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Life and death are heaven and hell.

Heaven and hell - Comment on 2017 February 1 (2)

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Busy activity, making happy, in shining light is life lack of power, powerlessness and deepest darkness is death. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Heaven and hell.

17. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4488.

Who gives himself as my own, him I never let fall for ever any more. But who remains in resistance against me, he stands in great danger having to completely be without my love power and to harden in his original substance, an extremely painful state, which I want to prevent. This truth now, which has not been concealed from men since the beginning, has created the idea "heaven and hell," of a happy and an unhappy state, which is spatially limited in the imagination of men, until in the end the actual truth the state became less important in the imagination of men and just the place remained, which the imagination pictured to itself in all colours, and as a result many erroneous thoughts were given space, so that truth is completely distorted and man has no longer knowledge of it, what heaven and hell actually means. Life and death are heaven and hell. Busy activity, making happy, in shining light is life lack of power, powerlessness and deepest darkness is death. And every state can constantly increase up and down, until the highest aim, happy fusion with me, or the deepest fall, endless far distance from me, is achieved. Unimaginable is the happiness, unimaginable the agony and the suffering of the damned, who languish eternities and have no longer power for redemption. You are to remember these souls. Erroneous is the teaching that there is no redemption any longer out of hell, that these souls are damned from me for ever. Not I damn them, but they themselves have chosen the damnation; not I plunge them into the depths, but they themselves have striven for the deepest abyss; but my love leaves nothing for ever in this far distance, and that is why there is also redemption out of hell, because also for these beings I have died on the cross and took their sin upon me, because my love is greater than my anger, than my righteousness. Also hell will have to hand over their last victims, i.e., also the firmest matter will one day be dissolved and the spiritual in it become free for the purpose of ascent to life. Because hell, as you men imagine it, does not exist as an eternally burning fireplace; it is no place, which holds the damned; hell is a state, which agonies are not to be described; a state, which starts on earth as a result that men do not acknowledge me, therefore renounce me and remain without my love power. They then certainly still live the bodily life without me and feel the powerless state, which the distance from me means, not yet as agony, but as soon as the life of the body is at an end, the agonies start: the awareness of being completely without power and still to be. At first there is still the possibility in the hereafter to give up resistance, if the soul listens to the presentations of knowing beings, but only rarely these possibilities are utilized, and the soul sinks deeper and deeper, and the distance from me becomes greater and greater, the powerlessness increases until the final hardening for the new banishment in firmest matter.

Then an endless long development period has passed without success for the spiritual once bound in matter and now free, which as man is to strive for out of own drive to become free of all material fetter. That it now has failed is its free will, because I truly provide direct admonitions and warnings. But hell has far greater attraction than heaven and man, with greatest eagerness, still strives again for matter, which the soul had long since overcome. And it is now also his lot it becomes again the cover of the spiritual, which failed at its last test of will. Hell has opened its gate wide, and countless souls enter darkness through these gates voluntarily. Hell will triumph, i.e., its prince has great success numerically, I however wrest from him all these souls, which I again engender into the new creation and take all power from my opponent over these entities, by me binding him also in the midst of earth i.e. the firmest cover is given him as fetter, which he cannot leave earlier until he again comes to power through the will of man, by men again desiring material goods and constantly removing themselves from me more and more. Then he again fights for the souls, and this fight is allowed, so that the souls prove themselves and decide for me or for him, because without right decision can no man become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4488.


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