Here prophecies regarding the last times are quoted.

This is the chapter "Introduction" of "Redemption Period".


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We are living now in a time that lies before the end of the current redemption period. The end of it is the time the Bible calls the last days. It is a time of anxious suffering and misery. Our time now is a time before the storm. It is a quiet time and a time of prosperity. Interesting of course is what will come after it. We will have a look at these more interesting times but the main purpose is to get some idea about a whole redemption period and what it is all about and how to perceive a redemption period in the whole scheme of things – in the context of being a part of the whole creation.

A main purpose of studying information about the last days is to strengthen the faith of the believer because when he observes the events that are happening around him and he then compares them with what he knows about the last days and finds significant agreements then his faith will obviously receive a boost and he will become much more sure about his beliefs and about his whole life.

The current redemption period is the one in which we live now. I will not describe it here and also not go into the beginning of it or any other details but only touch what lies ahead, the end of it, and then come to the next redemption period and follow it until the end. This gives us some idea how the end of this redemption period will look like and we will also touch on the beginning, the duration, and the end of the coming one. These details do not mean that they are representatives of other redemption periods. Other redemption periods - of the past and of the future - might be quite different from the one we consider here. So there is for example a difference between the beginning of the present redemption period and the beginning of the next one; the human race of the present one started with Adam and Eve and the next one will start with the saints that were raptured to paradise and then come back to the new earth.

The end of a redemption period can be expected when a spiritual awakening is not anymore to be expected. Mankind has reached a low and does not recognize it and therefore also does not change.

The end of a redemption period will be determined by men. When we read the Bible then we might get the impression that God is the determining factor who will decide when the end has to come. But the spiritual condition of man is the cause of what is going to happen. What then happens when the conditions reach a certain point is written down. That is what God has predetermined. So the world events, which are the result of men’s actions, will mark the turn of the era. What is going to happen on earth will be the consequences of what man does. The decline and fall of the world situation is just the effect that the spiritual low will bring. It will determine the course of the events. All men have to be the ones who suffer in order to bring a still possible improvement of their spiritual condition. The spiritual low can be recognized by observing the misery and sorrow that we have on earth, the atrocities which are committed by men, the immense destructions that are the expressions of the will of men. We first have to do something about the spiritual low. Only when this has been done can we expect that earthly events and conditions move in bearable ways. Suffering can only then diminish when every one of us strives to direct his life towards a way that is pleasing to God – the Way. I must be endeavouring to work on myself and on my soul. I must be willing to lead a life that is active in deeds of love.

Now the question is, has such a spiritual low developed? How real are these trends that cause all the suffering?

When I observe world events then I might see a situation in Europe, for example, where in the 1970s and the 1980s we had so many dictatorships that it was difficult to count them all. Now, only one or two decades later, there is hardly one authoritarian regime left. Many people gained freedom. Is this a sign that a better spiritual state has been achieved? Has the spiritual state of the individual changed – changed for the better? Has the suffering become less? Has the political freedom that was gained been used to gain freedom for the soul? In many cases it certainly has. But has may be the political materialism just changed into a materialistic craving for consumer goods? Was may be the persecution of people due to their beliefs a reason for them to be stronger in their faith? When I look at Europe and look at the whole picture this continent reveals during the last century then I see two world wars there that caused immense suffering and damage and not only there but this suffering was felt nearly everywhere on the surface of the earth; and may be even three world wars when I take the cold war also into account. And this third world war also caused much suffering, may be not so much in Europe itself, but what about the rest of the world, what about a continent like Africa for example where the suffering that was caused by the cold war was extensive and is still felt? And the so called cold war was in reality a very hot war in many parts of the world, only in Europe and in America it was called a cold war because for the people there the hot wars were far away and they only felt the political pressure, but not the bombing and shooting. So when I look at the century that lies behind us then the picture is not too good. What men have done to each other was terrible. If I then look at the past millennium then it gives a picture of pure escalation of atrocities. What people under the leadership of Stalin and Hitler and Mao and the rest of them have done was hardly imaginable to the people of earlier centuries. When I look at the twentieth century then the previous millennium seems to display a picture of growing and escalating suffering, suffering caused by men, suffering that culminated in the last century of that millennium.

What about the effect of things like violent games and movies, pornography, horror films, etc. on areas that previously were relatively free from such things?

What about the obsession with making money? It seems to increase everywhere, probably especially in areas where it previously had been considered as not kosher or futile.

Just consider the increase of these last few plagues we mentioned and size up their impact.

So where are we going? What kind of impact has the spiritual awakening? Is the effect of this lessening the effect of all the negative things we just had a look at?

Is this spiritual awakening more a sign that the times of the end have arrived? Is it an awakening like the awakening that was caused by John the Baptist before Christ’s first coming?

Just look at Christianity, or so called Christianity. What happens to all the people who become spiritually alive due to the efforts of our sisters and brothers? How many of them are ending up in denominations and there die a slow spiritual death?

May be the world is just waiting for a man like antichrist who will allow them to openly voice their hatred for God. May be that aspect of our reality is really what it comes down to. Just watch when a personality arises that is known to be a confessing Christian and how such a person is watched by everyone and then judged and condemned and then vilified without much reason.

Just imagine a person appearing in public leadership who gives the impression that he might bring liberty and new ideas and new things and changes and being of a direction that makes it easy to anticipate negativity. How people all over will be looking forward to elevate him and getting him into a position of power and influence. And in no time the whole world will suddenly have turned around and the fight against God is everybody’s business.

So looking at the picture that the previous millennium represents we are in a situation that is deteriorating at a quite fast speed. To sum up the evaluation we have to come to the conclusion that the end might be very near.

So the individual should make an effort to save himself and his soul as well – before the coming of the end. Every single person can do this and bring about a spiritual change in his life. The only thing he has to do is to want it. He just has to want to increase in knowledge. He just has to want to fulfil his life’s purpose. He just has to want to not oppose God. He just has to want to be accessible to instruction and advice. If he starts to want these things then God will come to his side and will favour him and bless him because God will help everybody whose thinking is right and who has the will to come to God. And that is the reason why God again and again speaks to us about the last days and why he draws our attention to the signs that will happen, so that when they happen people will be wondering and then recognize the truth of what has been written down by the seers and by the prophets and that they then take to heart what they receive as teachings from God. Everybody is himself responsible for his life. And when the whole world melts away, the individual can save himself out of such a situation. He can escape from inevitable judgement because he can himself decide what is going to happen to him. He can always run to God. His will to do so is all what is required. His will is free. He can run to God just as well as he can run away from God.   And that is the reason that man should recognize by the signs of the time the great danger he is in and save his soul. So he should do something before the last day has arrived. The reason why God does not let us know when these times arrive is that we immediately get started on the task of our transformation. Man must be keen and strive for spiritual development and put this first and foremost and earthly pursuits must remain of secondary importance. He must be working on himself and he must do it as if every day would be his last on earth. He must be led from his inside and be open to guidance from God. He must be turned towards God and be full of love – also towards his neighbour. This will prevent him from being part of those who will perish during the last days – Divine Judgement. He will belong to those who are the chosen ones and will be raptured. The majority does not take notice of any pointer towards the end of times. Their wrong way of living is shown them, but to no avail. The end will come as a surprise to them. They don’t take note of the signs of the time. They are just worldly and not open to spiritual teaching. They do not care for their soul. They say no to a life after death. And they are the ones who bring about the end. They are spiritual so underdeveloped that they not only have come to a standstill but they are actually degenerating. They are the immediate cause for the complete reshaping of the earth. They are not making any contact with the spiritually evolved beings and are dragged down by the forces that want to keep them away from God. And these evil forces are winning because all the thoughts and wishes of such people are geared towards the increase of earthly possessions, a life of luxury, worldly pleasure and enjoyment. And that is why this earth stops to exist in this form. Men might not be directly involved in this destruction of the present form of the earth but their wrong way of living is the reason for it. Their lifestyle opposes completely the will of God and this brings the time that makes an end to their life.

A war will be the first major action of the last days. Wars have marked the history of mankind and this war will probably not be recognisable – to the uninformed - as the war that initiates the end of times. This war seems to be without political solution and without end and only the way this war is brought to an end will really shake everybody up. Informed observers will recognize it as the first stage of the end of the redemption period. The sudden and supernatural way that brings an end to this war will be the first major sign. Now the purpose of this writing here is to provide some indications to help the reader to recognize what is going on as that what it really is. Mankind is not supposed to know when the end of times is going to come. So all we can do is to observe what is happening and draw our conclusions. To have some knowledge about these things will obviously be very necessary. The thing we must know is that the end is near. It is a continuous theme in the Bible and also in revelations that came thereafter. It helps our weaknesses. We all know that we have to die. But that does not seem to help a lot of us. We all know that we could be called up anytime. But also that does not seem to impress too many. Most of us seem to think that such an event is rather for other people, not for them. Most of the people even seem to think that also dying is for others and not for them. And therefore God probably seems it necessary to have a further incentive to keep us on our toes and to remind us of our real target: spiritual development of our soul. And so he wants us to be prepared for the last days - for the end of the world. Now a real spiritual person should have no problems with all of this. He should be prepared for anything at all times. He should always be ready to go up to heaven, to meet his physical end, to meet his maker. The change for the better of the style of life should come from one's own free will. If we would know when the end is to come we would too much be in a position where we are forced to change. So therefore we do not know the hour and the day of the end, of our personal end and also not of the end of the world. Our job is to recognize what is going on by the signs of the time. This also helps us to develop spiritually, to increase our knowledge of spiritual things, to study and show ourselves approved. To say that expecting the end of the world has been done for so long and it never happened so why should it happen now, is a little bid dangerous because there will be always the thought left: how do I know that it is not going to happen while I am alive. So we don’t know. And that is one of the reasons to be prepared.

If the end is now to be expected quickly or not so quickly is actually irrelevant because every day is important and should therefore not be taken lightly, nobody should put off until tomorrow what he can do already today. Important is to live so that the end does not take a man by surprise so that it finds him completely unprepared and he now has to fear it. So if somebody fears the end then it is a good sign that he is not prepared.

God does not tell us when the end will be. Always and constantly we must reckon to live in the time that precedes the end.

The hour will come as a surprise – even for those who are in the know.

Who does not expect the end soon will not seriously work on his soul and this is the purpose of announcing the end again and again that men make an effort to change and they can only do this when they are permanently busy and work on their soul and keep the nearby end in their range of vision.

So we don’t know when it is going to happen. But the duration of the end of times will probably be only a few months, and with the end times is meant the period of severe persecution just before the final judgment. And that is another reason to be very prepared because to change old bad habits will be a problem when the time is short and additionally full of troubles and challenges. Tending to matters of the soul can only really be done when we are locked up in our little closet. Spiritual development takes time. I have to work on that. So it is highly recommendable to not leave the most important thing in life for the last moment. We don’t train a soldier when the battle begins. An exceptionally severe war against our faith will be waged.

Now follows a prophecy from Bertha Dudde which gives us a good overview of the events of the latter times and as we are here dealing with the introduction to our subject, because the latter days are a prominent section of the redemption period, it is here the right place to quote this prophecy.


Introduction 3209

Signs of the last days. Fight against spirituality. Chaos.

1. and 2. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3209.

