Prophecies about the Last Days before the end and especially about the Second Coming of Christ are quoted here.

This is the chapter "5.2 Second Coming" of "Redemption Period".

5.2 Second Coming

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The transformation of Christ and of the kingdom of darkness


Jesus Christ walked as man on earth. He was subject to the restrictions of men as all other men. He was a prisoner in his body and he was in prison – the material world. But then he died and after three day he was resurrected. He now had a glorified body. His body had been transformed. So we have to make a difference between his life before and his life after that glorious day. There were some significant differences.

His disciples were staying in a locked room and he appeared to them by simply not using the locked door but by coming through the wall. He came into the room as a pure spirit being and then he materialized his body and appeared to be a man as all the other man with him. And he also could materialize his body to any degree he wished. He could materialize it to such an extent that he could be seen only but he could materialize it further so that a man like Thomas could touch him and feel a body and feel the muscles and the hardness of the bones. Jesus could take a piece of food and eat it. And he could dematerialize the body also to any degree he wished.

So Jesus was then a pure spiritual being but because he had been a man previously he also could again become a man. It depended on his will. His will decided to become a man and then his will decided to no longer be a man. With this ability he could act as man but he also could stop being a man and be a spirit. As a spirit he was not limited to any physical restrictions. He could be wherever he wanted to be. He could travel without the limits of time and space. He could be here one moment and the next moment he could be on a planet in a far-away galaxy.

And this ability Jesus still has now and will also have when he comes back.

And then he has the ability to switch consciousness. It is basically the ability we just discussed. But this ability is not just limited to himself. He can influence the consciousness of others. He can cause them to see or not see. He can cause others to see into the spiritual world or he can prevent them from seeing it.

On the road to Emmaus he demonstrated his abilities. He materialized himself and his two disciples could see him but he influenced their consciousness in such a way that they could not recognize him. Then when he broke bread he again influenced their consciousness and they now could recognize him. And then shortly after that he dematerialized himself and was gone.

Let’s use some different kind of language to illustrate these abilities.

Jesus could influence the energy field of a man, of his energy field or of that of another person. There is a point in that energy field that is the point where perception is assembled. And this point could be called the assemblage point. Now this assemblage point can be moved. It normally has its usual position. But it can be moved from its usual position to an unusual position on the surface of the energy field or to a position inside the energy field. Now the brilliance of this assemblage point influences other energy fields, it lights them up and so they react to it. When the assemblage point moves to a new position it brightens up new energy fields and so makes them perceivable. And this changed perception can be called seeing. It is a seeing of a man who then is called a seer. A seer can see things in a realm that normal people don’t see. So a seer like Jesus can do this and become a seer and he also can cause others to become seers.

So the shifting of the assemblage point makes the perception of entirely different worlds possible. And such a perception of a complete different world is as objective and factual as the world a man normally perceives. So the move of the assemblage point causes a man to enter into heightened awareness. A good example of a move of the assemblage point is the state of dreaming. When we fall asleep the assemblage point moves very gently and naturally and our consciousness shifts. We lose our consciousness of the physical world and we become conscious of a complete different world. We are mentally balanced when the assemblage point is fixed on the point we are accustomed to. And when we are falling asleep we remain mentally balanced because we are also accustomed to that point that is different to the one when we are awake. And we also remain mentally balanced when we move the assemblage point to yet another position and when we know what we are doing and remain on top of the situation. Men become mentally unbalanced when they don’t know what they are doing, when they are ignorant of spiritual things and when they let religious people tell them that what they experience is wrong and of the devil and when they believe them and when they don’t believe scriptures that talk freely of these things and give plenty of examples. If a man uses drugs then he moves his assemblage point away from its habitual position and he does it without being and remaining on top of the situation and therefore he becomes unbalanced. A balanced person will move his assemblage point into a position that would allow him to bring on whatever particular change he desires and with this ability he will have transformed himself and he can transform others as well. Jesus had this ability and he could cause others to have a perception of the world that is complete as, but not the same as, the normal perception of everyday life. They then also could be seers and be in a state of heightened awareness. Jesus commanded this knowledge and he also could make use of it and he commanded his knowledge and it manifested. Jesus moved the assemblage point at will. He intended to do it. It was a matter of intent. He used a force and this force is named will.

When we understand how Jesus lived and acted the forty days between Easter Sunday and the Day of Ascension then we will also understand how he will live and act at his Second Coming. He will not be here as a man but he will be here as superhuman man. He might appear in one place for a moment or two and then disappear again. He might cause others to see things and then to no longer see things. Also at the very end when he comes to fetch those who are his and then to judge those who are not his, he will probably be visible only to those who are able to see spiritually. Worldly people will hardly catch sight of him. And when those who are his later come back to the earth, which then has received a new surface, then they will be in touch with him spiritually and they don’t need any physical appearance of his.

So when we think of the Second Coming of Christ then our thoughts should go back to the upper room and to what happened there after Easter Sunday morning and to the road that leads to Emmaus. Thinking and meditating on these things will give us a good idea of what will happen at the end.

When we think of the Second Coming then we think of the end of the world and we therefore think of our personal end as well. And the study of all of these aspects of the end makes us powerful. The study of death is therefore of monumental importance in the life of a believer. Knowledge of our impending and unavoidable end is what gives us sobriety. The most costly mistake of average men is indulging in a sense of immortality. It is as though they believe that if they don’t think about death they can protect themselves from it. Without clear view of death, there is no order, no sobriety, no beauty. We have no assurance whatsoever our lives will continue beyond the moment. That realization gives us the courage to be patient and yet take action, courage to be acquiescent without being stupid. And with death we mean the death of the physical body. That the soul and the spirit will live on even increases our will to make use of every moment we have here on earth.

We will use every moment to come closer to Christ.

What probably most impressed me when I read Jakob Lorber’s book The Great Gospel of John was the way the individuals came into contact with Jesus and how this process of recognition evolved and progressed. They just met a simple man like any man and reacted as usual and then something unfolded and it became a life changing event. It is the great theme of all times: the return to the Father. The whole of creation was done to facilitate this – to help the prodigal son find his way home. Recognizing Christ – the thing that separates the carnal Christian from the spiritual one, the man-made church from Christ’s church. If I love Christ I will have no problem recognizing him. My heart will tell me.

But now we will come to the prophecies. D.B. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Second Coming 0487

Appearance of the Lord pictorial.

28. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0487.

Excerpt only:

In indescribable light - only visible to a god-like being - hides the highest entity and it can only make itself pictorially visible to the children of the earth because an earth being would never be able to bear this fullness of light. That is why the Lord has decided to give his fullness of light a form, which makes it possible for the children of men, when you are kindled in deepest love to him, to see him tangibly before you - but also then just as an appearance of short duration and so shadowy that only a dreamlike memory remains of it. More would be for you, who still dwell on earth, unbearable because it would make you unsuitable for the fulfilling of your earth duties. No human being can, because it is still so far away from a godlike state, bear the direct light of the divinity without being completely ruined.


Second Coming 0667

Night of terror.

14. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0667.

In the night of terror you will see the crucified in the sky, who will come visibly in a cloud because men, who believe in him, are to be made again aware of his suffering and death, and is to give them strength to work for him. When you see the sign in the sky do not think that all suffering is over but know that the wrestling for souls starts with renewed power and that you are to be his fighters on earth – know that the Lord himself is among you to give you strength where it is necessary, and not one wrong prayer shall be done which is for the salvation of men. What however will very much disconcert you that are the renewed oppositions from outside, why the Lord allows such, but you will soon recognise that also these oppositions can have a beneficent effect with those who you have already won, that they start to follow the word of God with always greater enthusiasm, and the oppositions from outside are just the impetus. Because they will recognize true salvation in the word of God wherever it will be offered to them, and there will be none among them who does not also feel the power of it when he only accepts it with the heart. Who has found to the saviour during the terrible night never lets him go from himself, and no matter how it rages around these children of the earth. In them is peace and the firm confidence that all suffering on earth will some day take the place of heavenly happiness. But the endeavour of the world will be to make still more unbearable the lot to the followers of the true teaching of God, but in the same measure these also receive the strength to bear everything what loads are imposed on them. Because heaven blesses who trusts it. A wise house father will maintain all his buildings well so that he does not lose any of his goods. The heavenly father will still much more take care that all his building blocks do not get damaged. What is his he does not let get lost but reinforces his building just more and more that it can hold the onslaughts from outside. Therefore leave your worries which are meant for this time of tests. Who is willing to serve God and to fulfil his will, will overcome every danger victoriously and only always work for the greater honour of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 0667.


Second Coming 1140

Nearness of the divine Lord. Coming in the clouds of heaven.

17. and 18. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1140.

Do not fight the thoughts which announce the nearness of the father. Because everything, what points you to transitoriness, is a call of admonition of his love, and the more powerfully he seizes your heart the more noticeably the father expresses himself, and he stretches his hands towards you so that you are to seize them. And that is why you are to pay attention how this his love again and again announces itself to you by him steering your thoughts to everything what has him recognized. Because when man is willing, he recognizes his rule and work in everything what surrounds him. (18.10.1939) He recognizes him and gives himself him for himself because he now also knows for what purpose earth life was given to him. And he only has the desire to proof himself worthy of God’s love; humbly he submits to his will and so remains in closest union with the eternal divinity to whom he owes his existence. The father in heaven would like to know that all his creatures are standing in association with him; he would like to transfer his infinite fatherly love to all his creatures and help to decrease the distance of them from him and so he chooses means which are certainly painful but will be successful for many earth children. He also approaches you in a way that you will feel him and which partly makes happy, partly horrifies. Because he will attract the attention of those who only want to have him come into play as a fabulous creature. Suddenly a light will shine for them, which changes in form and illuminating power, and this light will exert a beneficent influence on the still not completely stubborn. But to believers he will announce himself through signs, which will have all doubts of his love and omnipotence go silent; because he will come in the clouds of heaven; visibly he will descend and enter the hearts of those who love him and trust him believingly. And this entering will be like a coronation. Because who gets to feel the nearness of the divine Lord will feel lifted up into the fields of eternal happiness, and no earthly king will equal him because his relationship to God brought him the most wonderful, which can be allotted to him in earthly life – food and drink out of heavens, offered by his angels and servants in heaven. And God the Lord himself descends and brings himself to his children, and he will be able to see him who desirously expects him – he will feel him who longs for his nearness, and every child will be deemed worthy of his fatherly love who desires it. Because the father gives there where he knows his real children are waiting for him; he strengthens who lack deepness of faith; he increases the will power of those who want to serve him, and he forcibly intervenes there where up to now he was not respected. Because now the world will have to pay attention when the Lord considers the time has come. And it is close – the divine work already takes its start. Therefore do not defend yourselves but come to meet the father lovingly when he wants to offer his love to you, and all of you place your hearts into his hands so that he blesses you and guides you all to the true goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 1140.


Second Coming 2734

Visible appearing of the Lord. Where two or three are gathered in my name.

12. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2734.

God reveals his identity when he is respected; he stays in the midst of them, perhaps invisibly, but for the strengthening of faith he reveals himself in many ways. He speaks with men mentally or also audibly through his spirit, therefore he stays in the word among men, who love him and keep his commandments. But he will also appear visibly to a few, whose love towards him is deep and who are ready to make sacrifices. But only few will also recognize him, because he will be among them in simple form, and only the love of the heart will recognize him, because it strongly feels drawn towards him and thereby recognizes the nearness of the Lord. There will be calmness and peace and harmony among men where the Lord appears visibly, and everyone will approach the other in love, and as like-minded person he will suddenly be in the midst of them and radiate love and make men happy. His eye will rest on those who are his full of mildness and goodness, and his word will be comforting and administering power, and calmness will seize man, and every heart, full of love, will be turned towards him, every ear receive his words. And suddenly he will disappear before their eyes, and thereby they will recognize who has stayed among them. And his appearing will strengthen the faith of men; all doubts will disappear, and full of courage of their convictions they will now support his cause and his name; nothing will frighten them, no matter what is undertaken against them, because they feel accompanied by him whom they would be allowed to see on all ways. The Lord will come to his, when they are in great trouble, visibly and invisibly, but always noticeably in the heart of them who love him. He will show himself to everyone who gathered in his name, or also to individuals, who are particularly strong in faith and stand in love. And so also one individual will be able to see him, while the others cannot see him. But he is always present invisibly where two or three are gathered in his name. And therefore everyone can draw strong faith from this promise when he always keeps these his words in mind: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. His word is truth, and where the Lord stays there man has no need to be afraid of the world. Everywhere God will reveal himself; where there is a small community of God-fearing and deeply believing people, there he will also disclose his identity in coming time to strengthen them for the fight, which will break out for the sake of faith. And that is why he descends long before already in the word to men to Earth and proves through this that he stays in the midst of them, that he comes to every one of them, who wants to hear him, that he supplies his word directly and indirectly to them, so that they take note of his always caring love for his, who he has chosen as his fighters. And when it is necessary, he will also make a visible appearance, when his word in their hearts has aroused love towards him and they have become able through love to receive his picture in them, to see him with the bodily or with the spiritual eye. And the picture will dig itself deeply into the heart, and man will always be able to see him when his faith needs strengthening. And again and again he will be able to draw comfort and power because the love of the Lord is persistently with him who loves him out of the whole heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 2734.


