Prophecies about the Last Days before the end and especially about the Forerunner of Christ are quoted here.

This is the chapter "5.1 Forerunner" of "Redemption Period".

5.1 Forerunner

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John the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ at his first coming. There will also be a forerunner at his second coming.

John’s time was a time of grace. So there will also be such a time at the second coming.

Prophecies about the forerunner follow. The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Forerunner 0685

Wolf in sheep’s closing. Forerunner of the Lord before return.

26. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0685.

The adversary has the easiest job of it when he moves along as wolf in sheep’s clothing and deludes men with looks and words. He will make use of every opportunity where he can bring about harm among mankind. Who falls into the claws of the wolf will be pitilessly torn to pieces when he has won power over the soul. Therefore let it be said to you: You will recognize him who goes over earth with the fiery sword of his mouth. Not one will doubt his word because it will be divine and the outflow of the deepest of God’s love. But do not seek him in splendour and glory, his name is low - unknown - he certainly calls himself John, but his body on earth does not have that form, which adorns him spiritually. He walks in the midst of you and teaches in words and deeds and will be a forerunner of the Lord before his return on earth. Likewise his word will testify of God’s love wherever he stays, and raise deep longing for truth and light in the hearts of mankind. Do not believe the voices of the time now, which want to mislead you, which want to dull your mind for the good and noble – leave them their part and only remain alone with what the Lord sends from above. Because the adversary’s tendency turns to the world, but not away from it, towards the eternal divinity. Who will listen to those words, he hears the Lord’s words directly, and his spirit will announce true salvation, and who hears him is permeated by his words. He comes in the splendour of trues, nothing will adhere to him what is worldly. But the country which holds him is blessed through his presence. But when he will come then also the hour of judgement is no longer far - he will bear all sufferings with patience and only always hear the voice of the Lord. Remember these words when they will seize him to seal his lot on earth. But you men will never be able to prevent the fighter for God to carry out what he has taken upon himself because of mankind. Your power will never reach that far, that you will move against the Lord with impunity. But his eye will rest on you gently, you who want to harm him. Because his love and patience applies to all those whose hearts are against him. And he will win many because the power of his words and his love is unspeakable great. And world affairs will lose respect. The souls will separate, which see in him their rescuer from deep trouble, and those whose part is the world alone. And their end will be death of body and soul. And so light might be given to you so that you recognize the work of those whose desire is down, who are afraid of all light from above and who strive to extinguish it, so that the adversary seizes hold of the souls in the darkness. You will get light who desire light; the Lord does not let you languish in darkness, and he will keep you from the rapacious wolfs, which creep in among his flock in their disguising and try to bring about confusion. Read his word and recognize the first signs of confusion. And who has ears to hear, he may listen: Not the world will bring you peace, but alone only he whose kingdom is not of this world. And his peace will be an eternal peace which nothing in the world can anymore disturb and which will yet also extend over earth – over those men who hear the word of God out of the mouth of a pure disciple of Jesus – who wants to stand by men in his love and announces to them the eternal love of God. He will bring peace to men who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 0685.


Forerunner 0801

Spiritual chaos. World fire. Messiah. Forerunner of the Lord.

9. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0801.

Unchanged it will be fulfilled at the world as it is written that there shall not be left one stone upon another, because in these days the world experiences a complete collapse of all what had remained through millennia. And oppositions will set itself against all traditions; it will mean a unique chaos, both in spiritual as well as in earthly respect. Men will no longer be able to differentiate between how far their opinions are right or erroneous. They will drift endlessly, and the end will be spiritual wasteland. The most different rumours will emerge concerning the return of the Messiah, and an enormous world fire drives mankind into extreme trouble and desperation. But this misery can be controlled very well through undoubted faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. Who has chosen him as leader through earth life, his way goes past all bitterness, and in the protection of his love the earth valley with all its terrors will only touch him shadow-like, but the misery will be unspeakable great for all who do not carry the divine saviour in the heart, and earth suffering will appear to him unbearable; he will struggle with all confusions of bodily and spiritual kind. And into this chaos a light will shine which will fill all with comfort and hope who stand in this light. Among you a bearer of spiritual truth will arise in these days. He will announce the word, and men will be filled with great hope; he will be a powerful speaker before the Lord, and he will announce his return and preach the word, which the Lord himself has taught on earth, with all eagerness, imbued by the love for men. And he will be a forerunner of the Lord. But his hour will come, and they will try to hinder him to fulfil his mission. The world will be sympathetic over his fate on earth; partly it will recognize his purpose and his work in the will of God – but for the greater part his destruction will be demanded by those who go along in darkest spirit night. And at this time the earth will roar, and God the Lord will admonish and warn men with a brazen voice to turn back and to think of the salvation of their soul, and suffering on earth will assume proportions, and by it men are to see how close the hour of judgement is. You are to stop and think and remember the Lord who has announced this time to you in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 0801.


Forerunner 3276

Time of Grace. Speaker - Forerunner of the Lord.

30. September and 1. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3276.

Hear, what the spirit of God tells you. A time of Grace has begun - the blessing of it you can feel when you are willing to strive for the kingdom of God. A perpetual work of the beings of light is recognizable, they transfer gifts of grace from the spiritual kingdom to men on earth; beings of light are embodied on earth that serve men in the later times as spiritual guides; the thinking of men who strive towards God will be enlightened and because of that they will be closer to the truth; the love of God will be expressed in times of earthly need by bringing help where such is requested. Believing people will accomplish unusual things and the power of faith will be revealed. And therefore grace above grace will be recognizable because from the opposite side likewise all means will be employed and men will get into spiritual difficulties where God wants to bring visible help to them. And in this time of grace a man arises whose spirit is from above, whose soul is completely one with the spirit in it and therefore he will speak what the spirit reveals to him – fullest truth in most understandable form. God himself will talk through him, he will admonish men to endure or he will warn them to abandon him. And this speaker is the forerunner of the Lord. When he turns up the coming of the Lord is not far off. And through this man the measure of grace is considerably increased because he will mean a great support for the believers and the unbelievers will have the opportunity to become believers through him. Because he will have great influence on people who listen to him because he is full of power and might. His words will arouse enthusiasm and will spread like wildfire through the country in which he will be active. He will speak without fear and timidity and he will enlighten men and he will point out to the people the coming of the Lord in the clouds and the Day of Judgement. But he will find little faith because the majority of mankind does not want to know any more about God and spiritual things and their whole thinking is therefore wrong. Therefore they do not recognize the exceptional gift of grace and will therefore not make use of it and that is why the end is unavoidable since the abyss opens and everything that does not recognize God and rejects his word will be devoured. Ceaselessly God gives and what he gives is an undeserved gift of grace meant to help man to reach maturity – also in these times of trouble. If it is suffering or joy, it always serves man to lift his soul to God, it is always a pointer to God, a luring and guiding onto the right road - it is always grace. And when this man will come, the measure of grace is also increasing for men because light is flooding around him and he radiates this light that comes out of the spiritual domain. He hands out knowledge his word is full of wisdom and power and can easily be accepted because it is presented with great conviction and comprehensible to men who will only listen to him attentively. God in his love makes it easy for men to be able to believe by sending his messengers who have exceptional power at their disposal and this already is a sign that allows recognizing them as messengers from heaven. But he will be attacked from every direction – an only a few recognize his mission and will stick to him, only few strengthen themselves through his words; but these receive power and grace in excess and they are able to withstand against all challenges from the world, against all the hostilities which now come to light in public. The last times will be exceptionally difficult but also full of grace because God will come out into the open where only a heart open to grace is in need. And therefore it will be possible to get successfully through the last battle on earth - that the soul can emerge without danger from it, that it wins eternal life should it depart prematurely from earth or holds out until the end of this world and is fetched from the Lord himself from this earth with an alive body to begin a new life on the new earth. B.D. NR. 3276.


