Prophecies regarding the last times are quoted here.

This is the chapter "1. Struggle Between Nations" of "Redemption Period".

1. Struggle Between Nations

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This struggle between Nations will be the first event of the end-times.

So this war at the end of times will be a war that men’s will can’t stop. God has to intervene.

From a worldly point of view the time for the end does not seem to have arrived because the world leaders go to great efforts to stabilize peaceful situations and they are seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts but they will not succeed because these solutions will be sabotaged by the one who is a servant of Satan on earth. It is the spiritual situation that will be the cause for the end.

The information contained in the previous paragraph comes from a prophecy. I will now quote the whole prophecy as there might be information contained in it that only transpires to be useful when things are developing.

So now follows this prophecy by Bertha Dudde. B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


3665 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

King of All Kings.

23. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3665.

The king of all kings reigns his kingdom in wisdom and love and his power has to be feared by all rulers of the world if they do not respect his will, if they are not subject to him in humility and recognize him as their lord. For his power governs all destinies according to his judgement and therefore also the destiny of every nation and its rulers. Because he rules in wisdom and deepest love determines his workings. He lets men have free will and such rulers are allowed to act and to decide according to their will but he will appear as king of all kings at the right point in time when the spiritual and earthly misery on earth makes it necessary which he wants to remedy through his power. Worldly it appears that the time has not yet come because the earth’s princes and kings seek peaceful solutions but they will not succeed in this as they will fail due to the resistance of him who is a servant of Satan on earth. Spiritually however the time has come that causes an upheaval because men do not anymore recognize the greatest ruler and so they are to feel him. And as Satan is active to instigate discord instead of furthering peace the earthly time has come where the king of all kings appears und puts up his will against the will of the earthly rulers. Then there might be peace among men but no happiness and no prosperity. Then a misery of another kind will begin and also this men have to bear to prepare for the nearby end. The earthly power is broken for a short time but more than ever it rises again and now initiates the last work of destruction – it challenges everything that decides for the king of all kings, it will not accept him, it wants all men to turn away from him to stand by it – by that power that is ruled by Satan and so openly fights God. And then the end comes. He will rule only a short time to abdicate his reign for an endless long time because he will be arrested and he will be deprived of any possibility to rule. And only one will rule and this one will rule in love and wisdom to be a blessing to all who dwell on earth. The king of all kings will be acknowledged by these because they have become his subjects out of free will, they have proved this by courageously acknowledging him and his name before the world, before his enemy, and are therefore rewarded on the new earth with a blessed life in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 3665


So this prophecy indicates two phases of the activities of antichrist: the first phase to be one of deception and of sowing discord, and the second one of brutal rule and in between a setback that he skilfully uses for a comeback.

We will have to watch the spiritual development, only the spiritual stage of mankind is decisive.

There is a nice description of such a war in Ezekiel. Chapters 38 and 39 describe in many details a war that is waged against Israel by people of the North and their allies. Also God’s interference is shown and Ezekiel describes natural disasters. So when the time of that war at the end of times has arrived, it would be a good idea to keep reading these two chapters and see what transpires. Many Christians are interested in prophecies and in things where the Bible seems to foretell the future and speculate about these things but the real trick to prophecy is to recognize when the predicted event is actually occurring or has occurred and draw some benefit from it – grow in the belief in the power of the word of God. The return of the Israelites to their land is also foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39, and also in other places, and we should rejoice that something has happened and is happening in our lifetime that was predicted thousands of years ago by Hebrew prophets.

When we have studied the end times and when we then live at the end times and compare our knowledge with what we observe and find plenty of agreements there then our faith will be tremendously strengthened by this and this will help us to be strong and face everything with courage and be overcomers and resist all the attempts of Antichrist to put us down and win the victory with Jesus at the end and rejoice. And in addition to this we will be able to help other people and explain to them what is going on and be an encouragement to them.

Now this description of a war in chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel indicates that the time of this war will be when Israel is re-established. Israel became a nation again 1948 and so this war should then be after this year. In Ezekiel 38:8 we read: “In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel which long had been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.” Other places are Ezekiel 38:12, “the people gathered from the nations” and in Ezekiel 39:27-28, “When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations; then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.”

There is an interesting detail in Ezekiel 38: 4 which states, “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them, clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords.”

Now this sounds as if this political entity that is the attacker in this war is quite reluctant to start this war. God actually has to put hooks into his jaws and force him to do what he is supposed to do.

And in verse 10 we read, “It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought.”

This is another indication that God is busy to initiate something.

And a confirmation of this we find in Ezekiel 38:16, “I will bring thee against my land,” and in verse 17 this is repeated.

It sounds as if God has prepared it all and when the time has come, the time of the end, when the spiritual deterioration has reached its climax, God will initiate this war even when the actors are not really willing. He will probably create a political situation where someone is pushed, may be due to promises given, into a situation he would rather avoid but now can’t get out of it.

