelessness. The spiritual decline must be ended; a new development phase must start, so that what is still bound in solid matter can begin its ascent. Because all spiritual stands close to the heart of God; everything once came from him and is to again return to him, and his infinite love always makes the effort, to help it to return to him. Because the separation from him cannot last forever and by itself that what once broke away from him does not find back to God. Eternities can indeed pass, and these eternities are made of more or less long development periods, which again and again start with spiritual high standing and end with spiritual low level, because the latter is cause to stop such period and a separation always takes place at the end between that what is turned towards God and that what is renegade spiritual to him, so that the new period always starts with those men, who belong to God, therefore are already spiritually highly developed. But the free will of man is cause that they do not remain in this state united with God and thus let always enter a larger distance between themselves and God and this also means descending development, which adopts such extent that God himself makes an end when the spiritual low level has been reached, which determines the dissolving of matter as bearer of the spiritual. And that is why the start of a redemption period will always mean a paradisical state, while the end is a time of most bitter misery, tribulation and spiritual darkness. And above all the compassionate love of God rules. Only the enlightened man can comprehend the context, and he has also received the task to instruct fellowmen and to make the time of trouble understandable to them, so that also they recognize only the love of God and are to turn towards it. Because God wants to be recognized in his love, in his power and in his wisdom, because only the recognition of his entity awakens the love towards him in men and spurns them on to strive towards him. But in the end-time it is difficult to muster understanding for spiritual instructions, and that is why God often approaches individual man in a different way, in the form of great bodily miseries, which are to cause him to turn towards him in free will, so that God can grasp him and draw him towards himself. But where bodily trouble does not achieve this, is every help excluded, and the process of dissolving must start when mankind stands in such God-distance that they are no longer able to recognize him. Because his compassionate love does not let that go towards total destruction, what once took its start from him. And therefore he creates new possibilities for ascent development Ė he lets a new earth come into being and enlivens it with creations of most marvellous kind Ė he creates for his a paradise on earth, and he gives new forms to the still immature spiritual to also help it to future redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 3966.


Last Judgement 3967

Faith struggle last phase.

2. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3967.

And when the bulwark of faith will be rattled at, the time of the end is come and on every day the Day of judgement is to be expected. The faith struggle will be waged in a form that you men can recognize unmistakeably which hour has come, because it is a visible action against everything what is for me and testifies to me. It will be a fight, which has nothing else as aim than to undermine the knowledge about me as the eternal power of creation, as creator and sustainer of all things, and take from men all faith in a most perfect being, in a power, which is unsurpassable in its wisdom and power. And this last fight is of greatest importance, because it is a signal for the overthrow of my opponent, for the binding of him for a long time. For he now oversteps the boundaries, which I have set for him; he seeks to completely eliminate me and to swing himself upon the throne, to make through this the redemption of the still unfree spiritual impossible, which can take place only, when man strives towards me in free will. But for this the knowledge about my existence is absolutely necessary for him, because when he is to choose his lord, he must get to know him and have the possibility for it. But this possibility my opponent seeks to take away from men, by him raging in the world that he influences men mentally, to reject me, i.e., to declare me as not existing and therefore to enormously widen the gulf, which already exists between man and me. But my opponent is not entitled to this right, and therefore I withdraw his strength and power from him for a long time, by me binding him and with him that spiritual on earth that has become a slave to him, which was open to his influence and has separated itself from me out of free will. But first I let him rage, so that his plan is visible to all, so that they themselves are to take a stand on me or on my opponent, when they are put before the last decision. And the test of faith will be hard, but inevitable. Only few will pass it, and indeed only, who are instructed in pure truth and have recognized me as loving father, as wise creator and powerful driver of the universe. These will not become shaky, but stand fast in the face of all demands of the world, to confess or to reject me. But it will become difficulty also for these because Satan works with all conceivable means to push away from me those who are mine. With cunning and violence a separation from me will be tried to be reached, and my opponent will find support from all sides because men themselves no longer want to be under a higher power; they believe to be able to free themselves from it when they reject it, and do not consider that they have to give account on the day of judgment before this power. But who has penetrated into truth, who has been instructed through his spirit, he will also be able to follow the faith struggle and through the agreement of it with my predictions recognize the truth of my word, and he stands firm because he fights with me in full consciousness of my leadership, my protection and my victory over Satan. Nevertheless he will also have to fight himself with the sword of the mouth; he will have to defend himself against all attacks of the enemy, but the shield of faith will cover him, and his soul will emerge undamaged from the last fight. But who does not stand in full truth, he will not pass, but all too easily go over to the camp of the enemy; he will become shaky in faith because he lacks knowledge, which gives him explanation for everything, what - as apparently not of divine origin - is cause to doubts or unbelief. Who stands in knowledge about pure truth, he also recognizes the context of all happenings with the development of all creatures, the ignorant however lacks knowledge, conviction and therefore also faith. And that is why constant attention of the servants on earth, who work in the last time on my instructions, is to impart the right knowledge to men about the meaning and purpose of creation and the task of man on earth; they are to explain the contexts to them and constantly work towards that my will is announced to them, because then they will mature in knowledge, and their faith will become strong and unshakable, and they will also emerge as victors from the last fight of faith on the day of judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 3967.


Last Judgement 3972

Struggle of Light with Darkness.

10. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3972.

Also in the spiritual sphere the battle of light against darkness rages in heightened measure before the end of this earth because Satan seeks also there to still win the souls that are not anymore able to offer him resistance. He tries to rouse worldly desires in them and to let them go through agony that way, to induce them to a constantly increasing opposition against God and so to increase their distance to him. But also the light beings are at work and in their great love towards the unredeemed give them their support so that they are not defencelessly exposed to the attacks of the enemy. And again and again love fights against hate, also in the spiritual realm, it comes to the fallenís assistance and often goes and stands protectively between the weak souls and their attacker. And also this battle will find its end with the day of judgement, also in the sphere of the spirits a time of peace will replace the previous time of warfare because also their a separation of spirits will be executed by a likewise renewed banishment of that what is completely far from God for the purpose of the redemption to-be. This is an extraordinary favour that the spiritual that is opposed to God is given the opportunity once more to develop itself upwards even if being subject to mandatory law. It is a favour insofar as the will of the fallen spiritual again gets bound so that it canít anymore fall further away from God, so that also from Satan the power over this spiritual is taken away, even though it is in bondage to him. God himself takes the spiritual again into his school that will inevitably again, even if it takes an exceedingly long time, earn it an increased degree of maturity which in the end also ensures its free will. So after the last judgement on this earth a time of peace and quiet will arise where the beings of light alone will be active on earth and on the other side as well, where they can emit light because they donít meet with opposition - where also in the spiritual kingdom the imperfect is willing to accept their advice, where also men on earth will have permanent contact with the inhabitants of the sphere of the spirits and where direct instructions and spiritual gifts are nothing unusual since the high degree of maturity of their souls also allows an extraordinary working of the spiritual beings without compulsion being exerted on such souls that way. Because Satan has lost his power for a long time, he canít harass anymore men on earth who have proved their affiliation with God in the last battle on the old earth. And also the spiritual in the beyond is removed from his sphere of power because what was in bondage to him is banished in the new creation and the still weak but willing souls have been wrested from his power through the luminescent spiritual. And there is now in the spiritual realm only an upward development, no falling back any more, and in fact as long as men on earth remain in close contact with God and therefore also enter the realm of light when they pass away from earth. Only when the closeness of this connection decreases, when men will begin to put matter again next to God they loosen the bonds of Satan through it, they themselves give him freedom and as a result hand themselves again over to his control. Then the struggle between light and darkness will also again commence in the spiritual realm because then his influence is also again greater on the souls of those who ceased to live on earth that he again tries to win by cunning and force. Light and darkness will always fight with each other but always the light will carry off the victory in the end. And woe to the spiritual that has sunk so low down into darkness that it has to expect a new banishment into hard matter. Its upward development is an endless chain of suffering and pain but it is still an ascent because the prince of darkness has no influence anymore on the spiritual in this phase of development since it is placed under divine mandatory law and the upward development of the spiritual is for evermore supported by the will of God until during the last stage the being itself can decide if it chooses God or his enemy as its master. And only when all beings acknowledge God as their only Lord will the struggle of the light against the darkness end and there will be a state of eternal peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 3972.


Last Judgement 4041

Renewal of the World.

16. May 1947. B.D. NR 4041.

That the world has to renew itself is also explained by the laws of nature because all unsuitable has forfeited the right to be and must be replaced by something better. If and when it is unsuitable can only I alone assess as also works that are apparently not fulfilling their purpose according to human view have a certain degree of suitability and I let them exist as far as I am concerned as long as my wisdom finds them to be good. But as far as it is humanly possible to tell the time of dissolving of unsuitable creations has not come at all because men do not know the purpose of the work of creation in general; and also not the state of mankind which deviates completely from the aim that was given to it since eternities. Man has become the most unsuitable work of creation through his own will; he does not use either the power of life nor his will to execute that what is the actual purpose during his stay on earth; he lives from day to day, does not observe my commandments, does not observe his duty as man, and does not observe his creator and sustainer in eternity. He canít recognize me anymore as his sight is directed towards that what belongs to my enemy because his mind is turned towards the world only, that was supposed to help him to reach maturity of his soul, that was given to him to put his will to the test and that has now directed his pursuit and striving and craving towards carnality. And so the means to achieve perfection have become useless, man himself has forfeited is right to exist since he as the highest developed of all the works of creation on this earth does not anymore strive up but he is at a standstill or goes backwards in his development. And if I want to prevent a complete sinking into the deepest of depths then I have to put an end to the state, I have to dissolve and form anew that what does not anymore fulfil its purpose as unspeakable much spiritual is striving to get into the last form as man on earth and this must be given the possibility for upward development. But man must again go back into long since conquered matter as he himself strives for this with all the lust of the body, with every fibre of the heart. And this requires the total dissolving of what exists and the new formation of works of creation that correspond with the state of maturity of the spiritual that again is to embody itself in it. Only I can clearly recognize the state of maturity of men but also the spiritual awakened man sees the low of the development if he follows closely the behaviour of men and he knows that the hour of dissolving is close. He also can draw his conclusions from the destruction through the will of man, he knows about the purpose of creation and also about the lack of use of it as defined by the creator and he understands that the destructions could take place and why they took place and that they are only the signs foreshadowing the great destruction through my will which will be followed in a short time by the complete dissolving of the earth. Because the law has to be fulfilled, everything that acts against my law of eternal order has to fall apart when the time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4041.


Last Judgement 4066

End of an Era no Further Development in the Hereafter, but Banishment.

19. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4066.