Forerunner 3560

Knowledge About the Time of the End.

27. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3560.

It is tremendously wrong to declare that the time of dissolving is far away and this mistake is detrimental to the souls because they do not pay attention to the admonitions and warnings of the last days. But just as wrong is it to want to determine the time because this knowledge is hidden from men. That is why God through seers and prophets always points to the nearby end to motivate men to live according to a quickly approaching end and to become aware of their responsibility towards their souls and permanently prepare themselves for the end. The end is near but the day is known to nobody but God. The signs of the time point to the end but it will come suddenly and unexpected for all men, including the believers, who are knowing and who make an effort to live according to the nearby end. Human sense and human mind will never be capable to comprehend the divine plan from eternity and therefore not be able to determine neither the time nor the kind of end. Only where the spirit of God is active God does it teach men in what way the end is going to happen but always leaving the day and the hour open when it will be. Because God has reserved this for himself and therefore the knowledge is hidden from men. The believers are able to recognize the time of the end by the low of the spiritual development and when they daily expect this and also the coming of the Lord and are in close contact with God then they will also feel when the day of judgement is approaching. But he who wants to first determine the time, he who believes he is initiated without the obvious activity of the spirit, he will be wrong with his announcement and men are not to believe him because he just contributes to the strengthening of the disbelieve in the end. Even the forerunner of the Lord, who is sent to earth by God himself for the salvation of the still undecided, even he himself will not provide a day. Also he will announce the nearby end and admonish men to expect it daily and hourly. He is enlightened by the spirit of God, and the spirit of the Father that expresses itself in him and through him, knows indeed the day and the hour. But also he keeps this a secret still from men because it is no good for them to know about it. And so the hour will come suddenly and unexpected as God has announced it – in the middle of the ecstasies of the world his voice will sound, to the fright of the unbelievers but to the consolation and joy of the believers. Amen. B.D. NR. 3560.


Forerunner 4048

Forerunner of the Lord.

Pentecost Saturday 24. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4048.

The favours and the proofs of the love of God that are offered to men during the times of the end can completely compensate for the miseries and sufferings of that time as they ensure their quick ascent when they only make use of these favours and strive for maturity of the soul. It is the time about which it is written that God will be with men in his spirit until the end; it is the time when men will see him coming in the clouds where the connection between heaven and earth will be conspicuous not only in the imagination of man but in reality beings of light will be active on earth and give off light and where men will be instructed from above, where God himself in the word descends to earth and offers the bread of heaven to the ones who are his, where men can always and constantly draw from the source of life because God himself offers them the drink of life to impart power to them. In this time someone will make a name for himself who is destined to be the last messenger before the Lord, who will announce the Lord as his forerunner and who will tell men the truth, who speaks without being afraid though he himself will be in danger to be seized because of that. But the world is worth nothing to him anymore and he willingly exchanges the earthly life against the eternal life, and therefore he does not fear the world since he knows how near the end is and what lies ahead of men who do not believe in it. Also his appearance is an exceptional blessing as their attention will be constantly drawn through him to the near end and therefore stimulated to work on their souls and their eyes get directed towards eternity; and an extraordinary strength will also be inherent in him so that he can heal the sick and help where it is necessary and where it seems to be impossible on the part of the people. Because he will lead an exemplary life of love and he will be filled with the spirit of God. God himself will work through him and whoever listens to him hears God himself, hears God’s word through the mouth of a man, but as it has been declared by God. And this time has come, this last time of blessings, which can bring great success for men who strive for perfection. And even if they have to suffer exceedingly worldly-wise they still benefit if they only make use of the favours because now they also know that the end is near since they recognize in him the forerunner of the Lord and are now expecting joyfully the Lord himself who will appear also soon to redeem the ones who are his from greatest miseries and to lead them into a land of peace as he has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4048.


Forerunner 4136

Forerunner of the Lord Before His Coming. Help Urgently Required.

5. and 6. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4136.

Unusual gifts of grace can be offered to men and they walk past them as if they encounter an everyday occurrence. They do not go to the trouble of an earnest examination but hear what is presented to them as most valuable gift of grace but do not apply it for themselves and therefore do not educate themselves according to my will. And so the time of grace passes without resulting in a blessing worth mentioning. The end is near, in every way I draw their attention to myself, all measures I apply to open their hearts so that I find entrance there in them to be able to teach them myself and therefore double work is necessary for the coming time and my servants are to take seriously their assignment and in no way deceive themselves and believe to have done a good job. The short time till the end requires exceptional work for my part and exceptional enthusiastic activity of my servants on earth should the souls be saved that are in extreme trouble. The success will be small for you so it seems because many will reject you but your work will not be done in vain. But one will come and speak the same words to men that you received from me. And men will compare und be taken aback because they recognize the same contents of what already has been given to them in speech and in writing. And again men have been given a great opportunity to change the conduct of their life and to form themselves according to my will. Because the announcements from above are obviously concurring with the Gospel of him who is my forerunner at my last coming. Only a small flock recognizes the exceptional light and knows what hour has come. But most of them go past a gift of grace that again and again is offered to them through my love. They can’t however anymore be helped because it is their free will that accepts or rejects and I will never force it. But the time of grace is soon over, soon the hour is come and the last stroke will sound. And what has not found its way back to me until then will still remain far from God for ages and so in an unfortunate state that my love again and again tried to ward off – but the success is with you men yourselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 4136.


Forerunner 4878

Forerunner of Jesus at the End.