Ezekiel 39:2 expresses the “guidance” from God even clearer: “I will turn you around and drag you along.”

And when the situation grows to a point where there seems no bearable solution then God has a big surprise in store for everybody and he will shake up the whole world. His fury shall come up in his face.

So let us keep Ezekiel in mind and carry on watching.

I am now quoting further prophecies in order to provide information regarding this struggle between nations.


2361 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Bringing to an end the struggle between nations.

6. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2361.

A gigantic wrestling of nations finds its conclusion after divine decision. This is by no means according to the wishes of the nations; on the contrary, these will see the outcome with horror, which completely contradicts their expectations. But the will of men is powerless where God’s will is expressed. And every day before means still another gift for men, when they use this day for the salvation of their soul, if they would turn away from the world and towards God, before God obviously makes himself known. Unspeakable severe suffering has hit men already and has still only led few close to the eternal divinity, because mankind does not pay attention what God brings toward it, but what the world offers it. So it does not make use of the favour of God, but seeks to increase earthly good all the time. And even where possessions of men are destroyed, all their striving concentrates to win back what is lost. And the bitterer the wrestling against each other becomes, which can never be fought earthly and therefore has to be ended by God. Because men lack faith in a just and wise God, otherwise they would have to recognise already by the affairs of the world how far mankind has removed itself away from God and why such world events have been allowed by God. Because his will does not hinder the will of men to carry out what they have brought about through their lack of love. But the coming event will give rise to great doubts about the existence of a divinity, which itself destroys what it has created through its power. But their doubts will only emerge where man is not active in love. Loving man on the other hand will be enlightened and know that nothing can happen without God’s knowledge, that nothing will be send across Earth without purpose and meaning and that everything will somehow bring salvation to the soul. He will also be strongly shaken by the largeness of the event, but he will also recognize that mankind has to be shaken up out of its unbelieving existence so that it sees the light and follows a different way of life to come closer to God. And blessed is who still benefits from this coming event for his soul, because he loses nothing but only gains, even though his earthly possessions are destroyed. Through this he has found God and won infinitely more than he has given up. Amen. B.D. NR. 2361.


3420 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Setback. God stops.

28. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3420.

An incomparable event will produce a change of the serious difficulties because the earthly fight will be stopped through this, to introduce a new epoch, which, however, is not less full of grief. Because to turn away from mankind the suffering on earth it would have to change seriously, but they do not summon the will for this. A powerful setback is to be expected, an event, which comes completely unexpectedly and which has an enormous effect with serious consequences. No power will enjoy a supposed victory; a clear decision will also not take place in the wrestling of the nations, but a solution will follow from a third party – God himself will speak the last word in this fight, which had only earthly aims as cause. God will ruin the plans of men and let his will go into action. But before that a hard examination is still necessary; the fight must still first reach a culmination, which seems almost impossible, but which is of a complete short duration, lets, however, the depravity of men really become recognizable. Then the hand of God intervenes, and it commands a stop. A misery is ended but very soon replaced by another misery, which will press men not less, because the first one has not brought successes. Men themselves are the cause of all suffering, which comes over them, because they do not mend their ways, although they are admonished and warned again and again and again. But his will is done, and not human will determines the course of an event, although human will has caused it. And that is why no matter how careful the plan of men can be worked out, when it does not agree with the divine plan, it will not be able to get executed – God will correct it, and men will have to act according to his will. And men are now at the end of their work because the further course is determined by God himself although men believe to have initiated it. God’s will is decisive, and it will become recognizable shortly because a new fighting time takes its beginning, which does not have earthly, but spiritual aims as cause. B.D. NR. 3420.


3421 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Intervention of God. Plan from eternity.

29. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3421.

Through world events the spiritual low is to be removed, and the great misery is to contribute to the approach to God – therefore earthly events have the purpose to lead men to their actual purpose, to form them for the actual life some day in the spiritual kingdom. Therefore the entire events are according to the divine plan from eternity, although something will never find God’s approval what human will is to blame for, because it is obviously the work of his opponent. Nevertheless he also takes up this work into his eternal plan of salvation; he lets it happen, so to speak as start of all revolution in the time of the end. There can be only still one improvement for men when they change fundamentally, therefore strive for a higher state of maturity. And when the fate of the individual or the entire happenings in the world have brought in this higher degree of maturity to the soul, then it was not without success, and then even the opponent of God has indirectly contributed to it, that God gets his little sheep back, that they join him and are cared for by himself. And the soul is no longer hopelessly lost. And so everything in the entire universe serves and is subject to his eternal will. Therefore also the powers of darkness are subjugated to God, and consequently God himself determines the course of all that what takes place in the universe, no matter whether it is caused by good or evil will. God is just; he will never commend a bad thought or a bad act, but he lets them be executed so that men are to recognize that they are not wanted by God, that they feel the consequences of such thoughts or acts, to refrain from them out of free will. But he will constantly draw the attention of men to the wrong, and particularly in that way that he does not let the bad plans of men succeed. And so he also now again directs a plan, which is recognizable through human hate and will to destroy, towards a completely different end than men reckon. But he first only shows the depravity of those, so that men think things over, so that they make an effort to change, so that the spiritual low is removed and men come closer to God, who is to be their only aim on earth. Because even though free will is left to them, God still intervenes when this free will is abused and men get spiritually into danger through it. And such an intervention of God will also now direct world happenings into other courses because the will of men let them become a wrong, which clearly marks their depravity. But the misery on earth will not become less because it is necessary, because men do not change and must be brought into situations where they are supposed to and can seek the union with God so that their souls are rescued from greatest spiritual trouble. Because it is the time of the end, which is still to be used before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 3421.