Second Coming 3251

Chaos. War Against Faith.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

Excerpt only.

Because they know that the end also brings the coming of the Lord and they wait full of faith for him, who is to bring salvation from greatest distress. And God is blessing their strong faith by revealing himself to them wherever the need is great and where people require strengthening. He is with them all the time because every believing thought calls him. But he still remains invisible, only in particular instances he appears visibly, until the hour has come where he raptures those who are his, ...


Second Coming 3583

God Expresses Himself Obviously in the End-Times.

21. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3583.

God’s spirit works in the stillness and he makes himself known to those who go themselves into silence and listen to his voice. But he will also speak visibly so the time has come because God wants to reveal himself, to give strength to his people in spiritual and physical trouble. Then his action will be physically visible but will also only be recognized by the believers. For the ones who are blind in spirit do not see because they do not want to see. But God does not leave the ones who are his and he obviously makes known himself through the mouth of a man who quotes his word, who is only his organ on earth, through that he speaks to men to strengthen them, to comfort, to admonish and to mediate words of love to them at which they can recognize the heavenly father. Because the time will be so full of excitement that man will hardly be able to flee into seclusion and therefore the work of the spirit has to appear obviously. Who is able to free himself of the world to hear the voice of God inside himself will be deeply impressed because to him God reveals himself in deepest wisdom and love and he loosens the tongue for him so that he is able to reproduce what God has made known to him. The favours of the end-time are unlimited and everybody can recognize God’s nearness and love who is turned towards him, who opens his heart to his voice and allows him to speak to him. For the end-time requires much help and extraordinary work of God. It necessitates much strength and blessings and God gives generously. And that is why he shows himself clearly and plainly and special believers will also have the opportunity to see him and even if it is for only a short time. But he also stays among people on earth visibly, where the oppression threatens to become unbearable and where his appearing enables people to cope with greatest hardship. And he does this for the sake of the unbelievers who are to recognize by the power of faith the truth of what the loyal supporters of God are claiming - that they are to recognize that God obviously helps those who remain loyal to him. There where he himself appears all unbelieving doubt, all weaknesses of faith will disappear and nothing will anymore be able to shake the faith of those who are his. God does not hide in front of those who want to find him but invisible he remains to all men who reject him and who therefore also forfeit the extraordinary blessings which he keeps for those who are his. In various ways his working will be recognizable for those who see him as their eternal father. He will direct and guide these with a strong hand and will let them overcome the end-time in unharmed body and unharmed soul because where the spirit of God is working the spirit of antichrist has lost all power and God will defeat all evil and sit in judgement on the last day. But the last judgement is imminent. B.D. NR. 3583.


Second Coming 3707

Coming in the Clouds. Last End.

8. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3707.

My coming in the clouds is preceded by the greatest time of suffering that earth has ever seen – as it is announced in word and scripture. And I again and again tell men about this and have done so since the beginning of this epoch to strongly admonish those to repent who are not walking on the right road. And because of these men I send plagues on the face of the earth from time to time that are to call the nearby end to mind so that they are to think about their souls earnestly and to change. But the last end had not arrived yet; the redemption period had not reached the time that I have determined since eternities according to my plan. The earth was not yet ready for the last work of destruction, the souls of men likewise not for the complete downfall, i.e. for the banishing into creations of the new earth. But my predictions are coming true again and again in times of great spiritual trouble - distress and hardship came over the earth in increased measure so that the end had to be feared at each of these times of trouble. And this was according to my will that it always remained a secret to men when the last end is to come. Such times of trouble were also more or less successful for those concerned so that they found their way back to me and adopted a different approach than before towards me. But they became more stubborn and the distance to me grew and so did their resistance to me. And so the time has come where no presentation, no admonitions and warnings are of use, where mankind remains without impression even in the face of hardest earthly suffering, i.e. where this brings about nothing that men would recognize me and enter into a right relationship with me. They remain opposed to me, they are only worldly orientated and do not strive for any spiritual progress. Not even the hardest trouble is able to change the thinking of men and so the time of the end is irrevocably arriving as I foresaw it in eternity. The earth has stopped to be a stage of education for the spirit of mankind populating it and so it will be dissolved and its creation will be totally reshaped so that the new redemption period can start. And so an exceedingly great suffering will come upon the earth so that still the last ones are gathering themselves together who are recognizing God’s voice in all of this. And the ones who are mine have to also experience this suffering, they will be strengthened by me in remarkable ways but will also be touched by it so that they await eagerly my coming that I have announced always and continually for the end of this earth. And when the misery becomes unbearable, when the believers are in greatest distress and can see no worldly escape, I myself come. And there will be rejoicing among the ones who are mine when they see me in all my glory, but still covered from their physical eyes by clouds that subdue the power of my light so that my followers that are still belonging to the earth can bear me. They will shout for joy and rejoice on account of the fulfilment of my word. But the great trouble before, that I announce again and again through my seers and prophets, through my servants on earth, has strengthened their faith because everything happens as I have foretold it and so they also wait being quite confident that I will come in the clouds. And still I come suddenly and unexpected also for those who are mine. Because I shorten the days of trouble because they become unbearable and I do not want that my people become timid in the face of the great difficulty. And so I fetch them into my kingdom at the right time and then comes the end comes. Because my word is truth and comes true and the time of the last end has now come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3707.


Second Coming 3958

Raging of Satan in the time of the end. Falling off from faith.

19. and 20. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3958.

The number of unbelievers will increase in the time of the end and almost threaten to crush the small flock of believers. And with the falling off from faith also the raging of Satan appears more and more because men lose the last feeling of responsibility in the face of a just judge because they do not believe in him. And for that reason God appears obviously to first strengthen the faith of his, so that they do not become wavering in the face of the godlessness of the unbelievers and their worldly successes. But he also still wants to give them the possibility to think things over, and therefore assists his so obviously that also an unbeliever can recognize the power of God, that he can win back faith, which he has lost when he just summons up the smallest will for that purpose. God will do signs and wonders through his tools on earth. His servants on earth will therefore apparently accomplish the extraordinary but God himself expresses himself through them; he announces himself, and he even dwells visibly among his as a sign that the end is near, but recognized only by those who love him out of the whole heart and keep his commandments – who have formed themselves to love on earth and are exceedingly busy in their activity for his kingdom. And unusual power will also be inherent in them because God himself can take residence in their hearts and his love power fills them. The unbelievers will be able to convince themselves of this power; they will have to admit that a higher power is at work inasmuch as they are just willing to think about the unusual appearances which the last time before the end will bring with it. But they are too much focused on the world and do not pay attention to them; they despise the believers and persecute them and thereby bring them into severe miseries and distress out of which only the obvious help of God supports them and them lets persevere. Because the work of God among his will be so obvious that they rally and resist all the assaults of the world; firmer than ever they will be in faith and completely surrender to God and his guidance that they neither fear trouble or death, and therefore also bear everything more easily what will rush in upon them. Where God himself has once appeared there the opponent of God no longer has a target because their faith is no longer shakeable. And God will be near to his as he has promised. He will give them comfort and power; he will instruct them and hold out a prospect of his quick coming; he will drive them to increased love activity because his presence, whether worldly or spiritually, will fill men with love towards him and towards fellow men and therefore also with power. But in the time of the end the obvious work of God is necessary because also this contributes to the separation of the spirits. The still lukewarm and undecided can decide to which camp they want to belong because for this a last impetus is still given to them. They can convince themselves about the power of faith, which will also be master of the greatest earthly trouble, and change their attitude towards God, i.e. establish the right attitude towards him. Where God appears obviously, there will be peace and hope despite all trouble, and because the lot of the believers is an extraordinary severe one, the former will let the unbelievers be taken aback. And who respects his word, who listens to his servants on earth, his will will change, and every willing soul then seizes God in his love and compassion, and he helps it and rescues it from eternal darkness. He will enliven their still weak faith and give them the power to endure until the end, until he will come in the clouds and takes the flock of his believers to himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3958.


Second Coming 4073

Light Phenomenon in the Sky. Christ’s Cross.

30. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4073.

You are to watch the phenomena of the last times. And so soon changes in nature will attract your attention, you will be able to observe a strange play of forces, a phenomenon that will make you think when you observe it with the right attitude towards me, the creator, who also lets these phenomena take place to direct the attention of all men to himself. And you will notice how few men have the right attitude towards me, how they try to explain everything worldly and remain unimpressed even by extraordinary phenomena. This will be a phenomenon of light that will be visible during the day, that will become visible in the sky without prior notice and that does not allow any other explanation than a reference to Christ’s work of redemption because it is in the form of a cross with the unmistakable countenance of the redeemer. And this light phenomenon will give rise to many discussions and then my servants are to prepare themselves because this phenomenon is the introduction, it is so to speak meant for all men as it can be seen by all men. But how very differently will it be considered and how little understanding and interest is shown in it. I let a visible sign appear in heaven and still find too little attention, I put the work of redemption in front of their eyes so that they believe in Jesus Christ and get saved but the faith in him is already as good as lost and also this phenomenon of light will not let men find any belief or increase it. Because men are too worldly orientated and do not want to believe since they would like to reject all responsibility but cannot do this if they would believe in Jesus Christ. And so also the phenomenon of light will again only be a sign from heaven for few men, a sign of the last times. An inner anxiety will probably take hold of most people but only for a short time to be replaced by an intent attention which will however only apply to the phenomenon itself. They do not believe that the nearby end has anything to do with it and they only mock the believers that announced these predictions of a nearby end to the people to get them to prepare themselves for the end. They will find little faith but still are not allowed to drop their work for my kingdom because such opportunities are special favours for men on earth so that they think about things and take the thought into consideration that supernatural forces want to have an effect on men through phenomena of nature of exceptional kind, that I deliberately want the phenomenon to happen to direct men towards the end. Science will give an explanation and it will also be accepted but whoever strives spiritually will recognize me in this and will shout for joy and rejoice on account of the nearby end, because the world has nothing to offer him anymore, but his heart is full of hope for life after death and he longs for the last hour which will also redeem him from earthly misery as I have promised that I will come in the clouds to fetch home my people into my kingdom. He knows that then the hour has also come when the earthly trouble increases and when no earthly help is to be expected anymore. Then I shorten the days so that the ones who are mine remain loyal to me and are steadfast until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4073.


Second Coming 4126

Silence Before the Storm. Visible Appearance of the Lord.

16. – 18. and 19. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4126.

A time of anxious trouble and suffering is ahead of you and you can consider the previous time, the time in which you now live, as the silence before the storm where you live a life in the framework of the traditional, where you also can still speak of prosperity compared with the meagreness and the want that still is in store for you. And still it is a time of favours, a time where I am obviously recognizable, where life will only be bearable when you connect in thought deeply with me because then you are never alone but can always have me as protection and shield around you. And I will also visibly disclose my identity to you; I will approach individuals in the form of him that contained me in fullness. And where love towards me is strong there I will be recognized also when I stay as man among men because my eye tells them who I am and their hearts will stir up in hottest love towards me that they would never be able to present to a fellow human being. And I come towards them with hottest love, I will enlighten them where they are ignorant and will console them in hours of need and they will overcome most difficult situations and not despair because they feel my help and where I approach them visibly there they are full of power and deep faith. And when a heart of a man is filled with this then there is no pressing need anymore because they now always rely wholeheartedly on me and I certainly do not disappoint their faith. But he who walks without me will hardly be able to bear the misery of the time. I cannot leave him in the spiritual need and therefore have to hit him hard with earthly trouble until he decreases his resistance against me, until he believes and expects help from me. So you are all exposed to anxious miseries and sufferings through which I want to win you completely. However also power and favour are at your disposal in all fullness that help you to win me. I only want your love and when I have it then I come towards you – also visibly in the last days to strengthen your and your fellow human being’s faith because you need extraordinary strengthening and consolation. And that is why you do not have to fear the hard time that lies ahead because with my help you will overcome it. Nevertheless it remains a time of favour and the load that I place on you can be light when only you make right use of the allocation of favour. To win me, to be allowed to see me with bodily eyes, truly is also worth the cross that you have to bear until the end. But I offer myself as a cross bearer also to those who turn to me and ask me for my help. And for the sake of those I shorten the days till the end. I know about all the troubles of the individual and those who are loyal to me are my proper children that truly do not call to me in vain for help. Therefore do not get a fright on account of my announcement, single-mindedly and calmly walk towards the future, come off the world and expect me. And I will come – first appearing to individuals, to then to fetch up who are mine into my kingdom – to remove them away from the place of destruction into the kingdom of peace where they will live a blessed life like in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4126.


