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Love power can bring about everything.

Love epitome of divinity - Wrong love - Comment on 2017 July 9 (2)

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Love is the most sublime feeling, which can move a man, because it is divine radiation into the heart of a man, who is of good will. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Love epitome of divinity. Wrong love.

21. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4674.

The most sublime feeling is and remains love. But not everything is to be acknowledged as love, what you men understand by that. Because love can also be a wrong one, which can lay no claim to the sublime. Love is divine principle, therefore originally actually the epitome of divinity; it is something not to be defined; it is the nature and quality of God; it is the great power unexplainable to men, which let everything come into being, because it has a creative and stimulating effect. It is therefore the original nature of God; it is something radiating out of God, which finds itself again in all his creations and is to particularly come into full effect in man. Right love pulls upwards; it seeks the union with eternal love, the original spring of life and all power. To grasp this is again only possible for those men, in whom the right love has come to development, otherwise this remains an incomprehensible idea, because men can certainly feel the feeling of love in the heart, but mostly give the name "love" to every greediness, what however is just a love wrongly directed, a desire for union with things, which appear desirable to man. But such a wrong love is not power giving, while right love is at the same time power in itself, which again can only be made comprehensible to a loving man. Because only the loving man can recognize this power, because he not only leads an earthly life, but also a spiritual life, therefore seeks connection with that kingdom, where right love is radiated out and the love power has insofar more a spiritual effect, because it is used for loving activity, therefore certainly stimulator to earthly activity, however never seeks to gain earthly successes, but unconsciously strives for spiritual ascent. Love power can bring about everything. Who brings love in himself to highest development, he is able to work miracles, because he is filled with divine power, for which there is nothing impossible. That men do not create this proof for themselves, is because of their just little love willingness. They could bring this proof at any time, but the most sublime feeling, pure divine love, is completely unselfish and only seeks to make happy; this love is foreign to men, and consequently the union with eternal love is established only rarely, which results in the supply of divine power in fullness. Because it is understandable that everything, which becomes like the original nature of God, now is love in itself, can also develop divine abilities, because man is indeed a part of God, which only stands in anti-divine relationship to God through own will. If it changes its will - it therefore shapes itself to love, which it lacked before, then it again adopts all divine qualities, which it originally possessed and lost because of its own fault. As soon as the thinking creature of God, man, realizes, what it originally actually is, as soon as it recognizes its belonging to God and seeks to make itself worthy of it, it again approaches the original source of power, because eternal love recognizes his will and draws him over to it. But then man is also active in love, because the supply of power expresses itself in the work in love, because God and love is one, and, where God is present, no other way than in love can be worked. That means so much as approaching God and receiving of power in all fullness. Love is the most sublime feeling, which can move a man, because it is divine radiation into the heart of a man, who is of good will. Love, which turns towards earthly things, which is therefore still to be seen as matter, is not power giving, but power robbing, and as man has no supply of spiritual power, he uses the life power, to gain that, what his wrongly directed love desires. He therefore wins nothing, but loses, because that, what he gains for himself, is passing and he loses the immortal values, which he is to create with his life power. Right love makes a man happy, (22.6.1949) right love is no demanding, but giving love; it hands out, without wanting to receive, and still receives constantly, the more it hands out. Because right love is a united work with God and must therefore also be able to everything, therefore it will always carry away the victory, i.e. be stronger than every other power or might; it will conquer evil; it will calm the furious; it will achieve everything, because it is forbearing and patient, and so even the opponent of God will not be able to resist the power of divine love and in future declare himself conquered, because also he will long for the love of God and he will without resistance devote himself to it, as also all spiritual feels the love of God and lets itself redeem by it, by it no longer resisting it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4674.


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