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In the past years America‘s academic elite has drifted more and more to the left.

Obama, the warmonger, 2 - Comment on 2016 November 13

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Merkel probably rather felt contempt for Obama that he did not prevent Trump coming to power. Read more:

Yesterday we had extracts from an article, an interview with Daniel Bonevac: 2016 Nov 12 – Obama, the warmonger and today we want to have a look at further extracts from this interview and after that think about the further development.

Donald Trump is no politician. Will he be able to act responsibly as US president?

It is of course difficult for every outsider to function good in politics. Much now depends on which politicians he surrounds himself with in the next months. But Trump’s sense for business and ability to delegate tasks to experts make me circumspect optimistic.

In the Washington Post you describe how colleagues and students, who hear of your political views, meet you with hostility or silence. Has your position at university no place?

In the past years America‘s academic elite has drifted more and more to the left. In the eighties it was indeed unusual, but not damaging, to be an outspoken conservative. And the lefts were open for discussions. We liked to fight over a bottle of wine about politics. But in the meantime that is different. Conservatives do not find so many like-minded colleagues and the lefts do not seem particularly willing to take up opposite positions. Trump supporters have a particular hard time because even many conservatives are against Trump.

When you say the lefts would allow no different opinions. Is that because of the much quoted filter bubble, in which we all are. Or really because the elite has further and further gone away from the citizens?

Because of both, I suspect. People in the administration in Washington, at the universities, in the media have little contact to people in other socio-economic groups. For different reasons. They come from similar circumstances; have enjoyed a similar education and similar ideological opinions. But above all they exclusively speak with each other, in the same group. In this way they know only little about someone, who has no university education, comes from a small town. And they of course read above all people, with whom they agree. Many cannot imagine how someone can vote for Trump; even so half of the country has done exactly this.

Have you experience personal hostilities?

Many of my colleagues know already for years that I am conservative. That I now also support Trump has not surprised them further. But I was abused on Facebook; have received angry emails and negative reviews of my books on Amazon. But that is trivial. And I have little to lose – I am in the service since I am 29 years old. Beside I have always cared very little about what others think about me. With some students, who also support Trump, I even had respectful and productive conversations.


Others have far more to lose in their academic career: publications, invitations to lectures and conferences or simply the friendly dealings with colleagues. I also know a few classic musicians, who were no longer allowed to appear, because they supported Trump.

How was the atmosphere on the campus on the day after the election?

Irksome. Alone already because it was raining, but above all because of the election result. Only Trump voters have grinned to each other widely.

Let us come back to Hillary Clinton. What do you criticize about her?

Apart from the email affair and her doubtful political slogans, my greatest worry was that she would pass over Congress and send judges to the supreme court, who would take back much: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to own weapons, as well as the right to a fair trial. She would have massively strengthened the executive organs thereby.

With the defeat of Hillary Clinton many women felt put off. After the motto: "They rather elect a black man or a racist then a woman."

That has nothing to do with the fact that Clinton is a woman. People did not turn against her because she is a woman, but because she is corrupt, not trustworthy and wants to pursue a way of which many Americans feel is destructive. Many Trump supporters would have liked to vote for Carly Fiorina. Clinton really still profits from the fact that she is woman. Everything that became known about the emails and the donation would have cost every man the office and the president candidature.

But is Trump not disrespectful to minorities?

But it is not disrespectful or impertinent to worry about immigration rates. Nobody wants to do without immigration; but only few express themselves for open borders. But it is about the extent and it is unfair to treat those as racists or disrespectful who want less immigrants.

Do you believe Trump can unify a divided country?

There are groups who want to use this division for their own political purposes. For this reason that will be no easy task. But I have hope that it will succeed. Have a look at Trumps inaugural speech, in it he has directed himself towards all Americans in a magnificent way. Trump is a New Yorker and used to handle Americans of all ethnic, social and economic origin. Trump understands the Americans better than any other US politician.

When one follows the politics of Ms Merkel, one could have the impression that she has brought herself into line with the politics of Obama, because America is simply the leading country, particularly leading for Germany, which, in comparison with France and England, is very dependent on the military strength of the USA and also purely out of tradition of the years after the war.

But when one then looks at her reaction to the decision of the Americans on Tuesday, and particularly at the announcement of this decision on Wednesday, then a picture does not arise for example that Merkel is now relieved of having escaped this warmongering pressure of Obama, but rather the opposite.

This lets the impression arise that it was more likely Merkel who pursed the warmongering politics, particularly to Russia, and skilfully let it look as if it originated from Obama.

Merkel probably rather felt contempt for Obama that he did not prevent Trump coming to power.

He, Obama, had all possibilities to implement resources of power, but did nothing decisive.

She probably compared him to Gorbachev, who was unable to keep the Soviet Union in power.

And now she will even more decisively pursue her aim to pursue world domination for her ideals, and for herself. And that all the more so, as she feels confirmed that she herself is much more suitable to take over the leadership of this movement. After all, she is much deeper rooted in the traditions of Stalinism and has sucked in this convictions already with the mother milk and not like Obama only with his dealings with the left fascists.

Her success within her party, having transformed her CDU to the only really Stalinist party, gives her self-confidence, and her former favourite minister, Norbert Röttgen, whom she only had to fire, because the Bavarian wanted it, is a shining example, how the leading politicians of Germany can no longer imagine at all something, that is not in accordance with Ms Merkel’s aim of a dictatorial world domination, say domination of the atheists.

Ms Merkel’s aim is to be first. And that she has already achieved to a great extent. But to really be first, nothing and no-one is allowed to exist, who is still above her, and that is, still, God.

And that it is what it is really all about.

What was decided on Tuesday and became known on Wednesday, is just a relative small set back, which will not really stop the great trend.

And this trend is nicely expressed in the above mentioned interview.

The more young people receive a "good" education, the more the number of those will grow, who are educated by those, who have control over the education systems and who hypnotize the learners in their direction and shape them to good atheists.

And this is the direction which the wisdom books have already always predicted. There will hardly still exist men who do not fall victim to this development.

The separation of the goats from the sheep must come, so that the goats can get disposed of, provisionally, and the sheep remain, and a new beginning can be where all evil has completely disappeared and only the pure still exists.

But before this great event, the great day of the Lord, there will still be a descent in direction to the abyss and Merkel will probably play an important role there.

The murder in Kiev, on the Maidan, was the beginning, which became more visible. She became the patron saint of the putsch in the Ukraine and is responsible for the many dead, which followed this event and are still following. The war in the Ukraine goes to a great extent on her account. Instead of leaving it to a country to join the EU and to let democratic processes take their course, the whole European politics of peaceful cooperation were sabotaged and a return to a politics took place, which triggered two world wars, and many others before.

And the Ukraine is just an example of others. The support for regime change, a new politics of the West, which is nothing else than the politics of revolution, which the Soviet Union pursued, is supported by Germany and were Germany takes part of. The death of innumerable men in Iraq and in Syria is a direct result of this murderous politics and so is the flow of refugees from this part of the world and the suffering connected of all these people. And the suffering of these refugees is still little in comparison to those who remain there and are further exposed to the terror instigated by the West.

The anarchistic behaviour of some Americans, who react because they have been outvoted on the 8th of November, gives us a sign, what we have to expect in future. Democratic decisions will find an answer with violence. Other opinions will be brutally suppressed and everyone who does not submit to atheists will be so treated by them, as they show it already now.


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