Second Coming 4359

Light Phenomenon before the Disaster.

1. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4359.

A great spiritual action precedes my intervention that is to strengthen the faith of those who are mine and last evidence to the coming natural phenomenon. My heavenly messengers have been given instructions to draw the attention of those who are mine to themselves in the form of light phenomenon that they will see clearly and distinctly in the heavens so that all self-delusion is eliminated and the ones who are mine will see the same phenomenon while the unbelievers see nothing and hints referring to it they mock as fantasy. And this is the last sign. Then you can safely prepare yourself for the hour of my revelation through the elements of nature. Then let everything earthly take its course and only look after your souls. Then absorb my word in yourself with devotion, let me speak to yourself through the word and connect yourself closely and deeply to me so that I can be in your presence in deepest trouble that very soon will befall you. Then still take care of those that are around you and fearfully observe the changes in nature, briefly give them an explanation and refer them to me, speak of me as a God of love who takes care of every man and leaves nobody out who calls on him for help. And then wait for me; don't be afraid when my voice sounds with a strength that makes people tremble. Remain calm and sensible and know that nothing happens to you when I don't want it and that I have promised my protection to you when you connect to me in prayer. Then I will be present with you and distinctly you will feel my nearness. And what I have announced to you through my spirit is then fulfilled. For my word is and remains eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4359.


Second Coming 4622

Visible Phenomenon Just Before the End as Token of God's Love.

25. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4622.

A visible sign shall prove to you my presence when you receive my word from the mouth of a disciple whom I myself have chosen as instrument for me. When you listen to him you will have a phenomenon that admonishes you of my death at the cross and yet will make you happy. You will feel me to be nearby and a holy awe will grip you of my love that makes itself known so visibly. And each of my words will penetrate your heart and will remain unforgettable; an overpowering bliss will fill you and devotedly you will assure me of your love and want to serve me and I will accept your intention because I need workers in the last times before the end. But I have won you for eternity. Who has once felt my nearness does not go any other way than that, that leads to the goal, to me, and I have won his soul for ever. I point this out to you already before that I will express myself because I want that you do not regard something as a coincidence that is to prove to you myself and my love and when this promise comes true reckon on you only having a short period of time left that you are to use for closer and closer union with me and firmly believe in an end and in my coming again in the clouds. Then I appear to all those bodily that hold out until the end and fetch them to me. And your bliss will find no bounds because you are then allowed to always be in my closeness and therefore enjoy my presence all the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4622.


Second Coming 4630

The Last Words of the Dying Saviour on the Cross. Sounding Word. Phenomenon.

5. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4630.

A particularly high degree of maturity is necessary to be able to hear my word sounding and therefore I can only impart limited knowledge to you for the time being however to an extent that well enables you to work for me and to announce the Gospel to the fellow humans. But time is drawing to a close and mankind stands before the last events on this earth. Men are completely ignorant and are neither able to take my word nor to recognize it when it is offered to them. In their spiritual blindness they know nothing any more of the blessing of the work of redemption of Christ, they do not believe in him and are therefore hopelessly at the mercy of the power of my enemy if they do not change their thinking and acting until the end. And to now revive again their faith, if it is still possible, men will be presented with something unusual about which Jesus made mention on earth - signs and miracles will happen. The cross of Christ will appear visibly in the sky in such distinctness that men will get a fright who do not believe in him while the ones that are mine shout for joy and rejoice and will exceedingly be strengthened in their faith. And now an unusual demand for enlightenment will come to light and right and wrong assumptions will cause my servants to step in and to teach men the truth. And now you need special knowledge that I would like to give to you but that you can receive only in the previously mentioned state of maturity that is demanded by the sounding word. This knowledge cannot be imparted mentally, the spiritual ear and the spiritual eye must be open to be able to grasp the impressions inside of oneself that the dying saviour felt on the cross and related in words that no man's ears heard and that therefore remained completely unknown to mankind. That this knowledge has been kept from you up to now is based on the fact that only few men would have been able to grasp the depth of these words and that an exceedingly strong faith that is alive through love is needed to understand them. But shortly before the end there will be men that have this living faith coming from love and who will understand the meaning of the divine words of Jesus. It is my will to offer to these now exquisiteness through the transmission of those words and therefore I am looking for a suitable vessel into which I can pour my spirit - a servant on earth who is devoted to me to whom I can reveal myself, to whom I can announce through the inner voice clearly and understandably the words of Jesus on the cross so that it will be imparted to the fellow human beings through him and therefore will be made accessible to mankind. As the phenomenon in the sky will now be visible, the ones that are mine will step forward and speak for me; they will cheer the cross of Christ and will hear his words like a soft ringing in the heart - but then these words must already be led from above to earth, they must be received through the sounding word and be understandable to my servants and must be confirmed through those believers who likewise hear it in the heart but deem it to be spoken from above. But I already have beforehand sent to men knowledge so that they become aware of the great miracle. And who now is of enlightened spirit he will find a spiritual edification and feel an enormous supply of power and this power I will give to all who prove their loyalty to me in the end-time and I will give them a means that will increase their power in such a way that they will get through the most severe struggle and endure till the end - until I come myself and fetch them home into my kingdom until they come in to the kingdom of peace, in the paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4630.


Second Coming 4783

Visible Appearance of the Lord.

19. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4783.

You, who are mine, to you I will give a sign before I intervene in world affairs for the sake of mistaken souls. I will furnish proof to you that I fulfil all my announcements and I will come out into the open to you, to each one in a different way. But he who pays attention knows that it is I who approaches him even though I choose a form that adapts to the surroundings, that does not appear to be unusual. I want to come to each one of you that want to serve me and care for the spreading of my word. I want to come myself to you as strengthener of your faith so that you can calmly bear that what comes after that and can helpfully stand by your fellow human beings. Because during the general commotion you, my servants, are to be calm and sensible to be able to offer consolation and help everywhere where misery is great and help is required. He who recognizes me straightaway will be blessed by my presence and consciously he will register every statement of mine as a gift of exceeding great love and his heart will be flushed with love, my power will overflow him so that he is able to accomplish everything when he just wanted it. But not all will immediately recognize me, but some will feel it that they are facing an exceptional person whose words they accept as absolute truth. And only in the end they recognize me like a flash and rejoice and praise me when I have left them, to still remain in the heart as indelible picture with all whom I made happy with my presence. And so they will find me again in their heart even if I am no longer bodily visible to them and they will be able to constantly draw power and eagerly do the work for my kingdom when I have spoken from above and men have run into extreme difficulties because of that. Then those who are mine will find much work and I myself will help them, I myself will speak through those who are mine to all who want to hear me and believe the words of the ones who are mine. I will talk to them and you will testify to me, you will make reference to my appearance and relate to them with vivid words what you feel for me in the heart. And you will win many because the misery is great and men are thankful for every explanation, for every consolation and every help. You will work for me and my kingdom because you feel being driven by me who is in your heart and whom you will never lose once you have seen him. That what has become mine I never let go forever and that is why I come to the ones that are mine at the latter times before the end and they will recognize me because love tells them who I am. And according to the degree of their love is their happiness at my sight. He who sees my eye a blissful sensation of an unrivalled kind covers him so that he recognizes in me more than just a man. He who is still weak in faith and in love and still aims at me out of his will he will not immediately recognize me but he will be quite taken by my words and they will kindle the fire of love in him. Then he recognizes me, sometimes only after I have left him, after I am no longer bodily close to him. I am as man right among you but only in front of your eyes I choose a cover that I just as quickly again dissolve to be invisible to you. And so I want to give to all of you power to that you remain loyal to me and hold out until the end. Because great power will be required that you alone cannot raise. But I know those who are mine and do no longer leave them to my opponent. And that is why you are always to believe and hope in my help. The greater the trouble the closer I am to you who will see me bodily. But then you know that soon the hour will come when I reveal myself to all those who do not want to believe and who are not without knowledge that the end is nearby. And then also soon the time has run out that I have allotted to men for redemption. And the day of the end is coming and with it the last judgement as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4783.


Second Coming 4847

Proceedings at the Second Coming of Christ. Ascension.

26. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4847.

My second coming, my coming at the end of the world, will be doubted by men that do not really totally believe. And still they could recognize the individual phases of the end-times and also perceive my presence should they only be careful. I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. These words alone should already be enough that you visualize my second coming. That I am not staying bodily visible among you should therefore cause you to spiritually understand the meaning of my words. I am staying spiritually with the ones that are mine until the world's end. For I am with them at every hour and at every place and that since my ascension to heaven. Because I told you: I remain with you. Thus I always was spiritually near the ones that are mine and remain with them until the world's end. But at that time I announced to men my return, my coming in the clouds. Therefore this return had to be understood in such a way that men can see me just as my disciples saw me ascending to heaven. But spiritually I am always with you men when you prove yourself worthy of my presence. But bodily I come again, although not in the earthly body but visible to those to whom I want to return. But I have announced the return therefore you men also can definitely expect it when you believe my word and belong to those that experience the last end. Not without reason I gave this promise before my ascension into heaven. I saw the spiritual condition on men in the end-times, I also saw the enormous plight of the believers that want to keep their loyalty to me and are severely harassed and I saw their struggle, the heaviest battle that men have to fight out for the sake of my name. I saw their will and the great danger to stand firm in the midst of devils. And therefore I promised them my personal help that I also will perform when it is time. I myself want to come to the ones that are mine and give them my support in the last struggle. And so many are allowed to see me because I will always be there where the distress is great and where the ones that are mine need me. They will see me as man of flesh and blood but not born of a woman but I come from above and surround me with a form visible to you so that you can bear me. And everyone who sees me will be flooded with power and get through the last fight on earth. But then I come in the clouds to fetch home the ones that are mine into the kingdom of peace. This coming will take place exactly the same way in reverse as my ascension to heaven. Radiating in light I will come down to earth - but covered by clouds to be able to be visible to you - and gather the ones that are mine to save them from greatest tribulation and distress on the part of the demons of the underworld as well as from the last work of destruction that destroys all life in, on and above earth. But this coming in the clouds will also only be seen by those that belong to ones that are mine because the followers of my opponent are not able to see me. It is a spiritual return and still earthly perceptible but just only by those that are spiritually born again, that have a deep, living faith and therefore accept without doubt both my continuous presence until the world's end and also my visible coming again because the heart, the spark of the spirit in man, teaches them and so they therefore belong to them with whom I remain until the world's end. They believe that I come again and their faith I do not let come to naught. Amen. B.D. NR. 4847.


Second Coming 4897

The Kingdom of God Approaches. Appearance of the Lord.

15. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4897.

The kingdom of God approaches you, my children on earth; do acquaint yourself with all that my love reveals to you. And so you will be initiated into the knowledge of my plan from eternity, of my rule and work in the universe, of my perpetually applied means through which I want to win my creatures for me for ever. I let you gain insight into my kingdom insofar as I let you know about the activity of the blessed creatures; about the connection of all spiritual with its creator and about the great plan of redemption that underlies all what you men experience and see on earth. So you win spiritual knowledge that already makes you candidates for the spiritual kingdom whose lord I am since eternity. You can believe that my love has seized you now because my love is a ray of brightest light and light is wisdom. My love is of unimaginable power and who experiences it his soul is happy, because it feels the comfort of the light and the power even though initially the body is still uninvolved in it. But a visible sign of my inflow of love is the increasing cognition because it proves the ascent of the soul, which by its will can now transport itself from the earthly kingdom to the spiritual kingdom, which has sought me and found me because its love unites it with me. And so I can now approach you and you will recognize me when my foot again steps on earth, also in the flesh but not as once born. Because I will get in the way of a number of my people where necessity calls for it, where the ones that are mine are troubled and I want to bring help to them. My kingdom has come close to you and therefore I myself also come close to you. I always stay spiritually among you but your love can also cause me to approach you visibly and you prove to me your love that you believe in me. I know how difficult it will be made for you to believe in me and therefore I come so obviously close to you with my kingdom that you can recognize me because I want to prove your faith and also want to reward it. He who believes in me has love in him, but love is mine. And so every men is mine who lives in love and he is to be allowed to own me as I own him, and he is to be my child as I am his father. He is included in my kingdom even though his body still remains on earth and I give proof to him for this - that he can see me. Time ends and that is why you men will still experience many things that appear to be impossible - that the father comes to his children and obviously helps them and that his children will recognize him because he reveals himself to them. Because my love knows no bounds and the earthly fate of my children is difficult in the end of the days and so they need a full measure of my love that flows towards them as power and light so that they remain steadfast in the last fight on this earth and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4897.


Second Coming 4905

I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.

Pentecost 28. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4905.