3433 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Terrible events. Promise. Help.

8. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3433.

Great things are preparing themselves, and your heart will rejoice due to the truth of my word, although you will tremble about the terrible events, which now become revealed to the world. I initiate you into my plan by announcing to you that I now intervene myself before you, my believers, are drawn into these events. Therefore hear my voice: You will escape from every danger and still be in great danger because everything around you is in rebellion. But you will live like on an island under my care, and you will feel nothing of the goings-on of Satan – you will wait anxiously until help comes to you. Because now disaster overtakes those men whose hearts are ruled by Satan, who sacrifice the life of innumerable men for their shameful plans and execute a work of destruction without mercy, which can only still be ended through my intervention. Take this my word as comfort. I will rescue you out of all misery; therefore hope and wait and remain connected to me in prayer, and you will receive power to hold out until help comes to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3433.


3438 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

God’s brazen voice. Phase of the end.

16. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3438.

The greatness and omnipotence of God will be revealed at a time when men are completely without hope and bankrupt. Because God wants to show himself to all those who believe in him, are, however, too weak to represent their faith before the world. He wants to announce himself to his, who full trustingly wait for his help, and he also wants to shake up the unbelievers and still bring light to them in the darkness of the spirit. That is why he reveals himself loud and audibly. His voice sounds powerfully and cannot be missed because he speaks to men through the forces of nature in a way that all must hear him. Before he gives free rein to the will of men; he allows it that they rage against each other and become true devils, but he puts an end to their goings-on when they themselves have confessed to belong to Satan through their works. The will of men itself determines the time of his intervention, and the misery of those who are his finds an end through this. But the world will follow an event and full of horror waits for its end. But God wrecks a plan, however, to bring another to be carried out because he wants to prove to men his omnipotence and his justice, who believe in him. But the suffering and the misery does not come to an end, only that the believers are strengthened through the intervention of God and abandon themselves to God full of trust, i.e. devotedly they take on their fate in the hope that God will give them strength to bear everything what is imposed upon them. And the world events will change, and a completely different solution will surprise men who survive it. The hopeless will draw again new hope; the tiered will gather strength and become active, and to every man it will be distributed according to his desire – earthly and spiritual power, and the ascent will also be accordingly. Body and soul will seek their advantages, and blessed who uses this time for the salvation of his soul. Because now only still a short time remains till the end, and this time must be eagerly used by those who still suffer a low, which endangers their soul. But also the believers must demand much strength so that they pass their last earth life test, so that they stand firm and hold out until the end. Because the separation of the spirits requires a new fight, which is about spiritual goods only – the fight against the belief in Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. And the last phase of this redemption period is introduced through the intervention of God. Through it he will reveal himself to men; he will speak to them with a brazen voice, and happy the man who hears this voice, understands it and lets it go to the heart – happy the man who pays attention to world events and tries to explain them to himself spiritually – because the language of God will be comprehensible to him, and he will think of his soul before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3438.


4001 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Prediction, Tomahawk, Last Phase.

17. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4001.