The walk on earth that the soul has to go through is only unique during a redemption period, i.e., that the soul develops out of hardest matter upwards to the state as man - that it stays during this earthly course of development always on earth, i.e. in earthly creations. But with the end of the human existence the soul also ends this earthly course of development and then goes into the spiritual realm, irrespective of its state of maturity. Because the spiritual realm receives perfect and also imperfect beings except that the spheres are completely different, that there are therefore spheres of light and also permanent eternal darkness, that now the souls that stay in the dark spheres can mature likewise, but that this requires exceedingly more time as the beings lack strength in this state of imperfection. And the great danger exists that they due to their weakness of will sink still deeper since the dark forces affect them and try to pull them down into the darkness. But then it is their own fault as it has means to be helped through the love and grace of God so that it can just as well strive upward. The beings of light give it their support and let also their rays of light shine in the darkness to stir up in the souls the desire for light with which the ascent then begins. So there exists in the hereafter, in the spiritual realm, the possibility after all to step out of the state of imperfection into the state of perfection and to continue in the spiritual realm the missed development on earth. But it is different with the expiration of a redemption period. Then there is no further development in the spiritual realm but only a development upwards that starts on the lowest level that requires again the walk through the entire creation of the earth. Because then the soul has reached a low that makes it impossible for it to dwell in spiritual spheres and that therefore results in the banishment in hard form. This low happens when it completely hands itself over to the enemy of God, when it itself takes action against God by fighting everything that is spiritual on earth, tries to push God aside as it were. This is a degree that does not anymore allow an ascending development in the spiritual realm that also souls can have that do not stay on earth until the last end but left already before that. But Godís love and mercy does not let the spiritual fall completely into the hands of Satan, he once again leaves it up to the being to change its will and he banishes it in the new creation and therefore takes away from Satan the power over it, he liberates it as it were from Satanís bonds and gives it a chain that is subject to his will and his will certainly is intent on the redemption of the being, not on its eternal imprisonment. In the hereafter however an ascent out of the spiritual low would not be possible anymore as the soul has sold itself completely to Satan through its bondage and as it is completely without power in the spiritual realm and would never turn its will up. But as the ascending development in the spiritual realm is likewise depending on the will of the being it would either remain forever in the completely lightless and powerless state or it would sink even more which would result in a hardening of the spiritual substance, but would take so infinitely long that it could not be estimated and the consequences are beyond human judgement. So when a development period is broken off and replaced by a new one then this is a work of enormous love of God towards his creatures because he wants to shorten their time of suffering even though the beings themselves still always determine the length of time that they need for their perfection since the period of free will always replaces the time of the mandatory state and can now be exploited or can be wasted. It is always the will that is decisive both during the time of development on earth as well as in the realm of the spirits and God knows when the will has reached the necessary strength to strive upwards. Many people already lose their temporal life before the end of redemption period but the ones who remain, who will still live on earth to see the last day, are either connected to God or are complete devils for whom an ascent in the realm of spirits due to their own spiritual low has become an impossibility. And that is why the last judgement will separate the goats from the sheep - only good and evil people will be there to judge. The good ones God fetches to himself and lets them experience the new earth in paradise while the evil ones receive their punishment and still also this proves the love and mercy of God. Because also these he wants to make happy one day as he wants nothing that is his from the beginning to be eternally separated from him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4066.


Last Judgement 4086

Complete Dissolving and Reshaping of Earth.

17. and 18. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4086.

Within a very short space of time the complete dissolving of the earth will take place because the forces that come into effect are so elemental that nothing resist them, that everything will be destroyed what exists as creations of any kind both on the face of the earth as well as in the interior of the earth. A partial dissolving is therefore out of the question but the development of forces extends over the whole earth and so the entire earth is one centre of fire that destroys everything as everything is seized by the fire. And so the fire will possibly spread slower at individual places, according to the wisdom of God, there in fact where still in the last hour the souls are given the opportunity to call on God for help, where therefore men live whose mind is still changeable before the end. But the earth will be destroyed totally, i.e. the core possibly continues to exist but the entire surface of the earth experiences a change that is so powerful that one can talk of the cessation of existence of all works of creation. A reshaping of the old earth is also only then necessary and possible when all creations of the old earth have ceased to exist and out of the remains the creations of the new earth are to be formed that again are to hold the spiritual that still is in the middle of its development. And to its great satisfaction this spiritual becomes free because it asks for an ascending development, to make use of the favour of a life on earth as man and it presses towards this last embodiment. So the new earth will not have any old creations but these will be totally destroyed and reshaped and the process lasts only a very short time. And in fact this destruction takes place in front of the eyes of men but in their state of great horror they only pay attention to themselves, i.e. in their fear of death they are only anxious to escape but that is impossible. On the other hand the believers, who God raptures before the total destruction, will be able to observe the work of the downfall of the old earth because it will happen in front of their eyes so that the power and glory of God becomes revealed. But the emergence of the new earth remains hidden from their eyes because when God leads them to the new earth then all creations are already in existence and a many-sided picture is presented to the eyes of the believers, completely unknown creations, wonderful to look at and exceeding in their functional nature all the creations of the old earth. But the duration of the emergence of these creations is not measurable by men on the new earth because during the time of their stay after the rapture all sense of time was taken away from men and in the same way the concept of time will initially be absent on the new earth as men already have a high degree of maturity and the result of this is that past, present and future is just one idea for them until men again become more material and through this again are subject to the laws of time and space. And so the new earth is in its development completely withdrawn from the eyes of men but in a spiritually way the explanation is given to them and they can take from this any time the most important of the divine teaching but on the other hand this will also be given to men themselves directly because God will dwell in the middle of men who love him since they have formed themselves to love and God himself as well as his bright angels teach men on the new earth. And so the original light stays right in the middle of those who are his and hands out light to all those who are worthy of it. B.D. NR. 4086.


Last Judgement 4353

Dissolving. Work of Destruction. New Banishment.

25. June 1948. B.D. NR 4353.

Spiritual progress can never be noted in a world of hate and lack of love, and the earth misses its actual purpose to help the spiritual that is embodied in it toward upward development. Therefore the time has come that the manifold creations that are to fulfil this purpose will be dissolved and the spiritual released for the purpose of new shaping. But for mankind this dissolving means a fall from the height that was already reached into deepest depth, it means a shifting back into hardest matter and a renewed walk through all works of creation on the new earth. Due to their lack of love men are completely ignorant and have no understanding for what lies before them and also no will to think about it when knowledge about it is submitted to them. They do not concern themselves with spiritual problems and this is likewise a sign that the time of the dissolving of the old earth has come. They are approachable for no enlightenment at all; they live only for their earthly interests and reject every spiritual conversation. And therefore admonitions and warnings are unsuccessful. As there is no possibility that a spiritual change takes place on earth, when a spiritual impetus completely has to be ruled out, then only total ruin can be expected, but God does not let this happen first but reshapes the earth already before that, it will be combined with a total work of destruction but is intended in the plan since eternity to again give the totally degenerated human race, i.e. the spiritual that is bound in it, the possibility of an ascending development, because God's endless love drops nothing, even when it is absolutely insubordinate to him. Therefore the last destruction of the earth will be an act of greatest compassion but will irrevocably take place to prevent an even deeper degeneration of men that in their lack of love have already broken off every bond with God and have widened the gulf between him and them and therefore lack all power to develop upward. And that is why God comes to their assistance, he robs them of their outer form and binds the spiritual anew so that the endlessly wide gulf that the free will of man has produced, will again be decreased in the mandatory state so that the spiritual again comes closer to God in the bound state and so that it one day will again be given the possibility to use the freedom of will the right way to reach God even after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4353.


Last Judgement 4371

Indications of the Disaster (Restlessness of Men and Animal).

11. July 1948. B.D. NR 4371.

A great restlessness will seize men shortly before I appear through nature. The events will announce themselves in a way that men and animals are agitated and feel inside that something is making preparations in nature. Especially the behaviour of animals will be noticeable, they will try to flee in a certain direction and suddenly return again as driven by an invisible force. And this behaviour also has a frightening effect on men who recognize by this that there is something on the advance that they are not able to resist. And so everything is in anxious expectation of things to come. And you, my servants on earth, are to use this time diligently because there still is a short reprieve where listening to what you have to say is still there because they are seeking an explanation for the unusual feeling of man and animal. Then call their attention to my word, prepare them for my appearing and refer them to me that they take refuge in me when the hour has come when I speak. And then also you unite with me in thought so that you are strong and can be a support for those who are unbelieving or weak in faith. You have to prove yourself and you will also be able to do it when you before already call on me and in the hours of greatest need. I point the indications out to you before, I will give you the opportunity to observe your surroundings and you will see that everything comes as I have foretold you, that a sense of anxiety and restlessness will weigh down on men, the cause of it is known to you and therefore you can also speak successfully where necessary. And again you will experience that the man who has love will believe you while the man who lacks love will well listen to you but does not make practical use of it for himself. Until the hour has come where I let my voice sound from above. And there will be a roar and rage where nobody will anymore pay attention to someone else but will be concerned for his own life only. Everybody will try to flee and will hear the same roar and rage from all directions and depending on his attitude towards me the act will have an effect on him - he will remain alive or will be snatched away by the natural disaster as my wisdom has known and determined since eternity. And even if it is seemingly quiet and still no indications are recognizable - do not think you are safe from it because the day irrevocably comes that brings to you this event of nature and the doubter will have an opportunity to convince himself of it when the possibility to think remains with him. I have spoken through my spirit and have announced it and I will speak through nature with a voice that all will be able to hear. Who does not believe the former will have to hear my voice from above. Also then he is free to experience it merely as a play of nature or to think of my predictions and to believe that I want to make known myself so that you are to hear me who do not want to recognize the voice of the spirit. And blessed is he whose life is kept because a short reprieve is available to him that he can use to make up for what he up to now has neglected to earnestly prepare for the end that will follow the nature event in a short time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4371.


Last Judgement 4432

Last Day. Closed Gate to the Hereafter.

13. September 1948. B.D. NR 4432.

It is of decisive importance for eternity whether you live to see the last day. Because on this day there will only be the living and the dead, therefore only men who enter life eternal or who will be damned. There will be no death that can only be addressed as pure bodily death where the soul, though imperfect, enters spiritual spheres where it can develop still further upward. On the contrary on the last day the gates in the kingdom on the other side will remain closed because then there will be only the living that are transported to the new earth, that do not taste death of the body, and the dead that will be devoured by earth, i.e. find their bodily death at the work of destruction and whose souls experience the re-embodiment into hardest matter. And so the last day on this earth has arrived, that means an end for all spiritual that stays on earth and where a trial takes place, where everything is called to account that lives on earth as men. This is the day that has been announced since the beginning of this redemption period, that seers and prophets have predicted, that is doubted by all who do not believe and are therefore without right knowledge. It is the day where every sin finds its expiation and where there is certainly no man except the ones who are mine who is not going to be pronounced guilty. But for the believers this day will be an ending to all earthly trouble, it will be a day of triumph for them where they see me in all glory and will be raptured from earth; but for the others it is a day of dread because they cannot escape from their fate, they have no faith to call on me in their trouble. And so they only face certain death and do not know that they are now banished for endless long time from my contact because in no way they acquired the right to my kingdom whose ruler I am, that can only receive souls that have taken on my primeval being, thus having become love. And all earthly horrors hurry on ahead of the last day because I still want to admonish men in the last hour to stretch out their hands towards me so that I can grasp them before they sink into deepest darkness - before they are banished from contact with me for eternal times. Everyone can still come to me when he makes good use of the final time and everyone is entitled to unmeasured blessings but I force nobody to help himself to my blessings but leave everybody his freedom. But the last day will be a day of reckoning for all - will bring love and bliss to the ones who are mine and death and ruin to all who belong to my enemy because they will be pushed down into darkness and have to expiate their sins according to divine justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 4432.


Last Judgement 4496

Closing of the Gates into the Spiritual Kingdom at the End.