I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and servants and maidens shall prophesy. I want to call your attention to the time of the end so that these my words come true. The horn of plenty of my favour will be poured out because my spirit is revealed to all that allow it that I work in them. Upon servants and maidens I will pour out my spirit - all who are willing to serve me are to be directly taught by me, they are to hear my words and tell of the coming time. The prophecies of old seers and prophets will be repeated through seers and prophets of the latter times because also these are seeing in the spirit how it will come, they see the approaching end, the great spiritual want of mankind and they devote themselves to be for me a mouthpiece, they prepare themselves to be vessels into which my spirit can flow that they see brightly and clearly what is determined since eternity. So my spirit is working in those men. When I ascended to heaven the work was accomplished - death was conquered, darkness of the spirit was broken through, the ray of light from above could get through and my spirit could fill men that believe in me. The connection was made between heaven and earth, between the spiritual and the earthly kingdom, there was a bridge from one to the other that infallibly led to me because who allows my spirit to work has a right to my eternal fatherly love, as my child he is heir of the father. But the outpouring of the spirit is little recognized by men, it was considered to be a unique Pentecost phenomenon, a visible reinforcement of the mission of my apostles, who talked in all tongues, therefore were filled with my spirit. But the working of the spirit is not a unique matter because my promise says: He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. With these words I announced the outpouring of the spirit upon every man who believes in me and lives out of this faith so that it is my will. I pour out my spirit into every heart that is able and willing to receive, that has got itself ready as a vessel that is well suitable to let my spirit flow into it. Only few men have experienced this process themselves, only few men believe so much that I can directly work at and in them. And that is why mankind knows nothing about the meaning of these words, about the meaning of the outpouring of the spirit. But in the times of the end its attention is called to it by the obviously taking place of the outpouring of the spirit that is recognizable by prophetic evidence to the end, by evidence that only confirms what old seers and prophets have prophesied. Servants and maidens will be awakened, i.e. they voluntarily will offer their service to me and will now be filled by me with my spirit; they will make my work in them possible through their will that is for me and so they will be able to be active as my apostles of the end-time and announce the Gospel, the last end and my coming in the clouds. I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Many will be able to hear my voice when the last end is close. But for the time being there are only some that connect so closely with me that they can hear me. But to all of these a mission is assigned by me: to be active for me and my kingdom on behalf of me. These few will feel in them the calling and that is why they are not afraid to speak out what my spirit tells them - they are not afraid to announce the last judgement and to repeat the prophecies of the old seers and prophets to a certain extent. So they talk influenced by my will; their spirit sees in the future and the mouth speaks out what the spirit sees and imparts it to the soul of man. It is filled with my spirit, what is otherwise hidden is revealed to it, it foresees what comes over mankind and in its urge to help the fellow human beings it announces that what is has seen in the spirit - and servants and maidens will prophesy. Indiscriminately of gender I pour out my spirit upon all flesh because everyone who wants to serve me and consciously aims at me can be sure of the awakening of his spirit, the flowing through of my love power, and this obviously makes itself felt before the end. That what my disciples spoke of at the outpouring of the spirit that also will now be announced by the ones who are awakened by the spirit because my spirit is the same, my spirit guides you men into understanding, my spirit leads you into knowledge that you are to pass on to those that are not enlightened by my spirit. The festival of the outpouring of the spirit is not supposed to be only a recollection that my disciples spoke in foreign tongues but it is to be a continual admonition for you to also form your heart in such a way that I can pour out my spirit upon all flesh. You are also to bear in mind my promise from which you can see that not only my disciples were vessels of my spirit but that all men can do so; that all men, driven by my spirit, can speak when they truly want to be servants and maidens for me because the spiritual want of men requires serving help. To these my spirit will announce what they are to speak and these you can believe even if they announce the near judgement and therefore appear as seers and prophets to save you men from eternal ruin. Because now comes true what is written: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and servants and maidens will prophesy and young men will have bright dreams. I myself will appear unusually because unusual great spiritual want threatens men and because every man can experience the work of my spirit in himself who offers serving help to me, so that the great spiritual want can get redressed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4905.


Second Coming 5027

Coming Down of Christ Then and Now. Work of Redemption.

24. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5027.

The same trouble was on earth at the time of my coming down as it is now among mankind because it walked in deepest spiritual darkness as also now. I took pity on this state and to help men I myself came to earth. I came as deliverer and there was a way for men out of darkness into the light, that I myself showed them. They only had to follow me and their spiritual trouble had an end. I came as rescuer and freed them from the fetters of Satan who was to blame for their great spiritual misery and to flee from him they lacked strength. The way that I told men to go could be walked by them because I myself lead the way as guide. I myself knew the way because I also had to go it before because I embodied myself in the cover of a man and therefore only demanded from men that what was possible for them to fulfil. I walked the way of love and this way has to be walked by all men who wants to awaken from spiritual darkness to the light of life, who wants to be delivered from the chains of my opponent, who wants to be redeemed from sin, which was cause of the deep spiritual trouble of men. I came as redeemer of mankind to earth, which would have sunk into darkness without my help. And I have accomplished the work of redemption for all times, for the past, present and future - therefore also for men of the present time, which are in the same spiritual trouble und urgently need help if they do not want to perish and fall into the abyss at the instigation of my opponent. Because now the danger is far greater because men is not given much time, because the time of grace is soon expired that was granted to the human race for redemption. Mankind stands at the end of a development period, it stands before a significant phase, it stands before a last decision, before life and death. There is only a remaining in existence left or a total going down, i.e. a life according to divine will or a material and spiritual death when man does not make the right decision. And again I come as the rescuer in trouble, for the time being spiritually, as I have announced it, that I reveal myself to those, who love me and keep my commandments. To these I reveal myself in the word and also announce to them the near end. But then I will come again in the clouds as I once ascended into heaven. I will come and help those in greatest trouble who followed me, who walked the way of love as I have preached, by fetching them to me, away from the earth, on which only devils are left in greatest numbers. I will again appear as deliverer but my coming will form the conclusion of my work of redemption on earth because who still has not recognized me for him I died in vain on the cross, he has not accepted my work of redemption and remains in the chains of my opponent still for time immemorial because he will be bound in matter with his followers and spiritual death is the fate of those who do not want to recognize me because they voluntarily place themselves under his influence, because they ignored my work of redemption and therefore languish in the bonds of darkness due to their own wrongdoing. Amen. B.D. NR. 5027.


Second Coming 5077

Coming Again of the Lord. Present. Witnesses of the New Earth.

2. March 1951. B.D. NR. 5077.

And all of you are to be witnesses of my power and glory; you are to experience my coming again, partly in the spirit and partly in the flesh, because time draws to a close and it will happen as I have announced it always and continually. You are to experience my coming und are to give evidence of it in paradise on the new earth. Because those who remain loyal to me until the end I will transfer to the new earth where they are to announce my word as they are doing it now on behalf of me. I know who is suitable for it and will well know how to protect my servants from the downfall; I will supply my disciples of the end-time with exceptional power so that they can carry out their duties well, so that they courageously fight against all who are hostile towards me and also transfer their hate to the ones that are mine. And none of them will leave earth before his mission is fulfilled. But the last on this earth are to be the first on the new earth where their duty will also be the same - to announce my word, even if in a different way because it will be accepted joyfully and will be desired, it will be recognized as what it is - as proof of love of the father, who wants make his children happy. All will recognize my voice when I speak through you to men. Because all of them have passed the crucial test on this earth and remained loyal to me. That is why also their reward will be great and heartening, a life in paradise on the new earth in harmony that still no man can visualize but that is given to them so that my power and glory will be made evident. And I myself will be with them. I will come in the clouds and fetch them home and remain with them because they have become my children through loyalty that they showed me in the last struggle of faith. Because fearlessly they will stand by me; they will bear witness of me without having seen me. And therefore they will also get to see me in all my glory before the last end has come. And what I announce that will come true. I will come again and you will experience it. You do not yet believe it that the time is so close, that you will have to experience the horrors of the last time and that the earth will be destroyed through my permission. You do not yet believe it that the announcements through seers and prophets concern the present time and that you men of the present time experience great things that no man can imagine because this earth did not yet have to show such. But mankind will soon observe the events with horror and astonishment that substantiate the speedy dissolving ot the earth and then the last end approaches very fast. But my chosen ones will get over the time because it is my will and because also this time is to have witnesses that are chosen to talk about it so that my power and glory become evident among the descendants of the human race on the new earth. Because this is to survive as records for the descendants because also then again a time will come where sin increases uncontrollably and I will not be respected. Then the testimony of these is to be a warning and admonition to men what kind of fate those experience who completely forget me. Then the downfall of the old earth and the last judgement is to be mentioned, that decided on life and death, on bliss and damnation. Amen. B.D. NR. 5077.


Second Coming 5286

Coming of the Lord to be Taken Literally.

New Year's Day 1. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5286.

Let it be known to all of you that I come again when the time is fulfilled. I well also want to enter into your hearts; I well want that each one experiences my coming personally, that he prepares a dwelling for me, that he can say: He is in me and I in him. But my coming to earth on the day of judgement is not eliminated through this; it is to be taken literally that I will be visible to those who are mine, that I come again to earth as I once ascended to heaven. And this my coming also ends the existence of this earth. That is why you who doubt this would not believe it because my coming also confirms the end, because you who if you would believe it would also have to believe in an end and this thought frightens you. And still you do not prevent with this what comes true according to the plan of salvation from eternity. Even though everything that I have said is to be understood spiritually so also a literally fulfilment of my words can still be plausible to you in the end of this redemption period because I always keep my word. My coming in the clouds is the last thing that you will experience on this earth, you who belong to the ones who are mine, because I myself fetch you before the earth with all what lives in it will be destroyed. Also this last work of destruction is not plausible to you men as well as the rupture of those who are mine. They are unusual phenomena adverse to the laws of nature but also they are included in the law from eternity and as the result of activity by you men hostile to nature included in my plan of salvation from eternity, because they no longer mean a compulsion of faith for anybody since only those will experience it fully consciously who are mine while the others, those who are opposed to me, are themselves affected by the work of destruction and this premonition also provokes this strong will of refusal of my words. Everything will come true what I let announce by the seers and prophets, everything that concerns the end is to be taken literally and therefore I direct the earnest admonition to you men to form your life in such a way that you can expect this last day without fear where I myself come to earth to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 5286.


Second Coming 5355

I Stand at the Door, and Knock. Revelation.

7. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5355.

I allow you men access to my rule and activity; I announce to you what is coming; I warn you of indifference; I tempt you with words of love; I show you myself as loving father and I demand nothing else than that you think about everything that you come across. I want nothing than that you recognize me and learn to love me. Everything I do happens out of love to you my children so that you return to me and do eternally no longer leave me. I gave away my life for you in Jesus Christ to chain you to me all the firmer, that you call on me in Jesus Christ and I now can help you. And I gave you knowledge about my plan of salvation; I revealed myself to you because I wanted to win your love that makes you my right children. Because your return to the house of the father only then makes me happy when you come towards me with a loving heart, when you unite with me through love, I who am eternal love myself. I want to be recognized by you and that is why I have to express myself in such a way that you recognize my love as basic principle because then you are drawn and you reciprocate my love. And then also the source of power from eternity goes into operation - and also the eyes of love recognize its effects as perpetual signs of divine favour of the father. I want to win you for ever. That is why I pass up no opportunity where I do not knock on the door of your heart and desire admittance. Who opens to me to him I want to go and take communion with him and he with me. To win the trust of my children I therefore have to do visible signs and miracles so that the believers grow strong and recognize in me him in whom they are to believe, him who did everything for you men to save you from the night of death. But even if the world sees miracles it always finds explanations of a pure natural way because it does not want not believe; it wants to live well but already here on earth and does not believe in a life of the soul after death. And it, the world, it is that no longer acknowledges my rule and work and it therefore also attaches no importance to the predictions regarding the end of the earth and the last judgement. And now two combative parties face each other - the will of life dominates the ones that never believe in the end of the world, and the will to serve me the others that therefore also can safely expect the end as last sign of my being, as last revelation to the ones who are mine. And then I come myself and reward the faith of mine because I show myself to them visibly in the heavens and I call them to me who have written my name upon their forehead. I call them and give all of them the right life, a life in peace and bliss in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5355.


Second Coming 5527

Convincing Confessing in Faith Struggle.

7. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5527.

