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They then found something crucial – namely nothing new.

Fallen through sensation: New physics without new particles - Comment on 2016 November 4

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At the international specialist conference about high energy physics ICHEP at the beginning of August 2016 in Chicago the teams of the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS represented their newest results. Read more:

Extracts from an article follow:

Fallen through sensation: New physics without new particles

Physicist see themselves confronted with their "nightmare scenario": What would be if really no new particles are to be found? A report from the search for a plan B.

At the Large Hadron Collider LHC at Geneva, the largest particle accelerator of the world, physicists investigated the properties of nature at higher energies than ever before. They then found something crucial – namely nothing new. And that is perhaps the only result which 30 years ago, when the first plans for the LHC were hatched, no-one has expected.

The famous-notorious "diphoton-dent", which appeared in December 2015 in the data, has again disappeared. It was only a temporary, accidental variation in the data and no revolutionary new particle. The collisions in the powerful plant have up to now actually produced not one single particle, which is not already recorded in the standard model of particle physics, ruling since a long time, nevertheless incomplete. In the debris of the collisions the physicists found neither particles of dark matter nor siblings of the Higgs boson. They found no indications to additional dimensions and no lepto quarks. And they found none of the desperately sought super symmetric particles, which appear necessary to round off the equations of the particle researchers and to fulfil their "naturalness". This principle should fulfil all laws of nature according to the opinion of the researchers: Dimensionless conditions between the parameters and constants of a theory must take up sensible values and cannot be large or small as you like.

"It is astonishing that we have thought about these things 30 years long and still have made not one single prediction, which was actually confirmed", said Nima Arkani-Hamed, professor for physics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the little US university town Princeton. At the international specialist conference about high energy physics ICHEP at the beginning of August 2016 in Chicago the teams of the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS represented their newest results. These two powerful detectors are placed in the position 6 and 12 o’clock at the just under 27 kilometre long ring of the LHC. The two teams, counting over 3000 members each, have three months long feverishly analysed a wealth of data, produced by the accelerator, which finally works with full power after an upgrade to double the energy. In the ring protons collide with an energy of 13 tera electron volt (TeV): 13 quadrillion electron volt. That is more than 13 000 times the mass of a proton. Enough raw material to even produce extreme mass rich elementary particles. When they are really there.

Up to now no such particle has appeared.

The lacking of all signs for a new physics aggravates a crisis, which already started 2012 with the first test series at the LHC. Because the then collisions with an energy of 8 TeV were not enough to prove anything new beyond the standard model. The Higgs boson discovered in that year was only the last missing particle of the standard model, but no indication of new physics. Indeed, in this year or in the coming year a particle can still appear, which does not fit into the standard model. Or the in time growing mountain of data contains small surprises in the behaviour of particles known already, which indirectly point to new physics. But the theoreticians visibly come to terms with the nightmare scenario, in which the LHC produces no indications at all of a more complete theory of nature.

The time is ripe, so some theoreticians say, who take a zero result as the starting point. The absence of new particles means with quite certainty that the laws of physics are not "natural" in that way, which the physicists have required up to now. "The assumption of naturalness is so well substantiated that its actual absence is a great discovery", explains Sundrum.

In the meantime the theoreticians come already to terms with, that they get no indications at all from nature in which direction they are supposed to research further. "It is a most confusing and uncertain situation", so Arkani-Hamed.

Many particle physicists by now consider a possibility threatening for a long time in the background: Perhaps the mass of the Higgs bosom is simply not "natural". The small value could be based on a pure accidental coincidence in the tug-of-war of the masses – and we observe this strange value, because our life depends on it. In this scenario many universes exist with completely different combinations of particle masses. But only in universes with a light Higgs boson atoms can be formed and so finally also living beings. Though this "anthropic argument" does not meet with enthusiasm with all researchers, because it does let itself be examined experimentally.

Truth, also scientific truth, can only be found through Jesus Christ. As long as God is denied, men will remain fools. The fool says in his heart, "There is no God."

And saying, "There is no God," means that such a person who says something like "There is no God," is really as religious as those who say, "There is a God."

They both are believers. Also the atheists and materialists are believers. They believe in their religion – that there is no God. That is important to them.

And the reason that this is important to them, is explained nicely in the Bible: They are afraid.

John 12:42: But because of the Pharisees they would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue.

Pharisees are members of religious organizations and they determine the thinking and believing of all the rest of those who benefit from such an organization. And the organization is the community of scientists. And all of them fear to be cast of this community, because that would mean not be recognized any longer and what is of extreme important, is that it would mean to longer get a job in that organization, to be without income, to be put out of the synagogue.

So truth is known. Spiritual writings unchangingly declare truth for millennia. It is the spiritual kingdom from which the material kingdom comes from and from which it is sustained and maintained. The material world is not a closed system; it completely depends on the spiritual side of life. It is light beings who create it and run it, and as long as this is denied, truth cannot be found.

They are all afraid of losing their job and so are caught up in their web of lies and can’t get out of it. If they would get out of it, they would have to stop being worldly, and that would mean to give up their worldly desires and win and win eternity. But they sold their soul and they carry on selling their soul. The solution is there, but fear keeps them from not heading for the abyss.


See Electrons are the boundary crossing out of the spiritual into the earthly kingdom.


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