To want to determine the time of the spiritual turning point would not be beneficial to mankind as an exact knowledge about it is an interference with free will because then man would feel to be urged to change his way of life when the predetermined time draws near. But this is not according to the will of God that men get informed in advance when the day and the hour has come when he sits in judgement on them, but they are only to know that the end is near and to recognize this end by the signs of the times. But when believing men ask him for insight he will answer them as it furthers the salvation of their soul. The last judgement is preceded by the end-time and this comprises a period of just a few months which are marked by an extremely severe fight against spirituality. When the war against spirituality will be made quite openly, when all secrecy is disregarded and action is taken against all spiritual striving openly and ruthlessly and orders and decrees are issued that outlaw all spiritual striving for men, when also none of the divine commandments are anymore respected and when a persecution against all believing men will start and when they are not anymore granted any rights, then the end-times has entered the final phase and the last judgement is to be expected any day and hour. But before this war against faith will break out, mankind will be in a spiritual and earthly chaos; only decline will be detected everywhere whatever is taken into consideration. And this decline will be caused by men who are dominated by Satan. It will be expressed by earthly destructions and devastations, decrees that lack love, a lifestyle adverse to God, rebellion and outrage against ruling authority and brutal suppression by this, restriction of personal liberty and evasion of law and justice. This state of affairs however will occur after a powerful earth upheaval that will take place by the will of God to bring a struggle between nations to a close that human will does not end. For the affected people this earth upheaval will mean a change of their usual life, a time of greatest restraint and hardest living condition, and this time will be well suited for the spreading of the divine word, but will definitely not mean an upturn for a worldly churchy power. But men will be very busy striving for an earthly improvement of their living conditions. These efforts will however not be agreeable with spiritual striving, the belief in a power that calls them to account and the divine commandments that demand love. And therefore everything will be attacked that is in the way to restore the old good living.

And that is why the war against faith will commence not long after the divine intervention that directs world events into different channels. The events will quickly follow one after the other because the spiritual low of men is accelerating them and the spiritual low is recognizable by the uncaring actions of men, their thinking that testifies to their deepest corruption and prepares acts that are to be addressed as being satanic. And by this you men will recognize the time where God’s intervention is to be expected. By the world affairs themselves you will be able to do the timing, by the acts that men are capable of doing you will see that they have completely left God and this will clearly refute the opinion that a spiritual flourishing is still to be expected of this humanity. Those men who remain faithful to God will strengthen their close relationship to him; they in fact will be his church that will assert itself through misery and hardship. The band of those is however small, but the world denies God, is hostile towards everything that is for God, and this spiritual misery is typical of the near end. Therefore pay attention to the signs of the time, pay attention to the behaviour of humanity, to their falling away from God and their inclination to the world, as men are obviously under the influence of Satan, as they are in bondage to him and do everything that violates divine commandments, as nothing is sacred to them neither the life of the fellow human being nor his belongings; as the lie is very successful and the truth becomes unpopular, you know that the end is not far away. You will then be able to observe the events as it is prophesied to you because it will all take place in the age of a man who is accelerating as it were the dissolving, who pays tribute to the destructive principle, who is therefore not constructive but destructive. And with the end of this man also the end of the world has come, i.e. the end of the earth in its present form and the end of men who live on the present earth, who are outside of those who belong to God. And so you know that no long time will pass, that no long period of time is given to you, that the end is approaching quickly. And that is why you have to prepare yourself you have to live as if every day is the last one, because you do not know when you will pass away and if you will experience the end on earth. But when you are needed as fighters of God during the time of warfare then God also directs your thinking right and you will recognize when the time has arrived – the time of the divine intervention through the triggering of the elements, the time of the spiritual warfare and the time of the last judgement. God wants that you call men’s attention and so he will also enlighten your spirit and direct this thinking so that you will recognize what is right and only voice and impart to people that what has been recognized as being right. Amen. B.D. NR. 3209.


This prophecy of Bertha Dudde is very detailed and informative and highly interesting. It is worth being studied again and again.

From this prophecy I have come to the following list of events as I have interpreted this prophecy.


Here is the list:

Sequence of Events of the End-Times

1. Struggle between nations
2. Earth Upheaval
3. Chaos
4. Fight against spirituality
5. Last days
6. Last judgement
7. New earth
8. New redemption period


We probably have to examine this list as we go along and monitor what really happens when we observe the different events of the end-times. As we witness what happens certain details might become clearer to us.

There are three persons that are major figures in these last days and their appearing and also their disappearing again is not in all cases clearly tied to the events. Jesus Christ’s second coming has probably already started a long time ago and will become more distinct as things develop. The high point of his presence will be the rapture and the Day of Judgement. The appearance of antichrist will probably be one of the first things that is going to happen; this prophecy of Bertha Dudde is indicating this. His disappearing will be on the Day of Judgement. The forerunner of the Lord will come and go as well; he might exist already as a person. And so might antichrist already exist as a person and he might have been born many years ago.


It is quite important to understand the spiritual reasons for the existence of creation and also for the existence of redemption periods and of the beginning and especially of the ending of them and therefore we are going to have a look at the following prophecies by Bertha Dudde. They also provide very helpful information how to prepare for the end.


Introduction 2212

Spiritual decline.

15. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2212.

Men of the present do not recognize where they drift. They live and are still dead in spirit. They find no connection with God because they do not seek him. The earthly world means everything to them, but their course of thought does not go beyond this. And that is why every day is used in vain in a spiritual sense – the upward development is called into question, even a spiritual step backwards is often noticeable, which has an enormous serious effect. And whether men are also pointed to their actual assignment on earth, they do not listen to such ideas because again the world and its demands alone seem to be important to them. And therefore their earthly walk is unsuccessful; for these men earth is not that what it is supposed to be. And God’s love and wisdom does not allow that men misuse their earth life, that they give it another purpose than God has determined, because his orders are wise and unsurpassable. But when man no longer recognizes the wisdom of God, then he also ignores his orders, and this can only lead to the downfall of that what is supposed to develop upwards. But an upward development can only then happen when man gets in touch with the spiritual and leaves the world unnoticed. But mankind is de-spirited; it hastens and chases after earthly aims; it is unable to a spiritual connection because it is not willing, because to strive for the spiritual seems to be worthless to it because it brings no success. And this is spiritual decline – this is a state which God does not look at idly, but which he tries to rectify by him shaking up men from the spiritual lethargy through events, which strongly shake the thinking of men. God has all power, and he will certainly also prove to men his power, so that they recognize him and seriously try to think about the meaning and purpose of earth life. And therefore he first takes from men that what claimed their thinking up to now – earthly goods and earthly pleasures. On the transitoriness of it they are first to recognize the worthlessness and after times of disappointment to think about the only valuable – about the relationship of man to God. He tries to awaken in them the desire for the everlasting goods, by him abandoning all that to decline, what up to now ruled their thinking. And that is the purpose of the coming events, which God must inevitably let come over men, so that they still make use of the rest of their life for the salvation of their souls, which up to now had to do without all care. Amen. B.D. NR. 2212.


Introduction 3422

Suffering – means of favour

30. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3422.

The time of the end full of favour is not recognized as such by men because they do not know about the blessing of suffering; they do not know that suffering is also a favour through which the soul still can be rescued, which is far from God and cannot reach its aim for ever when it does not decrease the distance to God through work of love. And love-work can be the result of great suffering. God gives men the opportunity to practise love because suffering takes shapes that fellowman is prompted to works of love when he is not completely hardened. What a man would not do automatically in a time of ordered circumstances, that he can still do out of his own drive in the face of over-great trouble. He can take care of fellowman and stand by him helpfully; the little flame of neighbourly love can be ignited in him, and then his soul has drawn greatest advantage out of earthly trouble. God is constantly intent on still leading the souls to higher maturity or to put them into that state that their soul cover dissolves, so that before the end of the days it at least can enter into the state of knowledge into the kingdom on the other side or joins the small community out of its own initiative, which holds out until the end in faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. When man reaches this aim through suffering then suffering is for him the last rescue; it is a favour, which is still granted to him shortly before the end. Because without suffering he remains in the state of being far from God, because love does not become active in him. The means, which God applies to help the souls of man, must be particularly sharp before the end when they are not to be without effect. And men in their spiritual blindness only see the sharpness of those means, but not their blessing. But when they are placed into a light state through works of love, they have entered the group of the fighters of Christ, then they look back upon the days of their bodily trouble full of thanksgiving; they recognize the purpose and the blessing of the suffering and also the love of God, which is always intent on the maturation of imperfect souls. The time until the end is not anymore long, but men stand so low in their spiritual development that they need a considerable longer time to make up for it. Consequently they must go through a school, in which they can mature quicker when they pass every life test, when they use every opportunity. They must pass a fire of purification, the cover of their soul must be melted through suffering and love, then it is possible that they still perfect themselves in this short time so that they belong to those in the end who fight for Jesus Christ. And then eternal happiness is secured to them. And the sooner a man practises love out of free will, to which the suffering of fellowmen is supposed to drive him, the easier bearable the latter will seem to appear, because when the actual purpose is reached through suffering, the sooner man therefore uses favour, the sooner this can also be taken from him. Only in the spiritual kingdom the favours of the end-time will be recognized properly, because man as such does not have the overall view on earth; he does not recognize the great spiritual misery; he does not know in which danger he is when he fails, and what enormous concept it is to have to live through a further development period. This recognition will only be granted to him in the spiritual kingdom, and then he will be thankful for every help, which was allotted to him in form of suffering on earth. Only then will he recognize which measure of favour God has granted to men on earth and that without suffering it was never ever possible to reach the aim. But as long as he lives on earth, the opportunity for the ascent development of his soul is offered to him, and so long also favours are available to him. And suffering is one of the greatest favours, because it is the most effective means to educate man to love activity. And that is why God applies this means before the end has come to still win souls for his kingdom, to help them that they do not get lost for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3422.


Introduction 3423

Progress of misery. Places of peace.

31. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3423.

Men have wrong hopes when they expect improvement from the coming time because it will be bearable for only few men. Only those men who are joint to me through prayer and love-work will be burdened less; the others on the other hand must go through a time of renunciation and most severe life-struggle to prepare themselves for the last earth life test, for the fight against faith. Misery and affliction before is to have the effect that they call me, that they learn to recognize me, that they than remain loyal to me and enter the group of my fighters. As soon as they are joined to me, misery and affliction will be relieved; by virtue of their faith they will overcome all weaknesses, and I will provide them with all alleviation when they have to endure the former for fellowmen’s sake. And that is why in the middle of the greatest misery also a quiet island of peace can be; in the middle of human devils also men joined to God can live, who the former cannot harm, because a thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings. And therefore there will be places everywhere where my love and favour rules in contrast to those where my opponent has his way and where therefore no peace and no rest can arise. But I myself form the places of peace for me because I know mine and will make their life bearable any time. And these places are also to be recognized by fellowmen as places of peace because I want that they take refuge there in trouble and receive words of comfort and strengthening from those who themselves live in peace and can also now hand out such by them passing on my word, by them awakening faith in my wisdom, love and omnipotence. Because this faith marks the places of peace. But it will be represented very little under mankind, and that is why also only seldom a refuge of peace can come into being because mankind no longer recognizes me, and it is far from me. And where I cannot dwell myself, there is no peace, no happiness and no light. And the world will carry on being in darkness and earthly trouble despite the ending of a fighting phase, which has brought bitter suffering upon men because they themselves are not willing to accept instruction from the side of those who permanently draw wisdom out of the union with me. And that is why the time of trouble is not finished so soon although the earthly fight approaches its end. Because only to him who aims at me can I give and create an easy existence for him. But for the greatest part of mankind earth life still remains a severe struggle until they yield to me and make my will to theirs. B.D. NR. 3423.


Introduction 3496

Signs of the End-time.

24. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3496.