If you want to be genuine confessors of my name then you also have to have deeply penetrated my love teaching; you have to know that love is first and of highest importance, that love wants to be practised to then also bring in to you the power to answer for me and my teaching. Because only love recognizes me; only through love man wins the conviction that I am God and redeemer; only through love faith becomes alive and this living faith then answers for me without fear. The confessing of my name will be the crowning moment of the faith struggle before the end of this earth and this confessing is also your victory. But who can convincingly confess me before the world? Not only your confession with the mouth will be demanded from you but this confession earns you earthly trouble and hardship; you will have to give away much when you want to remain loyal to me because stipulations will be made to you, sacrifices will be demanded from you that only he is prepared to do who has accepted me in his heart, who is so closely united to me through love that he feels my presence and this presence also gives him the power and certainty to represent me before the world also under loss of all that what he owns earthly. This is a great test of faith that only few will pass because the trouble in the end-times is great and only he who is firm in faith and serves in love will not mind it but firmly puts his trust in the help of the Lord. But then I will also dwell visibly among men who want to prove their loyalty to me and still are weak in the face of the inhuman action against the right confessors of my name. And then also the weak will be flooded with my power because I recognize his will and therefore I help him in every spiritual and earthly plight. I will always and constantly be among the ones who are mine when they mention my name in faith but I will also be visible to their earthly eyes where faith and trouble require this because I want to help those who are mine and do not let them defencelessly fall into the hands of the enemy. The courage of conviction of many will sink who still today think to be good Christians and representatives of my teaching because the measures of the earthly authority threatens them and they are not firm enough to resist because love does not give them power, because they only observe the course of the events with their intellect but are not inwardly united with me. And in this trouble that becomes greater and greater I come down to earth in great splendour and magnificence - to now help the ones who are mine, to snatch them away from their oppressors and to reward their loyalty by me guiding them to a place of peace and happiness. When the faith struggle flares up so violently that men will be forced to comment then my coming is to expected every day. Because I have given you the promise that I will shorten the days for the sake of the chosen to shorten their suffering and to give them the reward for the loyalty that they have proved to me and my word. I come to redeem you from all evil. Amen. B.D. NR. 5527.


Second Coming jl.ev08.055

Chapter 055 from Volume 8 of "The Great Gospel of John" (1851-1864) by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

When we came to Bethany the two sisters of Lazarus saw me already from a distance and ran towards me with open arms.
When they came to me they could not praisingly talk enough about all the good things that happened in the meantime in Bethany while I stayed in Jerusalem and what joy the arrival of the many boys in the morning brought them; but at the same time they also regretted that the nice boys would not stay in Bethany as Raphael had notified them.
But I told them the reason and they were satisfied.
At the same time we reached the farm and then went also at once into the house where in a great hall the boys received and welcomed me as father and that with such warm words that then all were moved to tears.
From this hall we moved into another hall.
When we were in the already indicated hall and as it were had settled to some rest, then Lazarus had bread and wine be placed on the tables and asked us that we would nourish ourselves with it. We then also just did this not unwillingly as we had become a bit tired from the little march. But this tiredness was indeed hardly worth mentioning; but as the Romans had expressed the wish to also get to know this family estate of Lazarus, which was of great extent, a small bodily pre refreshment was just quite in place. We then also took the bread and the wine after I first had blessed both and ate and drank quite cheerfully what was given.
But after this small refreshment of the body we once more went outside and passed through the greater part of the estate of Lazarus and the Romans were very surprised over the great riches of Lazarus.
But he said: »Dear friends, I still own about thirty times as much than what you here could only quickly have a view of! But all these great riches of possessions do not therefore make me happy because I can call it entirely mine on this earth; because today I am well still a legitimate owner before the worldly laws but tomorrow the Lord demands the soul from me and it will have to give an account before him, how and to what kind of benefit it faithfully administered the earthly goods, which had been entrusted with it. And see, then some soul will well have a bad time to be able to account for before the Lord! That is why we, seen from the right point of view of the life on this world, are well only temporarily administrators of such earthly goods for the benefit of poor mankind, but never owners. Because the eternal legitimate owner is the Lord alone; but we only possess the right to administer these earthly goods for the benefit of needy men and to work with them usefully.
And so I am then also no owner of all that, but only a still always weak person in charge and administrator. But he who now walks among us as very highest friend of life and a truest lord of all life, he quite alone is also the true owner of these and of all goods of this earth and some day it will be to our welfare when he will say to us: "You have administered well my goods that were entrusted to you!"«
Says Agrikola: »What you now think of your goods and say according to the full truth, that I will also think of mine and say and as far as possible also act like you. But you, o Lord, we now already ask that you one day would make out an account with us that is not too severe about our conduct with services for your earthly goods that were lend out to be only administered by us! Because there should be no lack of will on our side to do right; but whether the outer, dark circumstances of the world will thwart our plans now and then that is out of our power and you, o Lord, will be kind and merciful towards us in such possible cases.«
I said: »Whatever there will happen against your will for that those will have to account for who now and then have stepped into your way as obstacles. For only the account is valid before me that will be written in your hearts. But as you are now my friends you will also remain such for eternity!
Because I certainly say to you: Blessed are you who now see and hear that, what all patriarchs and prophets so fervently wished to see and hear! But back then it was not yet the time. They now also see and hear that in the spirit and are glad about it beyond measure; but it remained hidden to their flesh and it will also remain more or less hidden the future generations. But for you it is now easy to believe and to act accordingly because you are now eye- and ear-witnesses of all that, what never before a human eye has seen and a human ear has heard; but subsequently only those will become blessed, who, so they also will not see and hear, as you now, still will believe and act according to the belief. But that is why their earnings will be credited to them even higher.«
My disciples said: »When you, o Lord, subsequently become no longer visible and audible to anybody, how will you then remain with those of yours until the end of times?«
I say: »That was once again an excellent stupid question from you! How many and great things have I already announced and shown to you and nevertheless you still understand little of the inner wisdom in God! After all I cannot remain in this flesh on this material world for ever and I have told you already several times what will still happen to me so that the measure of sin of the Jews will become full and their judgement comes over them and you still ask almost like men who were born blind for the colours of light, how I then subsequently will remain until the end of times with the ones who are mine! But since you do not yet understand this, I will tell you this once again:
I will in spirit, in the word and in truth remain with the ones who are mine, and those who will be in great love towards me, they will also get to see me personally for moments. But those who live according to my word and will search for the inner truth of the same with great care, with those I will speak through the understanding of their heart and so will lay my words in their mind, and youths and maidens who have been brought up well in my name shall see visions in which will be explained to them my beingness, the heavens and eternal life, as also the fate of the renegades and bad persons, and so I will also remain with the ones who are mine until the end of time of this earth. All this now understand well and do not ask me again about such!«
The disciples were quite satisfied with this my reply and then no longer ask me again for such.


Second Coming 6037

Coming of the Lord (to be understood literally)

29. August 1952. B.D. NR. 6037.

The hour of my return draws nearer and nearer because the end of the earth is nearby and when the last day has come I also will come in the clouds to fetch those who are mine before the earth approaches its dissolving - but this is not to mean that the earth as a celestial body ceases to exist but that a reshaping of its complete surface happens, which however is the same for you men as a complete destruction, because nothing alive escapes this destruction, because all creatures are affected by it. That is why I myself also can come to earth to snatch away the ones who are mine from this last work of destruction, because except my believers there will be no-one who experiences the last work of devastation and therefore could give a report afterwards on it. I myself will come when the ones who are mine no longer know a way out, when my opponent will openly take action against them for the sake of their belief. These will be in great difficulty till the very end and only their strong faith keeps them upright and resistant because they await my coming and I do not disappoint their faith. I will appear in brightest light and still cover my shine so that the ones who are mine can bear it. But what causes great joy and cheering with the ones who are mine that becomes horror, judgement, to the others. Because these will not be able to see me but perceive the unusual phenomena that those who they are after vanish up before their eyes. And this experience will become their judgement because suddenly their wickedness becomes obvious to them, and also the sure end now is a certainty for them, from which they are not able to escape. Would they be able to see me in this hour then they certainly would stretch out all their hands towards me. But this surrender to me would be completely pointless because it would be a forced belief in me, caused by the supernatural appearance of myself. However also the rapture of the ones who are mine could let in them the belief in me come to life still in the last hour, and I would certainly still in the last hour be merciful to them. But they are already too much in the bonds of the opponent, and they are no longer able to break themselves off from him, and that is why they will sink into the earth, and they will be destined to the fate of renewed banishment into hard matter, for which they are to blame themselves. Almost all men will doubt my coming on the day of judgement. And still my promise comes true. I come to you, and you will be able to see me in shine and magnificence. Because the ones who are mine certainly deserve the rescue out of deepest trouble and because there is nothing left to them that seems to be supernatural, which is connected to the end, which they have recognized to be certain. The end will come, and I myself will come down to earth, as I once ascended to heaven - in all glory and again visible to those who believe in me, who are my disciples in the last times before the end. These are no figurative words, no parables for coming events - they are the events themselves, and it will come literally as I have promised to you, and you can wait every day where you are unusually harassed by those who are in bondage to my opponent. When the struggle against the faith starts you know that the last hour is coming soon because this is his last work, it is the last fight on this earth, which ends with his final defeat. And then the time of peace will dawn on the new earth because with my coming to earth and your rapture ends this earth period, and a new one begins. They earth gets reshaped and changed into a complete new one, and you, whom I will fetch, you are to be the new inhabitants of this paradisiacal world - you are destined for a time of peace and heavenly happiness in the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6037.


Second Coming 6190

References to the End.

15. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6190.

My call will still sound often, and to men I still will often send signs, which are to set them thinking. Because my love does not diminish to come to men's aid before the end is there. And every man will experience it because I leave no-one out who still can be rescued. And also to my opponents I give the opportunity to think about things and to turn back - and that is why they obviously will be able to recognize by the ones who are mine the power and love of a God because there where earthly help is no longer possible there I work to help men to believe in me, who only pay attention to what happens around them. Every single person can still find to me because the way will be clearly shown to every single person. And I will ensure, that again and again men's attention will be attracted; everywhere I will try to cause them to do some earnest thinking; again and again I will let announcers of my word appear who lively address men and also point to the forthcoming end. From all sides knowledge will reach them, also to those who are unbelieving it will not remain unknown what the believers expect and what moves their hearts. Also when they do not let themselves be convinced of the truth of it, they still are not without knowledge, and earthly events in the world will again and again remind them of what is said about the end. Natural phenomena of great extent will likewise make men think because they follow each other in always shorter periods of time and become the horrors of men. Wherever I can prove my power, without forcing the will, there I will also appear, so that nobody can say to have remained completely ignorant of the near forthcoming end. That men do not believe in it is their own will, but they are to know about it because some still can change their thinking, because a few will still listen to the call from above when it sounds again and again and they do not find any explanation for it which satisfies them completely. And I struggle for every soul and do not slacken until the end is there. Who has eyes to see, he may see - who has ears to hear, he may hear. Because I always show myself and express myself that I can be recognized when only man is willing to do it. I do not hide but again and again come out as a voice so that men turn away from the abyss, which they head for, so that they hesitate to go on when the warning shouts sound - but I do not force the will of men, but my love pursues every man until the end - but then inevitably judgement comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 6190.


Second Coming jl.v09.094

Jakob Lorber (1800-1864): The Great Gospel of John (1851-1864). Volume 9. Chapter 094.