13. April 1950. B.D. NR. 4878.

From among you one will emerge who is to testify for me before my coming in the clouds. And when you will hear him you know that the end is nearby. He is one of the purest, he is full of love and goodness and therefore closely united with me, he is a comforter and friend for you men, a liberator from the trouble of the soul. He is of a bright spirit and knows about the judgement at the end and therefore he warns and admonishes men in my name. He is a fighter for me and my kingdom and has fullest knowledge. And so he also knows where pure truth is represented and therefore he will come from among those who receive my teaching from above, and through his life, through his love for the neighbour will also be taught from above himself because he still has to carry out his duties last to be my forerunner before my coming again. Because the time comes true, the predictions of the prophets come true, and so also he must come who descended from the kingdom of light to earth for my sake to announce me to men that are in greatest trouble and distress. He will give evidence of me because his voice is my voice and who hears him he hears me. But he will not stay long with you men - before you recognize him because he well stays among you but my opponent will persecute him and men stir up hatred against him. He will preach about love but men will listen to him in hate. They persecute him and are out to kill him. But I will know to protect him until his hour has come because he has to complete his mission, he has to pave the way for me, he has to set up the flock of the ones that are mine and instruct them of the speedy coming of the Lord. And when he appears there will be little time left. His words will arouse enthusiasm and wake from sleep the ones that are sluggish and undecided because he is just the mouthpiece of me, through him I want to express myself once again. And again he will be a voice of one crying in the wilderness, the reason he comes again is because I need a strong power, a power that comes from above to help you men. But the world will hate him and use all means to put him out of action though he only does and speaks well. But the world has sunken into night and all light has gone out. That is why a bright light lights up on earth and all light bearers will get oil so that also their light again burns brighter that the people of the world try to quench. And all who have the right kind of faith will recognize him as the forerunner of my renewed descent and they will know that the time is fulfilled, that I am to be expected and with me the last judgement. And they will take his words to heart because they feel that it is me who speaks through him and that I myself announce myself through him who is my messenger as it is determined since eternity. But he will have a hard time with men that pay tribute to the world and do not want to hear about his warnings and admonitions but who are not afraid to be out to kill him even so he proves to be helpful towards men and many also call on his help. They want to hinder him to finish his mission but not earlier do I take him to me into my kingdom until he has prepared the way for me, until he has announced my coming to all who desire to see me and whose faith he strengthens because he only voices that what he receives from me through the inner word, through the spirit that works unusually in him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4878.


Forerunner 4899

Embodiment of Light Beings. Forerunner.

18. and 19. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4899.

I direct the Gospel to earth and when you receive it from above it is pure and unadulterated through human will. I know that it is necessary as innumerable men cannot find me because they are no longer taught the truth. And therefore I embody myself in the spirit of those who want to serve me. That these now receive the truth in purest form is a necessity recognized long ago by my love and wisdom that alone already will cause me to protect from above the receiver of the truth against the influence of impure spirits that want to confuse his thinking and prevent the supply of truth. So he who is the receiver of my Gospel that I myself taught on earth and that I now again commission my servants on earth to spread, he can fully know for sure that he knows the truth, that he can teach as my apostle of the end-time the fellow human beings without having to fear that error could be added to his instructions. And with this certainty he is to have an effect on all that he meets; he is to see himself as spokesman for me and to always plead on behalf of me for what he has received from me and what is expressed in him as perception because this is pure truth. Many light beings are at the moment embodied on earth because the great spiritual trouble requires extraordinary help that can only be supplied by beings of light. Such light souls are mostly spiritual leaders, i.e., they are in close contact with me through a life according to my will and can therefore directly take my instructions and impart them to men. Such light beings have a degree of maturity that makes a sinking down impossible which is why they yet also always go through life on earth in greatest humility and selflessness and only strive to bring my kingdom to men without wanting to have another benefit than to serve me and help men. That is why such a light being that is sent by me to earth can embody itself also several times when the spiritual low of men makes it necessary. But these embodiments are then always total service functions until the end because my will is predominant in these beings because they already have voluntarily placed themselves under me and can also no longer lose this degree of maturity on earth. Never will lower spirits have power over such a being that is embodied as man and never will this be defeated by their bad influence. So a spirit that is already completed can therefore never fall on earth, i.e. not fulfil its mission. Such a mission can only appear in the eyes of men as been broken off through a sudden recall into the spiritual kingdom or hostile human measures that prematurely end the earthly life. But also about this I know since eternity and do not intervene with my power to not subject the will of men. But the work of redemption will still be finished and everything will happen as it is determined in my eternal plan of salvation. Also the most perfect spirits from heaven will from time to time embody themselves to achieve a spiritual ascent among men because without such help the latter are too weak to resist. And then also the dead will rise from their graves, i.e., the completely blind in spirit can be woken up by a brightly shining ray of lightening from above and become seeing. But then it will be the time before the end where also my coming again is to be expected that has been announced by seers and prophets always and constantly. And before me the greatest light on earth will shine in a most unassuming garment. He once again will bear witness to me as he has done before my appearance in the flesh on this earth, before my course to men to whom I wanted to bring the Gospel. He was my forerunner and will be it again also now. And you men will recognize him by his speeches as he chooses the same words and testifies of me as he has done so once. His spirit only comes to earth to fulfil the law according to that he has to precede me in fullest recognition of his origin and his purpose. He understands everything and also knows about his earthly fate but he does not avoid it because also this belongs to the work of redemption in which he participates out of love for the unredeemed. He knows it that only with his death the mission is fulfilled and he has no longer any other desire than the final union with me, his lord and master, his friend and brother, his father from eternity. And when he appears the end is nearby because I soon follow him and make my announcements come true. But my coming again is the last act before the total destruction of the earth with everything that lives. Then comes true what has been written. A new heaven and a new earth will emerge where I will be in the middle of the ones that are mine, where there will be just one shepherd and one flock, because all who live are connected to me and allow my stay among them, because all men on the new earth are my children to whom I myself come as father to give them what makes them happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4899.


Forerunner 4970

Embodied Light Beings. Without Remembering Back. Forerunner.

20. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4970.

To the ones that want to serve me the following let be said: The spiritual state of men that already live in the last times requires a special help on the part of light beings that are active on my behalf, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth, where a large number of such is embodied as man to fulfil a redeeming mission. In what way the light beings work and help them is clearly evident for men who accept their transmission of spiritual goods because they know that only through allocation of my word from above help can be brought to men in their spiritual trouble. With the general spiritual degeneration it would be completely impossible that my word could gain admission among mankind because it would neither contact the spiritual world nor want or could accept announcements from this world. That is why the world of light has to mediate; beings of light have to look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can let flow the radiation of my spirit and - when there is lack of that - the beings of light themselves descend to earth to be a connecting link as embodied man between men and the spiritual world - to be mediator between me and men. In the last times before the end, in which you men already live, a large number of light beings are embodied to help you who are blinded and ignorant; you who live wrong and therefore are in great trouble. You yourself do not know about the spiritual low and its effects and when the knowledge about it is brought to you then you do not believe in it. But the world where there is light holds inhabitants that look at the on-goings in the darkness of the earth full of horror and they want to rush to you to help to still save the ones that do not offer resistance and devote themselves to their guidance. They are nevertheless men, that so want to help you and teach you. That is why you do not recognize them as they also do not recognize themselves as beings from above, although as man they seriously strive upwards. They are man - like you and yet of a will that is turned to me, at which my opponent is no longer able to get, because they already have become mine before they came to earth for the sake of needy mankind. They are to bring you the light that they continually receive from me and that at the same time is power upwards. But they are also not aware that they came to earth of their own free will because their struggle upwards must be clearly visible to the fellow human beings to prompt these to do the same. A light being that would be recognizable as such cannot serve men as example because men flawed with all weaknesses and faults would then not feel able to ever reach this example. Only very high spirit beings know about their mission and their origin and also let men know about it even though men do not believed them. But such high light beings are also recognizable to everyone who wants to recognize because their mission is then always to work in public and not in secret because then not only individual men but all men are to take notice of the supernatural work, of the power and might and glory of him who is Lord over life and death and over the whole of creation, who does not want to let his creatures sink into darkness and therefore sends an exceedingly bright radiant light from above. And such a light will testify for me and make a name for himself. And when it shines then you know that you stand just before the end, that only a short reprieve is still given to men because if he is not heard and his exhortation remains unsuccessful then there is no longer salvation for the de-spirited world - then irrevocably the end has come as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4970.