There are higher laws that determine world affairs although human will has a great part in it. It is the lawmaker from eternity himself who directs everything and rules and who adjusts the effects of human will to fit his plan from eternity. And so seemingly the hatchet will be buried but the fire is not yet put out, it smoulders on to suddenly burst out as a mighty fire with devastating impact. And it comes true what has been predicted through the voice of the spirit. A new stage of life begins for men and hail to those who do not assess the worldly life too high, hail to those who have recognized the world of pretension and are not its slaves, hail to those who have knowledge about purpose and meaning of life on earth, who aim at something more than just the fulfilment of worldly lusts and pleasures. These will take up the struggle for survival that the coming times require. They will be and remain victors. Mankind will step into a new phase and a weighty struggle will start for the individual, he will have to go through great earthly miseries and spiritually come through the greatest struggle, the last fight of faith that precedes the last end. And this will come irrevocably as it is announced because the time has expired and the spiritual low calls for a halt, the last day will cut short the whole development of the spiritual on earth so that it can proceed on the new earth. Into this last phase mankind is entering now soon and world affairs will let the initiated that has spiritual knowledge know when it begins. Because before that the worldly events must take its course, the fire has to be kindled anew so that the misery reaches its height and the divine intervention is justified so that God himself reprimands the combatants and that he wrests the weapons from them and that he lets a great disaster come upon them all so that all men will look to those countries where God has spoken clearly. Because he himself will come out into the open and he will speak a language that everybody can understand who wants to understand it. And he also will reveal himself towards the believers, he will be with men in spirit, he will work among them and fill with power those who are full of faith. Because these will need his presence, they will require his help because the trouble of the time will also touch them and the fight against the believers will increase in severity the more the end approaches. The last phase will be of only a short duration but will exceedingly heavy weigh down on men und will be bearable only with God’s help. But everybody will come through this struggle who lives in God and with God, who loves him and his commandments because he is never alone and he will feel the presence of God and can always draw power from his word that he has given to men in his love so that they remain true to God and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4001.


4493 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler. Change.

23. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4493.

When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end. Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread because it sees no way out of the danger that is inevitable. And now you will be urged by me to speak because when everything is in commotion a great calm will seize you because you clearly recognize that the time is near where I myself appear and you therefore announce this to men that listen to you. Men will see themselves surrounded on all sides by enemies and will therefore have no hope for a peaceful solution. And that is why there will be enormous fear where no faith exists in the one who alone can help. And so they will only pay attention to the proceedings in the world. Men will anxiously try to provide for themselves because they see great earthly want happening, anxiously they will try to secure earthly goods and make arrangements to escape even though it seems to them to be hopeless. And only the believers remain sensible and I make use of them now to have an effect on the fellow humans that are unhappy and despairing in their unbelief. And I try again to bring myself close to them, I let my servants talk to them and speak myself through them words of love and of encouragement to them. I warn them to flee and to think of their bodily well-being; I represent the hopelessness of their intention to them and admonish them to hold out and to put their fate into my hands, and so everything takes its course. The fire is kindled and will not anymore be put out by men but I myself will extinguish it by opposing it with other elements by taking steps against those who are trying to tear each other apart. And my voice sounds from above. A natural disaster will hit the earth and tear apart the combatants; a power will oppose them that none of the fighters will be able to be equal to. This process will only last hours but creates a completely changed worldwide political situation, completely changed conditions, and at first a confusing chaos, greatest earthly misery and much unspeakable sorrow and trouble among men. But you all have to endure this because the end is approaching and many purification possibilities have to still be created because all men only have still a short lifespan and are to mature in shortest time. The end is nearby and when this time starts then you surely can also expect soon the last day and the last judgement so that comes true what is announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4493.


4556 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Care of the Father for His Servants.

2. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4556.

Only few let themselves be taught by me directly and I want to be a right father to these because I see their will that is for me and is ready to do everything for me. Little of earthly worries are to be put on them but for their own sake they will have to bear a fair bit of adversity but can also be certain of my help. And so the short time will pass until the deployment for me and my kingdom. But then the work for me will present ample compensation to them for that what they lack of earthly goods because they are set to their work with a will and are true living representatives of my word. In whatever situation in life you are you all will experience a overthrow, high and low, poor and rich will be affected by the consequences of my appearing through nature and each will form his further life himself through his attitude towards me. At first the misery will be almost unbearable but each one can experience help when he knocks at the right door as a petitioner, when he comes to me and asks me for advice and help. But he who wants to form his life anew without me will remain lying on the ground or will rise with the power from below and quickly reach the top. But they will be sorry because they have sold their soul for the sake of the short life that is left to them until the end. Who comes to me will not remain without help but the help is of different kind because all suffering is also to serve its purpose to help the soul to mature and for it earthly good living is no good. But for everybody the lot will be bearable who walks with me and always directs his steps towards me before he is worldly active that is demanded of him in every way. Therefore do not be afraid of the coming time, you who want to serve me and also you who believe and pay attention to my word from above, know, that my will lets everything come that way and that I well know about the trouble of the individual; know, that I protect all and stand helping by them that believe in me and want to be mine. And know that the time till the end is not anymore long and that you will experience the end the more mature the more you have been through suffering that will however always be bearable for you because I will be with you and remain till the end because I can speak to you in the word that will be a source of power for you in every spiritual and earthly trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4556.


4562 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Sudden Change. God's Call.

9. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4562.