Said I: »Your questions are not exactly unreasonable, and you have all the right to ask about what is unknown to you; and I am obviously legally entitled to answer you, so and so, as I find it to be expedient for you and for the others. But because you now already have asked, so I then also want to answer you, and so then listen!
At my second return I will no longer again be born somewhere as a child out of a woman; because this body remains transfigured so as I as spirit in eternity, and so I never need a second body the way you have meant it.
But I will first come invisibly in the clouds of heaven, which wants to say so much as: I will for the time being begin to draw near to men through truthful seers, wise men and newly awakened prophets, and in those times also maidens will prophesy and the young men will have bright dreams, from which they will announce to men my arrival, and many will listen to them and mend their ways; but the world will scold them to be insane romantics and not believe them, as it was the case with the prophets.
In the same way I will awaken men from time to time, to whom I will speak through their heart into the pen all that, what now in this my presence is, happens and will be spoken, and then the simple writing will be able to be copied in a special, well known skilful way known to the men then living, in a very short time of a few weeks and days, in many thousands of identical copies, and so be brought among men; and as men of that time will almost throughout be quite skilful in reading and writing, so they will be well able to read and understand the new books also themselves.
And this method of spreading of my newly and purely reproduced teaching out of heavens will then be able to be brought to all men on the whole earth far quicker and more effective than so as now through messengers in my name from mouth to mouth.
When my teaching will be brought among men, who will be of good will and of active faith, in this way, and at least a third of men will have knowledge of it, so I will really also here and there personally and in the flesh come visibly to those, who love me the most and will have the greatest longing for my return and also the full and living faith for it.
And I will form assemblies out of them myself, whom no power of the world will be able to offer defiance and opposition; because I will be their commander and their everlasting invincible champion and judge all dead and blind men of the world. And so I will clean the earth of all old filth.
But a great tribulation and distress will be among men at the time of the new seers and prophets as it had never been on this earth; but for the sake of my future chosen ones it will only last a short time so that these do not come to any harm in their getting blessed.
But in this country, where I am now already persecuted like a criminal from one place to another by the Jews of the temple, and which will be trampled down by the evil pagans in that time, I will not again first personally appear and teach and console the weak. But well in the countries of a different part of the world, which are now inhabited by the pagans, I will found a new kingdom, a kingdom of peace, of harmony, of love and of perpetual living faith, and the fear of death of the body will no longer be among men who walk in my light and stand in lasting contact and relations with the angels of heaven. There you now have a good answer to your question.«
Said the scribe: »Asia, the old cradle of men and of the many blessings of God, will therefore no longer be lucky to see and to hear you in your coming again on this earth? That is truly no good news for this part of the world.«
Said I: »The earth is at all events mine, and I know where locally my coming again will be most effective for the whole earth! But in that time, in which men will be able to communicate from one end of the earth to the other as fast as a flash of lightning travels out of the cloud, and in which men will be able to travel on brazen roads, by using the spirits bound in the fire and in the water, faster the farthest distances of the face of the earth than the most violent storm drives from one end of the earth to the other, and the ships by means of the same forces will cross the great ocean in a much shorter time than now the Romans from Rome to as far as Egypt, there the news of my personal coming again will easily be able to be spread in a very short time over the whole earth, and therefore also to Asia.
But then the question is again: Will the news also be believed by the blind and deaf pagans of this part of the world?
I think and say: But hardly, until it will be purified through a great last judgement!
There is a quite large country in the far west, which is flown around on all sides by the great world ocean and is nowhere linked with the old world over the sea. Starting from that country, men will first hear great things, and these will also turn up in the west of Europe, and a bright shining and counter shining will come into being from it. The lights of the heavens will meet, recognize themselves and support themselves.
The sun of life, thus the new, perfect Jerusalem, will take shape out of these lights, and in this sun I will come again on this earth. - And now more than enough of that, which will happen some day!«
Then even my disciples were in for a surprise and said among themselves: »So clearly and at great length he has not yet spoken about his future coming again! Happy will be those men who will live in that time there where he will come again with all fullness of his favour, but exceedingly unfortunate those who do not believe in him and even, like now the Pharisees, rise up against him and are out to kill him, oppose him and want to protect their paganism. Those he will, as he already has repeatedly and on the mount of olives indicated through signs in the sky, confront as relentless judge and give them the wages in hell.«
Said I: »Yes, yes, there you have now spoken the truth! And I say to you: Verily, verily, also this visible heaven and this earth will cease to exist in the right length of times; but my words, which I have spoken to you, shall not pass away!«


Second Coming 6810

Resurrection on the Third Day.

20. April 1957. B.D. NR. 6810.

How you men confess my work of redemption that is decisive, whether you believe in life after death, in a resurrection out of the grave and entrance into the kingdom on the other side. Because the work of redemption, my suffering and dying on the cross, found its climax in the resurrection on the third day, which was supposed to confirm all my previous teachings, which was supposed to give men a proof for life not coming to an end with the death of the body, but the spiritual life now begins, when man lives according to my teaching. This my resurrection is well doubted and taken note of as a legend. And it also cannot be proved; such teachings only can be believed or rejected. And faith is also an effect of my work of redemption or a sign of the fact that man is redeemed through Jesus Christ - because he believes in him as divine redeemer and therefore also utilizes the favours of the work of redemption. But that my body visibly got out of the grave does not mean that the flesh rose from the dead, but my bodily cover had been completely spiritualized through the suffering and dying on the cross; it was the spiritual clothes which the soul had put on and which I only let become visible to men to show them that death has now lost all horrors, because I defeated death. My walk on earth was supposed to show men the way which led out of the deep upwards. To all my teachings I tied the promise that eternal life waits for them. But I demanded faith in me in Jesus Christ. But I did not find much of this, and even my disciples were of weak faith, and they got the fright of their life when I gave myself into the hands of my enemies. Their faith was not yet so strong that I also was Lord over death, and that is why they also did not remember my words: In three days I will rebuild the temple. All were seized by great sadness that belonged to my closest following; for them something had collapsed when they had to experience my death on the cross. And I wanted to come to their assistance to again strengthen their faith and at the same time prove to them that I am a Lord over life and death. And that is why I let something visible happen, what however is meant to be for all souls - that they cannot die, but wake up in a new kingdom, which is however in a state according to their walk on earth. The soul leaves the body, but it, as not yet matured, stays behind, and that is why man has no proof for a resurrection after death, but which also cannot be given to him because of his freedom of will. But I could let the body arise at the same time because its substances had been spiritualized, and thus there is also no need to doubt this my resurrection on the third day. But not all men could see me, but only the ones who were mine, the reason I appeared to them was because I had announced to them my resurrection on the third day and because their degree of maturity also allowed it. But those who found my grave empty sought sufficient other explanations for the disappearing of my body, and that is why it was no forced belief for them. I had risen from the dead. Men could only kill my body, and even this was no longer subject to natural laws after my death on the cross because it had become free of all fetters. But a man on earth seldom reaches the degree of maturity that the substances of the body can adjust to the soul after the earthly death of the body, and that is why the belief in a resurrection is only exceedingly weak or connected with wrong concepts. And that is why the redemption through Jesus Christ has to come first because a man who is still burdened with his sins also still stands completely under the power of my opponent. And that one will suppress every thought of a possible resurrection; he will always influence man negatively and so also make out my work of redemption and my resurrection to be implausible for them. But that the resurrection on the third day did happen, a man will hardly doubt who completely confesses Jesus Christ and his work of redemption because my spirit tells him so, and thus his thoughts will be directed by me the right way because through my spirit I can work in every man who has again found to me in Jesus Christ. He will also no longer taste death because he will enter into life, which Jesus Christ has promised to him. He has escaped death because he escaped him who has brought death into the world. And he escaped that one because he fled to me in Jesus Christ. He has risen from the dead already with the moment of his surrender to Jesus Christ; only now he has become alive, and he no longer will lose his life for ever. But the unbeliever will also not cease to exist; he also will only lose his earthly body, but not the existence of his soul, it only will enter the kingdom on the other side in a state, which is identical to death. The grave will still keep it locked up, and if Jesus Christ himself does not roll the grave stone away it will also remain in its grave. But the divine redeemer died for all on the cross, and the hour of resurrection will once strike for every soul because once it will call itself for me in Jesus Christ, and I will not let its call die away unheard. Then it will get out of the grave and wake up to life; then the darkness of the grave will leave it, and it will be allowed to see the light. Because I died for all men, and also who rest in their graves will take note that I have risen from the dead and that I also give life to everyone who desires to live. Amen. B.D. NR. 6810.


Second Coming 7479

The Coming of the Lord.

16. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7479.

Prepare yourselves for the coming of the Lord. Because he again will descend to earth; he will come in the clouds on the day of judgement, and he will fetch the ones who are his into the kingdom of peace and happiness. But he will no longer be born out of a woman, but all will see him who belong to his and hold out in all hardships until the end; only the ones who are his will see him, and they will be exceedingly happy. His descent to earth once took place to rescue men from judgement, from the fetters of Satan, and it takes place again and will be a judgement for those who do not believe in him and still are voluntarily under the control of Satan - who do not let Jesus Christ rescue them before the day of judgement will dawn. But to the ones who are his, this his coming will mean liberation because they are in great trouble and shout out of great trouble for him that he fetches them away from earth. And he will come in power and glory but remain invisible to the depraved who will just experience the process of the rapture and are shocked to recognize the hour of their end. But they will not change because they cannot free themselves of their lord and also do not appeal to the one who would have the power over that lord and would also apply it when only a call from the heart to him would sound. The coming of the Lord is imminent. Only a short time still, which will be a severe time of trouble for you, because the powers of darkness rage to a degree that even the believers will have difficulties to hold out, and that also the days will be shortened because of them, so that they do not fall a victim to the harassments through the prince of darkness. Because the darkness is again so great as it was when God himself descended to earth to redeem men. The same darkness is spread over the earth, and men go along in night of death and also do not seek life because they still could have the power to come to life, but they go along indifferently and do not know what is in store for them in the coming time. Judgement is forthcoming, and it will bring men death or life. But life is only to be found near God and with God, and that is why God will give life to all men who want to remain his, and he will descend to them to bring again rescue to them out of highest trouble. He will come himself on the day of judgement; he will judge the living and the dead. He will lift who believe in him, and they will be allowed to see him and live - still in the body they will be raptured to once be allowed to populate the new earth. But he will also judge who are dead in spirit, and assign the place to them to which they belong according to their spirit. Because the time is fulfilled, and all of you are to only still live in expectation of the day which will come as certainly as one day follows the other, which will bring him himself and will arouse rejoicing and jubilation with the ones who are his - but which will also mean judgement for all who are, and will also still remain for a long time his enemies. Amen. B.D. NR. 7479.


Second Coming Reichenberger

I read a report, which I want to quote here. The author is R. Reichenberger and his report has the title: "Heroic Child Faith in Ungodly Regime."

The report suits very well our subject The Second Coming of Christ, as such a coming is reported here. One of the interesting details here is that also an unbeliever experiences the Lord.

So here the report:

>>Who has experienced the horrors of religious persecution in the former East-Bloc states can report about experienced miracles about which people in the rational West give an incredulous smile. "In this respect certain Catholics among you in the West are like our communists," says Father Norbert. "The miracle, every wonder annoys them. And still God answers the cunnings of hell with gifts, which remind one of the church of the apostles."

As a witness of the Hungarian uprising 1956 and one of the last who managed to escape, the sufferings and privations have left their mark on his face, which still clearly trails horrible experiences. He looks uptight and full of distrust facing the western journalist who visited him in the refugee camp for an interview. A few of the many unbelieving sounding reports of resistance against the anti-religious struggle of the superior communist party is contained in the book "Die Ikone. Tatsachen aus der Kirche des Schweigens." von Maria Winowska (1960, Paulus-Verlag, Freiburg/Schweiz) ["The Icon. Facts from the Church of Silence." by Maria Winowska (1960, Paulus-Verlag, Freiburg/Switzerland)]. The following shortened quoted true account is about the heroic attitude of God believing children (names of locations and persons have been changed as at that time the regime still exercised its satanic power).

"It happened in Hungary where truth has to be paid for dearly..., for the price of blood", recounts Father Norbert, "in a little town of about 1500 inhabitants. The teacher of the municipality school was a militant atheist. Her whole teaching corresponded with one of the main demands of the Marxist dialectical materialism: God has to be removed! She used every opportunity to mock our religion. She went to great length to destroy the belief in God in the hearts of the children. The intimidated children did not dare to defend themselves.

In the 4th Class A was a girl of ten with the name of Angela. Very talented, she was always first in class. She had a golden heart, was always nice to everyone and helpful."

One day Angela asked the Father, to be allowed to go to Holy Communion every day. The Father warned her about possible unpleasant consequences for her but she replied: "You demand of me that I set a good example for everyone. For that I need strength. I am more courageous when I have received Communion." So she then received the requested permission but from then on her life was made hell on the part of the teacher; also when she still did her assignments well, she was scolded and plagued by her.

The child fought like a hero but quickly got paler. "I was full of admiration for such bravery. And not Angela complained but her class mates told me crying how the child was harassed daily. As there was nothing wrong with the assignments, the teacher tried to shake the child's belief in God," Father Norbert recounted. "The opponents were very unequal. Angela did not find answers to the vehement attacks of the teacher, who forgot the teaching program and spread out the whole mess of ungodly propaganda before the schoolgirls. The child stood there with her head bowed and stifled the tears."

"Beginning with November the school hours in 4 A changed into sharp duels between the teacher and the ten year old girl. Full of fear the schoolmates called for my help. What should I do? Make the situation still worse? Thanks to God Angela did not give in. We only could still pray, pray out of the whole heart!

The story was whispered about in the little town and the surroundings. No-one rebuked me because I had allowed Angela the daily Communion. For no-one it was a secret that the teacher wanted to hit in this gentle girl the good, which belongs to every Christian, the good of belief in God. Even Angela's parents encouraged the little one to hold out. From one day to the other she became the main person of the area. Everyone admired her courage! She alone was not aware of her bravery. She felt being humiliated through her inability to defend herself and to find proofs for the justification of her faith.

Shortly before Christmas, on 17th December, the teacher invented a new, cruel game which according to her opinion should deal the deathblow to the old superstition, which 'poisoned' the school. It is worth to describe the result in all its details."

Angela was of course again the target. The teacher asked her with a sweet voice: "Listen, my child, when the parents call you, what do you do?" "I obey," Angela replied shyly. "Certainly, you hear them calling, and you quickly go to them, like a good obedient child. And what happens when the parents call for the chimney sweep?" "He comes," replied Angela. Her heart was beating to the breaking point; she foresaw a trap, but she did not recognize it. "Well, my child, the chimney sweep comes because he exists." There was a moment of silence. "You go there because you are there, because you exist. But let us assume that your parents call your grandfather who has died. Will he come?" - "No, I don't think so." "Well done! And when they call Rübezahl [spirit of the Sudetes Mountains]? Or Little Red Riding Hood? Or Puss-in-Boots? You like fairytales, isn't it? What happens then?" "No-one will come because they are inventions."