Pay attention to the signs that will increase and which announce the near end and you will recognize in what phase of the last days you are in. You should not let worldly events cloud your spiritual vision but should establish a connection between them and the spiritual low, which marks the behaviour of men in the latter days. The uncaring actions of men against each other reveal that low which is the immediate reason that the redemption period is brought to a close. But at the same time the spiritual low of men lays open the deepest darkness in them, complete turning away from God, from spiritual striving and therefore also ignorance that they are living in latter times, that the end is not anymore far. But you who strive and try to fulfil divine will, who lead a spiritual life beside the earthly, you are to pay attention to the signs and prepare yourselves for the end. And daily you will go deeper into spiritual truths, you will grow in understanding and the connections between current events and the eternal plan of God’s salvation will become comprehensible to you. And in worldly events you will also recognize the rule of God, who uses everything, also the greatest suffering, as a remedy so that it can still be a blessing for the individual. God has always mentioned these times, he has pointed out to men the times of the end and predicted their signs through seers and prophets – not to determine in advance the earthly course of world events but to illustrate to men the spiritual want which is also cause of earthly suffering, of chaos and of worldly decay. The spiritual want is to be recognized and it is to be opposed. The spiritual want however is to be recognized by the signs of the time. And therefore you are to watch out for these signs and you are to know that you are to apply all your care towards your souls and the souls of the fellow human beings. For they are in greatest danger. During the times of the end the soul will have to suffer privations due to the exaggerated care for the body, it will even completely be kept away from spiritual striving and from God himself by forces opposed to God. And in this time of spiritual want the enemy of God has great power over souls, but the will of men himself can break this. And that is why the times of the end are permanently mentioned and why the attention is directed towards the signs so that the will of man is urged to resist so that man sees the danger in which the soul is and so that he learns to believe that God has put an end to the earth when the spiritual low has arrived which testifies to the complete affiliation to God’s enemy. You are to observe the signs that announce the near end and you are not to carelessly walk past but you are to prepare yourselves because the end will be terrible for all who are not listening to the warnings and admonitions coming from God and who are heading for their spiritual and bodily downfall. Amen. B.D. NR. 3496.


Introduction 3513

Last phase before the end.

14. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3513.

Mankind has now entered a development phase which is extremely significant because it precedes the last end according to God’s purpose from eternity. Complete spiritual blindness marks the last time before the end. Men are in fullest ignorance about their earth life purpose and their task; they foster no spiritual connection at all; they stand far from God through lack of care and their complete wrong thinking; their care is meant for the world, the achieving of earthly goods, and the spiritual life is totally disregarded. It is therefore no time of ascent development but a standstill has occurred, which changes to degeneration of the spiritual, which stays on earth in this last time as man. The earth as development station of the spiritual has so to speak become invalid, and this is a state which cannot have a long duration because according to God’s eternal love and wisdom only a permanent further development is to take place and he therefore creates again a new possibility which guarantees this further development. It is a time of greatest spiritual blindness, which can also hardly be removed because the will of man itself resists when light is brought to him. Because in the darkness in which they stay will-o’-the-wisps flash, towards which men aim at. It is the world with its brightness which they long for and which imprisons their thinking completely. With the spiritual standstill, with the degeneration of all spiritual development men will recognize how near the end is provided they are associated with God and with the spiritual eye pay attention to world events. They will know that the coming of the Lord is no longer far. But they have to pass a hard time of fighting because it is essential to achieve a separation of spirits. The wheat has to be separate from the chaff; he who has still not completely decided must realize where his will strives to. The last fight must be fought out, which will be extremely hard. But those will emerge as victors who carry God in the heart because God is always near them; he himself leads them through this fight. There are only few men, but these stand in the light; they are knowing and also draw power from the knowledge for the last resistance against the enemy of their souls. And therefore light is fighting against darkness. When this fight is taking place openly then the coming of the Lord is to be expected daily because the misery will be great for those loyal to God, and in the greatest trouble he will appear as rescuer and fetch them home into his kingdom. And the earth in its present shaping has fulfilled its purpose. It will be destroyed in its outer form through God’s will and completely changed to again being able to take up its function as education station for the spiritual according to God’s plan full of wisdom. Men of the present time stand already in this last phase of development, and therefore the end is no longer far. But God’s infinite love and patience always still forgives; he still gives to men every conceivable possibility to step out of darkness into the gleam of light of his love. But the end comes inevitably because men do not respect his love and care because they are farer from God than ever. But he who joins him he can expect the end without worry; he will not go down because God protects his soul, and he also takes over care for his body as it best serves his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3513.


Introduction 3692

Earthly precautions are useless for catastrophe.

20. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3692.

You have to completely separate yourselves from the world when you are to be filled with my power and want to become aware of this power. And so in hours of trouble you will also be only then strong when you are able to leave all worldliness unnoticed and turn yourselves with all your thoughts completely to me. I will take special care of those who seek this close connection in hours of extreme trouble because they prove to me their faith that I will never disappoint. And you yourselves cannot ward off anything what I allow to come upon you and so all efforts are fruitless that you undergo for the sake of your bodily well-being. To direct your senses towards me and to faithfully expect my help is much more valuable because it earns you certain success and I protect your body and the soul due to you being faithful. And when I express myself through the elements then I will still send you first unmistakable signs of the approach of a catastrophe and then you are to remember my word. You are to collect yourself in prayer and all that you do is to be for your spiritual well-being, do not worry about your body but only seek to establish the close connection to me so that I can have an unhindered effect on you and can guide you without finding any resistance due to earthly distraction which weakens the work of my spirit or makes it even impossible. Do not make any move to care for the body because what I want to keep for you that will survive for you and what you are to lose you cannot protect through your will. I know what you need as I also know what is obstructive to the further development of your souls. And that is why you are to leave to me all worry about you, about your worldly possessions, and only think of our soul because you do not know if also your last hour has come. That is why I still announce myself beforehand to give you in my love still sufficient opportunity to connect yourselves with the spiritual sphere, with me, who holds the fate of each of you in my hand and guides it to your best. Whoever connects himself to me has the most secure protection and he surely does not still need worldly safety measures that can become invalid any minute. I again want to work perceivably; I want to make myself perceptible to those who are mine to strengthen their faith, to train them to become true workers for my kingdom as which they are to appear afterwards. Do not worry, because I care for you; only pay attention to my words of love and to have them respond in your hearts. And exhort your fellow human beings to do likewise, warn them against taking overzealous measures for their worldly welfare and also urge them to turn believingly to God and to recommend themselves, soul and body, to me. And who will heed your words will be miraculously guided through proportionately to the strength of his faith. And therefore fear nothing whatever might really come and no matter how threateningly the situation might be. My arm reaches everywhere to help and also to destroy. Whom I want to keep continues to be kept and whom I want to destroy cannot escape, he is only to worry that his soul does not fall prey to darkness then also he is saved for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3692.


Introduction 3977

Love work. Strong faith. Physical upkeep.

15. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3977.

In every situation in life you can do good when the heart urges you to it. And so the coming time will also bring you into situations where you are yourselves in need of help, however you will also always be able to practise love towards the neighbour; always will you be able to give, when you are prepared to give, because according to your love-will help will also be granted to you from above, and what you give, will be given back to you many times, spiritually as well as earthly, and you will be able to alleviate much misery with my support, because I want that you already win a firm ground through this to preach the Gospel to fellowmen, to also draw their attention to the blessing of the work in love, and you can now be active for me and my kingdom, as it is your task. And fellowmen will be able to recognize the truth of my word by you yourselves; they will be able to strengthen their faith by the continual help on my part, as soon as they are just prepared to likewise fulfil the commandment of neighbourly love, and their will therefore turns towards me. The hardship will be so great that you can recognize every help as extraordinary because your earthly situation is not enviable and yet can be bearable for every individual who just full of faith leaves himself to me and trustingly puts his fate into my hands. For I evidently look after him, as I have promised you; I help him earthly and spiritually; I lead him ways, which will always be treaded successfully, because I walk next to him and truly know where I lead him. I will give you what you need earthly, to preserve your body, but as I also will daily feed you spiritually so that you will never be without power. Who therefore believes, he will have no hardship, and who boundlessly abandons himself to me, he no longer needs to worry about the physical upkeep, because I take care of him. But you must firmly imprint my word into memory; you must win a strong faith by imagining that I never tell you an untruth and that you therefore can firmly rely on what I have promised through my word to you – my continuous protection and shelter and most loving care by my children. Make your way to me, and all misery will stay away from you. Only one thing is necessary that I have deeply believing representatives of my word on earth, who through their faith confirm my word themselves, because through such deep faith also fellowmen can be won for me and my kingdom, and the number of mine can be increased. And so your work in the coming time is so exceedingly important that you can be sure of every support for my part and yourselves need fear no misery, although you lose everything through my will, because what I take from you, I can give back to you at any time, when you just believe firmly and unshakeably. Amen. B.D. NR. 3977.


Introduction 3986

Increased knowledge obligates. Explanation for kind of knowledge.

27. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3986.

The possibility is open to you any time to get enlightenment about questions, which preoccupy you, as soon as you only seriously desire an answer. Therefore you can also widen your knowledge any time, and you will never need to remain in standstill – but you must use this possibility. I myself give what I consider necessary and salutary for your souls; I teach you in that measure as it is beneficial or necessary for the fulfilling of your task on earth, but you yourselves can at any time increase the measure through the own will, when you request what seems you are lacking, and I will grant it to you with pleasure, because I satisfy the desire of those who are mine, when it does not bring about harm to them. But increased knowledge also obliges to use it. What you receive from me, you also must pass on, otherwise it remained unused power from me. When you now want to be active for me, by you being prepared to let my power flow over upon fellowmen – by you imparting your knowledge to them, which you have received from me, then certainly no limit is imposed on you from my side, but you will be able to penetrate into all fields, which are otherwise closed to you. I hand out according to the work-willingness of my hearers, and now it will also be comprehensible to you that I first impart the knowledge to my servants on earth, which concerns the time of the end, because in this time they are to discharge the duties of their office, which requires a certain knowledge. It will be comprehensible to you that my servants must give enlightenment about what most preoccupies the hearts of men – about matter, what is still so highly regarded by men and whose value must therefore be examined in detail, so that they learn to understand the events of the time of the end as allowed by me. So that the teacher can also refute every other objection, a broadened knowledge has certainly also been offered to him before, but this knowledge is not absolutely necessary for men, to whom spiritual help is to be brought. These are merely to be pointed to the near end, to the responsibility, which they take with their soul, and to the urgency of a change of their soul-property, to the urgency of busy soul-work, so that it does not come to an end on the day of judgement. The thirst for knowledge of the individual will nevertheless also be taken into account when questions preoccupy him, which he presents to me for answering. What you request, what you trustingly ask from me, that will be given to you, may it be spiritual or earthly good – when you only believe. Because I let neither body nor soul live in want and give to it as it is salutary for both. And no limits are set to the knowledge of him who wants to serve me, as long as he wants to use this knowledge to work for my kingdom on this earth. For this is of highest importance in the coming time, that my servants are restlessly active, because the end is near, and that they help to rescue out of darkness who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3986.


Introduction 4368

Change of the Earth. Reshaping. Dissolving.

8. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4368.

You have to bear in mind that nothing is of continued existence that belongs to this earth and therefore also the earth itself is unsteady, so has to change itself if it does not completely dissolve itself into the primeval substance. The latter happens after endless long time but a change of the earth is approaching fast. As all earthly materiality goes through its upward development in such a way that an existing form dissolves to again emerge in a new form so also the earth as such is subject to a temporary change and all creations on it enter a new stage of development because not just the spiritual alone that is bound in all works of creation strives upward but also matter itself undergoes this ascent development by constantly becoming softer, therefore it assimilates as container the spiritual that can escape a form already faster due to its maturity. And so also the hard matter has to once experience its dissolving that exists already unchanged since endless time. The development has to progress in softer matter and new hard matter has to be created for the spiritual to stay that failed in the state of knowledge - as man - and has gone over to the camp of the enemy of God. Such complete reshaping of the outer forms on earth only happen in certain periods of time and are therefore implausible to men because every one of such a reshaping was so long ago that it cannot anymore be ascertained and asserted as true. Because a development period is endless long but still once reaches its end. And it cannot be proved and calculated by men when the end is to be expected but it can also not be denied but God demands the belief in it because he himself has announced it to men by his word and has pointed again and again to the end through his seers and prophets. The reason that the downfall of the earth, i.e. its total reshaping, is only a matter of faith is that man has to perform the change of his soul in complete freedom of will, but that this freedom of will would immediately be interfered with when the time of the end could be calculated. That is also the reason why the distance is so wide from the beginning to the end of an earth period because man has to decide to believe in it or to completely reject it so that there is no compulsion exerted on him. But as soon as he thinks and considers all rise and fall in the whole of creation, he sees the proceedings of dissolving and reshaping repeated so often that he also has to grant this change to the work of creation of earth and it is easy for him to believe in the end. But when, will never be put forward to him, because this knowledge would be detrimental to his soul. But God announces a speedy end of this earth and well is he who believes his word and prepares himself for it, he will not be surprised by the day, the thought of the end will not be awful to him given the blissful state that God has promised those who are his after the change of this earth. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4368.