You can definitely expect a sudden change because my word comes true in shortest time. And as I announce this to you in advance you can also adjust your life accordingly, you no longer have to over anxiously worry about the things of this earth that you will lose again if it is not my will that you keep them or that I give you when I consider it necessary. And I will fatherly look after everybody who works for me and give him what he needs for life. And he will follow me closer and closer and recognize me in the smallest events; he will never walk without me on this earth. Wait for the hour of your deployment and then be loyal workers for me. For the end is nearby. Always think of my word that I will not leave you in trouble because the whole world will be put into a restlessness that will also include you and that you are still not to be afraid of because you know me being around, because my presence protects you from every spiritual and bodily danger when you work for me. Who looks up to me his heart will have peace in it but all others will follow world affairs full of worries and fears and fear for their body, for their bodily wellbeing that seems to be endangered. But I again and again call out to you: Think of your souls. Seek to get things straightened out with your God and creator from eternity, hold onto his will, fulfil his commandments, and ask him for favour and mercy - then you do not have to fear whatever might come. Then help will always be there but without me you are at the mercy of all forces of darkness that assail you and unleash all bad desires in you for which misery is suitable when you have no love in you. Don't let my enemy gain the upper hand, flee to me when you are in danger of being defeated in the fight against him or call on me that I protect you from his temptations. A bad time is starting but I announce it before so that you believe in me and turn to me when you recognize the truth of my word. It is still the calm before the storm that you can put to extensive use, that you strengthen your faith, that you let me talk to you and you closely join me. But extremely quickly this will change and your peace will be badly shaken. And so you are to get again and again power from my word, you are not to slacken in your work for me and my kingdom, you are to work on your soul and wait in constant prayer so that you never walk on your own but tie me to yourself and be strong and invincible in my presence when my opponent wants to try out his power with you. For he will still make use of the time that is still left for him till the end to get you to fall away. And that is why I announce all this to you so that you know how to protect yourself, so that you flee to me who will help you always when you call on me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4562.


4760 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4760.

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.


5004 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5004.

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.


5126 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Trouble of the Latter Times. Many will still pass away.

7. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5126.

Only a short time is left for you for your redemption and if you do not make use of it extensively a terrible fate is destined to you. But I take care of the weak and undecided and help them to escape this trouble. Many souls will still leave their body before the last end comes because they would be unable to offer resistance in the last faith struggle and yet also are not to sink into the deep, i.e. not to belong to those that severely oppose me. First I will still undertake a great purge where still many souls will be purified or will be put out of action to prevent a complete falling away of these because I know their soul's condition and do not spoil what is still qualified for improvement in the hereafter. Only little time is left and will be very hard for all men except those who have devoted themselves to my opponent and are supported by him earthly in every way because they sold their souls to him. But I point out to you this time of trouble and when it comes you are to remember this announcement and draw strength and courage from it because at the same time I also promise you secure protection and rescue, you who want to belong to me. Men can only kill your body but they are unable to get at your soul and when I also promise you the protection of your bodily life, when I assure you of my help in every trouble, then you can expect without worry what is coming, you can let all events come up to you and look confidently ahead. I will always find a way out even if earthly there seems to be no help possible. Because I am the Lord who has power over life and death, I am the Lord over creation and of the kingdom of light and also of darkness. Nothing can happen without my will and my permission; but what happens is just for your and your fellow human beings salvation. It is still quiet and you men do not believe that you face great events; you men do not want to believe it that completely different living conditions will arise and that you have to summon up much strength and confidence to deal with all demands that you are up against on the part of the power that is hostile to me. But it comes true as it is written. The great tribulation will go over the earth and you will recognize that you live in the end of times where you have to prove yourself. But you will always find one who is prepared to help you. And when you believe in this one and out of a childlike heart ask him you will emerge out of every danger unharmed because I will come when the trouble is greatest and save you. And all trouble will be over because now the final separation of spirits takes place. And so you can no longer be harassed and lead a blessed life in paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5126.


5680 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Withdrawal to Stillness. Coming Unrest.

21. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5680.