25. November 1948. B.D. NR 4496.

The gates into the spiritual kingdom will close with the last day of the existence of this earth. Because the spiritual that has not passed the test of faith as man on earth can no longer make up in the hereafter for what it missed on earth but has robbed itself of this favour because it sank too deep to still have the possibility of an upward development in the spiritual kingdom. In the same way the believers do no longer go into the spiritual kingdom in the end because they will be raptured in their living body to now stay at a paradisiac location until the work of the reshaping of the earth is completed that then will again be assigned to them as place of residence. Then also in the spiritual kingdom the war between light and darkness will be brought to an end for a long time because the power of Satan is broken and he is put again for a long time in chains that also has an effect in the spiritual kingdom as an absence of fighting and victory of the light bearing spiritual. But in the times of the end the spiritual kingdom will still receive many souls to whom the favour will be granted to continue their upward development, that so still pass away from earth before they go over to the enemy; that are too weak and therefore find mercy in the eyes of God. The end-time will still contribute much to the purification of such souls and the great suffering that overcomes the earth makes it easier for them to pass away from the world and opens the gate for them into the spiritual kingdom that receives them even if still in a little mature state. But there is no longer danger of them sinking into the deepest abyss for which they thank God the moment they recognize their situation. But in the end the gates remain closed - and it will be astonishing how careless men live from day to day in the latter times, how little they think of death and how they only live for bodily pleasures and believe neither in a soul nor in survival after death. And when this time has come also all upward development of the soul is impossible, neither on earth nor in the hereafter because the belief in God is absolutely dead and a spiritual life is totally eliminated. Then the last day will surprise men that are shocked to see their bodily end coming, that are totally desperate facing death and without belief and rage against each other like devils. Then the unkindness of the individual will become apparent and the wickedness of men will reach its climax - whereas the believers only think of their heavenly father and expect his coming in the clouds. Then there only exist men loyal to God and such that have become devils. And that is why the end must come so that sinfulness finds an end and the faith of those who are God's is rewarded. Amen. B.D. NR. 4496.


Last Judgement 4510

Justice. Expiation for Sins. Judgement.

13. December 1948. B.D. NR 4510.

Men challenge my justice because they continuously sin. They are exceedingly intolerant, they have no love in the heart, they are full of arrogance, full of sensuous desires, they are without sympathy for the neighbour, full of envy and jealousy, and through their unkindness capable to worst acts. And so they sin against my commandment of charity and against myself who has given them this commandment. But he who violates my commandment of love forfeits my love, withdraws from me and hardens more and more until I again take him to court, i.e. his new banishment in matter takes place. Then my justice has been atoned for but men has passed judgement on himself only that my law from eternity is taken as a basis of these proceedings that could rightly be called a punishment if they not simultaneously represent an effective means of education, so again and again let shine my love to the created, so can never be regarded as my wrath. Justice never eliminates love, but justice also demands expiation so that sin itself is invalidated. Because my creatures suffer under sin and can only reduce or repeal this suffering by just expiation. A sinful man therefore is in court, i.e. in a banished state that is sorrowful. He has to make amends, he is forced to do what he did not do voluntarily as man - he has to serve. Man serves voluntarily when he awakens love in himself. But vice and bad habits suppress love and he seeks to rule where he was to serve and his thinking and acting is sinful. And when now a change in the state as man is not anymore to be expected he will be put into a state where the spiritual is forced to be of service to again reach the free state and can once again take the test of will of free service. This course of development is only justice from my side but not established in wrath but in love and always determined by man himself in free will so that he throws himself into court when he sins against the commandment of love for God and the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4510.


Last Judgement 4675

Nobody Knows Day and Hour. False Prophets of the End-time.

24. June 1949. B.D. NR 4675.

A seer or prophet will never be able to determine the time of the forthcoming judgement because this is from God not allowed as it is detrimental to men. And that is why no man will be able to predict the day for certain when a judgement befalls men. But their attention is to be called and that is why God announces through the mouth of men, through seers and prophets, when a judgment is on the advance. So when a judgement alone is announced then such announcements are to be believed, but when the time of the judgement is fixed then this prophecy can rightly be dismissed as being false. Then false prophets are appearing that need not to be listened to because such announcements have as their object mostly worldly advantages and then caution is called for. When God is using a man to announce through him to mankind knowledge of his plan of salvation from eternity then he not only informs him of his intention of the forthcoming judgement, but he gives him a general knowledge that makes the necessity of a judgement understandable to the servant of God so that he then can convincingly give reasons for those prophecies to the fellow human beings. But however convincingly he may now speak out in favour of the truth of the announcements, he will still never be able to determine the exact time because God reserves this for himself. Still every such an announcement can be accepted as fullest truth and again and again confirmation will arise from the book of the fathers that only that will be announced that completely corresponds with that and that is why also the fulfilment of those announcements has definitely to be reckoned with and the coming judgement as established fact accepted, but mankind will remain uncertain at what time God himself reveals himself, but it is to be prepared any time, otherwise the announcement, that God's love has sent to men, would miss its purpose and then the judgement would befall men suddenly and unexpectedly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4675.


Last Judgement 4708

Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

9. August 1949. B.D. NR 4708.

The divine order of the world cannot be overruled; still human will can fight against it, but only to its own harm. Laws exist that human intellect will never be able to find out because they intervene not only in the state of nature of the earth but they also underlie the existence of other creations, they however must be accepted, i.e. are not allowed to remain ignored, if counter laws are not to have an effect that likewise have been given in divine wisdom, so have as their object the eternal order. Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect, which are connected with those powers and so are affected. Men can no longer take note of these effects because they are without exception the victims of such destructions, except those who are already in possession of spiritual power and will be raptured from the whole endangered world through divine will. Such a process will take place and so will mean the end of this earth. The will of man will take it upon itself to want to investigate powers and will so release powers through experiments that have an enormous effect in just that destructive way. Because there are no noble motives out of which research is undertaken that have this incredible outcome. And that is why God will keep the blessing from them that rests on works that aim at the welfare of the fellow human beings. Moreover they violate the divine law of nature insofar as they undertake research by using the life of men so that they use men as test objects that have to sacrifice their life. This is a sin against the divine order, against the love of God and the neighbour and moreover a sin against the whole of mankind that is doomed because of that. Because the knowledge of those that undertake such tests is not nearly adequate and so those are premature, but on which there is also absolutely no doubt. And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. So men will carry out this last act of destruction on earth and the whole of mankind will perish due to men being made to risky speculators by craving for fame, exceeding craving for recognition and craving for material goods, who are however not without knowledge that they endanger the fellow human beings but still undertake their tests. The previously made experiences are enough warning and admonition to refrain from it and that is why their action is a crime that God does not leave unpunished. Amen. B.D. NR. 4708.


Last Judgement 4822

God's Plan of Salvation.

21. January 1950. B.D. NR 4822.

What is decided in my plan of salvation takes irrevocably place because my wisdom recognized the necessity of this to bring that what once had become apostate to perfection. The time for every single event is fixed since eternity because the will of the spiritual was also apparent to me since eternity so that I also recognized in what length of time a process of development is to be regarded as ended or failed, which is why always new phases of development begin when no results are getting attained. Since it is now evident to me that and when men fail, it is fixed since eternity when a new earth period begins and the old is ended. And this time will be kept because a giving up of the plan would only have a bad effect on the spiritual and my constant concern is meant for only these beings that are in great trouble due to their imperfection. The conclusion of an earth period is therefore timed and cannot be put off by human will, but human will can shape the way of the end of a development phase to a less painful one when he would be willing to submit to my will so that a destruction of the old earth would more befall the spiritual that is still bound in the creation while the man who tries to live according to my will could earn the reward for this in a painless going over to the spiritual kingdom or also in the sudden transfer onto a newly born creation. A will submitted to me does not need such strong means of upbringing and the time of the end of the earth could come up to men without a trace of fright. But that it comes men can no longer stop in spite of a possible change of will. For this is determined since eternity. Men can well shake off the belief in it but then only to their own detriment. But when man believes then he can decrease the dreads for himself even if he cannot completely avert them for the sake of the fellow human beings. But as he as an individual submits to my will he is specially protected by me and that that is completely insubordinate to me along with its lord cannot cause harm to his soul although he will be also harassed earthly. But on his own such a believing man is strong because my power flows through him and he feels safe and secure under my protection. I inform the ones that are mine about my eternal plan of salvation, I announce the near end to them, I point out its signs to them and give them the promises of my help, my presence and my coming in greatest trouble. And he who believes these my words he will survive the times of the end without his soul coming to harm, he will have no need to be worried because his faith gives him the right to my help, his faith gives him power and favour that he remains loyal to me and holds out until the end. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4822.


Last Judgement 4836

Spiritual Death - New Banishment in Matter.

12. February 1950. B.D. NR 4836.

It is indeed better for you to endure bodily death than to go to ruin at the end by dying spiritually from which only after endless long time an awakening happens. You can exchange the bodily life for a life in the spiritual kingdom and even when you have not yet reached the degree of light you still have the possibility to enter from darkness into the kingdom of light, whereas the spiritual death means that every possibility has been taken from you to still mature in another world. To go to ruin in spiritual death means a new banishment in hard matter, a transfer back into that state that was your fate before eternities and that you had overcome long ago when you were allowed to embody yourself as man on earth. Let them take the earthly life from you and do not be afraid because it is just the body that your enemies can kill, but the soul remains alive because it is something spiritual that men cannot kill, especially when men are after your life because you believe and do not want to give up your faith. Then all fear is to fall off from you, then you are only to think that he who gave you life is Lord over life and death - that he therefore lets nothing happen than what is good for your soul. He who loses his life for the sake of his faith he can calmly give it away since his soul will be received into the kingdom of light where it will live forever in happiness. But they will be sorry that try to keep their life and disown God. A short time is still granted to them where they pay tribute to the world and prove their affiliation to Satan. But then death overtakes them twofold - they lose their bodily life and go to ruin by spiritual death, the bitterest fate that is too dreadful for men to think about. But all the time warnings and admonitions are sent to you, the end is pointed out to you, your attention is drawn to the workings of God in unusual ways. The responsibility towards your soul is held up in front of you, you are perplexed by world affairs by seeing the going to ruin of earthly goods, thus the transience of matter and you will still experience things at the end that God will set in front of you in his exceedingly great love and mercy to still change you in the last hour. But the end comes irrevocably and with it the fulfilment of what is announced to you continuously. Take care that your souls lives, do not let them get to ruin in spiritual death from which there is no salvation for endless long times. Amen. B.D. NR. 4836.


Last Judgement 4900

Work of Retaliation and Salvation. Spiritual Trouble.

20. May 1950. B.D. NR 4900.

It is a time of extreme confusion, a time of deepest spiritual darkness; a state is among men that is not at all like it should be. Men are only connected with matter and live accordingly, because they do not abide by my commandments when they can obtain earthly possessions. They let themselves control by desires that are visibly the effect from below; they no longer strive upwards but are rather turned towards the forces of the underworld from which they obtain the fulfilment of earthly desires and lusts. The spiritual want is great - so great that it has to be broken off by force so that a still deeper degeneration of men becomes impossible. This is the actual cause of the forthcoming work of destruction of the earth - to strip of the present form of the spiritual that is at the moment embodied as man and to give it a new cover where no longer a descent can take place but where an ascent has to be attained. The last end of this earth, that is simultaneously a work of retaliation as well as of salvation, is incomprehensible to him whose spiritual state eliminates a deep knowledge of my plan of salvation. But the end is - also considered as work of salvation - exceedingly important for men who experience it. Because the new banishment into hard matter is an agonizing state that I would like to save all men from to have to once again walk the course through the entire creation. What is still free will be bound again, what is powerful will be completely powerless, what can think and want freely will then have to carry out in the mandatory state what I will; there will be darkness around the beingness, for endless times, until it again climbs up to the state of free will to now again be able to decide freely. The new banishment will be an unspeakable agony for the spiritual that still walks free on this earth. Would men know about the state worthy of pity that they are approaching they certainly would change their life out of fear but that would be a change of the being under compulsion but without value for eternity. Men have to go their way out of their own will. They well can be admonished and warned, the coming judgement can be presented to them, but always in form of predictions that they can believe or not. But what now takes place at the end of this earth is unimaginable to man but it is so powerful that the intellect of man could not give himself an explanation for events that are completely adverse to nature. But it is a spectacle that can only be observed by the ones who are mine, who are awakened by my spirit, who because of that cannot come to any harm of their souls. But the rest of mankind in their horror is unable to digest intellectually the impressions because it only sees death in front of it, that is also their fate - spiritually and earthly. The greatest contrasts appear at the end of this earth - highest happiness, rejoicing and delight at my coming to earth for the ones who are mine, who just see bright light and are free of all trouble - and greatest horror, fear of death, darkness and dreadful proceedings with the undeniable prospect of complete destruction. A deadline is still fixed for you men in which you yourself can determine the outcome for you men; all the time gifts of grace are given to you through which you can become seeing, you who are willing for it. From all sides it is pointed out to you that something unusual is under way, you are reminded of the end through all kinds of phenomena; I reveal myself in many ways so that you think and get down to work on your soul; I stretch out my hands to you all the time to help you up. But I leave free will to you. Make the right kind of use of it and pay attention to the announcements of seers and prophets. Irrevocably the time comes where everything comes true. Therefore ensure that you belong to those who do not have to fear the day, for whom it will be a day of rejoicing and happiness as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4900.


