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Every spiritual announcement means a free act of will.

Tools of God - Conditions - World mind - Control spirits - Comment on 2017 November 22 (7)

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Nevertheless I place conditions, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to hear my revelations and pass them on to fellowmen. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Tools of God. Conditions. World mind. Control spirits.

2. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4771.

Who call themselves my servants on earth, are truly not always standing in my services, but they pretend to be my servants, without having received instructions from me, and understandably they do not do the work, which is important for the rescue if erroneous souls they can spread no truth and enlighten men; they are no suitable teachers, because they themselves have not been taught right and can now also only pass on, what is according to their knowledge. But this knowledge is not the true, inviolable spiritual material, what I as man have taught on earth, but it has already undergone many changes and truly does not now contribute anymore to it, that man develops up, as it is his purpose in earth life. But it is my will that truth is revealed to men, and for that reason I myself come to mine and announce myself to them; and that in a way, that no doubt can exist, that you men are taught by God. Nevertheless I place conditions, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to hear my revelations and pass them on to fellowmen. One of these conditions is to completely cut oneself off from the world and listen only to the voice in the heart. Only then, when the world steps completely into the background, can I announce myself to man through the heart. But a shutting oneself away from the world means to harbour no worldly thoughts, to only listen to the intimate connection with me through prayer, what I as his teacher want to announce to him. But only few men fulfil these conditions. They are still very fond of the world, and therefore they take part in everything what goes on in the world, why also earthly thoughts push themselves between in announcements, not because I withdraw my protection from the receiver, but because I do not force him, because every spiritual announcement means a free act of will, although I seize the will turned to me and protect man from sinking into the deep. Nevertheless it must be differentiated. Pure inspired announcements, where therefore man hears dictation-wise with his spiritual ear, will always be according to truth. But as soon as man lets his thoughts digress into the worldly field, as soon as he does not listen to the inner voice with undivided attention, also worldly thoughts push themselves in and want to take root. Then truth suffers deteriorations, but what is also only then possible, when I myself am pushed back, therefore you men so to speak no longer desire to hear me, but hope for enlightenment about earthly matters. Then the world automatically intervenes; that is, the beings, whose longing is the earthly world. Then answers are presented to him through these beings, but which have nothing in common with spiritual announcements. (3.11.1949) None of my tools is free of the world mind; only that it is there in a small measure and is mostly completely eliminated in the connection with me. But while man lives on earth, also the world again and again approaches him and can also now and then imprison the senses, even so only for a short time. And that it is, what must be taken into account, that also a tool lets pure earthly question emerge in it, as a result of which he now interrupts a pure spiritual connection and now therefore the intellect of man begins to work. But it must always be said to you, that spiritual knowledge can never be disfigured, so man himself loves truth and desires truth. The spiritual knowledge stands constantly under the protection of control spirits, i.e., the light beings will know to prevent every wrong representation or lack of understanding of the receiver. Divine truth can never ever be disfigured by a man offering himself to me for service, who is serious about his task. Earthly knowledge on the other hand is still subject to errors, unless man asks for enlightenment of the spirit for the exclusive solution or answering of question on the earthly field. Amen. B.D. NR. 4771.


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