Forerunner 5012

Seers and Prophets.

2. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5012.

What the prophets are to announce in my name that does not come from them themselves but their spirit receives from me the assignment to say something no matter whether man consciously or unconsciously came into contact with the spirit in him; a man can speak, driven by my spirit, when he is in the midst of people to whom he would never speak of his own accord. So then the working of my spirit is obvious, he speaks being fully conscious, however not intended before, but suddenly, from my spirit enlightened, he sees things in the future before his eyes that he must tell the people. These are the seers and prophets that will also appear more often in the end-time when the end comes closer and closer. These men do not need to consciously work for me and my kingdom, only their life will always comply with my will otherwise I would not use them as my tool. But men that consciously offer their services to me can likewise work for me prophetically when they are chosen by me for a teaching activity. Then they will be initiated as it were into my plan of salvation, which also includes the knowledge about future events. Then the man who wants to serve me will be informed of the events of the latter times before the end and he then has the assignment to mention this towards the fellow human beings although he cannot be addressed as seer because he lacks this gift to see future things. He only hears what the spirit in him tells him and describes what he hears, what now also at the moment demands his faith to be able to be represented with conviction to the fellow human beings. He is therefore so to speak a prophet even if he lacks the gift as seer. Men who see visions are only from time to time in this state in which they then also speak - they will therefore have these visions mostly not until they are in the midst of men whom they can inform simultaneously. They are also afterwards still conscious of their vision and can relate it but the events then hang before them like a kind of memory that they however experienced before. But the announcements of seers and prophets always have to agree provided that both lead a life that agrees with my will, so that they apply my word. Because also false prophets can appear that announce future events of their own accord to men but have no connection with me at all, who achieve earthly advantages through it and want to make themselves a name. Do not believe them because they announce error even if they point to the end. Because also my opponent uses my words when he wants to blind men but then always my word applies: By their fruits you shall know them. I point out to you that still many false prophets will appear before the end but you can easily recognize them by them always trying to align themselves to the demands of worldly powers, that therefore their aim is not me but the prince of the world. Because who wants to speak for me will also always tell the truth and he will only then appear as prophet when he has the assignment from me through the inner word or through sudden work of my spirit, that then also always will be recognizable. Amen. B.D. NR. 5012.


Forerunner 5830

Forerunner. Announcing Jesus.

19. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5830.

Endeavour in all humility to become my true children but do not pursue unusual knowledge that is of little use for the perfection of your soul. Because in my kingdom the smallest and the least is worth more than the one who thinks he is grand; in my kingdom humility is evaluated exceedingly great and there is no place for arrogance. But you have to tell true greatness from arrogance - you have to tell being great from appearing great. Because what is great before me that I put as ruling whole worlds with their inhabitants, it rules with me and in my will over endless creations and innumerable creatures - and because of it will still not be of an arrogant spirit. But he who believes to also be entitled to rule thinks himself to be great, but in all eternity he will not climb up to the top that secures him a ruler's office because I know the most inner mentality of every being, I know where true humility is and where my will alone fills a being. And so I then say to you: The earth carries no being of such fullness of humility that I could appoint as ruler over worlds in the kingdom on the other side. Because this humility is supernatural, and such a being is so completely united with me that the earth could not be a stay for it. For everything that would be in its surroundings would shine in brightest light. Because these light beings already have walked the way on earth with the result of complete spiritualization on earth. They never return to earth, but without stopping have an effect on the inhabitants of the earth - they send down to earth their light radiations because an exceedingly great will to love fills them and the will to help lets them be active all the time in a redeeming sense. And so an individual man can over strongly be influenced by such a being of light - but that does not mean that the soul of this man is a light soul that has descended from above. Understand this - many light souls embody themselves before the end of this earth for the purpose of a mission. But these are still before their last completion to a child of God, which they well can reach through such a mission. But perfect children of God only have an effect on men from above, but influence certain men strongly when the requirements for it are met - i.e., to also be able to be active in a redeeming sense on earth. But one light spirit is allowed to descent to earth - my forerunner, who wants to announce myself before the end. He will announce me. He will again prepare the way for me because this is my will since eternity since he was devoted to me since the beginning, because since the beginning he was a fighter for his Lord. Him I have chosen as my vassal, as my herald, who always announced me, who shouted it out into the world when I approached men, who went before me as voice that mankind is to pay attention to me. He fought for me and he will always fight for the name of his Lord. So this one is the beam, the light, that I send down to earth before me and he knows about my coming, about the end and about his purpose on earth because he recognizes himself as the one who he is. And this one is so closely devoted to me that only my name sounds from his mouth, that every breath only glorifies my name, that every pulse beat of his heart is meant for me whom he announces on earth with over eagerness and for whom he also lays down his life when his mission has ended. This one therefore goes over the earth shortly before my return and men will not recognize him in his simplicity until he will open his mouth to announce him who comes after him. Then the scales will fall from the eyes of the ones who are mine but my opponents will not recognize him. But he will speak single-mindedly of his own danger; he will announce the nearby end to men; he will call on them to do penance, to seek God and the salvation of their souls and to despise mammon - he again will announce Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world, with thundering words; he will do and say everything that is useful to glorify the name of Jesus, the eternal God. In the truest sense of the word he will be my forerunner - he will be the one who again opens paradise to all who believe his words, who loyally expect me, that I save them from deepest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5830.


Forerunner 6554

Jesus' Forerunner.

24. and 25 May 1956. B.D. NR. 6554.