Last Judgement 4913

Retrogression Never the Will of God. Reincarnation. Reverse Process. New Banishment. Light Beings.

11. June 1950. B.D. NR 4913.

A reverse process now takes place, well induced by my will, but determined by human will itself. It can be considered to be an act of retrogression when the spiritual that is already embodied as man gets again bound in hard matter, as an act therefore, that is caused by my will, I, who surely according to my order from eternity only favour progressive development. But also this act has the same principle that is founded on my order. Because due to human will the spiritual has already fallen into the deep, from which I again lead it to the top in a slow way. So it is a retrogression, but has not taken place due to my will but due to the will of man, while my will makes again possible the upward development and therefore now a new process of healing starts after the end of this earth, a healing process that is unspeakable painful and does not seem to have an end and still is the only means to help the fallen again to the top. So that what my work of redemption did not achieve, this process has to bring about: what was easily possible, must, because it was not aimed at, be gained with exceeding difficulty - the redemption from form, the liberation of the spiritual and awakening from night to light. I have made it easy for men through my death on the cross, but men did not accept my gift of grace; I have taken suffering upon my shoulders, but they rejected my help, and therefore they have to take it upon themselves and carry it for endless long time. They were right at the top and threw themselves deep down. And my love and mercy now creates new possibilities for them to again reach the top. In gigantic speed the upward development process has happened again backward; after all preceding stages of development man has gone back in the short time on earth in his free will and arrived again there, where he had been unthinkable long times ago - at matter, that he aims for with all his senses and that will therefore also be his fate. But it always has to be explained that my will has never caused this decline but human will itself and that only now my will intervenes by checking and assigning a serving purpose to hard matter that holds this fallen spiritual so that the spiritual again ascends step by step to the top, but in bound will because it would not be possible otherwise. And with this my will again is expressed and therefore also that from my side only an ascent development is favoured, but any retrogression is caused by human will. The thought is therefore absurd that something already matured experiences a retrogression through my will - that therefore a being that has already liberated itself from the material cover and has gone into spiritual spheres, through my will receives again a bodily cover, that at the same time takes the backward consciousness away from the being and it has to take a test of will anew - that it therefore already once had passed but now could just as well fail in free will. For the purpose of an ascent development such a soul, that has already passed the test of will, does not need a new embodiment as man, as there are many opportunities in the spiritual kingdom to become more and more perfect. But when a soul has not passed the test of will then it will even less be put back onto earth because this transferring back would then have to take place through my will, but would just be an act against my order, because I only favour permanent progress but not standing still or going backward. Is on the other hand the act of embodiment of a soul on earth allowed by my will then its aim is not the attainment of a missed degree of maturity but merely the fulfilment of a mission to mankind being in spiritual trouble, that well can earn the being a higher degree of maturity but it is not the reason for it. Souls that embody themselves on earth can well have already a certain degree of maturity when they come from other stars to obtain highest maturity on earth. But for these souls this means no transfer back into a state that was already overcome, what however would be the case, when a soul from the spiritual kingdom, that once already had been an inhabitant of earth, would again be transferred back for the purpose of ascent development. Moreover it could not be a blessing for such a soul as the remembering back would be taken from it and therefore it could not make use of the knowledge obtained earlier, but would have to decide out of free will exactly as at the first time, which however could also lead to a total fall to the deep. Who strives upward also finds in the spiritual kingdom enough opportunity to go up - who strives toward the earth, is still its slave and as far as I am concerned will never be transferred back. But he who stands in the light and out of love for the unredeemed wants to descend down to earth, he will be allowed to embody again, but this can never in a lifetime result in a sinking into the deep because the soul comes from above and in spite of being unaware of its origin has enough strength to resist all temptations of earth. For I never let a being of light fall. It will always fulfil its mission although it always acts and lives on earth in free will. But its will is and remains turned towards me because it also has love inside that recognizes me and no longer wants to lose me. And so I will forever support what wants to go up - what longs for the deep will not be hindered by me. But the ascent development is always my basic principle that will also always be recognized by those who strive upward. What therefore leads upward is my will, but every decline is the will of man that I will not infringe on in its freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4913.


Last Judgement 4962

Make Use of the Time of Favour Before the End.

3. September 1950. B.D. NR 4962.

It is still the time of favour because the end has not yet come - the possibility still exists for man to walk the right way that leads up and my means of favour still are at his disposal so that he can reach his goal. Man is still free to do for the welfare of the soul whatever he likes. He still can strive upwards; he will receive help in every way when his will is directed up. There is still a time of favour. But soon it is past and then irrevocably that happens that is determined since eternity, then beingness will again be bound in matter, which at the moment is still walking as man on earth. How immensely important this is, that cannot be made clear to you men, and only through warnings and admonitions can I have an effect on you, but you believe very little of this. And again and again I want to shout to you: Make use of the time of favour, listen to my words that seers and prophets bring to you that the time is only short until the end. Recognize my love, by me again and again sending to you people to warn and admonish you because I want to save you from the fate of a renewed banishment into my works of creation. Make use of the time of favour in which you still can change yourself according to my will. As long as this earth still exists you also can appeal to my love and favour, to my patience and mercy, and you will never meet with a refusal when you pray for your spiritual well-being and request my support. I grant it to you in richest measure, as I take pity on your state and your dreadful lot when you fail and remain in your resistance against me until the end. The time of favour is still here where I apply all means that still can help you when you do not resist me. Isolated little lights still shine that can bring light into the darkness of your way when you yourself do not extinguish them. Guides still approach you again and again, messengers from me, which offer you their guidance in my name so that you do not go wrong, towards the abyss. Incessantly I am ready with my favour to help those that cry out to me in their trouble or stand undecided at a crossroads; but the time of favour will soon end and where every single soul stands at the last day there it must remain throughout endless long times - in the light or in darkness. Then my love makes way for my justice. Then the gates of the spiritual kingdom close for those who did not make use of my time of favour. Then the soul that is disloyal to me has to irrevocably go the way that I wanted to spare her, the walk through creation for the purpose of the slow return to me - it once again has to go the way of ascent development in greatest agony of being bound because it did not pay attention to my warnings and admonitions, because it did not make use of my favour, because it disdained my love. Amen/ B.D. NR. 4962.


Last Judgement 4984

Calling to Account on the Day of Judgement. Redeemer Jesus Christ.

17. October 1950. B.D. NR 4984.

One day all of you will have to answer to my seat of judgement and think of every unused hour that you lost for eternity. One day all of you will have to confess their sins because they will become evident and can no longer be hidden because nothing remains concealed from my eyes. And therefore I call you to account for all your thoughts, words and deeds. And you are to think of this day of judgement when you think you can sin unpunished, the day where all of you are called to account for your way of life on earth. Irrevocably it will come, surprise you all because you do not suspect it to come so soon. But it will come like a thief in the night, unexpectedly and silently; it will be there when no man expects it. And yet not unannounced because long before already I point out to men the day of judgement, the day of the end and the destruction of this earth. That you men do not want to believe does not change my plan from eternity because this day is determined in advance according to my will and the will of men will not be able to postpone it but will have to submit to my will. But that such a day, that ends an unthinkable long development period, does not come unannounced for men, will also make clear to you that and why I again and again talk to men through my servants on earth and in the kingdom of light. The day of judgement is the conclusion of an earth period that was granted to men for redemption. In this development period a special privilege was given to men - the divine redeemer Jesus Christ came himself to earth to help men that were about to fail in their course of development. And so men could redeem themselves if they just wanted. But if their will fails then it is their own fault and I warn men of this fault again and again as long as they dwell on earth. Their fault is that they do not want to be helped but are too weak alone. What they can do is what they do not want to do and what they do not want to do that they also have to answer for themselves. That is why everyone is called to account on the last day because to all of them a measure of favour was available that would have easily helped them upwards. And to these favours also belong the pointers to the end through seers and prophets. But who does not listen to them, who does not believe them, also does not do anything for one's own redemption. I always have to warn and admonish men through seers and prophets and the end of the old earth that already has often been announced makes the appearance of prophets in my name understandable because I do not leave men without warning and they live in the latter times because the end is nearby that you all would get a fright would you know the day and the hour. Again and again I point this out to you but who does not want to believe will not be forced but they will be sorry who heard my word and did not want to believe - who recognized it as my word and still do not believe in the near end and the judgement and therefore do not prepare themselves for the end. They will be sorry - because the hour will surprise them and the last judgement comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 4984.


Last Judgement 4991

Violation of Eternal Order. Fulfilment of Prediction - Last Judgement.

31. October 1950. B.D. NR 4991.

The end comes irrevocably and with it the last judgement. Because in my wisdom I recognized from eternity the will of men and their behaviour according to their will, that however shows no striving up at all. But my law from eternity demands a continual ascent development and adjusted to this law are all events on earth and in the whole universe. When now a continual violation against my law of order is recognizable then this has automatically an effect in such a way that the old order will be restored but in such a way that everything illegal ceases to exist, so also material creations that are not used in accordance with the eternal order get dissolved to again be classified into the order in different form. So also men that stepped out of order will be put into that state that again corresponds with my eternal order, i.e., the spiritual inside man moves into that outer form that corresponds with its degree of maturity; it loses its existence as man and will again be banished in an outer form that it already had overcome long ago. Undoubtedly one thing is for certain that man completely misjudges his purpose to exist, that he only pays attention to his earthly life and does no longer place himself under my original law from eternity, the law of love. The earth that only is to serve as maturing station for the spiritual completely misses its purpose and therefore can no longer continue to exist in its old form because it then completely unlawfully moves in the universe in which all creations have their purpose that is assigned to them by me and also comply with it. For the earth is now only used to develop itself backwards and so its inhabitants are as it were played into the hands of my opponent. Only the will of him is followed on earth while my will remains unnoticed or is totally despised. If men would turn around, if they would make an effort to discover the truth and would then turn to me with the request for help upward, I certainly would not destroy the earth but let men experience my exceedingly great love and compassion; neither an end nor a last judgement I would let come because a good will and earnest striving towards me could achieve everything, also the reversal of an act that is intended by me since eternal times. I would do it and always only help you men to reach the goal. But this will can no longer be found with men and that is why my plan from eternity has to take place, my announcements through seers and prophets that foresaw the end have to be fulfilled, exactly why they also saw where men are steering to. And only my exceedingly great patience has still kept the earth from this fate because I still want to give all those an opportunity to change their will whose heart I recognize and on whom I want to have mercy. But the number of those is ever-decreasing and before long clearly only two camps will be recognizable and the flock of the ones who are mine will be so small that already that goes to show the end because when only devils still inhabit the earth then it has stepped completely out of its lawful order as well as men on it, and there can only be a termination of what is visible to men as earthly creation, as also men themselves have to be destroyed that misused their last maturing station and therefore once again sinned against the basic law of eternal order, against love. This announcement will irrevocably take place because men will no longer become of better will; incessantly they strive downwards and seek to also draw down with them everything that is turned towards me. But I prevent this because I let the earth arise again anew, and men on it will again move in the order that since eternity is and remains uppermost law; they again will live in love and will truly be my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4991.


