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Supply the soul with food.

Communion - Comment on 2017 February 4

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But the supply of soul food never depends on external feeding with bread and wine. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:



21. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4492.

The taking of bread and wine is the sign of what you are to do when you want to be blessed. You have to take bread and wine, i.e. supply the soul with food, by stowing away the bread of heaven with its power, by assimilating my word and extracting the power from it, so that you feed your soul with food from above, which my love offers you. All this I wanted to make understandable to you that the soul is in need of food just as the body and that it has to be fed in the same way as the body by taking bread and wine. But the supply of soul food never depends on external feeding with bread and wine. This was just a comparison which was to illustrate to my disciples what they need and what they should offer to their fellow men so that they are blessed. It is alone only about the life of the soul, and that the soul needs no supply of earthly bread and earthly wine clearly follows. But I always only had your spiritual life in mind; I only wanted to secure the life of the soul for you and therefore will not demand an outward formula where soul food is striven for in all earnestness. Hunger and thirst for my word alone is enough to be satisfied with the bread of life which comes from heaven, which in fact is my flesh and my blood, which secures the existence of the soul, which perfuses it with power and therefore gives it eternal life. No-one can supply the soul with food through outside consumption of bread and wine, when he does not desire my word in the deepest heart, when he does not desire to be fed by me with the bread of heaven. Because he alone comes to me and has communion with me who lets me speak to him, who supplies his soul with that food which it receives and makes it happy. And that is why no-one can feel as my guest through the outer consumption of bread and wine who is fed at my table with soul food. Only the lukewarmness of men towards my word could produce this misunderstanding of my words and acts because as soon as man makes an earnest effort about the life of his soul the understanding becomes clear to him of his own accord what my words should mean, and then an outward appearance will never be enough for a man which will present itself only as a figurative comparison to every thinking man as it then also really was. That men of my church also preserved the outer form in the first time was insofar justified as that they then in close union always visualized me myself, that they really came together in remembrance of me and received my word together. And I was in their very midst and filled them with my spirit; therefore they were in reality my guests with whom I had communion. (23. November 1948) I broke the bread and handed it to them my word sounded in them. And they practised the same; they also handed out each other the bread they interchanged what I announced to them through the voice of the spirit. The first disciples understood what the outer sign meant, but the following ones already attached greater importance to the outer sign, and so it was left, and only few grasp the deeper meaning and have in fact communion with me because only few are so inwardly united with me that they desire to hear me myself, that my word is so delicious and valuable for them to hunger and thirst for it, so that I can invite them to have communion with me, that I can hand out the bread of heaven to them and refresh them with the wine of truth for the salvation of their souls. Who is so closely united with me, he always lives in my memory; he will let me be present all the time, wherever he stays and whatever he does he will therefore also have me as guest with him at every earthly meal; he will always think of me and always desire to feel my presence through the word he will be so permeated by the love towards me that he also informs his fellow men, that he hands out what he possesses himself, spiritual and earthly gifts, because he feels the urge for acts of love, when he is inwardly united with love itself. Now his soul receives food all the time and also hands out food all the time, and he will communicate all the time, stay in my association and also be aware of my presence. Just understand, you men, that the act of communion is not only a momentary thing, which is performed through only external consumption of bread and wine; understand, that I require more than only a dedication arising from the times. Your heart must completely get ready for my reception; an act of cleaning must have been performed before, which only requires a life of love, and a loving person will then also desire a sign of counter love; he will desire to hear me myself he so he will hand out before himself to then receive again out of my hand a delicious counter gift my word, which is indispensable for him as food of the soul. And when he feels a desire he will also be satisfied I will have communion with him and he with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4492.


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