There is still a time of peace where man can concern himself with spiritual questions in rest and contemplativeness, when he wants to. And so he only has to manage the fight with himself by switching off all earthly thoughts and be busy with what is useful for his soul by thinking about his purpose on earth, about his beginning and about his aim. Only in minutes or hours of turning away from the earthly world can he pursue such thoughts, and this turning away he is to seek often, the hour of silence, in which he can reflect on himself and work on himself. Not long anymore then he will be put into restlessness through world affairs so that the time of inner reflection becomes rarer and rarer. And the world will push its way forward and take up all his thoughts because things start happening very fast, because every person's attention is drawn to what happens in the world. And then it will be difficult to devote oneself to spiritual thoughts and it will already be highly thought of when man often only sends short thoughts upwards, to him, who directs the fate of all men, who also knows that world affairs take shape as they can be seen. Because to contact him will be exceedingly beneficial because then also strength comes flooding to man for the difficult struggle on earth and then he will always turn to where the author of power is, who also will constantly look after him. Because the lack of strength can only be redressed when the contact with the source of power is established, and lacking power will be felt by everybody in view of the events that threateningly and disturbingly roll on and exceedingly make necessary the contact with the creator and father from eternity. When man succeeds in withdrawing to silence and to commune with his God and creator, when he succeeds as a child to call the father and to ask him for strength and advice, earthly events will recede and lose some of their fright because then man noticeably feels the supply of power and calmness and peace enter his heart in the knowledge that nothing happens without God's will or his permission and that everything that does happen is therefore God's will or permission and can so also earn blessings for the soul. That is why men can only be given the earnest advice to often seek contact with God, to more and more often keep the hours of inner reflection and to establish a relationship between oneself and God that enables man to always turn to the father when he is in trouble. Who has committed himself as child to the father will also always again find a quiet hour because then God is already closer to man than the world and it will only be paid attention to insofar as it is necessary for the preservation of the life of the body. Nobody is to let the world get the upper hand - the fight always has to be for it and all the less also the world affairs will touch a man even when it is enormous for the environment and can trigger off the greatest restlessness. The man who contacts God, who often sends a thought up to him, he will also not let himself be held back through earthly events, to again and again fetch comfort, strength and advice from him, and this one alone overcomes the world, but this one has no need to fear the coming events, because he will be supplied with power unmeasured since he continuously remains in contact with the source of power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5680.


8317 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Fear and Misery. God's Intervention - Faith Struggle.

1. November 1962. B.D. NR. 8317.

You can also accept that with certainty, that you will soon enter into the last phase before the end. For the signs will be obvious, which were forecast in word and Scripture. But you will also in no way be forced to believe, for it is up to every man to give himself an explanation whether it concerns the truth or not. But whose thinking is spiritually aligned, he knows that a period of time now comes to an end, and he also knows that again a new one begins because still endless much spiritual has to be redeemed, which is partly bound, partly goes free over the earth for the purpose of the return to God. Everything will take place in legal order, both the dissolving of creation as well as new forming of the earth because God's plan of salvation is laid down since eternity. And you men of the end times will be allowed to take note of what lies ahead of you through the great favour of your God and creator. You will be initiated into his plan of salvation when you are willing to hear the truth about it, and you are therefore allowed to take his word, which informs you in all truth about everything, which concerns the act of creation and of becoming divine. For he does not want that you experience the end completely without knowledge, because you - as you just possess a little glimmer of knowledge - will also take care to fulfil your life's purpose, which exists in that, that you bring to an end the act of becoming divine in life on earth and you then therefore reach your aim. But your free will to stand in the truth belongs to that, and then you will also be able to believe everything, which is supplied to you men through the word of God from above. Then also a near end is believable to you and a complete change of earth, because your spirit then informs you about much, and all connections become clear to you. And so you will now also be able to follow the events of the world, which will begin to threaten the whole of mankind. You will follow the action of men against each other and the measures, which will be taken by all persons concerned to bring to bear their power. You will be put into greatest fear yourselves because a war of extermination of greatest extent threatens you men, and the fear of it will be great and only leave out the few who completely devote themselves to their God and creator, their father from eternity and that is why they will be led out of all misery. And his guidance will certainly be unusual because he himself will intervene. But the trouble is not going to become smaller but will still become much greater because now men will be up against a natural event, a raving of the elements, to which they are helplessly exposed and to which men cannot call a halt because now that power expresses itself, which is inherent in all power and to which the elements have to submit, as it is its will. And now a time dawns, which certainly can be considered to be the greatest tribulation, which ever affected this earth - but which again will not be felt by those as too difficult who are his because they are always allowed to experience God's unusual help. But who have no real contact with their God and creator, who have no faith in his love and wisdom, in his exceedingly great power, these will have to go through great misery because they do not call for the one who can help them in their trouble. They do not acknowledge him and are still of the same insubordinate spirit as they were at their falling away from God, and so they will again return to the deep from which they had already risen with the help of God and now only still had to pass the last test of will to become completely free of all sin. For in the last times a severe fight will break out against Jesus Christ whom you men will have to acknowledge as God's son and redeemer of the world, in which God himself became man - to now be able to go into the spiritual kingdom as redeemed. But the adversary of God will relentlessly challenge all who believe in him, and that is why every one of them will have to openly confess him before the world. And only those will be able to confess him, who accepted his word, which was passed on before to earth from above, because these recognize the truth, and they know who Jesus Christ has been and why he has to be acknowledged, and these will remain loyal to him until the end and belong to those who will be raptured when the day of the end will have come. The faith fight will still be the last test for you men, but which you can pass, you who walk in truth. And that is why God again and again passes his word to earth so that all men can be blessed with the truth to then also be able to represent it in the last faith struggle before the world because only truth informs them about Jesus Christ, and only faith in him will give you the strength to hold out until the end - until he will come himself to fetch you into his kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 8317.


8391 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Again and again error is to be corrected.