Last Judgement 5088

Exhortation Not to Forget God. Coming Tribulation.

19. March 1951. B.D. NR 5088.

The call from above reaches all of you: Do not forget me so that you are not helpless and alone when the great trouble overcomes you. Because in this trouble nobody will be able to help you worldly; then you will be dependent on my help, however you will not call him who could help you since you forgot him. But to forget me means to be a slave of him who is my opponent. Because when you forget me my opponent has won you and you have to be in bondage to him. But he cannot help you in the coming great trouble and therefore you will be lonely and forsaken and inevitably abandoned to ruin when you do not turn to him in the last hour who gave you life. Because the trouble will become so bad and your helplessness in the face of it can let you remember me because I myself approach you through this trouble to call me to mind. Nature will speak to you with a thundering voice, its roaring and raging will cause horror inside of you but you cannot flee; from all sides you are threatened with death and men cannot help and rescue you from your situation into which I put you not without purpose. You are to be reminded of me whom you well know but forgot - you are to recognize my working and ruling also in the elements of nature - you are to experience me because I myself it is who speaks to you through the elements of nature. And you have to listen to this voice and blessed is he who recognizes it as my voice - blessed is he who feels himself being approached and lets my voice penetrate his heart - blessed is he who does not let me talk in vain but does some soul-searching and communes with me. Him I will teach lovingly, I will reproach him with his sin of having walked in this world without me - but I will also include him into my little flock and he will never regret it to have followed my powerful words from above. Then you will firmly side with me and my opponent will have no more power over you because those who have found their way to me remain loyal to me; never will they be alone and abandoned and also the trouble will be bearable for them because I who sends it over you men for your sake can also remedy it again when the time is right. B.D. NR. 5088.


Last Judgement 5305

The Last Day Comes Suddenly and Unexpectedly.

28. January 1952. B.D. NR 5305.

A sudden end will be announced to you. This is to be understood in such a way that nobody can determine the day, that nobody knows the day, that only the ones who are mine can suspect it due to the great, almost unbearable trouble that is announced likewise as preceding the last end. Many well know that the times of the end have begun and that it brings this day sooner or later - they know it because everywhere people speak about it but they do not believe it so firmly that they prepare themselves for this day. Men of the world will be seized by great ecstasies, greedier and greedier they indulge in the pleasures of the world, more and more unscrupulous they get the joys at the expense of the neighbour, their desires and demands outdo one another, and disdainfully they laugh at the ones who go past worldly pleasures believing in me, and they do evil to them wherever they can. The world lives in sin. And this is to be a really sure sign for you because you will experience things that you would not think to be possible. The satanic behaviour of your fellow human beings betrays also the hour of the world clock to you. And even so you can observe everything and the signs of the times are very obvious, also you will be surprised because the end comes faster than you assume. The end comes from one day to the next, i.e., the goings-on of the world pulsates unusually animatedly and lets people think that they master life, that they are lords and can form their life at will. The ones who are mine will observe these goings-on and foreseeing the downfall guessing but they themselves still think likewise of a delay of judgement at the sight of the sparkling vivacity of their fellow humans but whose character is bad and unkind. But the harassings on the part of those are increasing and I myself put an end to them. That is why I will come suddenly and unexpectedly also for the ones that are mine because the sins of the worldly people are a scandal, Satan is overstepping his authority and that is why his hour has come. When no man is expecting it the day dawns that is determined since eternity - the last day on this earth that will bring fear and fright for men that belong to Satan but which also means redemption out of greatest trouble for those who are mine - the day of judgement when that comes true what is announced in word and script. amen. B.D. NR. 5305.


Last Judgement 5471

Shortening of Days. No Deficiency.

25. August 1952. B.D. NR 5471.

The spiritual development of men only progresses minimal; a frightening state has arisen; only few men increase their degree of maturity; but the whole remains on always the same level with visible deviation down. And if an end of this earth would not have been scheduled in the plan of salvation from eternity then men with higher degree of maturity would also still again be thrown back into the deep. But for the sake of the chosen God has shortened the days. The complete decline and falling away from God is no longer stoppable, that is why the shortening of the days is no longer a deficiency for fallen mankind but still a salvation for the ones who can only asserts themselves with difficulties, which have to struggle terribly to offer resistance to the assault from below. Mankind steers toward the end because it itself speeds it up, because for the sake of the believers the days will be shortened; it just accelerates the end because it is clearly recognizable that there is no longer salvation for men and therefore the days for these will not be shortened where they still could become blessed. They have finally decided on the opponent of God and that is why only God's children are to be helped so that they stand firm in the last distress on this earth. And so salvation will come to these children of God suddenly and unexpectedly - before they become staggering because Satan does not stop until he gets bound. All possibilities will be exhausted before to still promote the spiritual development of men - but without success as God knows it since eternity. Men will be willing to listen to no admonition and warning; they only know one aim - to live on earth in enjoyment and pleasure - and they reject everything that might hinder them at that or are hostile towards it. They mock God and even more his servants. The time has come about which it is written: It will be as in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage - until the day of judgement. Men really no longer lose anything when the earth gets destroyed because what they own is so worthless and what is of worth they no longer strive for, but the sooner the life of these men is ended the sooner they begin the road that once again leads up. There is no longer much time because for the sake of the chosen ones the days will be shortened. Think of this, when the living conditions seem to be unbearable for you, who want to remain loyal to God; think of this, that you receive power to hold out until the end and that this end will no longer be a long time in coming because the promise will come true that God shortens the days for the sake of the chosen to help them to get eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5471.


Last Judgement 5589

Sudden End in the Midst of Frenzy of Worldly Pleasures.

29. January 1953. B.D. NR 5589.

In the frenzy of worldly pleasures men do not pay attention to the signs from above and the end is approaching fast. The world has their senses spellbound; the spirit is completely befuddled; they respect no God and do not fear any might above them because they are content with the measures of the earthly rulers whom they cheer all the more the more worldly they are and promise them worldly improvements. It is a state like at the time of the flood; the increased joys of living prevent them from any spiritual thought and the fulfilment of their wishes and desires is sinful because they are no longer moderate and enjoy unbridledly and through this place themselves completely into the hands of the opponent of God. And with these men he has his game in his hand; he lured with earthly goods and won them surprisingly fast. But his victory means death for men, the death of the body and of the soul, because the end is not to be long in coming; the end comes in the midst of the frenzy of the pleasures, unexpectedly and so fast that nobody is able to think about things und escape is no longer possible. They could well have recognized it that it is just before midnight because all signs spoke for it, but they plugged their ears and eyes so that they need not hear and see what they did not want to hear and see. And so the end comes surprisingly. When lust and vice have culminated, when sin gets out of hand that it can no longer be called to halt through warnings and exhortations of the servants of God - then judgement has to come that has been announced always and constantly. That is why you are to pay attention to the signs; an earthly prosperity will be recognizable that means uninhibited enjoyment of life for worldly people who now seek to get whatever is possible out of the world. At the same time the warnings of their believing brothers will be uncomfortable and troublesome for them and that is why they will be hostile towards them to such an extent that a time of trouble begins for the believers for the sake of the name of Jesus because his teaching will be made the aim of the attacks of the sinful people and because everybody who confesses Jesus and his teaching will be robbed of that what is necessary for his life. But this time of trouble will pass for the good of the believers because their faith will become stronger and stronger because obviously a power from above is supplied to them and because they can hear the word of God directly or through his messengers. And that is the time that still lies ahead of you, that will come irrevocably and that has to be overcome as it is now a matter of separating the goats from the sheep because a clarification of the mentality of the individual has to come because the individual has to decide for or against God and such a decision is supposed to take place in complete free will and that is why also an oppression on the part of earthly authority is allowed but as also favours from above give unusual strength to those who want to use them in faith in God - in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Men will still have to experience hard times but blessed who feels life to be hard. Because the others will perish because they did pay attention to no signs, because they fear nothing for themselves and therefore have to face adjudication on the day of judgement when the end of this earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5589.


Last Judgement 5712

Surprising End Also for the Believers.

30. June 1953. B.D. NR 5712.

For many the hour of the end will come as a surprise, who know about it, because also they assume it to still be far off, because the dealings of the world still shows no decline, because the signs of the end are still not obvious enough, although they consider it to be possible that they live in the times of the end. And also my believers still cannot earnestly resign themselves to the thought that they will experience the end because also they are standing on the ground of concrete reality, also they always see the fellow human beings in bustling activity, and the spiritual knowledge appears to them to be almost unreal in the sight of the striving of worldly people, in the sight of earthly progress and of the hopes and expectations of men of the coming time. Also they will be surprised and recognize that what appears to be unreal becomes reality and that all expectations of men come to nothing. The end will come like a thief in the night - but it announces itself before, it casts its shadows before, on a small scale it will already happen before, it will announce itself through a natural disaster of greatest extent and this will be the last warning, the last evidence of the near end. And whether you men doubt or refuse to accept it - my plan from eternity is fixed, and according to this plan everything goes in the universe. The end will suddenly be there because my admonitions and warnings are ignored that indeed constantly reach men to not let them experience the end unprepared. And only that is the purpose of my announcements, that men get ready, that they think of the end and get started on the soul work, that they live in accordance with the short duration of their bodily life, which nevertheless can earn them maturity. I want that all my admonitions and warnings gain currency; I want that men get informed about it, as I also want that the day of judgement and the fate of the ones who defect from me are presented to them straight out, because men can themselves bring about their escape, the end does not have to mean an hour of fright for them, they also can look calmly forward to the end when they abide by what they are urged to do, when they prepare themselves for it, i.e. still live on earth according to my will until the last hour has come. They well can no longer put off this hour but they can await it consciously because it means the end of agonies for those who have found their way to me and will only hit hard those who have renounced me and therefore have no longer a right to inhabit the earth that is only supposed to serve the maturation of the soul. The end comes so certain as the night follows the day - since eternity the day is fixed but you do not know it. But you are to believe that comes true what I announce and still announce through seers and prophets that this day is imminent, that it will surprise all of you and that you are therefore to regard every day already as the last one to live it consciously and to work on yourself. Then you never have to fear the end but fully trusting can look forward to my coming that will redeem you, who believe, from great trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5712.


Last Judgement 5983

Last Judgement an Act of God's Love.