The upward development of the soul is man's assignment on earth. But only few are conscious of this, only few ask themselves about the purpose of existence and the objective. The majority strives for earthly prosperity, for everything that helps the comfort ot the body. But all men have the gift to let their intellect become active; all men can ask themselves the question about purpose and aim of life on earth, and all men would also get an answer to this question - because it is the first step upward. But because men only think up to their death, because they rarely believe in a survival of the soul, the question about their earthly well-being is more important to them, and they give priority to earthly activities and work. They lack faith - because if they only had weak faith then they would find no inner peace of mind despite earthly well-being. The more the end is drawing to a close the less faith can be found among men. And that is why men arise in the times of the end who are unusually united to God who therefore also can have an unusual effect and draw the attention of the fellow human beings to themselves because God certainly still tries everything to help those who only need such unusual impulse to become conscious of their earthly purpose. Such men are embodied light beings for the purpose of a mission on earth, who want to take care of the troubles of men and therefore walk in the flesh on this earth without being conscious of their origin. The strong union with God, but which they establish in free will as man, as also all their fellow human beings could do, gives them unusual power. Because their nature is love, and that is why they have such an alive faith that this is also expressed in unusual work - in vividly announcing Jesus Christ and energetic help to body and soul in his name. Through such men many can still find to the faith because these visibly prove a power which cannot be explained earthly. Men are to be helped to believe, and at the same time the way to God is to be shown, for which unusual means have to be applied due to completely unbelieving mankind, but which still do not force to believe. And more and more awakened men will prove their power of belief the closer the end is. Until a great light will light up - until someone comes who announces the speedy coming of the Lord and again prepares the way. His light will shine brightly wide vicinity. Because his appearance will soon become known, and although he will be a source of power and consolation for many men, so he will yet still receive much more hostility from those who are the majority before the end, who belong to the opponent of God and also will take action on his behalf against all what is divine-spiritual and especially will persecute those who speak in the name Jesus and announce the nearby end. But exactly because of that, because God's opponent takes unusual brutal action in the last struggle on this earth, an unusual light will also be sent to earth - a spirit of light will again incorporate himself on this earth, as it is written. Again this one will walk before the Lord and announce his coming, and again he will come out into the open as a voice crying in the wilderness. And this one will know who he is, however walk his way on earth in all insignificance, which will also again be sealed with his death. But all men faithful to God will draw power from him and again and again be helped up, when the misery of the time seems to throw them to the ground. Because he speaks on behalf of God - God himself speaks to men through him. These also grasp the significant mission of the forerunner of Jesus Christ, and that is why they also expect the coming of the Lord with full awareness and do not doubt that they will have redemption out of greatest distress. When that one will appear, then the time has come, which is announced all the time through seers and prophets, because when that one comes, the activities of Antichrist are also obvious, who presses the believers so unusually that they also need unusual help. For that one will let his light shine, and he will send his rays far out. Wherever it is, men will hear about him, and the believers will know who hides behind this light, and now also know what is up. But the forerunner of Jesus Christ single-mindedly walks his way despite hostility and being forbidden to speak. He speaks on behalf of God and acknowledges no other lord than only the one whom he serves. And his speeches will arouse enthusiasm; they will give power to the weak to resist, because that is how men will also muster the courage to die for their faith. But every man's life lies in the hand of God. He alone knows when the hour of rescue will come, when his coming to earth and the rapture of the ones who are his will take place. And also his forerunner knows about his end, but he serves his Lord also still through his death. Because also this one will complete the work of glorification; through his death the power and glory of God will become apparent. Because only one rules over life and death, and this one will turn out to be Lord, to be victor over his opponent when the last day has come. He will give life to those who believe in him - and all will become a slave to death who are in bondage to his opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6554.


Forerunner 7062

Announcement of the Forerunner of Jesus Christ.

10. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7062.

None of you men would still walk in truth when it would not again and again be announced to you through my spirit. What was preached to men during my life time on earth as pure truth did not survive pure because as soon as human thinking started to make my teaching useful for the purposes of whole peoples, everything was also mixed with human additional work because my pure teaching agreed too little with the selfishness of men, and the individual assemblies therefore tried to also form this teaching more or less useful. And so the church which once was founded by myself, the so-called original church, very soon was only left as a distortion of what it had been at the beginnings. And my pure teaching had to experience innumerable changes. And what is now still left can no longer lay claim to be the pure truth. To preserve truth pure, for it belong pure vessels, into which my spirit can flow continually. The divine spirit has to constantly be able to pour in; the teaching, which was given to men by me, also has to be announced by such men who are full of the spirit, otherwise the words can already be changed in the mouth of the announcer and result in a different meaning. And it always has to be reckoned on that something pure, divine, will lose of its purity in ungodly surroundings because I do not force the will of man. What the individual man makes of the truth supplied to him is up to him, and already during my walk on earth my holy word was distorted when it appeared to be useful for men. I now can well again and again direct the pure truth to earth through my spirit, but I also now will not make men unfree by forcing the truth on them. But as long as men voluntarily offer their services to me, who get ready to be receiving vessels for my spirit, it is also always possible to correct every existing error, to solve every open question and to give men a pure light, which has its beginning with me, the original light from eternity. But on the other hand men hold onto deformed teachings with a toughness behind which my adversary is, who will always fight against the light of truth. And so an almost impenetrable night has spread over men because error and lies are the same as darkness. And it is made exceedingly difficult for my light bearers to break through this darkness because men are already so blinded that they are no longer able to recognize a true light. And that is why a very powerful light will light up, and this light will testify to me and my return in the clouds. It will testify to judgement and to the rapture of the ones who are mine on the day of judgement. A light, radiating brightly, will rise and once more announce my pure word, a voice crying in the spiritual wilderness will emerge and try to awaken men from the sleep of death. He will come to the assistance of those who testify to me and my work with them, he will confirm the truth of that what has been imparted to mankind through my spirit's work. He will speak a powerful language and spare none who goes dark ways - he will also not shy away from the rulers but tear their masks from the face, he will show them up and reveal their true mentality. He will fight with the sword of the mouth because enmity will be shown to him by high and low because no-one wants to hear the pure truth, which however does not deviate from the teaching, which I once preached on earth. So this is my envoy through whose mouth I speak myself and who only will fulfil his last mission on this earth: to once again announce me and my coming as it is written. But when this light lights up then you know that my coming is near and also judgement. And then also extraordinary things will happen through him but it will no longer do harm to men in their freedom of their will, because he will find little faith, and only the awakened recognize him and his mission. But he will mean an unusual strengthening for the still weak because his word is full of power. But then also the last phase of this earth has arrived because this voice will also be the most vehement opponent of him whom men themselves proclaim to be their earthly ruler, in whom my adversary will embody himself to carry out the last shameful work against me. Because now the faith struggle will break out, and the ones who are mine will have a great support in that light, which I myself send to earth, and receive much power to hold their ground in the greatest time of need, which precedes my coming to earth. Because I do not leave you, my loyal supporters, without help, and so that you remain strong I announce this light to you, this voice, and then you also know that I will soon come to fetch you, to make an end to the goings-on of my adversary, to help the truth to get the final victory. Amen. B.D. NR. 7062.


Forerunner 7295

Forerunner of Jesus Christ.