Introduction 4606

Prediction for the End.

4. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4606.

Notice what I tell you: Only a short time you will still live on this earth, to then have - according to your state of maturity - either the new earth in other form as your place of residence or to stay as men in paradise on it. And no matter how unrealistic it sounds to you, you will soon be able to satisfy yourself as to the truth of my announcements and experience something that will enormously shake you and perhaps make you a believer. And that is why I again and again point out to you that the end is soon reached and that you act and work for nothing when you strive to win earthly material goods. And I admonish you always more urgently to think of your soul that alone profits from your activity on earth when it exclusively was busy in the service of love for the neighbour. And therefore do not let the desire for the world grow strong in you because the world does not remain in existence much longer, then you have worked for nothing. I want to announce the time as being close and you will feel it yourself when the hour has come. They will attack you as ridiculous dreamers and everywhere you will be rejected but do not let this disturb you but cling all the more to what I have told you and soon you will feel that I direct all your ways and that I know everything and also see the difficult situations you often come across. And the more life with its demands puts a strain on you, the more things are demanded of you, all the more safely you can expect the end because my word comes true. Also know that it lasts only a short time and that you therefore have to dedicate all your power to your soul to make good use of the short time. I want to give you a last sign when the last event is on the advance. But I call out to my servants on earth: Before long we are there and despite all trouble you will rejoice inside because you recognize the truth and you also live in the hope of a speedy end and of a better life in eternity, I do not want your faith to come to naught and I will safely lead you through all adversity and not rest before I know you are safe, until I recognize that you can cover the time till the end without danger for your soul. Then I release your soul for a very short time - i.e., I allow a seemingly worldly improvement and through it it will be shown that the end is nearby because it is so announced by seers and prophets so that men recognize by the signs in what hour they live. Then you only have to recommend yourself to me and ask me for mercy and the trouble will pass you so that you can serve me where I need you and where the last souls are to be saved. And then it is the end, the day I hold court and the souls of all will be called to account and receive their just wages as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4606.


Introduction 5079

Earnest Exhortation Concerning the Near End.

4. March 1951. B.D. NR. 5079.

The time of the walk on earth is soon over for you men because you approach exceptional events that only few men will survive. And these events are set as a boundary stone since eternity as the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one. So men of this earth will have to expect a sudden end of their bodily life and a continued existence will merely be cause of the will of man himself since loyalty to God alone guarantees a further life but only few summon up the will for it and only for these few will there be a survival in paradise of the new earth while all the rest of them die, bodily as well as also spiritually, as it were according to their will, which longed for matter, which is now granted to them - that is given to the spiritual as cover, as lasting agony. You men do not believe in the near end of this earth but again and again it is told you so that you make use of the short time and for a change earnestly deal with the idea which fate you are approaching. You men are active and work for your earthly welfare and will no longer enjoy your material possessions any more. You men only live an earthly life and still have the downfall of it so close before you - you men investigate and brood and try to solve problems, but always only worldly queries occupy you. But that what comes afterwards you do not bear in mind and do not inquire about. And so also no answer can be given you. And still again and again your unproductive phase of life will be pointed out to you through messengers from God and again and again the near end will be presented to you. But you do not believe it and the few who believe it will be laughed at and run down. But irrevocably the day will come that means destruction of all what you can see. The day of the end of the old earth and the downfall of all life on and above the earth. An earth period comes to an end but you men cannot work out the hour of the end even if you believe it. But again and again you are told that you have left only a short period of time until this hour. And you listen to it and doubt. Your earthly life is at stake and also the eternal life. Receive these words into your hearts and digest them in your thoughts and do not be caught by surprise by the day that suddenly will be there and will tear you right out of the pleasures and enjoyment of the world. And when you cannot believe in the end then imagine a sudden calling away from earth life, whether you then can well stand your ground? Believe it that life does not end with the day of death but that you yourself create a further life or also can become a slave to spiritual death, but that nevertheless does not mean to be wiped out, but only a vegetating in endless agony and darkness. And God wants to protect you from this fate, who wants to be a loving father to all his creatures and finds little faith among them. Again and again his word comes from above and calls out to you men: You no longer have much time, therefore make good use of it and be active and create as long as it is day because night comes where you can no longer work. Amen. B.D. NR. 5079.


Introduction 5160

Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.

26. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5160.

In a world of worst unbelief, of crassest unkindness and of fullest ignorance the pure word of God that you receive as special favour will not be recognized as divine gift since the ability of recognizing is dependent on faith and love of a man and acumen alone does not replace the ability of perception. And still men walking in spiritual blindness have to be influenced; it has to be attempted to awaken faith and love in them so that then also knowledge comes as a result of them. Influence has to be exerted insofar as to reproach men with the effects of their wrong life, without faith and love, and that the dreadful fate is pointed out to them that waits for them if they do not change. Without faith and love no understanding can be expected for spiritual teachings but when men are told that they themselves create an unbearable or a blissful fate then they will get used to the possibility of such and will accordingly be receptive for further instructions or otherwise will completely reject and deny a survival when they already have become a total slave to him who gave them this direction of thinking, who has an effect on them is such a way that they neither believe nor are active in love and therefore are darkened in spirit until the final bodily and spiritual death. The will of men is in no way to be influenced in the times of spiritual darkness that it decides on a particular direction. Only one thing can be achieved through talking and presentations that they think and then the desire for the truth is decisive what direction the thoughts take. And that is why it is a fight with the sword of the mouth, which only he can wage who is able to refute everything what is presented to him or put forward as counter objection from the opposite side. Of a bright spirit must be men who oppose those; they themselves must be under divine guidance, they themselves must only be the tool through which God expresses himself, but who still does not infringe on the free will of man when he wants to remain his opponent and also does not let himself be persuaded through divine words. Still the work of a man who tries to bring light into the spiritual darkness is an exceedingly beneficial one, because the thoughts of those are stimulated who cross his way as soon as he gets ready to fight for the kingdom of God, as soon as he speaks out of innermost impetus to instruct the mistaken fellow human beings and to help them to reach the light of the day. He will well find much unbelief; he will be exposed to hostilities; the opponent of God will oppose him with the wisdom of the world, and always new objections he will have to refute, but he will also have a supernatural power that is recognizable by his speeches that are not refutable and by his conviction - one will not be able to prove to him the opposite of what he represents, on the other hand one can convince oneself that his words deserve to be believed when the earnest will and the desire for truth is there, that the promises are coming true when the conditions are fulfilled that are attached to them. Only the will has to be there to let love come up in oneself, then also faith will be awakened and recognizing will be easy. But the opponent of God also works untiringly to confuse the thinking of men and that is why he drives them to unkindness and destroys all belief as long as man does not defend himself. It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness when it is to bring in victory. But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues, which the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present to men their faults and vices, with the remark that they are under the influence of him who pulls them down into the deep. Because then they speak the truth while the opponent tries to win his followers with lies and whitewashes everything what men do in their unkindness. It is no spiritual arrogance when his faults are pointed out to the fellow human being because he who recognizes the causes of spiritual blindness also has the right such as a physician to point to the causes of the sickness and so he has to mercilessly uncover the faults so that actions will be taken against them and recovery is achieved that does not affect the body but the soul and secures it a life in eternity. He who himself stands in faith, he knows about the disaster of unbelief and is to control it; he who himself has matured in knowledge through love, he also knows about the state of souls, which are devoid of all love, and when he earnestly wants to help them, then he has to test the power of the divine word with them and try everything to save them out of greatest spiritual trouble - he must fight with the sword of the mouth and his spirit will guide him well, he will always find the right words and his fight for the kingdom of God will be successful. Amen. B.D. NR. 5160.


Introduction 5380

Irrevocable Will of God. Plan of Salvation from Eternity.

3. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5380.

The will of God is irrevocable and what he announces to men on earth through his word comes true because he is the eternal truth. And that is why also his word can never be changed because the wisdom of God always chooses the means that promise the most success even so they remain unused through the free will of man. It has to come what God lets announce through seers and prophets and what can only then be warded off or put off when the will of men completely submits to the divine will what however God from eternity already saw as non-occurring and that is why he also gave and could give the constant predictions until the present day. It is the time of the end because a redemption period has expired and this always causes an act of violence that was likewise predicted in its details from men who enlighten the fellow human beings on behalf of God. The divine will is fixed eternally because only seldom a man approaches him with the request to show compassion and to kindly change his will. Such a request will also be complied with but also still then is the occurring event in fact intended in the plan of salvation from eternity because God knows about everything and has included also such a case of granting in his plan and so his will still remains unchanged. As far as men themselves are concerned they often cause him to withdraw his will and to leave men for a short time to themselves, i.e. they can act by virtue of their free will often in a completely adverse way to God without being hindered to do so. But just such acts are the cause that God's will shows itself, even so to the greatest chagrin of men but who themselves have caused this. Through their action adverse to the purpose of God they have done what determined the will of God since eternity to express himself. And as he knows since eternity about everything what men do and think in the individual redemption periods, because he knows if and when they find to him and when they oppose him - God can also exactly fix the point of time where that happens what he plans. But it will never be announced to men but it will be pointed out to them if possible when his justice comes out and he wants to re-establish his order on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. He will call men's attention to the upheaval that will be carried out for all spiritual on earth and in the universe so that the eternal order is restored without which a spiritual maturing is impossible. His will is irrevocable and that is why you men can definitely expect the day which will prove to you that everything is foreseen on earth since eternity, that nobody can determine the day but you all can believe in it that it will come suddenly and unexpectedly because everything comes as God has announced it through seers and prophets, because as an exceedingly perfect being he has recognize the necessity of it and through it a new phase is initiated for the best of all that still have not reached the aim on earth. For God wants all his creatures to become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5380.


Introduction 5524

World Turning Point.

4. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5524.

The world turning point is shortly approaching. You men do not know what that means because a period of time ends what you do not think possible. A new redemption period begins under complete different conditions; a time period starts that cannot be compared to the present. A new world will come into being, i.e., the earth will bear complete new creations and men will be allowed to see these creations who still knew the ones of the old earth and who will enjoy the miracles of God that bear witness to his infinite might and wisdom and his exceedingly great love. Mankind is approaching the end because only few will experience the new earth and will be allowed to inhabit it. Because it requires a degree of maturity of its inhabitants because life on the new earth is completely different since men on it are in touch with the kingdom of the blessed spirits in such a way that they are allowed to associate with each other, will be taught and therefore are highly knowledgeable, what only mature souls can bear and therefore a high degree of development is a prerequisite which only few men reach on the old earth till the end. Time is drawing to its close. And as men are only in a low stage of knowledge they do not believe and grasp it and that is why they also do not do anything to reach higher maturity. They are also partly in anticipation of the dawning of a better time, that men will change and therefore a spiritual change will take place still on this earth as such an end as it lies ahead does not seem to be plausible. They would not believe that what yet irrevocably will come. The spiritual upward development is at stake, not the earthly ascent that appears to all men to be the most important matter. But the spiritual development is neglected and therefore makes life on this earth pointless. That is why it will be brought to an end even though it appears to be unfathomable to men that his earth is to cease to exist. The state of affairs on earth has become intolerable; darkness has been spread on earth that is almost impenetrable; earth has become unsuitable to be a school house of the spiritual and therefore has to be changed so that the actual purpose will again be fulfilled on it. Where there is still a spark of light there is also a connection to the spiritual kingdom and this bond remains in existence even if the earth ceases to exist in its old form, i.e., also on the new earth this light will be allowed to shine, it will be handed over to the new earth because it shone already as it were over the earth and therefore cannot be touched by the destruction of it. Men who seek close union with God will survive the end of this earth; they will be raptured and brought to the paradise of the new earth because they are no longer held back by the gravity of the earth but find the support in the spiritual kingdom in the last difficult days that still lie ahead for the earth. These therefore will experience the spiritual change but in another form than men imagine it. Everything will be changed; every single work of creation will be dissolved and the spiritual that is bound in form comes again to new progressive development in new forms on the new earth. Creations of most glorious nature will delight the human eye and an indescribable rejoicing will sound from the lips of those who are recognized to see the new creations and to compare them with the old ones on this earth. And it comes at it has been announced; the earth will cease to exist in the present form but it will arise anew and testify to the wisdom, omnipotence and love of God to the human race that emerges from the best of this earth, from those who recognize God, love him and remain loyal to him during the time of the most severe faith struggle that will precede the last end. You men are before the change of the world. Take care that you will experience it in the strength of faith and in the light of knowledge. Take care that you belong to those that will be taken from this earth to testify to God's might and glory on the new earth. Stretch your hands up to him that he will save you from darkness, that he fetches you to himself into his kingdom where again new assignments will be given to you - to glorify him and his name who rules the world from eternity to eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5524.