23. January 1963. B.D. NR. 8391.

Every spiritual orientated thought allows me to have an effect at and in you, and I can teach you; I can increase the light in you; I can administer food and drink to you and so draw you closer and closer to my heart because you have to come close to me yourselves to be able to receive out of my hands a delicious gift. And I still have to offer much to you; there is still much error in the world, which I would like to correct when I find open hearts that are prepared to hear me. For there certainly could not be such a great spiritual low when men would move in the truth, but error confuses their thinking, and they are therefore completely ignorant and that is why they also lead a complete wrong life. So much has been offered to men as truth, and without hesitation they accepted a knowledge, which started from my opponent, whose only endeavour it is to keep men in the darkness of the spirit. The free will of men itself gave him again and again the opportunity to bring untrue spiritual goods to them and to suppress pure truth. And when you men only consider one thing, into which absurd forms my legacy has been pushed, what garment was given to my pure Gospel, which I myself founded on earth. When only you think of in what schematic functions men see and acknowledge their church, how everything has become form, what is supposed to earn men eternal happiness - and when you consider how little men do themselves to get an inner light to recognize plainly and clearly what my will is and in which my church, which was founded by me, is made up of. Already through a long time they trot along as hangers-on in organisations and never once think of whether that can earn them an eternal happiness. And this indifference towards the most important, to fulfil the purpose of their life on earth, was brought about by my adversary, but men themselves conceded this power to him, and it is difficult to kindle a light for them so that they can see a proper picture of that, why they walk over earth. From my side again and again such a light has been kindled, and I have never left men to their fate, although free will had taken shape that way. But exactly free will has also again and again rejected me, and men stuck to wrong spiritual goods; they seized no opportunity to kindle a light for themselves, because the union with me got less and less, because they were not able to recognize me properly in the many heresies and the picture, which they received of me, was not suitable, to arouse love towards me in them. But they only had to ask whether a God of love, wisdom and power would have erected such a building, which was presented to them as church, which makes them happy. Every clear intellect, which would have checked in good will what is right to do before God, would also have recognized the absurd. But men drifted; only seldom a man reflected upon himself and thought individually because he desired truth. But the majority accepted everything without thinking as truth, and no matter how clearly the activity of the counter power was recognizable. And the more time passed, the less men dared to doubt the truth of that, what actually was a web of lies of greatest extent, otherwise the effect would not have been there that almost no man anymore possesses a living faith, which comes alive through love. For love was also taught but all other teachings were emphasized as being urgent - so that the web could last. But if love would have been preached as being urgent, then this alone would have been enough that light could have been kindled in the hearts of men, but which also would have meant the decline of a work of men, which is made out to be my work, but which can never be my will and my work, which emerges out of the low of men, as it is evident at the present time - in the time before the end. Again and again I explained what one has to understand under my church founded by myself. And also everywhere people will find themselves who belong to this my church. But exactly these will not be acknowledged because they possess the clear knowledge through their love and faith - the symbol of my church - that all worldly building up works, also when they believe to lead men to spiritual life, are not wanted by me. Because they rather hold people back from spiritual life than to encourage it. For lie and error can have no spiritually encouraging influence, rather only lead away from right belief and then just also make me out to be distorted towards men, as it is the intention of the opponent. But when men could free themselves from teachings forced on them, which never went out from me - they would yet go the direct way to me myself and closely ask me that I myself introduce them into all truth, that I help them to get to walk their way on earth according to my will. I will certainly leave no such request unanswered and help everyone to the light who only earnestly desires it. For every men should also consider that he is responsible for himself, that he cannot pass the buck to those who have taught him wrongly, for I step into everyone's way and bring myself so near to him that he could recognize me. For I only want that men pray to their God and creator, that they call on him as father and now also trustingly expect the father's help. And indeed, I will reveal myself to this child, and it will be able to acknowledge me, for the light, which I now kindle in him, will shine so brightly that no darkness, no doubt oppresses it any longer, and it will go the way, which leads to me, home into the father's house. Amen. B.D. NR. 8391.


8456 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

2. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8456.