28. February 1959. B.D. NR. 7295.

And when you will hear that someone speaks of the Lord in an unusual way, then you know that the last stage of the end-times has begun, that the forerunner of Jesus Christ again carries out his mission to announce him who will come on the day of judgement to fetch the ones who are his and to execute the change on earth as it is announced in word and script. He will appear completely unforeseen, and he will get into the news because the power of his voice is great, because he will appeal to men in such an earnest and significant way that many will feel to be impressed and will take his word in - because they recognize that he announces God's word, and because also the signs are unusual which he works to help his fellow men. He will be a true miracle-worker for the poor and unfortunate, a helper in need, which befalls all men in the time when he will appear. And he will speak loud and distinct; he will not fear who prohibit his work; he will denounce the more all who talk and act against the will of God, and he therefore will be hated and persecuted by the rulers of this earth, whom he severely accuses on account of their behaviour with men. But the chasm between the earthly and the spiritual world is already too great so that no understanding is to be expected from that side for that what the voice of one crying in the wilderness will announce. They will laugh at him and only persecute him so eagerly for the simple reason that the demand for him is increasing all the time, that there are still men who let themselves be impressed to the annoyance of the rulers who are against all belief and take action against it. And that is the time which lies shortly before you, and not long anymore and you will hear about him. But then you also know that you have to hold your ground because with his appearing you also can reckon with the speedy faith struggle, and then it will be decisive in which direction you turn because then it is only too clear that you have to decide either for God or for the world. And he will be a strong support for you that you will take the way to God because his speech is convincing and powerful. God himself speaks through him so obviously that it should not be difficult for a man to decide to join him because he will also give such visible testimonies of his calling that men can recognize by that who he is. He himself also knows what his assignment is and that this is his last job to go before the Lord and to announce him with a loud voice. He himself is also conscious of his origin and also of his again awful end, but nothing frightens him, and nothing keeps him back to carry out his mission and it will be very blessed. And who joins him is truly doing a good thing because much strength he will be able to draw and fetch much light from the great light, which will shine everywhere where he appears. He already stays among the living but he is not yet conscious of his assignment, which however will become clear to him suddenly and causes his earthly life to change fundamentally, because he does serve the Lord and also recognizes the spiritual low in which mankind languishes. But the call has not yet reached him, however it will happen suddenly. And then he steps out of his calm so far and is fully conscious of his assignment because the spirit of God drives him and gives him fullest clarity about his mission. And he joyfully serves his Lord with a devotion, which always makes him suitable for the last service, which he wants to accomplish for the Lord before the end, before his return. But you men pay attention to those who announce God's word, and you will recognize him, who comes out unusually, because he wants to fulfil an unusual mission: to announce the coming of the Lord and to point men through powerful sermons to their assignment on earth, to be repentant and to seriously work for their soul's salvation because he will announce the end to them, which will also come not long after his appearing, because the time is fulfilled, which God gave to men for their completion. Amen. B.D. NR. 7295.


Forerunner 7339

Dialogue. Forerunner.

17. April 1959. B.D. NR. 7339.

In all humility waiting for that which I have to let come for the welfare of mankind and which will also earn you brightest knowledge, which is why this preparatory phase had to proceed. I am not at all a God of wrath, even if the coming event might let it appear so, and you all will be allowed to experience my love far more, which also protect you from utmost misery; but I will then also obviously mark the ones who are mine; I will set them off in such a way that the fellow men are to recognize where true help is to be requested because I want to win men for me, but not lose them to the opponent. But still the destructions will be enormous, and the life of innumerable men will be wiped out, but for many it is still a blessing who can make up in the kingdom on the other side for what they missed on earth - that they still yet can reach the light when they are of good will. And that you all can believe that also the end will come in a short time after it, but that I still give you men a reprieve because the end means a far-reaching turning point in the whole spiritual course of development of the beings, which are to mature on this earth. That is why I have chosen servants for myself who are to still loudly tell after the natural disaster of the coming end. That is why I pour out my spirit all the time to point through awakened men to everything, which will come in shortest time. And I charge all of these only with spreading my word and as far as possible to also mention these events, through which my power and also my love is to become obvious, because men are to know that a God is enthroned above them, who holds their fate in his hand. And whom I have now chosen as announcer of my word, he also has to have been chosen by myself as receiver of my word, and you also can fully believe him, as unlikely as also everything may sound what he announces on my behalf. Because I will give a public sign that he is my envoy, my representative, who is to speak in my stead. He will always be led through whatever may come, sickness and death he will not need to fear as long as he has not yet fulfilled his mission, and I myself will trace out his way, and it will lead to where many men will be able to hear him when the time will be there where he is to tell loud and openly of me and my word. Until then a great light will light up when the fight openly breaks out between light and darkness - when the war against the faith will be waged with unusual brutal means - then that light will light up to strengthen all who work in my vineyard. Then these will be able to draw strength and the more eagerly work for me and my kingdom. And this light will come when the last time begins, when I will have spoken from above, when men will be in a chaos and the separation of spirits will now be instituted - for or against me. And then I will give great strength to the weak; I will give everyone the power they need, and I will lead them in the struggle against the enemy of souls - and indeed, I will be and remain victor eternally, and you will be allowed to enjoy the victory over him. You will be free of him and be able to live in peace in the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7339.


Forerunner 7604

Forerunner. Knowledge About Pre-Embodiment.

21. and 22. May 1960. B.D. NR. 7604.