23. June 1954. B.D. NR 5983.

The last judgement has to be likewise evaluated as an act of God's love because it also underlies the further development of the spiritual that has failed in its last earth life test and which has to be integrated into a new maturing process to once reach the last goal. The last judgement is therefore likewise a concluding sorting out of what has been messed up - it is a straightening and inserting into the different forms which are according to the maturity of the spiritual - it is the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one according to my plan from eternity, which takes deepest wisdom and love as a basis. Also a judging God remains a God of love because my justice can only so have an effect as my love sees it as being useful for the spiritual and still adjusting for the wrong thinking and acting of men who come under this judgement. Also the greatest sin has to be atoned for somehow when it has not been handed over to the one who presented himself as expiatory sacrifice. Compensation has to be created to decrease this great sin and this compensation is ensured through the judgement - through putting the one who has become guilty into a state where it again has to pay off the sin as it did not voluntarily accept the gift of redemption. The last judgement is not at all an act of divine anger but only an act of love where also my justice is expressed - as this cannot be dismissed with a being that is exceedingly perfect. I now could well let every one of them on their own for their sake feel my justice, I could likewise punish every sinner immediately. But this would fall short of my wisdom and also my love would then hardly be able to be recognized. Because I am exceedingly patient and longsuffering and I delay a judgement, as the one at the end of a development period, as long as it is possible to still first win men for myself. And I hold my protecting hand over the unjust and evil because I want to conquer them with my love and do not want to be feared by them as punishing God. But when then the point in time has come where I create order because a voluntary return to me is completely hopeless, then my love has to seemingly step back and yet still it alone is the driving force. My love ends a satanic state and hinders my opponent of further destructive work. I rescue the souls from the fall into the deepest depth. I bind them anew into hard matter and so integrate them again into the development process - a judgement that again only aims at redemption but not eternal death - and that therefore well proves more my love for all what I have created - for all what is dead and is to reach eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 5983.


Last Judgement 6052

Last Judgement. Act of Love and Justice.

14. and 15. September 1954. B.D. NR 6052.

It is not my justice alone, which demands compensation and therefore imposes the last judgement on men - it is still far more my love, which sees their unstoppable slipping into the deep and wants to stop it. Even if the earth would remain in its old form, whether I would delay the judgement - it would only be to the detriment of the souls of men, which would not receive relief with it but would get into darkness, which would be impenetrable for eternal times. The last judgement on this earth is also a work of love for my part - it is an act, which I see as the only rescue for men when I do not want to leave them to their fate, i.e. to my opponent. In the true sense of the word it is a rescue work, which you once will well understand but have now no understanding for it in your spiritual low. Indeed, my love is more determining for the last judgement and the dissolving of the creations of this earth than my justice - which now also will come out to restore order, which is completely despised, what has to lead to greatest chaos. The individual can well still restore order for himself; he can still become aware of his assignment and his purpose and make an effort to live in compliance with it - and he will not be affected by the last judgement in such a way that he has to fear it; also for him the last judgement will only be a proof of love because he will be transferred into another life - be that on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom - a life that will make him happy. And in order to still achieve this with individual men, I again and again announce what the earth and its inhabitants have to expect - and happy who takes these pointers seriously and changes his life; happy who makes an effort to live in divine order. Because he will also understand my last rescue act and assess it as an act of love because through his life he now also wins understanding for all proceedings, which will happen through my will and my power. I alone know the effects of a complete ungodly lifestyle and that is why I have to intervene because my love wants to bring salvation to all or create the possibility for them to get free from the power of Satan, which can only happen by me fettering him myself - by me ending his goings-on. That now innumerable men are killed on the occasion of the last judgement on this earth can well appear to you men as a cruelty; but it is just a violent breaking off of that what inevitably leads to death - so that at least the opportunity remains for the souls to once again arise to life - while it is the aim of Satan to get you into his possession for good. So my love is the motive for the end of this earth and the downfall of all creatures on it, and my justice then transfers the spiritual into the outer form, which corresponds with its behaviour on earth. I again make everything right - according to my eternal order and give to all spiritual the outer form that is fair for it. Only when you men know about the whole purpose of life on earth and your assignment, will you find my rule and work understandable because more than just your bodily life is at stake, the whole of eternity is at stake, the life of the soul is at stake for which the spiritual death is the most dreadful thing to happen. And I want to protect it from this death, and I therefore have to reach for means, which let you doubt my love and which are still only founded on my love. I cannot get you to a different life by force; I can only urge and warn you through my word, which comes to earth in direct speech and therefore all men are spoken to by me through the mouth of a servant who is devoted to me. I can only call your attention to the consequences of your wrong life and try to lure you on the right way with words of love. But when all these reproaches are futile, my judging father hand has to intervene to protect you from the worst. Because order has to be restored on earth so that it again becomes a station of schooling for the spiritual so that the souls can mature in accordance with their calling. B.D. NR. 6052.


Last Judgement 6759

Reasons for Destructions. Earthly and Spiritual Change.

11. February 1957. B.D. NR 6759.

The spiritual turning point also causes an earthly turning point, i.e. a complete change of earthly conditions, which again have to take place through disastrous events on this earth, through processes, which also bring about the dissolving of earthly creations. Because a spiritual turning point can only then happen when all spiritual is again put right, i.e. is added to the forms which correspond to its degree of maturity. For the time being it therefore has to get rid of the old forms to be able to move into new forms. All creations have to release the spiritual, and that means as much as complete destruction of the creations on this earth. It is not enough that only a change takes place with men, that therefore only men change spiritually, but all spiritual is at stake, also that still bound in hard matter, which also once has to continue the course of its development. Besides it is completely hopeless that men strive for a spiritual change - there is no longer any hope that they ever reach a maturity on earth, which the existence on earth is to bring to every men and which also can be reached. That is why the destruction of the earth and its creations and therefore also the ending of life of men is for these no loss because they no longer can lose anything but only still win because new possibilities for development are created for them. But also for the spiritual which is bound in hard matter a limit of its banishment is set - also for this spiritual the hour has come where it is freed and can follow its course of development on this earth bound in lighter outer forms. And this time will also be kept. For God's plan of salvation is laid down since eternity. And thus also a spiritual turning point occurs when the classifying of the spiritual into the corresponding outer forms has taken place - when the old earth is destroyed and a new earth has arisen with creations of all kind, with living beings, men and animals, which now all, according to the state of maturity of the spiritual, lead a harmonious, peaceful and blessed life on this new earth. Because men, who are allowed to inhabit this earth, live according to the will of God, which also means that they give the opportunity to all creations in the animal and plant kingdom and also to the still hard matter to redeem themselves through serving activity, thus the upward development of the spiritual now takes place in a short time - that there is a completely changed state on earth, so that it rightfully can be called a spiritual turning point. Not only is the soul of man at stake - that you men have to consider when a destruction of earthly creations and specially a destruction of the earth appears to be implausible to you. Man on this earth completely fails in the last time, and through his failure he also hinders to a great extent the still bound spiritual in its destiny. A standstill has occurred, which is incompatible with the divine order, and time has run out, which has been set for this earth with its creations. But the development of the spiritual continues. It has to continue according to divine law, and that is why also the work of destruction of the earth and its creations has to happen in such a way as God has recognized it from eternity as being a blessing for the spiritual, which has to go the way via the earth. And thus his plan of salvation is also laid down since eternity, and it will be kept and carried out. For also all creatures sigh after redemption. And what still is to take place on earth, all serves to start the spiritual turning point, and no-one will be able to stop the last events on this earth because this material destruction is included in God's plan of salvation to also free the way of the spiritual which is still bound in hard form, to also create for it the possibility to ascend. Because all spiritual is beingness, which once went out from him, which he again wants to lead back to himself. For his love is meant for all beingness, and he seeks to redeem it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6759.


Last Judgement 6786

Disorder - Decay - Chaos - Destruction. Building Up.

18. March 1957. B.D. NR 6786.

Who rules the world he certainly also has the power to again build up what first had to be destroyed because it no longer fulfilled his will. Because God has his laws, which have to be fulfilled, and where action is taken against these his laws there is no order - where there is no order there is decay and decline, there a chaos exists that completely contradicts divine will. And that also means a dissolving, a destruction of that what is outside of divine order, may it be men or other living beings or also creations, which no longer can fulfil their purpose because men prevent them to do so. But partial destructions would no longer be enough because also hard matter starts to revolt because the spiritual in it wants to free itself. That is why also partial destructions cannot meet the eternal plan of salvation because all earthly creations have fulfilled their assignments so far, because a period of time has been fixed for them from the very start, which has now passed - because also for the spiritual, which is bound in hard matter, once the day of becoming free, the day of reshaping of its outer cover, has to come. And so power of God expresses itself for the time being in a work of destruction of unimaginable extent, and then the ignorance of men, through arrogant experiments, through truly satanic tests, continues this work of destruction. The reason it is not prevented by God is because he imposes no limitation on the will of neither his adversary nor men and because he exactly also thinks of that spiritual, which now again is to start its course of development in new creations. For he is a Lord of heaven and of earth. And as he himself destroys or lets destroy what is risen up for the purpose of upward development of the spiritual through his power and his will, he also will again build up by virtue of his power a new work of creation, to which he in wisdom and love again assigns its purpose. He is a God of strength; he is a God of justice; he is a God of love and wisdom, and he certainly will restore that order, which is and remains eternal law. For a world without divine order is the kingdom of God's adversary, who rages in it because he has gained control over all spiritual. But such a world cannot continue to exist; otherwise it also would be hopeless for the spiritual to ever escape his power. But the earthly creation has only been created for the purpose of getting free from his power. But when there is no longer a possibility for this, the destruction of those works of creation is just still a work of God's mercy, who now also again lets his will of love act and his new creation arise, which again fulfils all demands to further the course of development of the spiritual. What gets destroyed is no longer suitable for his plan of salvation, but what arises anew will also again support the divine plan of salvation. But the new can always only then at first arise when the old is completely destroyed - whereby destruction is to be understood to only mean the destroying of the cover, which only still was fetters for the spiritual, but offered no opportunities to it to serve according to its purpose. And the day is coming where the power of God will be shown, but only few men will become aware of it. The day is coming where Satan transfers his devilish plans to men who are willing tools for him. The day is coming where he carries out his last work on this earth through men who are in bondage to him. Then all works of creation on this earth will burst; nothing will remain undissolved what belongs to this earth; but everything will again be seized and newly formed by God's wisdom, love and power. A new earth will arise as it is announced in word and script. And this earth will be in divine order and thus also again be able to serve the spiritual in every form that it walks up. And the power and magnificence of God will be proved to those who will be brought to that new earth, who were raptured before the last work of destruction, because they were steadfast in the end and remained in divine order. Amen. B.D. NR. 6786.


Last Judgement 6878

Judgement Means Newly Directing - Sorting Out.

25. July 1957. B.D. NR 6878.

You are all judged beings, i.e. bound according to your spiritual state. And when therefore a near judgement is announced to you, which is connected with the end of this earth, then this means, that all spiritual will be judged anew according to its state of maturity, thus has to move into the form, which corresponds with this state - so that such order is restored, which is law from eternity. You all are still in judgement as long as you are not yet allowed to inhabit the spiritual kingdom as free spiritual beings, as long as you are still going the walk over the earth, as being consciously or unconsciously bound in the works of creation. You are as long in judgement as you are not yet free. But a state of punishment it is not to be understood under judgement. It is well an act of God's justice but which is always also justified by his love and wisdom, but never allowed to be considered as an act of punishment as far as he is concerned, because God only wants to rescue, but never to condemn. However the rescue is only possible within the order from eternity, and when this order is overruled, which is well possible through the free will of man, then it thus has to always be restored - it has to be directed what has stepped out of order. And such an act of newly directing is approaching you men and also the spiritual, which is bound on this earth. For a complete spiritual and earthly chaos exists at the end of an earth period. Everything got into disorder through the work of the opponent of God and a spiritual ascent development has therefore become impossible. That men have to answer to their God and creator in the end is thus to be understood in such a way, that the spiritual state of every individual cannot be kept hidden before God, that everything is visible to him and he therefore also knows about its fate, about the sphere in which the soul now takes the place of residence, or about such forms into which an again dissolved soul has to move in its individual little particles. Because everything is visible to him and his judicial office consists in the new classification of all spiritual - which is thus the same as the terms perfect happiness and damnation. His justness and his love are determining, because also the state of banishment is just a means to again help the spiritual upwards, but it cannot be passed over because justice could not allow such. And that is why judgement also has to be feared by men who have stepped out of divine order because it can earn them nothing differently than a renewed banishment into the creations, which is also why this cannot urgently enough be mentioned, because the short time till the end is still enough for a change of will when man earnestly strives for this. Because the love and mercy of God still seeks to rescue everything before the end what is not completely opposed to him. He also helps the greatest sinner, but he cannot switch off his justice and make happy who does not deserve it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6878.