Angela raised her bright eyes, but cast them down again at once. "My eyes hurt," she said later to the Father. The questioning carried on: "Very good, very good!" the teacher triumphed. "Really, your thinking is progressing. You therefore see, children, that the living, those who exist, come when called. But those do not come, who do not live or who have stopped to live. Do you realize that?" "Yes", the class replied.

"Well, now we make a little experiment." She turned to Angela. "Go outside, my child!" Hesitating, the girl left the desk. The door closed heavily after the tender figure. "And now, children, we call for her!" - "Angela, Angela!" the voices of the children shouted with all their might. Angela entered, more and more anxious. The teacher enjoyed the attained effect. The children were inclined to believe in a game. "Do we now all have understood?" she asked. "When you call for a person who exists, then he comes. When call for someone who does not exist then he does not come because he cannot come. Angela consists of flesh and blood, she lives, she hears; when one calls for her, she comes. Let us now assume you call for the child Jesus. Does someone of you still believe in the Jesus child?" Some of the children replied shyly "Yes".

"And you, my child, do you believe that the Jesus child hears you when you call for it?" Angela felt relieved. That was the trap! She replied with deep conviction: "Yes, I believe that it hears me."

"Well, very good! We will now investigate this. You have seen how Angela entered when we called her. When the Jesus child exists it hears your call. Therefore all of you call as loud as you can: Come, Jesus child, come! All together, one, two three!" - The girls bowed their heads. In the anxious silence a devilish laughter could be heard: "Exactly at that I have aimed! That is the proof! You do not dare to call for it because you just know very well that your Jesus child will not come. It does not hear you because it exists just as little as Rübezahl or Puss-in-Boots! Because it is an invention, a fairytale, which no-one takes seriously, isn't it?"

The children were appalled. None of them said a word. The coarse, crude procedure hit them right into the heart...

Angela remained standing, pale like a dead person. The teacher enjoyed the confusion of the girls. Suddenly something completely unexpected happened. With one leap Angela stood in the middle of the schoolgirls. With glowing eyes she shouted: "We want to call for it. Do you understand me? All together: Come, Jesus child!"

In no time the girls got up. With folded hands and imploring eyes, the hearts full of infinite hope, they started to ask: "Come, Jesus child! Come, Jesus child!"

The teacher was surprised. Involuntarily she stepped back a little and fixed her eyes on Angela. For some seconds there was deep silence. Then the bright, crystal little voice sounded anew: "Once again, once again!" - The Father remarked: "We shouted as if we had to knock down walls", one of the girls told me. Fear, at the moment controlled doubt but prepared to further gnaw, the feeling of belonging together, which under the impulse of a companion who revealed herself as leader was awakened, all that together had an effect: only the expectation of a miracle was missing. I called, but I expected nothing unusual, one of the children admitted to me."

And then it happened. The girls did not look at the door; they looked at the opposite wall, and at the white wall at Angela. The door opened without a sound! They noticed it because the whole daylight flew towards the door. The light became stronger and stronger and changed into a fiery sphere. Then the children got frightened, but everything took place so quickly that they did not find time to scream. The sphere opened, a child appeared in it, beautiful, as they had never seen one. The child smiled at them, without saying a word. The children no longer felt fear, there was only joy! It lasted... a moment..., a quarter of an hour... or still longer? - Strange, about that the statements were divided. Fact is, that the event did not exceed the duration of the school hour.

The child was "dressed white and was like a small sun". "It produced the light" (i.e. the light started from the phenomenon itself). The daylight appeared like black beside it. Some girls were blinded, their eyes hurt. Others looked at the phenomenon of the child unhindered. Then it disappeared in the light sphere, which "slowly, slowly melted." The girls, overcome with joy, were able to produce no word ...

Suddenly a shrill shout tore the silence to pieces. Pale, the eyes emerged from the socket, the teacher shouted: "It came! It came!" Then she ran away from the room and slammed the door shut behind her. Angela seemed to awake like from a dream. She only said: "You see, it heard us! And now we want to thank!" - All knelt down and prayed the Lord's Prayer, an Avemaria and a Gloria. Then they left the classroom because the bell was ringing for the break. "

Father Norbert added:
"The event of course became known. I questioned the children one by one. I am allowed to declare on oath that I have not found the slightest contradiction among their statements." The teacher had to be brought into a mental asylum. Father Norbert tried several times to visit her. Priests however were refused admission. Angela finished school. As oldest child of a big family she became the support of her mother."

The occurrence took place within the framework of the realization of a higher reality. The event has absolutely nothing to do with mass hallucination or involuntary self-hypnosis. That fiery light sphere was the result of an energy condensation process, which made the appearance of the Jesus child possible. It would be going too far to go into the matter of explaining the phenomenon of the light or fire sphere appearance - from the point of view of experienced knowledge. And it would be a wasted effort of love to want to explain to know-it-alls that there are real worlds, which are not perceptible to our senses but are nevertheless there.

The horrible persecution of Christians in communist states was kept a secret to a great extent. Why? And why does one now hear almost nothing about persecutions of Christians in Moslem countries? Do the Christian Churches not care at all about the sufferings of their brothers and sisters in faith? Alexander Jakowlew, chairman of the Moscow government commission for rehabilitation of victims of political suppression announced that between 1917 and 1985 around 200 000 ministers have been killed and about 300 000 were spend in forced labour camps. He said: "The facts impress me in a horrible way. Popes and monks were crucified at church doors, shot, strangled, and in winter doused with water as long as they grew stiff to columns of ice." - In a commentary to this it says: "Lenin, the red tsar, has to accept responsibility for more blood than is actually imaginable. Before his death he implored table and chairs for forgiveness for his atrocities." Stalin said 1928 on an atheistic congress: "Give me a few years time, and I show you the last Christian!" - And now? Now also in the expanses of Russia Christmas is again being celebrated...
R. Reichenberger>>

So, this was this report.

It gives us a good impression how it could be at the end of times.

There will be differences. The situation will probably be more subtle. The enemy will not be that obvious. Many will not recognize him. He will appear to be a Christian. His name already implies this: Antichrist.

But one thing will probably be very similar. When he, the Lord Jesus Christ, appears to people, the effect will be tremendous. It will give them a boost that will let them overcome everything, and his opponents will just land in the abyss, be totally defeated or sent to the mental asylum.

In the above quoted text it says that the procedure was coarse and crude, which was employed against the Christians. And also generally the persecution through the totalitarian systems of the East-Bloc regimes was relative simple and still most Westerners did not grasp this and only today the atrocities have become more widely known. But at the time of the cold war many in the West did not really know what was happening, and many had positive attitudes towards these regimes and actually thought that the system there was better than their own and tried to also install it in the West and among these there were many Christians - or so-called Christians. But in the times of the end this situation will be much worse and most of the people will be on the side of Antichrist and that also includes the so-called Christians.


To really understand the second coming of the Lord we also need understanding of his first coming and how it ended: His resurrection and his ascension and his work in the 40 days between these two events. We need to understand how the spiritualization of soul and body works; how our soul and our body are so influenced by our spirit that they become more and more spiritual and finally are completely determined by it. Such a person has then two important qualities: It can materialize itself and can dematerialize itself and it can influence the state of consciousness of others - it can cause others to have a look into the spiritual world. So we are talking here about the spiritualization of the soul and of the body. To achieve it should be our aim. We should strive towards it, and the more we will have success with it the closer we will come in this life on earth to our actual aim. The opposite is when we again and again give in to the desires of the body and with it further the materialization of the soul and with it completely wall in the spirit and force it to be inactive. Then it will be difficult for the soul to separate itself from the body when "death" occurs; when however body and soul are spiritualized then man can already when he is still alive change between the two states "life" and "death," the same way as Jesus did it in the 40 days and how he will do it again, or is already doing it now, in the times of the end.

The circumstances of the resurrection and the ascension are well described in the now following message and therefore contribute to better understand the coming again of the Lord:


Second Coming 7579


17. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7579.

And I again built up the temple as I had promised. I rose from the dead on the third day, and also my body got out of the grave because I wanted it that way that men take note of my resurrection. Because they did not believe in a survival after death, and I wanted to bring them the proof that it was possible for me to also overcome death, so that they then should believe my promise that every man rises from the dead to life, who believes in me. I therefore have let the body in the spiritualized state also come out of the grave; I appeared to my disciples who could see and also feel me because they were to believe that I have risen from the dead as I had announced before. But only those could see me whose state of maturity allowed this because I no longer was bodily among them but body and soul had been spiritualized and therefore were only visible to those who were able to see with spiritual eyes because I opened their spiritual sight. And that again was the reason that men doubted, that they argued and expressed suspicions that my body had been removed unlawfully - as still also today my resurrection on the third day is doubted by those who do not understand the process of the spiritualization of the soul and of the body. Men do not believe in a resurrection of the soul, and still the same process takes place with all men at the death of their body that the soul leaves the body and enters the kingdom on the other side. For it cannot die, only that its state is completely different according to its way of life. Has this now let to maturity on earth, then the soul arises to life - to a new life in the spiritual kingdom. My soul was completely mature; it had united with the father spirit of eternity, and had also known during the life on earth how to determine the body, to adjust to all its desires so that also the body experienced already on earth the spiritualization of all its substances and therefore could rise from the dead together with the soul after death, for which I could furnish proof on the third day. But also this process can only be believed because no proofs can be furnished for it. But whose spirit is awakened, who knows about purpose and aim of man on earth, he is also of convinced faith in my resurrection on the third day, because my spirit announces it to him, which also radiated onto my disciples after my resurrection, which became apparent after my ascension because also this one again only men could experience who were completely mature, who were able to see spiritually, because I wanted it and because they were already spiritually so prepared that for them the experience of the outpouring of the spirit (ascension) no longer meant a compulsion of the spirit. So always only individuals were able to also see me after my resurrection, and I have strengthened these individuals for this unusual experience. They saw me - and I wanted it that way because my disciples were to go out into the world to announce my Gospel, and because they were to testify to my resurrection on the third day. But I did not appear to the unbelievers because they would not have been able to bear my fullness of light which would have shone into their spiritual darkness. But who hears my Gospel, who believes in me and my work of redemption, he is also to be able to believe in my resurrection from the dead, and it will also be possible for him to believe in it because the spirit in him, which radiates from me, teaches him in the same way from within and gives him a living faith. He will not need any further proof; inwardly he will be completely convinced that his soul rises from the dead to life, and therefore he will also live his life on earth consciously, he will strive for union with me, he will rely on Jesus Christ and in him contact me myself - he will strive spiritually and seek to always fulfil my will - and will have no need to fear death because he knows that he will rise to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 7579.


Second Coming 7693

Resurrection and Spiritualization of Jesus.

6. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7693.

This you can safely accept as truth that my body together with my soul has been spiritualized, that I therefore could rise from the dead because nothing material stayed behind any longer in the grave, which still had to go on the course of its development. I had become lord in life on earth also over my body; I had spiritualized all substances, i.e. turned them as man Jesus towards my father from eternity; there was nothing any more at the body what resisted the father in me, and I have not suffered the agonies on the cross for my sake - for the sake of the spiritualization of my body - but with them only paid off the sins of mankind. But my body was still humanly aligned so that it felt and bore the great pains. But as I completed the work of redemption for mankind with my death on the cross, I still wanted to bring to you the proof of my spiritualization, which resulted in my resurrection from the dead. Body and soul therefore could rise because they had accomplished the work of spiritualization, and nothing was able to now detain this spiritual in the grave because the spirit penetrates everything, even the firmest matter. This spiritualization of the body was well possible for me because I was completely filled with love and because love dissolves every unclean substance, because - where love is - no immaturity can be left because love guarantees a melting with the eternal love, because it consumes everything and only the pure spiritual remains, which now can unite with the original spirit from eternity. I stood in this love, and when you men likewise form yourselves to love, you will also likewise be able to spiritualize your body, and you will bring all material substances into the right order, and all bound spiritual in it will turn towards me as the eternal love and give up every resistance, which once hardened its substances and has been the cause of the banishment in matter. But only few men will succeed in this spiritualization of their body still on earth, but it is possible. And then also the body will be able to rise together with the soul, only this will not be visible to you men often because it is not necessary for the salvation of the soul that you experience unusual things, which are generally not understandable to men. But that I myself rose from the dead, that also my body stepped out of the grave, you can believe, because my life as man was indeed so that the spiritualization of the body could take place that nothing needed to remain, to undergo a further phase of development. I had found the union with the father from eternity. I was completely penetrated by him; I no longer stood outside of his being; I was melted with him until all eternity. But the nature of God cannot be made clear to you because he is a spirit, who fills everything and penetrates everything. He cannot be personified; he is also not visible; he is power and light to an extent, which would consume everything when it would not have formed itself to a high degree of love, which was in me during the time of my walk on earth as man. And that is why I could be completely radiated through by this light and the power, without ceasing to exist, but also my spiritualized body kept its form despite the greatest fullness of the divine spirit, so that I therefore remained visible to those beings, which face me myself in a high degree of maturity. The great spirit from eternity, which filled the whole universe, had manifested itself in a human form. I became visible to my created beings in Jesus Christ, because I myself am also an entity, which will only be understandable to you men when you yourselves will be full of love and have entered the union with me. And then you will also grasp the problem of my resurrection, the spiritualization of body and soul and my complete melting with the father spirit from eternity. Only then you grasp the unity of Jesus and the father. Only then you are completely joined to me, and you recognize me myself, your God and father from eternity, in Jesus Christ. Because he and I are one, and who sees me, he also sees the father. Amen. B.D. NR. 7693.


