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Almost 4500 alleged abuse in Catholic institutions over 35 years, royal commission told.

More than 40 per cent of St John of God Brothers were alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse - Comment on 2017 February 6

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The extent of alleged paedophilia in Catholic institutions has been laid bare for the first time with a royal commission hearing that almost 4500 people have made claims of child sexual abuse over the past 35 years. Read more:


This is a nice picture of the state of our society.

Everywhere the fight against terror is undertaken and discussed, but when it comes to religious organizations, then it might also be discussed, but basically nothing is undertaken.

The Catholic Church, the Oldest, biggest and worst terror organization is terrorizing children all over the world on a scale unimaginable and people might read about, but nothing is done.

A religious organization where 40 per cent of the members are known criminals, and where therefore it must be assumed that the unknown criminals are very likely to be very close to 60 per cent, can continue to exist and continue to terrorise children.

A reasonable way to treat these enemies of society would be to outlaw them, imprison the members, confiscate their possessions and make sure that the terror stops immediately.

The purpose of such an organization seems solely to be to provide a platform for perverse criminals to commit their criminal acts.

But the reality will probably be that also these reports are read und may be even discussed, but otherwise nothing will happen.

Now this commission is active since 2013 in Australia, but the problem has been published widely before and that is why an investigation should be launched to what extent the parents of these children contributed to the suffering of their children by sending them to these criminals for the purpose of being abused there.

It is not just the leaders of these religious organizations who are the components of it. The leaders would have little influence when the "layman" and the "laywoman" would not cooperate with these crimes.

What about the victims of these crimes turning to their parents and then also to themselves and asking, why they are still part of such a religious organisation and making it fit to exist.

The outcome of the work of this commission will probably be that the only party that wins will be the Catholic Church and that this church can now claim that it has openly participated in the investigation and everyone now knows what is going on and no-one has now an excuse for what is happening there and for partaking in their crimes and are therefore themselves to be blamed and are brothers in crime and that they, the Catholics, now have the full right to exist and to carry on with their crimes. And the proof of the fact that the Catholic Church is right will be that the people will continue to support it, send their money to them and also their children to be raped.

And so Australia will be a country were crime is now institutionalized.

And the real victims, the children, they do not count. They will be raped on an on-going basis and now even the state, being fully aware of their plight, will be partner and brother and sister in crime.

Now some news of today:

Almost 4500 alleged abuse in Catholic institutions over 35 years, royal commission told

The extent of alleged paedophilia in Catholic institutions has been laid bare for the first time with a royal commission hearing that almost 4500 people have made claims of child sexual abuse over the past 35 years.

Data gathered by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse show some Catholic orders including St John of God, Christian Brothers and the Marist Brothers had a high proportion of alleged perpetrators.

Francis Sullivan, chief executive of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council, which assisted the royal commission's analysis of alleged abuse, became emotional as he addressed the public hearing before Justice Peter McClellan.

"These numbers are shocking," he said.

"They are tragic and they are indefensible. Each entry in this data ... represents a child who suffered at the hands of someone who should have cared for and protected them. As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame."

The royal commission will spend the next three weeks re-examining the Catholic Church's response to alleged child sexual abuse.

The commission heard that more than a third of people who gave evidence in private sessions over the past four years reported abuse in Catholic institutions.

Fifteen public hearings have been conducted into Catholic Church authorities since the commission started in 2013 and almost 390,000 documents have been produced to the commission in that time.

Counsel assisting the royal commission Gail Furness, SC, described the testimony of survivors as "harrowing".

"The accounts were depressingly familiar," she said.

"Children were ignored or worse, punished. Allegations were not investigated. Priests ... were moved. The parishes and communities to which they moved knew nothing of their past. Documents were not kept or they were destroyed. Secrecy prevailed as did cover-ups.

"Many children suffered and continue as adults to suffer from their experiences in some Catholic institutions."

The royal commission has made 309 referrals to police in all states and the ACT in relation to allegations of child sexual abuse involving Catholic Church institutions, with 27 prosecutions resulting.

The commission, assisted by the Truth, Justice and Healing Council, conducted a survey into Australian Catholic institutions.

Ms Furness told the hearing 1880 alleged perpetrators were identified in claims of child sexual abuse. Of the 1880, 32 per cent were religious brothers, 30 per cent were priests, 29 per cent were lay people and 5 per cent were sisters.

The research examined 75 Catholic authorities over a 60-year period between 1950 and 2010, the commission heard.

The dioceses of Lismore, Wollongong, Port Pirie, Sandhurst and Sale had the highest proportion of allegations of abuse.

Of religious orders with only religious brother members, the highest proportion of alleged perpetrators were members of St John of God (40.4 per cent), the Christian Brothers (22 per cent), the Salesians of Don Bosco (21.9 per cent), Marist Brothers (20.4 per cent) and the De La Salle Brothers (13.4 per cent).

Some of Australia's most senior Catholics will give evidence at the inquiry, including the Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher, the Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, the Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge, and the Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson, who has been charged with concealing child abuse.

The hearing continues.

Now I became aware of these news items from Australia this morning by listening to BBC and there it was the first item of their news broadcast and the moment it was clear what this news was all about the reading of the news was interrupted and music was played.

I then had a look at Australian media and found above article.

The radio station was called "Good News Radio" and claims to be a Christian radio station.

And this shows that it is not just the Catholic Church that is part of this evil, it the entire Orthodoxy, all those religious organizations who are actually part the regiment of Antichrist.

They claim to have Jesus as their Lord, but in reality it is not Christ who is their Lord, but Antichrist.

What really counts is their religious organization and the whole of their denominations and when some "good news" are broadcast, which inform the public what is really behind them, then it is suppressed.

