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The sensuous desires are the greatest obstacles of the spiritualizing of the soul.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandment - Comment on 2018 May 1 (2)

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You commit a double sin, against the neighbour and also against me; as in general every offence against the love command towards the neighbour is also an offence against love towards me, because indirectly you also refuse love towards him, who has created your neighbour. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandment.

3. and 4. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4979.

"You are to observe the holiday."

This is a command, which is to let you become aware of that you owe me something, that your earth life was given to you for a certain purpose, that you are to seriously strive for gaining the connection with me that you are to walk on to the bridge to me, that you leave the world behind and move yourselves into the spiritual kingdom through reflections, through intimate prayer, through quiet dialogue with me: - that you therefore keep a right holiday in your heart, that you take a break in the chasing and rushing for the world, in which you indeed live, but which is not allowed to make you a slave. In me alone you are to recognize your Lord, and you are to serve me and for that reason really often take a festive hour, an hour where your thoughts dwell with me, whenever you fulfil your earthly duty and are active constantly. The more you are able to break away from the earthly world, the more often you connect with me in thoughts, the more convinced you acknowledge me as your God and father from eternity and you therefore fulfil with this commandment of the consecration of the holiday again only the command of love towards me.

But your love is also to be meant for the neighbour. But who is your neighbour? All men, with whom you come into contact your love is to belong to all. When I gave the Ten Commandments through Moses to men, it was necessary to particularly refer men to their faults and bad habits, because love to all men, who surrounded them, had been cooled in them. Also child love was no longer practised; it was a state of depravity, of corruption and selfishness. For that reason the command of neighbourly love had to be presented to them in all details. Everything, what was divine order, they disregarded, and so several commands had to be given to them, which were indeed all included in the command of neighbourly love, but must also be observed today by men, if they do not want to offend against love.

You are to honour your parents; show them child love and always be obedient to them. You are to always think about that they train you to men in selfless love and therefore make it possible for you, to go the course through earth life for the purpose of ascent development, that they got this task allocated by me, that you are therefore to repay to them the love, which they show you subject to nature and which causes them to care for your body and soul. To them you owe your life, and therefore you are to honour them and pay them for their care for you until the end of their life. Then also I will look at you with pleasure and give you my love, because through the love towards the parents you prove a love warm and love willing heart, which will also beat towards me in love, so it has recognized me as father from eternity, from which all creatures came from, which he wants to fashion to his right children. Only love makes you to my children, and who loves and honours the parents, he will also love the heavenly father and be blessed by him.


(4.10.1950) "Thou shalt not kill."

Also this command fulfils itself, so the neighbour is remembered in love. Because love will never harm him and still less try to kill him. It is not alone about life, which man leads on earth, which the man lacking love wants to rob him of; it is about the development possibility, which can only lead to success on earth, to change man to a child of God. For that reason you load yourselves with an irresponsible great sin, when you violate the life of a man, when you violently break it off and as a result take unlawfully from the soul a gift of favour from me. You commit a double sin, against the neighbour and also against me; as in general every offence against the love command towards the neighbour is also an offence against love towards me, because indirectly you also refuse love towards him, who has created your neighbour. To take earthly life is never to be approved of; even so honourable motives are the cause. For it is again decisive that life of the body was only given to the soul for that reason, that the soul develops in it upwards. You are not allowed to consider earthly life, life of the body, as the most important and therefore only pay attention to the life of the body. But still much less you are to consider life to be so unimportant that you believe to be allowed to end it arbitrarily. An unimaginable lust for revenge pursues that man on earth and also still in the spiritual kingdom, who killed a man unlawfully, and moreover he sinks through such acts of hate and lack of love himself in deepest darkness, because he has devoted himself to Satan, whose endeavour it is, to destroy what was awakened to life by me, to prevent all ascent development. He has transferred his will to sin to man and therefore used him to a satanic work, but which man could refuse in free will. He was not forced to sin. But where compulsion exists through earthly rulers, where man acts in self-defence, to keep his own life, where his inner being resists against an act of most blatant lack of love and still cannot oppose the earthly command, there always only the conviction of him is assessed, who carries out an act against this command. But where man violates the command out of the heart, there he is also fully called to account, because he does not respect my love command and is a slave to my opponent.


"Thou shalt not commit adultery."

This command is a particularly important one, because it includes everything, what is related to fleshly desires. It concerns the direction of the senses, living a full life on the sexual field. I myself certainly gave the right for it with the words: "Be fruitful, and multiply." I myself created men so that the bodies of man and woman long for uniting, however, last purpose of it is only reproduction, and since man is in possession of free will, it is up to him, to control himself or to give full expression to life without restraint. What is on the one hand blessed by me, can on the other hand be a highly welcome opportunity for the opponent, to tempt man to sin, but of what he will also always be aware, because every living it up, every fulfilment of bodily desires pulls man down and still puts him under the animal, which just follows its instinct according to the law of nature. But man has the freedom of will for that reason, because he is to overcome himself, because he is to force back his body, to help the soul upwards. The sensuous desires are the greatest obstacles of the spiritualizing of the soul. And nevertheless I have created man so that the fleshly desire can go much for him, when he lets it control him when he does not have the will, to resist the temptations, behind which always my opponent stands. This is a serious command, which I gave you: not to commit adultery. And adultery is every unchaste way of life, which in truth means an unlawful behaviour against my law of order an abuse of the natural fathering process for the awakening of human life. Pure, selfless love is to let two men find to each other, and fathering that took place in such love will

B.D. NR. 4979

never be sin, because it is according to my eternal law of order. But without love all frenzy of the senses is just the greatest danger for the soul, which sinks into spiritual night and has difficulty to rise out of it. Fleshly desire is a self-love of highest degree, which suffocates all unselfish love towards the neighbour, because nothing is holy to such a man; he does not honour and respect fellowman, but just exploits him he takes, what does not belong to him, and therefore sins against the command of neighbourly love in all kinds of ways.

Whose soul strives seriously upwards, he also knows that he is not allowed to give full expression to life without restraint, because he feels it that the soul is pulled down and that it must wrestle incredibly to again reach up. A right marriage will never find my disapproval, otherwise I would not have created men to reproduce themselves, but the limits can easily be exceeded, and every exceeding is a break of the marriage wanted by me through the law of nature of the living together of man and woman for the purpose of reproduction of the family of man. But I know about the properties of men; I know about their weakness of will and the extremely strong influence of my opponent. I do not condemn, who sin, but I give them the command for their own benefit, and who follows it, he also stands in love towards me and the neighbour, and will climb the way up easier than those, who give free reign to their bodily desires to the detriment of their soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4979.


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