Introduction 5567

Forthcoming Turning Point.

31. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5567.

You can announce a new time to all men because a turning point is forthcoming for you. And I also want that you my servants on earth always mention this my announcement; I want that men gain knowledge about it also when they do not want to believe it. Their thoughts are to be directed towards the coming events, towards the time that will also seem to be strange to an unbelieving man. They are to get to know about a powerful change of their living conditions first, a very clear pointer to the end that will follow not long after that. They are to hear about this change because then their faith can come to life when it happens, when they observe world events and all signs are clearly recognizable that you have predicted to them. A new time is coming and I do not announce it to you men for no reason. You are still walking your way off from me; in your life I am only seldom or not at all present, but I want that you come to me, that you call for me, that you always let me lead the way, that you live your life not without me. That is why I again and again let my call sound until you will hear it so clearly that you follow my call. And that is why my servants on earth are to bear witness to men of that what lies ahead for them - that everything will come differently than they wish and hope for. Soon the last phase before the end begins; soon the last faith struggle will break out that is however preceded by a powerful shockwave of the earth that should make all men think and that nevertheless will be recognized by only few as a last warning cry and exhortation from above. Believe it, you men, you still have to walk a hard road but it is passable for you with my power and that is why I want to offer to you my power first, also you who not yet believe in me. Call on me in trouble and you will visibly experience my help, but do not leave yourself to the powers of darkness, do not curse, grumble and complain when you are painfully affected by that what irrevocably comes and has to come. Think about things, when a decision is demanded from you for or against me. Think about things, that I can give and take, but always want to give to you what is helpful for eternity. Do not let yourself be beguiled by promises of an earthly kind, you will lose everything again - but what you gain spiritually that stays with you and will make you happy for evermore. You are before a world turning point - earthly and spiritually a change is in store for you; you men are standing in the centre of a powerful event; rely on me, your God and father from eternity, and you will remain out of danger when everything around you ceases to exist because I myself am your might and strength, I myself am Lord of life and death. Who is with me, who stands at my side, certainly has to fear nothing because he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5567.


Introduction 5590

Sudden Recall.

30. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5590.

Nobody knows when his hour has come and nobody knows in which state he will enter the spiritual kingdom; but everybody can make an effort to live in such a way that he does not have to fear the last hour. And as men now live from day to day without thinking, as they forget how quickly they can be recalled, they no longer remember their purpose in life and only live for this earthly world, they will frequently be reminded of the end through the sudden recall of fellow humans that lets them think after all for a short time of what also still lies ahead of them and can lie ahead very soon. Everything happens to encourage men to think and when the one is without effect than something more powerful comes that startles men and lets them recognize the vanity of earthly life. And who pays attention sees how everything points to the end, who pays attention also recognizes the signs of the times, the spiritual low of men and the urgency of help if not all are to get lost. But what can set someone thinking at that the other carelessly goes past - whatever happens, it does not touch him, and these are those who are obviously given an earthly good living. But do not be surprised at this because they have lost their award. On earth they will be given plenty because they then have to expect nothing more; they will be supplied with everything from below what they desire. And do not envy these because their fate is certainly not desirable. But they will be the ones who oppose everything what points towards God, to the end and to judgement. They will stir up hatred and will make inciting speeches because they are under the influence of Satan who will be exceedingly active in the latter times. They will also agree with him who issues laws against the believers; they will strengthen him in his power and therefore will be distinguished and honoured on earth and own everything what they strive for but their souls are devilish and therefore can only receive that reward that they are entitled to. Prosperity will be noticeable but also the misery and trouble of those who are loyal to God and have to confess this openly before the world. But you men are to watch out for this, that it is an unmistakable sign of the nearby end when the crass difference openly comes to light and then hold out patiently because then also soon the day of your redemption has come. Still much is going to happen to shake men up and every thinking man will collect himself and still change but men on whom all this does not leave its mark will have to pay for it for an endless long time that they keep their ears closed to all warnings and exhortation from above; they will have to take the fate on themselves that they strive for - they themselves will become matter, that alone they desire. Amen. B.D. NR.5590.


Introduction 5630

Spiritual Turning Point. Change of this Earth.

19. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5630.

You are not to cherish wrong hope and expect a change for the better on this earth that consists in this respect that the spiritual state of men could improve and again a life of faith and of love could be recognizable on earth. This earth will no longer experience such a spiritual change of men but the spiritual turning point is approaching. And therefore the earth will be a different one; it will first experience a change, a transformation, and the human race that will then inhabit this new earth is of a high spiritual standard. But he who believes and hopes that men on the earth will still change, that a different time begins on this earth, he is terribly wrong, and he is also still little familiar with God's plan of salvation that still pursues other aims with a transformation of the old earth than only a human race of a high spiritual standard. Also the upward development of the spiritual that is still bound in form is to be promoted and therefore begin a new redemption and development period that at first requires a reshaping of the outer form of earth. Possibly also a spiritualization of men on earth could meet this divine plan of salvation and also help the spiritual that is still bound in the works of creation. But considering the spiritual low of men of the present time a change of these is no longer to be expected; matter is completely ruling them and they do not think of their spiritual development and they therefore strive down all the time more and more and so themselves cause the end - a dissolving of the creation of the earth, a liberation of all that is bound in it and their own banishment in hard matter, in the new creations of the earth. A teaching therefore that advocates a spiritual turning point still on this earth is incorrect although a spiritual turning point is approaching. But men do not want to believe that the earth ceases to exist or ends. This thought is completely unfathomable to them and therefore they expect this change for the better in their assumption because on the other hand they are convinced of a coming turning point. But the lack of belief of men in an approaching end of the earth has a detrimental effect because they certainly would make better use of the time with such a belief, they would live consciously, i.e. would try to fulfil divine will in the knowledge that only their own transformation of being could protect them from the fate of being likewise spawned into the new creation. Men lack knowledge and faith and they can only rarely be supplied with it convincingly but enough indications are given to them but it is left up to their free will if they let it make an impression on them. They well foresee and feel it that they face great events but never want to believe that these events are so incisive that an earth period is coming to an end and a new one begins, but what they could believe when men would cultivate love, when they would give that love to their needy neighbour that brings in the light to themselves. Then they would recognize in which hour they live and nothing would any longer be doubtful to them what they are told about the near end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5630.


Introduction 5718

Spiritual Low. Turning Point Impossible. End.

7. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5718.

A spiritual upturn can no longer arise on this earth because men have already devoted themselves too much to matter, so to him who embodies the earthly world, who is the opponent of God and will remain so for still eternal times. Before the expiry of an earth period the spiritual low is clearly recognizable. It is also obvious that men no longer change, exactly because matter keeps them imprisoned. Only the overcoming of matter secures a spiritual ascent; but the overcoming of matter determines the recognition of its worthlessness and this again thinking about the survival after death and about the actual purpose of man on earth. But such thoughts no longer occupy men because they lack belief and because they do not live in love. It is a simple explanation why the spiritual state is so low, why also no change of it is expected - because men lack love that would bring with it faith, knowledge and spiritual striving. If men would change to love then also no end to the redemption period would be necessary, but nothing can make them do it, neither trouble and misery of the fellow human being nor the own trouble changes their mentality, and they do not establish a relationship with God because they do not believe in him. So a spiritual turning point is not to be expected on this earth and only such one could stop the end of the earth because then the earth would again fulfil its purpose as work of creation, because it then would again be a schooling station for the spiritual as it is its determination. But a spiritual turning point has to occur and when this is not possible on the old earth, a redemption epoch has to end and new one to start. Because men do not remain in this spiritual low but sink lower and lower. And God prevents this by a separation of spirits, a new banishment of the most sunken and through letting arise of a new earth with spiritual mature men who again live according to the will of God - with whom a new development period starts where the souls can reach highest completion. God's love and wisdom certainly recognizes when the time for it has come and God will never give up a soul that still can be saved. But when change is no longer possible then also the time has come and the writing has come true. The end comes and with it the day of judgement; the earth will vanish and a new one arise, and the way to redemption will again be initiated for the most deep fallen. Amen. B.D. NR. 5718.


Introduction 5883

God's Enlightenment About Connections. Blind Faith.

21. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5883.

I do not want blind faith from you and that is why I seek to give you enlightenment through my word about that what is demanded of you. Yet still it can only be believed because no proofs can be given to you for it what originates in the spiritual kingdom, what deals with the spiritual kingdom and is to lead to the spiritual kingdom. I want to help you to get a convinced faith; I want to help you to get to a point that you are not attacked by doubts although you have no proofs of the truth of it. And that is why I enlighten you about all connections, about creator and creatures, occasion and purpose of my creations, about origins and objectives of all that what men sees, as well as about your assignment - about your purpose of existence. You can now, when this knowledge has been submitted to you truthfully, draw conclusions yourselves, and you will then see such a coherent and clear picture that you will as it were find the proof of the truth in yourselves, that you see through and can no longer doubt - and yet still have to believe only - but such a faith is completely something else than a blind faith where man mechanically accepts just not to oppose. Blind faith has no value because it does not go any step further in his upward development. Blind faith produces no fruits but it can lead to complete unbelief because there is only a short step from blind faith to unbelief. But only the pure truth can lead to a convinced faith, while erroneous teachings demand a blind faith, which excludes all thinking or just has to lead to unbelief as soon as the mind of man concerns itself with such teachings. That is why you are to be taught truthfully; your thinking is to be stimulated and your heart to be touched and then a light will be lighted in you and all doubts will vanish - because what you are to believe - that arises in you brightly and clearly and gives you the inner conviction which you now also support because your faith now has risen to life. I do not want that you go through life on earth without understanding; I want that you win what you have lost through your spiritual falling away from me. I want that you again acquire knowledge and I want to pave the way for it for you. Your life has to be filled with faith and love. That is why I teach you; as a wise father introduces his children into the basic rules of life so I also introduce you into the basic rules of my eternal order and explain to you why you again have to enter into the same, why love has to be ignited in you and what otherwise you have to accept and take to heart as being true. And all this you are to believe, but will also be able to believe with good will and earnest reflection. Because when I demand something from you then I also help you to fulfil my demand. But through the fulfilment of that what I demand of you is everything proved and you now experience yourselves the blessings of a living faith. Blind faith brings in nothing; on the contrary it is only detrimental for the progress of the soul; blind faith is an obstruction to recognition because the heart and the mind have to be active together, which are both switched off with blind faith. That is why blind faith will not bring light to a soul that is still in darkness and that is why I all the time seek to stimulate the mind and the heart through the supply of pure truth so that a real belief awakens to life, which alone is conducive to man to reach light and power, spiritual progress, which is the aim of his life on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5883.


Introduction 5953

Relationship with God.

10. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5953.