Last Judgement 7372a

Experiments. Work of Destruction.

25. May 1959. B.D. NR 7372a.

To penetrate into the interior of the earth can always only be permissible to certain limits, and when these limits are exceeded, then also the consequences will be accordingly. The effect will be a work of destruction of enormous extent, of which you men cannot even form an idea, because you will not survive such a work of destruction, but will be as it were the victims of such experiments. Human intellect does research and broods, and it also has already far comprehended the laws of nature. And also these research works could be to the benefit for fellow men, if they would be undertaken in the right attitude towards me, that it therefore would be possible to direct their thoughts (the thoughts of the researchers) according to divine order. But this right attitude towards me is mostly lacking, and the individuals are drowned out by researchers and scientists who stand apart from me and whose thinking therefore also can go astray - which, exactly with experiments of such extent, as intended, results in evil consequences: that they no longer control the laws of nature, that they draw the false conclusions, that they do experiments on false calculations and so trigger powers, which they will no longer succeed to get under control. Men only reckon with earthly numbers, but not with spiritual problems, which are impossible to solve with their attitude foreign to God. But everything rests on a spiritual basis; the existence of earth has its spiritual reasons, and men on it are only to reach the aim to overcome the earthly kingdom and to become mature for the spiritual kingdom but of which existence the researchers and want-to-be-knowers little or nothing want to know or believe. But my works of creation are to a certain degree after all exposed to the free will of men, and men will also not be prevented from a destruction of greatest extent - but to their own harm as all creatures lose their life, may it be man or animal, may it be plants or other creations, in which spiritual is bound for the purpose of upward development. And when the latter is not believed so surely consideration should be shown for fellow men and their life. But men consider themselves to be clever and wise; they believe to be able to also go into the laws of nature, which had been foreign for them so far. They carry out experiments, which they will extend all the time until they will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth, which no created being will survive, as it is predicted through seers and prophets from the very start of this earth period. And I leave the will of men its freedom, but my plan of salvation is built up on this will because I saw from eternity that mankind will then also have arrived at a spiritual low where an establishing of my order from eternity is necessary and I therefore could build up the plan of salvation on it without making the will of men unfree. Because they are the originators of the end themselves; they themselves determine the time despite preceding warnings and admonitions, despite perpetual references to the wrong of their actions, as long as they are not in association with their God and creator from eternity, who then certainly could direct their thinking and wanting properly without applying force of will. But men do not want to believe it that they are walking towards such a work of destruction of the earth, and otherwise they cannot be warned than through my word, which is send from above to them. But when they of their own accord turn their hearts to me, then it will also become light in them, and they themselves will abandon further experiments. But there are few of them who however are not able to prevail although they recognize the great danger which threatens mankind. But there are more of the opponents, and these do not give up a plan, which will lead to the end of the earth. And they cannot be hindered due to freedom of will and will also not be hindered from my side because with it according to my wise conclusion the upward development of innumerable beings will be helped again, because I know how to direct everything, also the bad, in such a way that it still yet results in good effects and this exactly is my plan of salvation, which will also be carried out for that reason according to my love and wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 7372a.


Last Judgement 7372b

Experiments. Works of Destruction.

26. May 1959. B.D. NR 7372b.

Because I certainly know what serves the salvation of everything once created by me. I know how everything has an effect, and I also can direct everything in its effect in such a way that it is only good for the development of the spiritual. And so also the true satanic action of my adversary in the time of the end will result only in that much of the following will again be snatched from him and bound in matter, so taken away from him and his influence for an endless long time. He thinks to have wrung the spiritual from me and to own it again himself, and still he forfeits it, and the spiritual again begins its upward development anew. Because my love never stops; my love will again and again create new development possibilities to help the spiritual up. And my wisdom also again and again finds new ways. And whether the beingness itself also in the state of free will, as man, very often behaves contrary to my plan from eternity and endangers the upward development - I again and again restore order, which is and remains divine law; but never harming the spiritual but always with the aim of the spiritual becoming divine, which still is far away from this state. Therefore whatever things want to happen in the world can happen - my love and wisdom knows every single effect and always directs it to the good of the spiritual, and last aim will always be the redemption, the return to me and the perfection of the spiritual. The last aim will be the attainment of the original state where the being will be able to work and create as image of God with me in happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7372b.


Last Judgement 7403

Last Judgement.

3. September 1959. B.D. NR 7403.

It will be an end with horror for all who do not believe. Because they experience something which they have not thought to be possible because it is something completely extralegal - a process which they cannot even follow until the end but will be victims themselves because they lose their life in the process; they will be devoured by the earth, and for no-one there is a way out - unless he still calls out of the heart for me in the last hour that I might help him. But men who experience the end, except a small crowd of the ones who are mine - who will be raptured in front of them - have already completely become slaves to Satan, and there will only seldom be one among them who turns around not only out of fear but out of a sudden realization of a mighty God who can help him. And men will also have no longer time for reflection because suddenly and unexpectedly the last judgement befalls mankind. Suddenly and unexpectedly fire will come out of the earth; it will split and devour what is alive and moving on the earth. It will be an act of a very short duration but of an enormous effect; the earth will open like an insatiable abyss and take in everything as it is announced in word and script. And there is no escape - irrevocably it is the end for everything what lives in, on and above the earth. Because time is over which was fixed for the spiritual for its development and much of the bound spiritual has to continue its course of development in new formings on the new earth. And this spiritual is grateful for the reshaping because it goes on in its development which had already been made very difficult through the will of men on the old earth. But the spiritual which is embodied as man experiences a step back in its development because it gets again dissolved into innumerable little particles, which all again have to go the way through the creations of the new earth, which all again get banished in hard matter and again begin an exceedingly agonizing existence in the bound state so that they one day again reach the stage where they are again allowed to be embodied as soul of a man. You men are now before this great earthly and spiritual change, and the time till the end is shortened from day to day. You do not know the terror that lies ahead of you - with calmness you approach the day of dissolving, which still will cause much horror in you with following banishment when you do not belong to the ones who are mine, to the ones who believe in me and - if they are only weak in faith - will be recalled already before from earth so that they do not completely become slaves to Satan because they could not withstand the temptations through the adversary in the last time before the end. All you men who have to give away your earth life prematurely, you all who lament your passed away loved ones, be glad because these ones have been saved from the downfall, from ruin, to which men fall prey to who live godless from day to day and experience the end in this ungodliness. They cannot find mercy with me because I again and again admonish and warn men and so urgently, to prepare themselves for the end without getting a hearing, and I cannot have an effect on them by force, I have to leave them their spiritual freedom, which they misuse in a way that they strengthen the opponent's power till the end and will also be defeated by his power. Still hard fights with this opponent will precede, and the reason I speak to you men is that you place yourselves on my side in this struggle when you want to win and want to emerge in freedom from the fight. And I will speak until the last day but it is completely up to all you men how you decide. But the end with horror comes for all who do not believe and not acknowledge me. But the ones who are mine I will rescue from every trouble; I will fetch them into paradise, and they will be witnesses of the downfall because they are to recognize my power and glory and give evidence of it to their descendants on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7403.


Last Judgement 7425

About the Last Judgement and the New Earth.

9. October 1959. B.D. NR 7425.

You cannot really form a picture of the way the last judgement will happen; but it is enough for you to know that it is only a short act, of which destructive power everything is the victim, and that you will then have no more time to change your thought and wish, because everything will happen very fast and will leave you no time to think. You will be judged in shortest time, i.e. come to life or to death in a very short time. You will be raptured, who remain loyal to me til the end, or will be devoured by the earth, which means renewed banishment in hard matter for your soul. And only those men in which there still is a small little spark of faith in God, will have the strength, to call me in the last second, and still be rescued, by them being spared the fate of the new banishment although they will not belong to the flock of the raptured, but still an easier fate will be their part that a new embodiment as man will be granted to them, in which they then are to, and also can, prove themselves, because the time on the new earth is free of temptations through the opponent who is bound for a long time, as it is written. And that is an unusual act of favour, but which will only little be taken up because mankind is completely subject to my opponent in the end, and only seldom a man will break away from his fetters at the sight of the last judgement - which will be terrible. Because all men are confronted with a dreadful bodily death, but before they can think much, it already has happened. And the ones who are mine will be witnesses of this process, because I want that they get to know my might and glory, my justice and my fury towards the sinners and testify to it as long as they live. For they will form the stock of the generation on the new earth. The process of the rapture is just as little conceivable because it happens completely extralegal and such has never been experienced on earth that men will be lifted with a living body and abducted - that I transport them unhurt into a paradisiacal beautiful area, from where they then will be lead to the new earth as soon as this is formed according to my will. And I will need no time for this, because the entire spiritual just waits the engendering into the works of creation, which corresponds to its degree of maturity to continue its course of development. Human eyes do not see the act of creation of this new earth, which is why there is also no need to keep a certain duration because of men. And the men who are raptured lack all time consciousness so that they are not able to assess in which period of time the new earth has come into being. But my power is unlimited, and it will come out into the open with the creation of the new earth because it will have new creations of which you men cannot form a picture, but which will make you exceedingly happy, you who are allowed to experience this earth. It is a true paradise on earth. Because the ones who are mine stood firm with me in the faith struggle and are to receive their wages for their loyalty. And you men all can experience this happiness when you want to make good use of the short time till the end. But you believe nothing and do nothing to increase the maturity of your souls, and that is why everyone will have the wages which he deserves - happy life in paradise on the new earth or new banishment in the creations in it, to be allowed to walk again as man over the earth after endless long time for the purpose of the last test. B.D. NR. 7425.


Last Judgement 7482

Love and Justice of God.

20. December 1959. B.D. NR 7482.

You will never have to fear in me a pitiless judge who condemns you mercilessly, even when you would have deserved it. It is true my justice has to come out with every verdict but my love will have everywhere a mitigating say and never judges you mercilessly because it cannot do differently than to forgive, judge rightly and lay the healing hand on wounds, which man has inflicted on himself through his sins. Because all harm, all pains of the soul, all trouble and agony, it has caused itself, and not I have therefore pronounced judgement; it has judged itself in free will, it has created itself the condition in which it now stays. And my justice will not let me lift it out of this self-created dreadful situation when it itself does not ask for the sake of Jesus Christ. It may be in court, but it itself has chosen judgement. That is always to be recognized that I am not a punishing God who therefore has imposed such punishments on the sinner to atone for his sins, but that this state of punishment has voluntarily been aimed at and is entered into by the sinner and that I on grounds of my justice cannot give him a better fate than he has chosen for himself through his free will. I take pity on the trouble in which such souls are which have become sinful, and my love would indeed like to create a better fate for them, but again this is a matter of free will, which neither my love nor my justice will infringe on. The soul itself must want to come out of its trouble, and it must - because it alone is too weak to carry out its will - call on Jesus Christ for strength and help. This is the only way, which can be shown to it; then my mercy will come out, and for the sake of Jesus Christ all sins will be forgiven. Talking now of the last judgement, then not an act of punishment for my part is to be understood by it, which could question my mercy or let my endless love appear to be doubtful. Rather a restoration of order is to be understood by it, a straightening out of the wrong state in which in particular mankind is and also still everything bound spiritual in the last times where men have their fling through the influence of my adversary and live completely adverse to God. Then my merciful love intervenes again and straightens out everything - but can cause no other fate for the spiritual, which has failed as man, than this has aimed at itself in free will. It is true this is a judgement, but unfounded in my anger, but in deepest pity I banish anew the spiritual in form, because justice prevents me to create a fate for this spiritual where it is happy. But once also it has got this fate to look forward to, once the free will of also this spiritual will consciously turn to me, and then I will be able to seize it and let my love radiate through it, without this being rejected. Because whether my love is also infinite - also justice belongs to my nature, and this comes out when the time is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 7482.