Still often the opponent will try to run against the wall of faith, and he will try to also shake the faith of those who have found me and which he hopes to bring round again. And again it is only about that the faith of a man has become alive because he then can convincingly speak of knowledge and he does not only need to believe something for which he has no proofs. Living faith gives a man the inner assurance, and he no longer doubts, but he is already so united with me that he has the clearest proof of my presence, that his thinking is enlightened und such a faith can no longer be shaken. But there my opponent will still be able to succeed where a man seeks to determine the connections rationally, where he - i.e. the intellect - builds up on wrong spiritual goods, which he now considers to be the fundamentals and represents them also as truth. Wrong thinking is then also the result of it, and this can only then be directed rightly when a man begins to doubt the spiritual goods which he possesses. He must ask to get an answer, and he must ask this question in a sense of complete ignorance, which then lets him humbly come to me. When you men would know how far away you still are from the truth and how only few men accept the favour of my direct instruction from above - then you would also recognize with fright the great might of the prince of darkness, but which you men grant him yourselves. Because you are filled with no great desire for truth, which would push you towards me, so that I give you the truth myself. You know it that the lie and the error are the strongest weapons of the opponent, but you do not protect yourselves from it, by approaching me for support. You cannot become a slave to this error when the pure truth would earnestly matter to you. And even when the truth is brought to you, you are still not prepared to give up your wrong spiritual goods, and the truth cannot take root in you; you hinder the effect of light yourselves, because you are not prepared to leave darkness and go after the light. You cannot be enlightened against your will. When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors. I foresaw it that men were led completely wrong and were themselves too weak to free themselves of the confusion of erroneous teachings; I knew it that exactly there my opponent had to record many successes where allegedly the foundation has been laid by myself. For he succeeded in distorting all my teachings. And so a building up work came into being, which never had and could have me as a master builder, that I could never take part in a work where obviously my opponent had pushed his way in, because everything I taught on earth was distorted. And now spiritual goods are represented which have not taken their beginning from me, but are the work of men - the results of a confused rational thinking, over which my opponent has control. But I could not prevent it because I do not act against the free will of men. But the few, who earnestly strove for truth and who recognized me as eternal truth, were always supplied with the pure truth, and every willing man could accept it and also reach spiritual maturity. But that building up work continued to remain, and it was supported by all those who acknowledge it and never earnestly deal with the spiritual goods which are presented to them, but which they would recognize as wrong with earnest will, because they would never be able to acknowledge an utmost perfect being as author, as founder of such church, when only their thinking is good and just. Endless love, unsurpassable wisdom and power must always be recognizable, and where this is not the case, it is impossible that I could have been at work myself, but there my opponent always has his hand in it, and he will certainly always increase darkness and won't have it that his followers try to free themselves from him. That is why you, my servants on earth, are not to be surprised, when my opponent again and again succeeds that error is defended by men who are still not yet able to believe livingly enough and therefore still apply too much the intellect instead of listening to the heart, which indeed would teach them something else. The structure, which has been erected by the opponent, is not that easily pulled down, because it finds strong support in all those who still do not recognize him, and that is why they also accept everything as truth without earnestly examining it. But the will of men is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 8456.


9025 in 1. Struggle Between Nations

World fire – natural disaster. Decision.

1. August 1965. B.D. Nr. 9025.

Nothing will remain hidden to you who have offered yourselves to serve me because the last events are so violent that you cannot be let remaining in ignorance about it, and that especially then when I want to speak to all men through you. And that is why you are also to find out that only a small impulse is needed to trigger a catastrophe, which can first be regarded as pure worldly, which is the signal for the now following natural disaster, which certainly no man’s will triggers, but which still is the result of human will insofar as this will trigger a world fire, which can be stopped by nothing but my will. And because mankind always only pays attention to world affairs, something has to happen, what is inexplicable to them – the eyes of worldly men have visibly to be drawn to my intervention, and all human plans have to step back in view of the discovery that something prepares itself in the cosmos through which every man can be affected at last. Therefore, men have to learn to fear God, but not human adversaries. And whether it is also up to every individual to believe in a God or not, that cosmic event is still greater and more life threatening than the world fire, which now steps into the background. Because now the spiritual attitude towards the creator and keeper of all things decides whether and how the natural disaster has an effect. Whether you believe it or not, this event comes towards you with gigantic steps, and only a short time still separates you from it, and you, who know about it, you are to draw the attention of every one of your fellow beings to what lies ahead for him, also when you find no faith, but the events will attest to it. For also the end comes closer and closer. This natural disaster is only a last sign for it, but who will let himself still be influenced by it? Men will always only see a natural disaster in this and will not be able to recognize a connection with the spiritual state of men – except the few whose spirit is awakened, but who will not get through and speak in vain to still warn men of the last end, which they now approach inevitably. Do not let the signs pass unnoticed for you for they admonish all of you that you live in the times of the end, and think of that only a short time remains for you where you have to decide to go the way towards me, who can and will rescue you in all misery – or again strive for the opponent who wants to ruin you again for endless times. Because of free will you cannot know about the day and the hour, but I can always only tell you for certain that no longer much time remains for you. But world affairs will touch you all, and that is why you pay little attention to what I am telling you. And with all violence it will descend upon you so that you will not know how you are to protect yourselves. But let the one thing be told to you that only I myself can offer you protection, that you have to resort to me to be led through all dangers and sufferings of the body and the soul. And when you men would just see the one thing from that, that a higher power is at work and that you have to call upon this higher power, otherwise you are irretrievably lost because my opponent will once again apply all power to get you into his hands. And who in the short time until the end no longer decides himself in favour of me, he will then also be bound in matter, and he will have to go again an endless long way through the creations of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 9025.


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