And when you have found me on earth then your way through the valley of the earth is no longer so difficult because you then consider everything that approaches you to be my will, you know that I look after you and you only just direct your eyes towards the aim because also your thoughts are all the time with me. You have found the foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely while before you did not feel real safety because you did not have a firm foundation underneath the feet. And you will urgently need this safety in the end times because what you experience, what happens around you, would confuse you and would cause you to completely lose a shallow or dead faith. But the relationship with me gives you explanation und you understand my plan of salvation from eternity. The lukewarm and ungodly will be thrown in severe doubts because they believe to have to contest or to completely deny the love of a God because they are completely without knowledge and only see the misery. And they also do not know to what extent men themselves are to be blamed for this misery and how all evil has an effect. Those can call themselves happy who follow me, who are united with me and try to explain to themselves everything spiritually because they will receive this explanation and nothing will be left that is able to shake their faith in me. Strong contrast will be, on the one hand strong faith and complete unbelief on the other, and the events of the last times before the end will contribute, that a part of men will confess me fully convinced while the others just as convinced will stand against me because both their way of life is the explanation for it. Those who have found me see and recognize me everywhere. But my opponents only see the world, which means more to them than a God and creator from eternity - and where the world is in danger, where visible decay or revolutionary destruction should bring them to think, there they just hurl hate towards the power that they do not want to acknowledge and still have to acknowledge. And they deny this power, driven by him who is my opponent. But nothing is left that can shake the faith and their safety of those who have joint me, who put everything devotedly and trustingly in my hand and fear nothing than that they could lose me. The relationship to me is what gives them the power and the recognition and in this relationship they also will remain loyal to me until the end - they will be allowed to constantly receive my power because they are mine and will also remain so for evermore. Amen. B.D. NR. 5953.


Introduction 6023

God's End Revelation.

14. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6023.

You are approaching the end. And that is why I reveal myself to you to not leave you ignorant what an end means for you. I reveal myself so that you prepare yourselves so that you live right, so that you do not need to be afraid of an end. You men do not believe in an end and reject all admonitions and warnings, which reach you as a result of my revelations. You deride and scoff at the ones who announce the near end to you; it seems to you to be wise and feel above a knowledge that is unusually imparted to a man. Spiritually you are blind and can see nothing and you still do not believe those who are seeing and therefore tell you in what hour you live. And it is like in the times of Noah where I likewise announced to men the nearby judgement and found no faith, where the announcers of the judgement only earned scorn and mockery until the day came when my announcement was fulfilled, until the day came when the mockers fell a victim to the judgement. And again it will be like this, again the judgement was announced already long before it and it will be announced again and again but suddenly and unexpectedly the last day will have come for this earth and all its inhabitants. Because my word is truth and it comes true when the time has come. But who believes it that men are in the middle of this time, that only a short time remains for them until the end? Who believes it that they are standing before a turning point, before something that no man yet has experienced on this earth? Who lets himself be impressed by divine revelations, by predictions, that concern the nearby end? Who of you men expects the end consciously and prepares himself for it? They are only few who believe what has been announced through seers and prophets and these few earn only scorn and mockery when they confess their belief in this and also try to have an effect on their fellow human beings - few listen to my voice and lead such a life that the end does not scare them but rather brings them joy in view of happy times that follow the end of this earth. But I want to increase the number of these; I want that still many come to knowledge, that the time has come true. I also want to reveal myself to those who are without knowledge. But their will resists me, and force I do not apply. That is why I am satisfied with those who believe my words and speak out in favour of it and I make them to be powerful speakers. I let them speak in my stead and although also these will have little success, although their talk will not be taken seriously, the world will still take note of the announcements of the nearby end. Indications will not be missing and everywhere in the world people will speak about an end, always only few touching in such a way that these believe and prepare themselves. And I will support them who make it their business to inform others. I will bless all efforts that aim at spreading that what is supplied to you men in form of revelations. And the knowledge of the forthcoming end will reach the four corners of the earth. But faster than you suspect my revelations will prove to be true. Because men will experience days of horror and through it be pointed to the truth of my word. And also then they will still have time to prepare themselves for the end that irrevocably will follow these days of horror within a short time. And whether people will believe you who spread my revelation or not - do not weaken to announce what is coming; warn and exhort the fellow human beings and supply them with my revelations. Announce to them the near judgement that will concern all, even when they do not believe your words. Amen. B.D. NR. 6023.


Introduction 6031

Spirit of Confusion. Without Love No Truth.

22. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6031.

The spirit of confusion is powerfully working among men. Truth is distorted; misconceptions are represented as only truth; they have an argument over all problems and every opinion finds its followers - and so men consider it to be impossible to be able to find out what is right out of all these teachings and opinions. They consider it to be impossible to reach knowledge of pure truth. And it will also be more and more difficult for them to find the truth because the basic condition is missing that man leads a life in love. And as love on earth has cooled off among men, and will cool off even more in the latter times before the end, that is why also truth will be represented less and less among them - a confusion of human thinking will exist as it hardly ever has been the case. And still exactly the wrong opinions will be advocated with overkeenness because that is the work of the opponent of God that he fights against the light, against the eternal truth to strengthen his power, to push men aside from God. Seemingly now the opponent of God has supremacy and he succeeds in constantly confusing men more, but dazzling flashes of light come through even the deepest darkness of night and in their bright shine a way becomes recognizable, which the lost can walk on. And here and there light bearers offer to give their guidance. This way is the way of truth, which leads right through the wilderness, which uncovers errors and confusions because the light bearers light up all untrue and let it become obvious. But those who want to walk this way of truth have to fulfil the conditions; they have to fix love as the life principal. Because only then they are able to recognize the truth as such; only then is it possible for them to see the way and to also meet the light bearers, which they otherwise pass without noticing them. In the end there will be much error but also an exceedingly bright light. Because where his opponent works as the lord of darkness there also the work of God is obvious who can himself as light from eternity come through the strongest darkness and will certainly not leave men in error, in darkness, who earnestly strive for truth. Because he is also a Lord over darkness and gives light to everyone who desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6031.


Introduction 6033

Way of Love and Faith. Acknowledgement of God.

25. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6033.

You have to go the way of faith and love when you want to reach me and eternal happiness. You are only to believe that you were created by a power that loves you and that is why it wants to see you in a state of perfection because only something perfect can be in union with it and so also be happy. But it wants to know that you are happy because it loves you. You are to believe in me, I who have created you out of my love. Already the acceptance of that what you still cannot firmly believe will cause you to submit to this power and more and more convinced you will learn to believe because this acknowledging is already an expression of your primeval being as you have gone out from me perfectly and also remained perfect as long as you acknowledged me as your God and creator from eternity. But you forfeited voluntarily your perfection as you turned away from me and towards him who was well participating through his will, but who first got the power to create from me. You acknowledged another and denied me. And only then, when you will recognize and acknowledge me again in fullest freedom of will as your God and father from eternity, you will again have entered the state of perfection, which makes it possible for you to stay near me. Therefore I demand faith in me for the time being. But you can only win real faith when a light is lighted up in you, which gives you clear knowledge. Because what you are supposed to believe you must be able to advocate convincingly as truth and therefore be recognized by you very clearly. Something of a light hidden to you until then has to be brightly lighted up and this light is the spark of love, which has to be aroused in you and which also easily can be aroused when you turn to me, that my ray of love can fall in your heart and can catch on, i.e., that you now only always do what a voice in you admonishes you to do, that you do that what you yourself want that is done to you. Every single one of you men can put himself in the place of his fellow human being who is in misery and he will know it what then seems to be desirable to him. And therefore he himself has to act towards his neighbour. This feeling will exist in every man that he himself feels a relief when he is helped. Therefore he also knows out of himself that he has to do the same. And who yields to this inner urging, he opens his heart and can be reached by my ray of love and a light can now light up in him, which gives him clearest knowledge. Then his faith comes to life through love - while it can first just be a pure rational faith, which well sees my existence as God and creator positively, but which does not show him the way to me as his father from eternity. This knowledge alone brings about love in the heart of man and that is why I say that you have to go the way of faith and love - that faith without love can still not be called real faith, that only love lets it become alive and that there can be no knowledge without love because the intellect alone could never get to the bottom of the connections, but which is grasped easily by love that is in the heart of a man. Faith without love can also very easily again be given away, while a faith having become alive through love will eternally no longer be given up because knowledge now has become conviction, for which for the time being only faith is demanded from man so that man sorts out himself and his feelings in view of that power, which has created him. And according to the strength of his desire to get into contact with the creator will now also the illumination through my love be able to occur, but man has to approach me in fullest freedom of will, in fullest freedom of will he is to go the way of love and of faith, but which will irrevocably lead to me and to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 6033.


Introduction 6034

Dead Faith Becomes Evident in Times of Trouble.

26. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6034.

Soon it will become certain to you how weak the faith of those is who stand by me in name only, who live without love. They will take offence at the events that severely press men and they will begin to doubt me - a being that is to be exceedingly powerful and wise and does not protect men from the elements of nature and from the despotic rule of satanic men. They only have a dead faith, a formal faith, that completely fails in times of trouble. And therefore they also have no anchor on which they can rely and now the lack of love is demonstrated, which soon lets this faith completely get lost - now the truth is demonstrated that only love awakens faith to life, but that a living faith also guarantees full understanding for everything that happens because love also lights the light of knowledge in man and he now also knows about the connections, about cause and effect and above all about the nearby end. And when your fellow human beings now admit their doubts about God then point out to them why they cannot strongly believe in me and my ever ready help. Earnestly reproach them with my love commandment, the reason I gave it as first and most important commandment to men was because I want to bring their faith to such a strength that it copes with all adversity without becoming wavering - because I want to impart understanding to men, because I want to light the light of knowledge in them, but without love such is not possible. Still men are to clearly decide in the coming trouble - they are to become conscious of their weak faith and now therefore either are to try to strengthen this faith - which they well can manage when they let more their heart speak than their intellect - or they completely turn away from me, that they deny me and go over to my opponent, that they still increase the misery of the fellow human beings through own unkind acts - but then also have to experience the fate of him who is my opponent and who does everything in his power to push men aside from me. The coming events will be faith tests for all men. Also the ones who are mine will be afraid and worried they will call for me; but they will call because they believe in me. And I will help them because of their faith. But those who no longer have the certainty in themselves that I am and that I can help them and therefore also do not approach me with a request for help, those will openly deny me and so the up to now dead faith will become obvious. It will become obvious how little and how seldom a living faith is aimed at despite nice words, despite churches and preachers. Everything will prove to be empty shells, which hold no essence. And it will prove where the church is, which I have founded on earth - where the believers can be found, which have a strong faith like Peter. The rock of faith is the only symbol of my church, which can be shaken by nothing. And this faith has to prove itself in the coming times. Amen. B.D. NR. 6034.


Introduction 6051

God's Word Power in the End-Times and Trouble.

13. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6051.

What you receive from me that will become indispensable for you in the coming times when you require power and consolation because you are in danger to lose heart. Peaceful days are still given to you; you can still use the time for yourself; you can still pursue your spiritual endeavours without being hindered to do so - but the time is coming and is no longer far, where barriers are imposed on you, where you can no longer do whatever you like. The time is coming where war will be declared on spiritual striving and where men allow themselves to be intimidated because they have to earthly sacrifice themselves when they do not deny me. And then only those men will stand their ground and remain loyal to me who accept strength from me through transmission of my word. These will hear me speak myself and therefore be without fear. And I point out this time to you and recommend to you as a result, to gather power for yourself beforehand so that the coming events do not frighten you. What I give to you is to make you strong for the fight with my opponent, which will come irrevocably as I have announced it through my word. You have got this time coming up and even if you also now still do not yet notice anything about it. I prepare you for this time by speaking to you to let strong faith come to life in you - therefore I give to you unusually because you need unusual power supply and because you first have to pay attention to be eager to do the work on your soul so that the last fight finds you armed so that you can emerge as victor from it. I take care of the ones who are mine in a very special way. I am present with them where their faith and their love allow it and I testify to my presence through my word. And they certainly will receive power in excess when they again and again take refuge in my word in times of trouble; all anxiousness and despondency will retreat from them because when they hear myself they feel safe and protected by him who is mighty and full of love and they no longer fear men and also not him who wants to ruin them. They trust in their father from eternity - they wait for him who will come in the clouds, who will liberate them from all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6051.