Last Judgement 7611

Separation of Spirits. End of an Earth Epoch.

30. May 1960. B.D. NR 7611.

The walk as man through life on earth is the last phase of the course of development of the once fallen original spirit on this earth - it is the conclusion of that time, which was granted to this spiritual in its upward development, it is the conclusion of that period of time in which the original spirit can again reach perfection when he makes good use of the last phase, the stage as man, when he rightly directs his will in this time. He therefore can reach his aim to again, completely spiritualized, enter that kingdom from which he once went out; he can return to the light, to the original source from eternity, to the father, as whose creature he once arose. But no matter how short this earth lifetime is, compared with the endless long time of the pre-development, there still is the great danger that man misuses anew his will, that he does not strive for his perfection, but again sinks back into the deep. And as this is his free will he also cannot be hindered at that, as on the other hand he also cannot be forced to direct his will right. So it is a matter of testing his will a second time, and he has to pass this test as man, otherwise his walk through life on earth was without result - which also can result in a renewed banishment into matter when not still the last favour is granted to him to slowly ascend up in the kingdom on the other side under far more difficult conditions than on earth. As long as an earth period has not ended, this possibility also exists, because the kingdom on the other side is still open for such souls, which depart immaturely from this earth. But the gates to the kingdom on the other side will close as soon as this redemption period takes its end and a new one begins again. Because the ending of an old epoch also means complete separation of spirits; it means a new sorting out of all spiritual into the outer forms or creations, which correspond to its degree of maturity. And also hell will spew out everything in the last time for the purpose of new banishment; then also every possibility will be past to develop progressively on the other side, which is why before still great redemptive work is done to also still rescue souls from the deep from a re-banishment into matter. It will be a great sifting through in the hereafter and on earth. And when men on earth would think about how far they already have advanced and that they are just before their perfection, they certainly would spend all strength to still make use of the short time, which still remains for them till the end. But they take nothing seriously whatever is still submitted to them; they do not use the time to reach their aim, and the last favour of the embodiment as man goes ineffective past them because all means of favour, which are given to them in this time, are not accepted or made use of properly, and an endless long process of development ends without having found the right ending for the human soul - for the once fallen original spirit, which is to return to God. But men can only be admonished and warned, and that happens to a high degree through the divine word, which is supplied from above through God's exceedingly great love to men as unusual means of favour. And all men are approached by it and only need to open heart and ears to also feel the power of the divine word and to securely ascend. So every man has the possibility to fetch strength, he only has to be of good will and strive for fulfilment of the purpose of his life on earth. He has to consciously live the short time till the end of his life; he has to want that he fulfils the will of him who gave him life; he has to surrender to him and ask him for power and favour. And he will then also reach his aim because this request will always find fulfilment, and God will bless everyone who approaches him for power and favour, and his walk on earth will not have been in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 7611.


Last Judgement 7676

Separation of Spirits.

18. August 1960. B.D. NR 7676.

A separation of spirits will take place at the end of this earth and also before already, where it will clearly be proven to whom men belong, to me or to my adversary. Already before the end men will separate into two groups because the ones who are mine will be persecuted for the sake of my name, and the persecutors obviously belong to my adversary, who will still use his power because his days are counted. And he will try everything to bring the ones who are mine to fall away, but in which he does not succeed, because I help the ones who are mine with great power, and I shorten the days for the sake of mine. And the end will fall suddenly and unexpectedly and bring about the complete separation of spirits. Because the ones who are mine will be raptured from this earth, and the following of my adversary will be put in chains with him; it will be banished in the creations of the new earth and therefore every power over this spiritual will be wrested from the adversary, which will again weaken him for a long time, because his power only exists in his following, he himself no longer possesses the power to have an effect himself, when he cannot have an effect through men, who were devoted to him. But these ones I wrest from the adversary for their own sake and bind them again in the creations of all kind so that they start anew their ascent to once again be able to decide when they will have covered the course of development through the creations of the new earth, which lasts endless times. This separation of spirits has to take place; a just order has to again prevail on earth. The souls have to again been given the possibility to form themselves into free spirit beings, and also the once more sunk spiritual has to be classified into the development process, otherwise it would eternally not come to completion. And this separation always takes place at the end of an earth period - when men on the earth completely forget their purpose of life on earth, when they lead a life completely without God - when they no longer recognize me and do not believe in me. Their resistance against me cannot be broken by force, that is why they again have to take the way through the creations of the new earth, and this way is a way of agony because the being was already partly allowed to enjoy the freedom and has again placed itself into fetters because the free will of man has striven for the deep, but which just as well could also elect the top and man would then have reached his gaol. And the great danger exists that also still the small flock of the ones who are mine are caused to fall by those, which is why the separation of spirits also has to be implemented. All spiritual will have to decide still before the end, and happy those beings, who can count themselves to belong to the ones who are mine, who believe in me and call on me when they are in trouble. Because these have established the union with me, and they will also keep it going and remain loyal to me until the end, because I supply them with great power. And they will also recognize their fellow men of which spirit those are and keep away from those who obviously belong to the adversary. But as long as earth exists in its old way the adversary and his following will be hostile towards the ones who are mine. And that is also the time of the testing of the faith where the ones who are mine are to withstand. But I protectively hold my hands over them, and will know how to prevent it that the adversary wins power over them. I will help the ones who are mine and give them power, and they will hold out until the end and will be raptured on the day of judgement. And then the separation of spirits will have taken place, and the ones who are mine will live on the new earth in peace and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7676.


Last Judgement 8066

2. Peter 3:10.

21. December 1960. B.D. NR 8066.

The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night - the day where I reveal myself to all men with a voice of thunder, which everyone will hear and from which no man will be able to flee. Because one day the work of transformation of the earth has to happen; one day order has to be restored; the earth has to again become a station of schooling for the spiritual, which is to mature and reach perfection. And this day is scheduled since eternity; my plan has been built up on that such a transformation once takes place because mankind itself gives rise to it - what my wisdom well recognized. And so my power will also carry out the plan, and you can expect this day with certainty. It will end a redemption period, and a new one will begin, as it is announced in word and script. Again and again I point this out to you, but as you men are unbelieving, as you do not take my words seriously, you will be surprised, because whether also my adversary in the last times rules on earth, whether he brings men completely under his power, that all belief in them gets lost and only true devils will exist in the end, which oppress the ones who are mine and put into highest misery, so they will still be seized by the same horror, when in front of their eyes the ones who are mine will be raptured and they will recognize, that there is no longer any rescue for them, that they themselves fall victim to a work of destruction; that there is no way of escape and that the earth devours them. Because there is no other way to clean the earth; all creation has to get dissolved and all spiritual bound in it be brought into new forms - a work of cleaning which comprises everything has to be executed so that order gets restored, which also guarantees an upward development of the spiritual and which completely rules out the work of my opponent for a time, which is why he will be tied up with his following for a long time. This day of the end is again and again announced to you men but only few believe in it, and also these few do not foresee how near it lies ahead of them - but I will repeat my admonitions and warnings until the end; until the end I will address everyone and refer you to it, and until the end there will still be for every single one of you the possibility to escape the horror of this end. And therefore do not feel sorry for those who have passed away, which I prematurely call away from life - do not feel sorry for them because their fate is better than yours, who live until the end and do not believe. They still have the possibility to come to the light on the other side, but those sink down more and more because I know that they would also choose the way down in the kingdom on the other side, that they also would not use the favours of an early death because I know about the state of every soul and also form his fate on earth according to it. And if it is also difficult to believe in an end of this earth, still men cannot excuse themselves because they only should live justly, then an end will also not earn them the banishment into hard matter, then they will either belong to the ones who are mine, which I transport onto the new earth, or they will still be called away before and then also not get lost. But it is better when they prepare themselves for the near end, when they reckon on the possibility to suddenly be up against a work of destruction from which there is no longer any escaping. Who once has these thoughts on his mind, he will also certainly find the way to me, to the creator of heaven and of earth, who let everything arise and so also can destroy everything again. And I would like to rescue all of you from ruin, and that is why I will again and again hold the last work of destruction on earth in front of you. And who believes, he also will not have to fear this day because he will prepare himself, and no matter how weak he is and not perfect, but he will find a compassionate judge who does not condemn him but helps him to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 8066.


Last Judgement 8624

Destruction of earth is the result of experiments.

23. September 1963. B.D. NR 8624.

You men yourselves set off the last work of destruction of this earth. And I do not hinder you because I also think of the spiritual, which is released through this work of destruction out of matter and can again continue its course of development in new shapings on the new earth. Already repeatedly this has been said to you, and still your faith in it is very little because the whole events are just unthinkable to you. But it forms the conclusion of a development period, which then starts a new period so that the work of return can then again take place in lawful order and again a success is recorded, which no longer was visible before the destruction of the old earth. My opponent carries out his last satanic work by him determining men to do that, for which he has not got the power himself: to destroy works of creation - in the belief to release the bound spiritual through it and to gain control over it. He determines men and causes them to experiments of all kind, but which fail due to ignorance of men and trigger off a disastrous effect. For men venture to do experiments without having studied their outcome - they set off powers, which they do not control and that is how they are doomed. And with them also the creation work of earth will be exposed to the most powerful destructions. The complete earth surface will change totally; all works of creation on the earth will fall prey to destruction; the effects will get as far as the interior of the earth, and therefore one can speak of a destruction of greatest extent, which men themselves however will no longer be able to observe, except for a small flock, which I before lead away from earth into an area of peace. I would never allow such a destruction myself when I would not also win new possibilities of salvation that way for the still bound spiritual, which already languishes endless long times in hardest matter. But also for that spiritual a further development would be possible when men would not overrule the legal order and always only fulfilled their serving assignment. But men no longer live in divine order, and that is how my opponent has great influence over these, and he urges them on to a beginning of which he hopes for a profit, of which he hopes for the return of the bound spiritual. And I do not check him for it is always still because of free will of man whether he carries out what my opponent wants to make him do. But whatever men do I will always know to make the right use of the effect of their action. For the world of darkness is indeed also subject to me and my power, and it must serve me and so to speak take part in my work of return, even if unconsciously. But I know since eternity about the direction of the will of men and therefore could also build up my plan of salvation on this will. I know it when the time has come that spiritual progress on earth is no longer to be expected. I also know when the time has come for the still bound spiritual to be released, and I therefore do not check the activities of men when they initiate an enormous work of destruction through their wrongly directed will, which turns towards my opponent and men is a willing tool for him. For he can destroy no work of creation himself; he can dissolve no matter at all, and all spiritual is wrested from his power. That is why he seeks to win it back again, and men are in bondage to him that they contribute to the dissolving of matter themselves - first through innumerable experiments, but which then assume proportions, to which matter no longer withstands. But I allow it that the spiritual bound in it is released even if at the expense of the whole human generation, which has arrived at a spiritual low itself, which requires a new banishment in matter. And whatever my opponent and men who are in bondage to him undertake - it will in the end serve again the upward development of the spiritual, which is to once reach completion. And that is why my plan of salvation will also be carried out as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8624.


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