You are not to lose yourselves in assumptions whose spirit you embody, who walk on earth in the last times, to serve me. A veil is spread by me over things, which are of no use for your walk on earth and for your mission. And that is why also the knowledge is kept from you in which pre-embodiment you once walked over the earth. It is enough for you to know that I supply all with great strength and favour who are prepared to serve me, and that in the times of the end that very work of the adversary is so powerful that also strong spirits of light are necessary to oppose and to withstand his work where to carry out redemption work on earth is called for. And these spirits of light have to remain in deepest humility to be able to carry out their mission, since the adversary especially finds the best point of attack in arrogance, in presumptuousness, and that mission could therefore be endangered. And men are all in danger to become a slave to this his characteristic feature and hereditary evil. That is why on my part such a possibility is not supported, but I always seek to have an effect that man remains in deepest humility, because then he also can resist my opponent and does not get into his snare. And it is not expedient for man to know about his pre-embodiment - otherwise this knowledge would be given him with the moment of his work for me and my kingdom. But one will know about that; it will not be a secret for him because he has to carry out the most difficult assignment in the last times: to announce me as my forerunner, as voice of one crying in the wilderness to proclaim my coming in the clouds and to pay for his mission for me with death. But this knowledge will not strain him because he is an over-strong spirit who consciously has taken up the last embodiment on earth in the knowledge of the urgency of his assignment, which he is prepared to carry out in deepest love for me. He is one of the few who seals with death what he announces. He has got the strength for that because he loves me, whom he once not really recognized, who already once had to lose his life for me but is prepared to die thousand deaths for me - who therefore also consciously walks this last earth walk, conscious of his mission and his origin. But in this certainty he will only be when he - who before lives in extreme reserve - will appear before the public, when his close attachment to God will suddenly give him a bright light, which assignment he has to carry out on earth. And then he will tell of me with great zeal; he will do everything to point men to the end and the last judgement; he will talk openly and without reserve against the rulers, whom he does not fear on account of their power, but will denounce them in public, because he recognizes in them the envoys of Satan against which he clearly campaigns. And that will be my last sign, because he will appear in the last end phase, in that time of the faith struggle, which will be waged shortly before the end comes. Whatever you might hear before - not earlier is the time of his work on this earth till this faith struggle breaks out, where the lights will brightly shine, which point the way for men, which all are to go. And he will be the brightest light, which will shine there, where you will expect it the least - he will outshine in brightness everything and therefore also be recognizable to all who do not shy away from the light. But be patient and wait till the time comes, and do not surrender before to wrong speculations. Because you will still often be misled by my opponent, who wants to direct your looks wrongly to put you off doing your own mission work, which you are prepared to serve me as loyal servants. Do not be deceived - you will most clearly recognize it when the time will have come, where such unusual things happen that I also have to intervene unusually to come to the assistance of the ones who are mine. Because also their faith will be shaken through the action of my adversary when they do not firmly rely on me and hand over everything to me trusting for my right guidance. And you will then also feel my will in the heart so that you no longer need to ask what you are now to do. My will will be in you; you will not be able to act differently than it is my will, and also know that you only fulfil my will through your activities. Again and again I tell you: Do not act prematurely, wait, until I call you, until I put my will into the heart, because you can also destroy through premature action what previously was laboriously built up. Always bear in mind that men all are still too weak in faith, that at times lighter food has to be offered to them, so that their soul does not suffer. And to those you are only to preach my Gospel of love, but not submit such teachings they are not able to grasp. And to this also belongs the knowledge about the embodiment of souls of light, because often they really lack the belief in a survival of the soul. It is not always advisable to now announce to these men the appearance of the forerunner before my coming back, but when they accept my Gospel of love then they will also learn to believe and recognize when he appears because first difficult events precede and then already a separation of spirits is recognizable. Men who stand for or against me and now also their spiritual knowledge will be accordingly. No longer much time passes, then all these words will be understandable to you, and then you will no longer ask, but know that my coming is near because you recognize him who was my forerunner at my time on earth and also will be again as it is announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 7604.


Forerunner 7722

About the Forerunner.

8. October 1960. B.D. NR. 7722.

And it will be shown, which power is in my word - because the hearts will feel to be spoken to by me and break out in love to me who announces myself as father because I want to be united with my children and therefore let my love ray fall into the hearts, which are of good will. But it is alone up to this will if men recognize the voice of the father. The smallest resistance lessens the power of my word, and this resistance man does when he is still without love himself. Then he does not let me speak to him, and then my word remains without power effect, then it sounds to man not differently than the word of men, and he rejects it. But my children listen to my word, and I teach my children therefore: free yourselves from erroneous thoughts by you asking me myself for truth and enlightenment of your thinking. Prematurely you seek to get into areas, which I still keep closed to you - you draw conclusions but they are fallacies - you occupy yourselves with things in your mind for which the time to be revealed has not yet come - you speculate about the fate and the coming of the forerunner. And you conclude wrongly. Because I have told you, you will recognize him - and that means, you no longer will have the need to ask but know that it is him when he appears. But before the time of his work has not come, you also do not need to seek him or assume him in a fellow man - because he comes from there where you will expect him the least. He is not a child of the world; he walks his way like every other man, but his thought and wish is concentrated towards me, although his mission is not yet known to him. But his spirit will then give him a bright light of his mission and of him himself when it will be the time that he is to appear. And I tell you, time will still pass until this will happen. He will be enlightened that his light will radiate in a wide surrounding and that all of you who want to serve me will warm yourselves up with his light when the time of spiritual trouble has come, when the last phase will start before the end: when the faith struggle will break out. But before do not believe every spirit, which things to know more about that because if this knowledge would be necessary, I myself would teach you about that. But what is brought to you through the mouth of man, that accept with caution and do not be deceived because the spirit out of God does not contradict itself, and you are to check yourselves where my spirit has an effect, because I do not force you to believe and it is up to you which spirit you believe. I well have announced the forerunner to you that he will again come before my return as a voice calling in the wilderness, but his appearance is still awaited, because a short time still has to precede, where eager work is to be done for my kingdom, and because you would set a time for yourselves when his appearance would be obvious. I still hold the veil spread over the time of his coming because then also my coming is certain, then the end is near because he will only work a short time on earth, which is but enough to startle men out of their death rigidity. And that is the purpose of his coming, to rescue which are still undecided - to strengthen who want to remain loyal to me - and to announce me and my coming. And although this time is also no longer far, so some short phases have still to pass. But then it is fulfilled what has been announced to you in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 7722.


Forerunner 8081

Forerunner. Visible Appearing. Fulfilled Time.

17. January 1962. B.D. NR. 8081.

The following is just an excerpt from B.D. NR. 8081:

And so that the ones who are mine remain strong they will experience energetic support; I will be with them myself in the word; I will send light bearers to them who shine so brightly that they chase away all shadows and also beat back the enemies who want to press mine. I will make men happy with my presence and strengthen them in the resistance against the enemy. And some will be able to see me and draw over great power from it and they will also transfer the power to their brethren. And then you will also hear of one who announces my coming, who will again appear as a voice of one crying in the wilderness and whose light will shine for you all, whom you also recognize as my forerunner in the time of the end. I do not leave you, who want to be and remain mine, in the trouble of the body and the soul; you certainly are not lonely and deserted although earthly it may seem to be so. I am with you myself, and you will also feel my presence and possess an unshakeable faith in me and my coming on the day of judgement.
B.D. NR. 8081.


Forerunner 8231

Forerunner of Christ.

