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And the man, who receives my word, must work with it for me and my kingdom.

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Those beings can also impart truth, but there is no guarantee for it that their expressions are pure truth, because the beings stand in completely different degrees of maturity and man as such cannot judge the level of maturity. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Divine word. Media receptions. Camouflage. Signs.

1. to 5. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5182.

Who wants to serve me, he will be accepted by me, and his work in my vineyard is allotted to him by me, because I alone know it to which work for my kingdom each one is able. Consciously and unconsciously mine can serve me, i.e., they can know it that I have chosen them for an office; but they can also, driven by the heart, do something, what is also seen by me as vineyard work, and do not know it themselves that they are loyal co-workers for me in the redemption work of the last time before the end. But one thing must exist: intimate love for me and for the neighbour, because otherwise the work for me and my kingdom cannot be done. And this intimate love therefore the fulfilling of my love commands, also imparts to my servant the power to an activity full of blessing, because the work for me demands a certain knowledge, which can only be acquired through unselfish love activity, and this knowledge is exactly the power sent to man, which he is now to use according to my will. And now you also understand that for my vineyard work certain knowledge about eternal truth is precondition, and therefore you also have the sign for the right servants on earth, because with them you men will always be able to fetch information in all questions, which concern me and my kingdom. They must possess a certain knowledge, which makes them to my right representatives on earth. How and in which way they have now received this knowledge, is to be examined always, because the origin alone decides about the value and the credibility of that knowledge. Because my right representatives on earth must be taught by me myself, because I alone can hand out truth and as original source of truth also lead it everywhere, where I need men to the announcing of my word and where the preconditions are given that a loyal servant can enter my services. It is and remains a truth that I speak to men, who listen to the inside of them to my voice, which call on me in faith and in love for me about my spirit and that I now present to these men all that, what they are to carry again to their fellowmen, so that truth is spread in the world. But faith and love must exist, otherwise I cannot speak to a man, because only a believing man listens and only a loving heart can hear my voice. I therefore establish with such a man an intimate connection through the word, which is outflow of me myself and therefore gives testimony about me. (2.8.1951) This word is now expressed by me myself, i.e., the spiritual radiations of me myself shape themselves to thoughts comprehensible to you or sound as audible words in your heart. But also transmitting wise I can send my word to you, when I want to make the happy beings in the spiritual kingdom happy, for which the sending of power out of me means increased happiness. Then you therefore receive my word through my light messengers, what however restricts the word in itself in no way, because it cannot change, as long as it has the spiritual kingdom as outlet, i.e. experiences not yet a change through human will. But it is to be observed that I speak of my word, of the sending of pure truth, which announces my will and imparts knowledge to men of their relationship to me and their earth task. But not all transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom can be regarded as my word, because it is in itself most pure truth and as my direct radiation can only be passed on by such beings, which themselves stand in the light. But there are also beings, which want to communicate and still do not stand in knowledge or also just call a little knowledge their own and nevertheless have the possibility, to make themselves understood by men on earth, may it be through mental transmission or also through a medium, of which will and also bodily functions they make use to announce themselves to men. And these communications are not to be confused with my word; they are not to be called my word and are consequently also not to be called as work of my spirit in man. Because my spirit can only be effective under certain preconditions, but those communications can be heard by all men, who just adapt themselves to get into contact with the spiritual kingdom and listen to the insinuations of the beings in good or also less good intention. Those beings can also impart truth, but there is no guarantee for it that their expressions are pure truth, because the beings stand in completely different degrees of maturity and man as such cannot judge the level of maturity. But such expressions can then never be called divine revelations; divine revelations can much rather get endangered in this way, when man does not possess a clear ability to judge, to be able to differentiate and separate announcements out of the spiritual kingdom. To be able to receive my word directly or through light messengers, is first of all the will, to hear me, precondition, because I do not let my voice sound in the heart of man without his preparedness to receive, because it only proves the faith in my work in man through my spirit. Further a way of life in love must have prepared the heart to a worthy receiving vessel of my spirit. And the man, who receives my word, must work with it for me and my kingdom. Because my word is the epitome of knowledge about my will; it is the imparting of cognition; it is deep wisdom; it is truth brought into a form, which is to be sent to mankind and cannot be sent otherwise than on the way of revelations, which one man receives for all men, who want to accept it. My word is therefore as it were a proven communication from me with men. And since through my word truth, the light out of the heavens, is offered to men, it is comprehensible that also the counter prince finds means and ways to darken this light, to forge truth and to therefore prevent my work. He will not be afraid to express himself in the same way, where human will allows him this. But he can only try it there, where the will of man makes this intention easier for him. It can often already be tiny causes, (3.8.1951) which make his influence possible when worldly thoughts move a man, which are then always temptations, through which Satan seeks to crowed himself around.

My kingdom is not of this world who therefore wants to talk to me, who wants to hear my voice, must be able to completely break away from the earthly world, and what he desires, must again be just spiritual good. But if his thinking is earthly minded, then my opponent immediately intervenes, who possesses this right, because the earthly world is his kingdom, but you yourselves can fight him any time, by you banishing the world out of your thoughts. Who desires to hear me, he must have broken with the world, although he still lives in the midst of the world. (5.8.1951) And so I can you, you who desire to hear my word, just warn you again and again, to turn your face to the world, because then you cannot hear my word in all purity, but the prince of the world often intervenes, because he seizes every opportunity, to work against truth, and you yourselves give him this opportunity, so your thoughts are worldly directed, and you will hardly recognize him, because he also makes use of my word to deceive you, because he camouflages himself as angel spirit and expresses himself apparently nobly and still causes a slow confusion, by him spreading
B.D. NR. 5182
doubt into the hearts of men and so seeks to stop the pure communication between a man and me. For that reason also not every man is suitable for a teaching activity, because it requires absolute truth and therefore also complete turning away from the world, to be able to receive pure truth from me. And for that reason you men must learn to differentiate: My word, the pure Gospel, the clear cognition, therefore a higher knowledge, which corresponds with truth, and communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which certainly also can be good and true, but also interspersed with communications out of the kingdom of darkness, as soon as man himself offers the handle to it through his attitude towards the world. My word guarantees purest truth, and my word can through my will also be imparted to you through messengers of light; nevertheless it remains my word. But medial receivers, through which spiritual beings express themselves, who are as it were speaking organs for them, are to be on their guard, that they are not abused by lower powers. They are not to let themselves be blinded through beautiful words, because that is the mask of him, who is an enemy of truth, and the means, to find entry also in circles, which seek me seriously, however have not yet given up the world completely, to also be safe from the temptations from below through my constant presence. My word is offered to you men clear and pure, because I myself choose my servants for myself, which I know suitable for the office of a receiver and spreader of my word and which I will therefore also protect, as long as their will is meant for me alone and they want to serve me as tool. For you men are never to be able to complain that pure truth is withheld from you. I will always send my word to earth and also take care that it finds spreading, because the salvation of the soul of men depends on it that they are instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5182.


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