Second Coming 7713

Visible Presence of Jesus.

28. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7713.

Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. I have promised you my presence, and I stand by my word: I am with you, you who make me the content of your thoughts, you who love me and therefore also want the union with me. And where I am present there certainly also my spirit will have an effect, and you all will be of one spirit, because I myself direct your thoughts and express myself through your mouth. I am in the midst of you - but I demand your loving memory of me. You are to gather in my name; I, your God and father, your Jesus, want to be to all of you your aim; I want to be the one, who fills your heart, and you are to speak out my name in faith, in respect and love. And I will be in the midst of you, and you can therefore count on my presence and present all questions to me, which occupy you. I will answer them through my spirit. I still stay on earth, but not in the flesh as once, however in spirit I am with everyone who longs for my presence. But I also can appear visibly to you when this is advisable for you, when I can help or strengthen you in great spiritual or earthly trouble. Perhaps not all will be able to see me, when the degree of maturity does not allow a spiritual sight. Or I will come unnoticed and also go again the same way, and you will ask yourselves why you feel exceedingly blissful - you will need some time until you realize what you were allowed to experience. But you will always experience great spiritual strengthening and fall more and more passionately in love with me, because you already have love in you, otherwise you would not have been allowed to see me. And you are to be glad when you have such an experience because that you know that the father bends down to his children to reveal himself to them. But it will always only be few who will be able to bear me and my visible presence although I appear in a plain garment and leave all fullness of light behind to not blind you, who still walk on the dark earth. But where already a light is roused, there I can appear visibly without exposing the soul to danger. And the troubles will befall you in such a way that you need heavenly strengthening to be able to stand firm. And I want to bring this myself to you - and you are not to doubt it because I gave you the promise: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And who wants to stop me when I allow it that the one or the other will be able to see me? Therefore always think of me in close love, and wait for my coming, which is very easily possible already before the time. Because whatever may happen, it is founded in my love and wisdom and is to always only serve the maturity or your souls, which I want to draw to myself in hot love and which are often so weak that they are to be strengthened unusually, which my appearance will also bring about. And so always rely on my promises, and live in the consciousness of my presence, when you gather together to exchange spiritual ideas, and I will be with you because the father longs for his children and also wants to make them happy with his presence. Amen. B.D. NR. 7713.


Second Coming 7944

Coming in the Clouds.

18. July 1961. B.D. NR. 7944.

May it be said to all of you that I will come again in the clouds - that I will come down to earth just as I once ascended to heaven - that mine will see me in brilliance and glory as once my disciples saw me, and that I will also fetch away from earth the ones who are mine, because the day of the end has come. I well am already descending in the word to earth before because I am the word myself, and I have given you the promise that I remain with you until the world's end. But my obvious coming still awaits you because it forms the conclusion of an earth period and the beginning of a new one. My coming in the clouds is to be taken literally, but only few will see me, because my flock is small, and only the ones who are mine will be able to endure my sight, I will only be visible to mine and let them see my power and glory. And that is to be your hope in hours of trouble and distress on the part of powers hostile towards God - because in the end everything will be hostile towards God, the rulers and their following, the people who side with them in the faith struggle. They all will take action against you, you who remain loyal to me and stand firm until the end. And they will harass you severely, and then you are to set your hope on my coming because I do not drop you in the trouble of the body and the soul, I will rescue you and fetch you away to a location of peace, and your faith will be strong, so that I can show myself to you when I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. The great separation of spirits takes place, and my adversary will no longer have power over you. For he and his following will be bound for a long time. Only few people believe this earnestly that my coming again is near. But the time is fulfilled, and I no longer say: I come, when the time is fulfilled, but: The time is fulfilled - you only still can reckon on a very short time, on just few days, compared with the long time, which has passed since an end has been prophesied. You are living in the last times, even if you refuse to accept it. My coming awaits you shortly. Therefore take care that also you belong to the chosen, which will experience my coming in the flesh, who are allowed to see me in power and glory, whom I will rapture shortly before the end. Only want to belong to those, and I certainly will get you the power to also be able to let the deed follow the will. Again and again let me speak to you, and only strive for entering into my will, and you will establish the union with me, you will join me and will now also be counted with the ones who are mine, whom I will rescue before the end comes. Because that I come myself, is certain. And that all of you will be able to see me, you who livingly believe in me and bring your love towards me, that you are also to believe without doubt, because my word is truth, and it comes true. Men who deny my coming, who only want to see and explain this coming figuratively, are not yet so deep in their faith, that they are joined to me, but the great earthly trouble before the end will still strengthen their faith when they are of good will. And they themselves will implore my coming because they only see a rescue coming from myself, which no longer can come from another side. I will rescue you from deepest misery, and that you are to believe and await the hour where my promise comes true. And then my adversary will be beaten, but with him also his great following, which the earth will receive again. Therefore hope and hold out, you, who want to belong to me, because the hour of liberation comes for you, the day of the separation of spirit comes. An earthly and spiritual turning point comes, which you will experience and which was announced to you all the time in word and script. Amen. Amen. B.D. NR. 7944.


Second Coming 8743

Enlightenment about the coming of the Lord.

3. February 1964. B.D. NR. 8743.

I want to give you a great spiritual enlightenment, which is to give your soul welfare: I want to disclose an area, which you can never enter without my spirit’s effect because I want to initiate you into a world into which only the spiritually awakened man can have an insight because already a certain knowledge is the prerequisite about things, which are otherwise completely unknown to man. I have promised you to return to earth when the day of the end has come. But this promise has awakened various ideas in you men; but you did not find the true idea because just this event of my return to earth is so differently described and – as well as the event of the rapture of the ones who are mine – time wise differently assumed so that erroneous claims have arisen, which I therefore want to correct: My return to earth will not take place bodily – that my foot will touch this earth, whereas I will appear with my entourage of highest light beings and will be sighted by all those who are mine because such man will never be able to see me in all glory who has become a devotee of my opponent because darkness cannot see light because men would completely cease to exist since they could not bear the light that radiates out of me. So I will come to earth and also be still covered by the clouds for the ones who are mine, but they will be able to bear a fullness of light and so will cheer me highly thrilled, when they will see me with the great host of angels. Because for this I will open their eyes. It is therefore wrong to say all will see me when I will come to judge the living and the dead because judgement will take place in another way than that the individual has to answer before me. For I know every single soul; I know it to whom it belongs, and as the Last Judgement on this earth consist in this respect that the whole earth will be reshaped and dissolved in its individual creations, so that all spiritual gets released to new forming, this dissolving also means the death of those men who failed in their last earth life test and handed themselves over to my opponent. These therefore see death in front of their eyes and cannot flee from it; and this will trigger off a great horror among men. But before this last work of destruction takes place the ones who are mine will be raptured. I will come myself to fetch them; they will be allowed to see me how I float down from above to them; they will longingly stretch out their hands towards me in highest rejoicing and in hot love for me, and I will draw them towards me; I will fetch them away; I will lift them up and so they experience an event which completely contradicts the laws of nature. And this cheering of the ones who are mine will be heard by the other men, which they for the time being are not able to explain because they themselves see nothing and that is why they will only be seized by a certain worry, which increases to a highest fear and horror when they see the sudden disappearing of the ones who are mine, when they cannot give themselves an explanation for all those being inaccessible, which they persecute with their hate – that these are suddenly no longer among them and are untraceable. There will certainly be a radiant brightness, but it will be felt by these men as unbearable. But they will have no long time to think about it because the last end will soon follow. And the radiant brightness will give way to an almost impenetrable darkness, which exasperates men. Then eruptions take place, fire outbreaks, earth splittings, so that no man can escape and all will be devoured by earth. There is no more a long time between the rapture of the ones who are mine and this last destruction because the rapture would be a compulsion to believe for the people who remain behind, and this would be completely worthless because a free decision would then be eliminated. And men first received enough time for this and were incessantly admonished and warned, and everyone who still comes round first, will also still be received and called away before the downfall of earth, so that he can still be helped further in the hereafter. This act of the rapture is a process completely adverse to nature, but I can then repeal the laws of nature because this is for no man anymore a disadvantage for his soul. But also my coming in the clouds insofar does not force belief because those men who see me have already reached the soul maturity that they only experience that, which they firmly believe, and therefore expect me daily. One seldom can just give men the right explanation about these last events because they all have already made a picture for themselves and do not want to deviate from their ideas. It is impossible for the rapture to already take place a long time before because such unlawful processes would force men to think differently. And the end of this earth exactly means for all men still living the end of them because also the ones who are mine will experience it, only in a state, where they are spared every suffering although they can observe the process because it is my will. For as they are now fully believing, they are also to experience my power and glory, and so they will also be able to see the great host of my angels around me, and that is why they now will also have qualified to inhabit the new earth as progenitors, which certainly will also be the work of a moment for me, when I want to give to all spiritual having come free again an outer form for further maturation. But every concept of time is taken from men themselves, until they are again brought to the new earth. But they still possess their old body of flesh, which will certainly already be much spiritualized – but also this has to be mentioned to refute the erroneous opinion that the new earth is inhabited by completely spiritualized beings. For the new earth is again intended as station of upward development, and the old laws will also be effective for the hew earth. And the course of the fallen through creation up to man will take place and man as such will have to again pass the last test of will – the reason it will initially also be successful is because the temptations on the part of the opponent do not take place, who is bound for a long time - and because men are full of love, therefore establish direct contact with me and that is why they also come very fast to complete maturation. Do not allow yourselves to be tempted through erroneous presentations to neglect or postpone work on your soul because the day I will come in the clouds will be kept and with this day also the Last Judgement on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8743.


Return of Christ The transformation of Christ and of the kingdom of darkness

I now bring extracts from "Das ist mein Wort - Alpha und Omega - Das Evangelium Jesu. Die Christus-Offenbarung, welche die Welt nicht kennt" (That is my word – Alpha and Omega – The Gospel of Jesus. The Christ revelation, which the world does not know):

Nothing remains hidden to him who opens himself to God.

The earthly body is however only the executing organ of the spiritual body. When the spiritual body is clean and in God, then the human body, the organ, has fulfilled its function.

When men honour men then they do not give God the honour, who knows all things, who is the life of the soul.

Man can only touch the material, earthly body, not however the supernatural.

While I appeared to Mary and some apostles and disciples, my earthly body was engaged in transformation. This transformation of my physical body was invisible for men. It took place until the ascension. Because my spiritual body had absolutely radiated through my earthly body, my earthly body was gradually absorbed by the spiritual atoms. The eternal power of the father, the original power, therefore transformed my natural body so that the matter radiated through by me was taken away from the natural matter.

After the death on the cross and the disappearing of my earthly body, of which they assumed that it had been removed, they believed to have conquered me, because their invisible leaders in the satanic hierarchies also did not become aware of me there. That is why they believed me to still be in the nearness of earth, possibly even as an earthbound soul, which still sought to hide itself before them.

They still did not recognize what had happened and what had come to pass unnoticed for their senses. Only after my ascension, after my going home to the father, the souls, in all areas of the fall up to the gates of pure being, experienced that suddenly everything changed: The satanic hierarchies became rungs of the Jacob’s ladder; they became planes of purification. These exist from the level of purification of order until the level of purification of earnestness. The further three levels – patience, love and mercy – became levels of development. They are first-heavens which also belong to Jacob’s ladder; on them the light soul, which has become spirit body, learns again to apply the eternal law in all details.

In general it may be revealed: The receiving out of the atmospheric chronic should not be striven for, but alone the receiving out of the spirit of God, which can only become possible through realization and fulfilment of the laws of God.

Truly, the resurrection of the son of God you should carry in the heart and through me, the Christ, the resurrected one, rise from your sins so that you can enter life, which I am in the father.

For just so, as I have won the victory over darkness, so have men and souls won victory over sin, who consciously believe in me and daily do more the will of the all holy one.

When I, the co-regent, went out of the heavens, my light was covered. I went through the satanic hierarchies – which became levels of purification after the act of redemption – and remained unknown. Only as I entered into the dress of matter, therefore embodied myself, I was recognized by darkness. From this moment on the power of darkness fought against me to set to work upon me.


This is the end of the chapter "5.2 Second Coming" of "Redemption Period".


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