Introduction 6105

Spiritual and Earthly Turning Point Forthcoming.

11. November 1954. B.D. NR. 6105.

You all are standing before a turning point - because life does not continue in its uniformity as before but all hearts of men suffer storms, which are all just forerunners of that what then affects the whole earth. But everything happens in such a natural way that he who is unwilling to believe will find nothing strange in it, but the believer is clairaudient and clairvoyant and very well recognizes in it the signs of the near end. Still faith cannot be forced on men and that is why everything comes in such a way that it appears to be natural. But the turning point lies ahead for you - a turning point that takes place both spiritually as well as earthly because there is no chance of men striving for a spiritual change by themselves, but they have reached the low, which makes a change necessary. And this also causes a transformation of earthly kind - it causes for the time being a disturbance of men in their peace and quiet, a destruction of earthly material goods and last still a dissolving of creation, so that a complete reshaping takes place - earthly and spiritually. And everything that has stepped out of order will again be transferred into divine order, what therefore can be called a turning point, which however only few men will consciously experience. Because also this belongs to it that innumerable men will find premature death - who are not prepared to enter divine order, who do not before strive for a spiritual change and are still recalled before through God's great mercy. But in the end also those men will lose their life who have sunk so low spiritually that their classification into divine law requires a new banishment into matter - so that they therefore spiritually and earthly find death and a complete new development period starts for them. You men do not want to believe in this turning point but it awaits you - and no matter how much your eyes are directed toward worldly life, no matter how much you love life and do not want to believe in an end of it in the announced way - what is determined in the divine plan since eternity, that irrevocably comes to pass, because wisdom and love determine this plan. And God very well recognizes when the time has come for the restoration of the old order. But the reason why you men do not believe is because you yourself have stepped out of divine order; but you will experience that what you do not want to believe because the earth approaches its end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6105.


Introduction 6134

Mysterious Light Phenomena.

13. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6134.

In the dark that is spread over the earth men need much light - and even if they are mostly not prepared to accept light, even if they mostly prefer to walk in darkness - my light from above will still be brought to them because the merciful love of the world of light is keen on bringing help to you men. And innumerable beings of light are close to you men on earth, always prepared to light a light for you - to softly urge you to carry out works of love so that a light brightens up in you and illuminates your spirit. I myself have given my hosts instructions to set their love urge in motion on you and my will is also theirs. Exactly in the last times before the end where darkness becomes deeper and deeper, the earth is besieged by beings of light, which let their powers flow to earth and also find opened hearts everywhere to which they can bring light. Before the end their will of love becomes more and more powerful and prompts them now and then to do unusual work - that light phenomena obviously prove their work - phenomena, which are not a satanic blind light but clearly point to another power - phenomena, which will make the ones who are mine happy, however give fear and horror to my opponents who want to believe nothing and still experience something, which can only be explained through faith. My messengers of light have been given instructions to use their power in my will and where a work of rescue is to be accomplished there they gather and work with united strength - so that their activity is everywhere visible - that their riches of light shines to earth in a way apparent to all men. Light phenomena of mysterious nature will intellectually occupy men before the end and it will not be easy to explain these phenomena naturally what science however will try. Phenomena of light of mysterious nature will also give rise to speculations, which are completely wrong, but who seeks light he will also find it because the inhabitants of my kingdom recognize every man's thoughts, and they take care of him who searches in good will and asks for light. Because heaven and earth - the kingdom of light and that of darkness - are subject to me, and everything that is perfect, that is radiated through with light, helps to drive away darkness on earth. And it will also be in evidence because this is my will that men on earth will still receive every kind of help, which can rescue them, for which all beings of light are always prepared. Amen. B.D. NR. 6134.


Introduction 6147

Unusual Trouble - Unusual Help.

28. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6147.

An unusual trouble requires unusual help. That is why in the last times still much will happen, which strikes as strange and which will be recognized as spiritual work by those who know about the nearness of the end and therefore also pay attention to all signs, which announce the end to them. Men will still experience much, which they cannot scientifically explain to themselves, however find the explanation immediately when they look at everything for the purpose of spiritual development, when they consider both the spiritual low of men as well as the approaching near end. Then it is understandable to them that the love of God still tries everything to wake up men, to perplex them, so that they become aware of their responsibility. Success will also be seen by only few but God loves every single soul, and he tries everything to still win it for him. But whether God also works obviously, whether he also tries to recall himself to men's mind by unusual phenomena - it is difficult to make an impression on them because they have explanation for everything, although these also differ widely from the truth. And what still moves them today has already lost all appeal, all interest tomorrow. The hearts of men have become insensitive, and only earthly advantage or failure still can stimulate them to think and act, but all spiritual is fantasy to them, unworthy of a thinking rational type of man. And so complete unnatural things could happen in the universe - the most visible signs could be given to them from above - they would just take note of everything , smile about it or try to explain it earthly-naturally, but otherwise they would let it make little impression on them. And also these rescue attempts will be in vain, the results very little, and still everything will still be done, and when that is why it would be possible for only one soul to escape the eternal ruin and still find back to God before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6147.


Introduction 6170

Internal Resistance Obstacle to Acceptance of Truth.

20. January 1955. B.D. NR. 6170.

My word has to be accepted without resistance when it sounds from above in the heart of a man. The slightest resistance makes man unable to hear it in its purity because resistance means opposite thinking, which gives my opponent the possibility to slip in, and when he only causes defence in man to prevent the receiving of truth. His power will not reach further because the recipient of my word consciously connects with me and his resistance comes more from his desire for truth - he therefore only then puts up a resistance when truth appears to be endangered. Still this resistance is not right because a man who unites with me to receive my word now also is to completely hand himself over to me and can be sure that I protect him from wrong spiritual goods. That is why only few men are suitable to receive my word because most of them have a knowledge, which they are not prepared to give away willingly. That is why strong faith belongs to it, which only accepts that as truth, which I myself direct to earth through the work of my spirit. Men who have absorbed certain knowledge, which is incompatible with the word, which is spoken by me directly, are reluctant to accept the latter because then they have to reshape all their thinking and for that an exceedingly strongly developed desire for truth is necessary. The reason it would already be impossible to give my direct word to these men is because the resistance would awaken again and again in them as soon as my word deviates from their present knowledge and thinking - and then my opponent again and again would have an easy job of it to cause man to doubt. And man has to believe that I myself talk to him and that is why every mistake is impossible. Only then it is possible to again purify a completely defaced teaching; only then it is possible to render harmless the opponent of truth. But the deeper the mistake is already rooted in a man the more difficult it is for him to free himself of it, and he therefore could not hear my word directly because every resistance makes it impossible. The war between light and darkness is waged especially there very fiercely where light wants to blaze the trail for itself. And only a will which is strong, turned to me, chases away the hostile powers, which are from below - but such a will I will bless and never allow that it will be weakened through hostile powers. But I will also always give man the realization when he is attacked so that he steels himself and unites with me still closer - but to then also be protected against every influence, which comes from below. Who believes accordingly that I speak to men, he also has no need to doubt the truth because he otherwise also doubts my love and power - which well will and can prevent that wrong thoughts creep in and so endanger the truth. But as long as he doubts, he is not able to himself hear my voice in him - because strong faith in my love, my wisdom and my power absolutely belongs to it. Then he also knows that I want to bring truth to men - that I choose the right ways for it and that I really will protect the man from being wrong who offers himself to serve me and the fellow human being. Amen. B.D. NR. 6170.


Introduction 6193

The Key to Wisdom is Love, Not the Intellect.

19. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6193.

No field is so disputed as the spiritual because where no proofs can be produced there men will never come to an agreement - but every representative of his opinion believes himself to be right, he believes to have truth. Every earthly knowledge man can rationally extend, he also can back it up with proofs or again and again convince himself of being wrong and change his thinking. He can get to the bottom of it and come to a firm result, which now can be accepted as irrefutable by those who do research on the same field and mull over it. But it is different with spiritual knowledge - with the field, which lies outside of earthly knowledge and which can never be researched intellectually. No matter what spiritual knowledge is supplied to men - it can never be proved but always only has to be believed. And it is understandable that men express and represent many and different thoughts as being right, because men are in their nature different and the explanation of the spiritual field is closely connected with the makeup of man - with his spiritual maturity. For not the intellect researches this field, but the heart. This is incomprehensible for pure rational types of men and still a fact, which proves itself. Even men with highly developed rational thinking will not arrive at concurring results in the spiritual field as long as the heart is not taking part in their research. But then the opinions tally completely because then the right key to the gate of wisdom is found and applied. And this key is love, which is lighted in the heart - which now also enlightens the spirit of man so that he cannot help it than to think right because now his thoughts are directed by God and these thoughts are guaranteed wisdom. There is no getting at rationalists with such an explanation until also in them love arouses. Then they grasp this mystery - then they understand that God reserves the truth for himself and only gives it to those who unite with him through love. Also such won knowledge is now not provable but to man himself the inner conviction is enough to know that he has the truth - to know that no earthly scientist can ever teach him differently and could take away his conviction. Who once has accepted the truth from God himself through his spirit, can also no longer doubt or wants to expand his knowledge somewhere else. He has taken possession of the spiritual field, God himself has initiated him, and for him there is no return to the field of earthly science, for him there is no change of his thinking because truth has seized him, because God himself has seized him, who is eternal truth. But the way into this field was and is love. And never will a man be able to research it without love, which is why all spiritual opinions will remain disputed as long as they are not won on the way of the heart. Spiritual knowledge is a knowledge that cannot be proved and still becomes full conviction as soon as through a life of love the union with God has been established; he now himself teaches man and gives him insight to all questions, who speaks to him through the spirit, who works in him, as he himself has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 6193.


Introduction 6250

Spiritual Turning Point. Coming Up of Night.

4. and 5. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6250.

You men can no longer expect a spiritual upswing on this earth because all powers of hell are unleashed, which work on behalf of my opponent and really have a great influence on men because they themselves are dispirited to such an extent that they do not recognize who dominates them. A spiritual turning point on this earth can no longer take place but some still can be led on the right way, some will still carry out the change on themselves, and for the sake of these few everything will still be done before the end is there. But it will be noticeable how rapidly mankind is falling, how it constantly sinks more into darkness and avoids the light - it will be noticeable how brutally the light of the truth is fought, how unbelief comes out, how sin becomes rampant, how far from God men live but pay tribute to my opponent. And that is why a delay can no longer be granted because there is no longer a chance that a change will ever take place when I do not execute this change myself - but in a way mankind does not want it - by me making an end to everything and giving a new beginning. The space of time until the end is exceedingly short but no-one knows the day, and therefore everyone is lukewarm in his striving, and also my believers assume it not to be approaching so soon that they eagerly would work for their souls. But I tell you again and again: You are standing right in front of it. I have to let this call sound again and again for you; I have to spurn you on to be exceedingly busy; I also have to call on my servants to continually work more diligently because this is important and still can be salvation for some before ruination when the end comes, which I announced time and again. World affairs have to unwind naturally, and that also puts mine into a certain calmness, but again and again I say to you: The end is suddenly there - unexpectedly dawns the day which ends differently than usually - which is followed by a night, which last forever, and daylight will again shine only for those few who are and remain mine despite the heavy hostilities and persecutions of my opponent. The time of the faith struggle still awaits you but it also lasts only a short time because it is fought exceedingly violently so that the day of my coming to earth is accelerated by men themselves. The events will follow each other very fast and still will have an effect on men as completely normal phenomena, to which no special importance is to be attached - which is why they do not want to establish a connection with the forthcoming end. That is why also mine will be surprised because I will come like a thief in the night - when no-one thinks of it, when the forthcoming appears to still lie far ahead of you. When you men would still only believe that it is only pointed out to you so that you can prepare yourselves. Your remorse will be painful because you all are still doing much too little for your salvation. Life on earth is not given to you for its own sake, and every day could be used in a way that you earn an incredible fullness of light, which creates incomparable happiness in the spiritual kingdom - and you will recognize this once and full of remorse think of the time on earth of which you made too little use. But no faith is at the time of the end, no understanding to be found for it, it is a spiritual low, one almost could not think of it as being worse, because you men do not overlook what lies openly before me; you men have to believe what cannot be proved to you, and the forthcoming ending of this earth period also belongs to this, which is of great importance spiritually. You have to endeavour to live a life of unselfish love when you do not want to believe or imagine that you cannot believe, and then you will inwardly feel that you are approaching a completely different time epoch. And you will not be lost because I take pity on all those who are not completely in bondage to my opponent, and in the hereafter I help them further up when their earth life still finds an end before the last judgement. An exceedingly dark night comes up; the day soon draws to a close; but there is still light - you still can make use of the light of the day and light a light inside of you, which will no longer go out. And then you need not to fear the coming night. But it will be the worse for you, if you are listless - when you think that day will not stop. It will be the worse for you, if you waste the day without thinking of your soul. And you, who do not fear death because you believe no longer to exist after that - I say to you that you will experience death with all its horrors and that you will not be able to flee from this horror - you then can no longer give up your life because you cannot cease to exist; you continue to be also when you are in the state of death; you will have to feel agonies from which you cannot flee. For spiritual death is far worse than the death of the body, which can also be the entrance to life in happiness for you. Listen to my call from above, let yourselves be warned and admonished. Do not let these words die away at your ears but vividly imagine what trouble awaits you when you do not believe my words. You will be able to constantly observe the indications of the end but everything will take place so naturally that you well can believe but do not have to believe. But your happiness depends on the belief in it because only the believer prepares himself; he thinks of me and remains in union with me, also when the work of dissolving begins. Because the period of time has expired, and it becomes true according to divine order what is scheduled in my plan of salvation from eternity. The earth gets reshaped and with it all creatures so that again all spiritual gets embodied in form, into which it belongs according to its state of maturity. Divine order will be restored because otherwise a upward development of the spiritual is not guaranteed, however my love always only aims at this upward development, which is to bring you, my creatures, again closer to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6250.