2. August 1962. B.D. NR. 8231.

The ones who are mine will recognize him, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, who will announce my appearing, as I have predicted it. For his light will brightly shine, and his speech will be powerful. And he will not be afraid to attack the mighty in his speeches, because he is sent by me to earth to fulfil his last mission to preach about the end of this earth and to announce my coming on the day of judgement. Who belong to me will mightily be touched by the power of his speech, and they recognize that it will not be long before I come myself and rescue them from their misery. But before you men will again and again indulge in wrong guesses. But I tell you: You will have no need to ask, but know that it is he whom I send ahead myself. Because when he appears then my adversary is also already active in a way that he will embody himself in a ruler who now takes action against all spiritual striving, against faith and who now also will press severely those who are mine through his accomplices so that they are to fall away from me and confess him. You will then also already be able to follow the beginning faith struggle and that is why you will receive exceedingly strong consolation through my forerunner because you then will also know that the end is no longer far. Because his mission on earth is of no long duration, as also Antichrist will be easily recognizable, whom also no long lifespan is given. The forerunner will come and strengthen your faith, he will testify for me and announce my coming with such powerful language that the ones who are mine will draw strength and will also hold out until the end because I will help them myself in their troubles, which this last faith struggle involves. The voice of one crying in the wilderness will not let himself be held back and very openly take action against men who are hostile towards mine. He will brand their action as being despicable and he will always enjoy my protection against their attacks, until also his hour has come, because he will again pay for his mission for me with death, and also that is not to frighten you, who are mine, but only strengthen you that you walk in the truth, that you can expect everything so as I have announced it to you through my spirit. A period of time completes itself, which was set for you men for the redemption out of form, but until the last day I help you to find to the right faith in me, and also the forerunner is sent to you to strengthen your faith. Who wants to recognize him, he will recognize him. Who rejects his word, he is an open follower of my adversary, and he also rejects me myself. But the light from above, which will shine exceedingly bright, cannot be overlooked; his powerful word cannot be ignored, and his walk and work on earth in the last times is so obviously recognizable as divine activity that everyone can recognize him and needs no longer to ask if it is him. And my adversary again wants to work the same way by him seeking to cause confusion and insinuating to his followers to see the forerunner here and there, and that is why a close union with me is necessary to recognize right and to think right. That is why I again and again let you know that he only appears when also my adversary has prepared the right outer form for himself, in which he then has an effect to the horror of the believers, because he has great power, and he makes use of this to a severe faith struggle. And then also he appears whom I send myself, and he will openly attack him and not be afraid of him, and thereby you will recognize him because he has great power, which he applies in my name and he will also heal the sick and work miracles and that is why he will be attacked all the more violently by the rulers, who are out to kill him and will also achieve it, that he dies a violent death. But the light, which he spreads among the ones who are mine, will strengthen them unusually, and they will await my coming in confidence and hold out until the end - because they know that my word comes true and everything will come as I let it be announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8231.


Forerunner 8815


19. June 1964. B.D. NR. 8815.

Also on this question I will answer you because it is of great importance that you who receive my word do not get into wrong thinking because many are of the belief to be the long expected forerunner who will announce my coming. But I say again and again that he will come at the time of the Antichrist, that his appearance will coincide with him and that you will then also recognize him. His appearance will only be of short duration, and he will then appear when men need him urgently, when they want to get consolation and power. Therefore you can only expect him then when the last phase has begun – when the natural disaster is over, when a ruler has usurped the throne, whom you can clearly recognize as Antichrist, and he lets the religious war break out. Then this voice will come out and clearly testify for me and my kingdom. But do not suspect him already now because he is not yet aware of his mission. But when he will appear then every man recognizes him by the power of his voice and his speech. He then also does not have the desire to be acknowledged as the voice of one crying in the wilderness – but it is him. And he will speak, driven by the spirit in him, because his desire to testify for me, to announce my coming and to move men to turn back, is so great in him that he leaves everything out of consideration, that he speaks in the middle of enemies who try to kill him. But think about it that the time of the end has not yet come, that there is still a time of freedom of speech, which will however soon change, when my intervention has taken place, when the misery among men is great, that one will offer himself, to steer this great misery. But then also the time of him has come because he is the last of the prophets, and who listens to him he will receive great power. But again and again you have been told that he will be an inconspicuous man whose power of speech you will not suspect in him as long as he walks along himself in all humility. But suddenly it breaks through in him – very suddenly he recognizes his mission, and he becomes a speaker who powerfully speaks for God – who announces my name to the whole world and will not be afraid to fight for my name. He will make me out to be the redeemer of mankind; he will fight for me and my kingdom. And you will recognize him by him acknowledging me as the word having become flesh – that he clearly emphasizes me having become man in Jesus Christ, that he accepts no difference between me and Jesus, that he acknowledges Jesus as God. And his speeches will agree with my teaching supplied to you from above. And that is its sign that he is John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, my forerunner, who has come again, to announce me, who not long after it will come myself to fetch mine when they are in greatest trouble of their souls. Again and again men will be found who are of the illusion to be the embodiment of John. Again and again I will enlighten them and tell them that he lets them recognize him in an unusual way and that he cannot be looked for in such circles who themselves feel having such a mission. Where you do not suspect him from there he will come. And this shall be enough for you, who expect him prematurely because the time has not yet come but it will not be long in coming, and then everything happens quickly one after another because no long lifespan exists for him; he will pay with death for his work on earth as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8815.


Forerunner 9007

The forerunner of Jesus

3. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9007.

That so many people believe to be an incarnation of the voice of one crying in the wilderness is also a sign of spiritual confusion because one thing is certain that he will be a great speaker, but until his appearance will know nothing, which assignment has been allocated to him, that he will let his word sound with a powerful voice, which announces me and my speedy coming at the end of days. He will again move along in front of me, and he will be treated with hostility by all those who want to hear nothing of an end, who will mock and deride him, because he announces things to them, which seem to be unbelievable, and he will therefore be regarded as a dreamer. And he will come at the same time when Antichrist will let flare up the religious war. Then he will violently attack him, and the ones who are mine will fetch strength and consolation from him, because it is only a short time that he works on earth. But he makes good use of this time to lead my word to all who accept it, and my opponents will persecute him and want to call him to account, but he will extricate from them again and again, until his hour has come where he will again lay down his life for me. And that has already been said often to you that he himself has no idea of his mission and that it will come over him so suddenly that he can be recognized by everybody. And then he will also know it himself why he is equipped with such a powerful voice, why he is to announce me, because then he knows that the end has come where I will come in the clouds to fetch mine. Then Antichrist himself will try everything to bring him under his control because he specially attacks him, and he uncovers all scandalous deeds, he is not afraid to attack him in public, and will therefore be persecuted by his followers. But he will comfort those who have to suffer under his rule. He will point them to my coming, and everyone will believe him, because they feel addressed though my word, as if I spoke to them myself. His word will have an effect like balm on you who wait in fear and sorrow for the things to come – you will get new power from his words and again and again be strengthened by them because he proves to you that your father himself has addressed you and that you therefore can believe my words, which point you to my speedy coming in the clouds. And so you will also pay attention to all warnings and admonitions which reach you from his side because he will also be in spirit with those who I indicate to him as belonging to me. He will possess the ability that he moves near to you even if his body is elsewhere because the close call to me for help I forward, and he will then also be willing to help. That is why I say: You know him when he begins his mission, but do not expect him already now because my intervention has to precede first before he appears. But then time will pass in a flash because for the sake of mine I will shorten the days so that my opponent cannot still bring them to fall away, because the misery will then be very great and that is why I also send strong spirits of light to you, which will protect you in all earthly and spiritual trouble. But when this my voice of one crying in the wilderness will have to lay down his life then you can expect my coming every day, then I will fetch you into a kingdom of peace, and all trouble will be over. Amen. B.D. NR. 9007.


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