I sometimes listen to such a radio station, because I want to hear the BBC news, and it is interesting to hear these people confessing Jesus, but doing what is the opposite what he is telling us.

The standard procedure of these announcers is to give the name of the next preacher who is now bringing the next sermon, and then the name of the preacher is of course precede by his title and after the title and the name has been announced the divisive organization it named and the individual church he comes from and where he is the pastor.

If these people would be real Christians, they would cringe at giving a title to another Christian, but that is of course not the case, because they simply are no real followers of Christ.

And so they give the man a title and let this supposed Christian teach other Christian to give him a title, by themselves being the examples.

The people who run such a so-called Christian radio station are at best carnal Christians, but a carnal Christian is defined by the Bible in Corinthians 3,1-4 as a person who follows Paul or Apollos and to follow Paul or Apollos means that they would follow at least a person who is of good standing in the Christian community, but these people follow people who are the enemies of Christian communities, who are divisive, who run denominations, who are called by Paul to be grievous wolves and by Jesus the children of them which killed the prophets.

So people who run such so-called Christian radio stations are not just carnal Christians but in reality far more apostate than that and the people they present and let them preach on their stations are really the children of them which killed the prophets and are grievous wolves.

Another article about the royal commission has this sentence: More than 40 per cent of St John of God Brothers were alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

And in one article I found this:

The Archbishops of Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra-Goulburn have congregated in Sydney to give evidence as part of the three-week public hearing.

Questions are expected to focus on the extent of child abuse over almost seven decades and what church leaders are doing to protect children.

The church leaders will do nothing to protect children, they will rape them themselves; they will only protect themselves and their terror organizations.

That is a big tragedy of this problem that basically nothing is done to stop the raping of children.

The majority of cases are not reported and the majority of those cases that are reported are reported decades after they happened, when the victims are grown up men and have the courage to bring the crimes to light and therefore trying to protect those who are victims in the presence. And then culprits have mostly already been transferred into the kingdom of darkness.

And this alone is guarantee to the raping priests and clerics to feel quite safe and carry on unperturbed.

These criminals will just learn from the mistakes they have made in the past, where they were careless in recording claims and not destroying such documents and whenever some cases get through to the media they have plenty of experience and examples how to handle them.

There is no need to worry. It will be business as usual.

The parents of those who were raped by priests and are reporting it now, may be 30 years after it happened, may be excused, because then it was not common knowledge that about 100 per cent of Catholic Church officials are in the business of raping children, but parents who are sending their children today to these beasts are almost as much guilty these animals.

Now imagine what would happen if a foreign country would commit acts of terror in Australia and Australians are getting harmed and what the Australian government would undertake to put a stop to such atrocities.

The whole country of Australia would unite and make considerable efforts to prevent further actions and punish such a government and make it unable to carry on with terror attacks in Australia.

And now imagine what Australia will not do against the country Vatican, which is not suddenly harming people, but do that systematically and already for a long time and on a scale that quite a large number of children of Australia are getting harmed and suffer from everything that comes with it for the rest of their lives.

Australia will not break up diplomatic relations with that country. It will definitely not declare war on that country. It will not issue an international warrant of arrest against the pope and Pell.


It will not ban those branches of that organisation which are directly active in Australia. The representatives of that country, Vatican, of that organization, the Catholic Church, will not be declared people supporting terrorist activities.

These people wage war against Australia, but will not be taken prisoners and put into prisoner-of-war camps.

All what belongs to that organization will not be taken away from them and they themselves will not be locked up for good - turned in.

But what will happen is that nothing new will happen.

The terror against the children under the care of Catholic officials will just continue.

What will happen is that the commission will listen to the archbishops and their pious talk and think that they might be able to do something, but that would be the same as if they would invite the mafia bosses and expect from them that the mob becomes holy.

But a man who today, after the 6th of February 2017, goes to the police and lays a charge against a Catholic official for having being raped by him, and who is still a member of that terroristic organization, can only be described as a hypocrite and a person who supports this kind of terror. He is like a member of the mafia who complains to the police that the mob has harmed him.

But when we here compare the Catholic Church with the mafia, then this is actually unfair towards the mafia, because the crimes the Catholic Church commits worldwide every day is unique.

But this applies to every Catholic. No Catholic can today complain of being a called a member of a terror organization.

This website countdown4us.com contains almost countless webpages dealing with child abuse and the reality of it and many cases containing reports about proven cases where judgement was passed. Now follow three examples of such webpages, as examples, and they are cases where there is mentioning of the Marist Brothers:


Sex priest was shifted to a total of 11 schools by the Marist Brothers and continued teaching until 2002, and finally sent to Rome.
2012 Nov 22 Australia: Catholic Church harboured known paedophiles and shielded them from police scrutiny
Murrin was shifted to a total of 11 schools by the Marist Brothers and continued teaching until 2002, when he was placed in the Encompass Australasia program and then sent to Rome.


Chute was allowed to continue teaching.
2014 Jun 10 Catholic Church - Systematic terror
He admitted following a complaint to sexually abusing a student at the school and the then provincial of Marist Brothers, Othmar Weldon, considered it a "good idea" to move Chute to another school.


The Marist Brothers order has been the subject of more sexual abuse complaints than any in Australia except the Christian Brothers.
2015 Mar 25 (2) Marist brother jailed for sex abuse
A Marist brother who subjected a boy to years of sexual abuse at an exclusive Sydney school has been jailed for at least one year and nine months.


How sad the whole situation is, one can see with the above mentioned Mr Francis Sullivan, he has the whole misery in front of him, but still wants to remain Catholic.


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