Introduction 6291

Time of the End.

22. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6291.

In my plan of salvation from eternity the time is fixed when the work of reshaping at this earth takes place because I saw since eternity when my will has to intervene to prevent the complete sinking of the spiritual into the deep, to again integrate it into the process of development so that it again can strive up. And these time periods are always so calculated that they are well enough for the complete redemption of the spiritual, but that they also are not allowed to be too long for the ones who are failing because they sink all the time further and then the return to me becomes more and more difficult and agonizing, because the means for redemption of this spiritual are corresponding to the distance to me. In the time of a redemption a great deal of spiritual is released, but the spiritual which went through the creation is also often still so in resistance to me, that it needs longer time until it can embody itself as man, which is why at the end of such a redemption period mankind still carries much of this resistance in it and that is why just these men have no impetus upwards, but interlock more and more again with matter, so the tendency towards it also pulls down the soul. And when men of such mentality predominate, then also the time has come, where a complete reshaping of the earth is necessary to again further the process of development. Then the separation of spirits has become necessary. And I know about it since eternity. I will never end a redemption period prematurely to still rescue from the new banishment what is possible because I alone know what such a new banishment in hard matter means for the spiritual. I never let a being fall into this fate, which still offers the least prospects of a change of its will, of a rescue from such fate. But I also will not miss one day longer to not increase the agony of these newly banished beings, but which would make necessary an always deeper fall. I know when the time is fulfilled which was granted to the spiritual to be released, and my plan from eternity is also based on this. And that is why I also have to point you men to the events lying before you because also these pointers can still shake men up and the short time until the end can still bring salvation to them. But the day of then end will not be postponed because of that. And even when you men are never allowed to know the exact time for the sake of your freedom of belief, so I still say to you that you are very close to it, that you no longer have much time, that your life on this earth is ended very soon. I tell you this very urgently and advise you to believe me and to adjust your life so, as you would do when you definitely would know day and hour. Let yourselves earnestly be warned and admonished. Turn away from the world, leave everything which is transitory, and think of your soul, which is immortal, and prepare a happy lot for it by you only striving for what gives it salvation. Get in touch with your God and creator from eternity, see your father in me who longs for his children, and confide in me that I guide and lead you in the last days of your life on earth. Make use of the last short time which still remains for you until the end - so that you belong to the few who are still rescued from ruin - so that you live and do not take to eternal death. Amen. B.D. NR. 6291.


Introduction 6432

Redemption Period with Jesus Christ.

23. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6432.

The hour of redemption draws close. No long time passes that the matter of a period will be considered closed, which could bring redemption and also brings redemption to those, who have become a part of the flock of Christ's fighters, who have followed his call and walk the same way as he walked it on earth. A special light of favour had flown for men of this earth period because in this last earth period God embodied himself in the man Jesus to redeem mankind - to make it possible for the whole of mankind to once again see the eternal light from which the spiritual once voluntarily turned away and that is why a deep darkness was its fate and would also have remained without the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. The reason this redemption period was so significant was because it ended a hopeless state, which lasted already an endless long time. And the redemption of all spiritual, which has entered in this earth period into the state of embodiment as man, would have been completely possible. And still this tremendous allocation of favours was not used, and again only few have reached their aim on earth - to be able to end this life in the flesh with a matured soul to now find admission in the kingdom of light. This would have been possible for all men but as free will is important and this was not used the proper way, innumerable souls left this earth unredeemed - although all received knowledge of the work of redemption of Jesus, of his death on the cross and his mission. But they lacked faith, and also the knowledge of this greatest work of mercy, which ever had been accomplished on earth, had no effect at all on men. And so a redemption period now ends, which could have brought the greatest success - and a new one begins again, so that the opportunity is offered again to all beingness to again to be able to make use of the favours, which were obtained through the death of Jesus, because a complete redemption can only take place with the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. And you men are now standing before this turning point; you are standing before the end of the old and the beginning of the new redemption epoch, which also means the end of this earth and the rising up of a new earth. Time still remains for every single man to turn to Jesus Christ with the request for help. The knowledge of his work of redemption could still be used, even if faith in it is lacking. But who can only believe in the existence of this man, he can concern himself with this man in spirit and commune with him intellectually that this man may explain to him why he wanted to seal his ideas with a walk to the cross. And he will get the answer, because the divine redeemer seizes everyone who only makes contacts with him. Intellectual knowledge alone is not of much use but it can contribute to start a pure intellectual spiritual discussion, which can end more or less successfully. This earth period was blessed by the earth walk of God in person. And men could have reached much with good will but their will was not often turned upwards. Only a small flock followed him always, and at the end of this period it will also not be much greater. That is why you all can expect the nearby end for certain; you can still before enter into the following of the divine redeemer, you can join his small flock, because he will accept you until the last hour. But irrevocably the end of this earth has come, and for you therefore a great rush is called for and use of all strength; you are urgently advised to ask for the supply of power that you all reach the goal before the last day has come - that you confess Jesus Christ before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 6432.


Introduction 6689

The Nearby End is to Again and Again be Mentioned.

13. and 15. November 1956. B.D. NR. 6689.

You are to take every opportunity to make mention of the nearby end because with giant strides you are heading for it. You will find no belief; they will laugh at you and deride you but you still are to do it because your words will return to consciousness as soon as unusual things happen on earth, which cannot be explained by men. Also complete unbelievers will think back to your words, and among them there will again be some who reckon with the possibility and therefore concern themselves with in in their thoughts. I know that you only have little success with your fellow human beings when you want to bring the Gospel to them and these keep their hearts and ears closed. I also know that the announcement of the end still finds much less belief but I let nothing come over men without warning and admonishing them first, and for it you are to lend your mouth to me. Because I myself cannot speak to them, as their faith is too weak, and that is why also their hearts are not able to hear my voice. But I can do it through you by you now speaking what my spirit has announced to you. World affairs take their course - and some people will yet establish a connection with what they heard from you. Their thoughts have been drawn to it and this can still be a blessing to them in the time to come. You will find little faith. I also know this. And still it is better that they are informed of it than that they would have received no evidence at all and the end overtakes them completely ignorant. And that is why also every day still is a gift of favour for mankind because it can still be used spiritually, both by you by acting informative and also by them who hear the Gospel from you. Because these only need to take your words to heart and to now to live so as it is my will. They only need to make an effort to fulfil my love commandments, and they would be able to still achieve much for their souls until the end. Do not get tired and do not slacken in the work for me and my kingdom because it is the most urgent in the times of the end, which exceeds all earthly activity in value, although it is not considered to be work by the fellow human beings, although all value is denied to it. But men do not know what useless work they themselves accomplish, when they are just earthly active, without all spiritual striving, without spiritual aim. And you are to draw their attention to this that they will keep nothing, that everything will vanish and they uselessly waste their life power which they use only earthly - they are to know that they could acquire spiritual goods with it and then would collect for themselves immortal treasures for eternity. You will find little faith, but words, which the heart and the intellect once have absorbed, can well disappear from consciousness, but they certainly come again to light and then still can have the effect that they are now taken seriously. Every man will still be approached by me in the coming times, and you are supporting me insofar as you are the link between them and me, that you only speak out what I have to say to them all. And the events of the times will still underline your words, that is why you are to be ready, you my servants on earth, that I can call on you any time when I need you, to speak in my stead. And do not believe that you do vain work because I myself bless you work, and I help where your strength is not enough. Because the time still has to be used until the end, and every opportunity still has to be taken where still redeeming work can be done for a soul so that it will be snatched from the power of my adversary. Amen. B.D. NR. 6689.


Introduction 7159

Earthly Plans. God's Plan of Salvation.

4. July 1958. B.D. NR. 7159.

Men are widely still labouring under a delusion because they strive for comprehensive worldly improvements, they believe they can utilize powers which are so far undeveloped; they are planning for long times ahead and want to create alleged helps or changes for the better, but which all only aim at forming a pleasant life on earth - which therefore would be anything but spiritual achievements. Men are also not going to be talked out of such thoughts and plans; they are convinced that later generations of men will profit from their efforts when they themselves are not allowed to enjoy them. They reckon with the future as with something that is a foregone conclusion and do not suspect how fast everything will once come to an end. Rumours of a near end will well turn up everywhere because everywhere are people who have spiritual farsightedness, who know about coming events, which will take place on earth and among men, but the admonitions or pointers of those remain unnoticed because they do not fit into the plan at all, which the greatest part of men already pursues with great fervour: earthly revolutions of such kind which mankind thinks of enjoying. But on account of the freedom of will of men their thinking also cannot be forced to be directed otherwise. And so naturally two kinds of views arise among mankind - the one being conscious of the present and the other happily awaiting the future. The spiritually awakened man does not plan far ahead because he sees the time has come where everything comes to a head and the end is to be expected daily. But there are far more of the spiritual blind men, and these are ceaselessly anxious to make use of all earthly advantages and to create for themselves or for their descendants a secured future. And everyone follows his way, except that the former achieves his aim, while the latter is on a long wrong track and in the end will be a victim of his blinded thinking. For all events are predetermined in the plan of salvation from eternity. And so also an earth period comes to an end, and a new one starts. And all plans will come to nothing which were drawn up by men because that what those men strive for is no longer allowed for the new earth - because it rather gives the last rise to the dissolving and reshaping of this earth when the time is fulfilled which was set for you men for the liberation from form. No-one of you men can secure for himself that which he covetously strives for when it concerns earthly successes or possessions. But to reach spiritual perfection that does not need to appear to him to be uncertain because when he only once has this striving in him, then he will also be supported on the part of God in every way. And he has to fear neither an end of this earth nor his own death; his future lies brightly shining in front of him, but differently than the people of the world wish for. But everyone receives what he desires - except that the earthly-material, which moves the thoughts of most men, can and will again captivate them; they will again have to suffer under its fetters throughout eternities, but they also have themselves created this fate because to reach freedom has also been possible for them, as long as they still stayed on earth. And pointers and warnings reach all men, which could let them come to their senses. But as the will of man is so is also his fate - and every man's will is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 7159.


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