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I want to win you back.

Godís love - Radiation - Godís word - Comment on 2016 October 11 (2)

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I want to win you men back again as children of my love; you are to recognize my love towards you, love me back and strive towards me in free will. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Godís love. Radiation. Godís word.

8. and 9. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4400.

You are children of my love who got lost to me, who became disloyal to me and gave up their adoption right through this. And as a result you got into trouble, into a trouble, which is to drive you again to me. Because you must do without my love and cannot become happy without my love, because you have forfeited your strength and power and therefore are weak miserable creatures, which need the supply of power. But I nevertheless love you and want to make you again to my children; I want to win you back to let my father love have an effect upon you. And I will not drop my plan, and even if eternal times should pass because of it, because my love towards you is exceedingly great and cannot become smaller for ever. This has to be mentioned before the following, so that you grasp into which situation a man must come sometimes, to again return to me completely. My love has been spurned by that being, which was the product of my love, and consequently I could no longer transfer power onto that being. But without power transference it lacks all cognition; it is without wisdom, without knowledge, and consequently cannot carry out right activity, and therefore it also cannot redeem itself. And it would be banished out of my nearness for ever, because it could not bear my light radiation. (9.8.1948) Everything what now contributes to let my love radiation have an effect on the being, is fixed fatefully, i.e., the whole course of life of man unwinds so that my guidance is always apparent, that therefore man, if he wants, can recognize the steering power, which proves my existence to him. It now can certainly be assumed that the course of life of the individual takes place lawfully, that therefore the individual events and conditions of man repeat themselves naturally and approach the individual in a certain order, that therefore an intervention and directing of a deity can be doubted or is a thought developed by man himself, that a ruler of the universe collaborates. And for that reason a further sign must be offered to man from me, that every doubt is suffocated. Such a sign or speaking proof of my existence is my word, through which I reveal myself to man, which cannot be denied. This sign shows a being able to think, which expresses itself towards its creatures. Once the connection of a creature with its creator is obvious to the former, then the life fate of the individual is also not to be seen as chance, then an unwinding as planned must be far more credible, otherwise all order could be overturned, because where my spirit and my will does not rule, there everything will get into chaos, and therefore also men would soon refrain from all conformity to a law and in a short time sink into chaos; there would be no up and down of life fate, but only a perpetual downward drifting; nothing would dissolve and change, but only get worse, while I as ruler of fate again and again see to it that man after a low also comes again into light heights and again and again can recognize myself, particularly then when he listens to my word and compares this with his earth life course, which now becomes explainable to him in connection with my word and proves my guiding father hand. I want to win you men back again as children of my love; you are to recognize my love towards you, love me back and strive towards me in free will. And that is why you must have the possibility to recognize me and my work, what can always only happen in daily life, but which only then touches you when it does not pass you by monotonously, but also brings you inner blows of every kind. Then you seek a ruler and entrust yourselves to him. Then you seek me, and I let myself be found. And so I win back what was once lost, to then never drop it for ever, because it is closely connected with me and never ever voluntarily separates from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4400.


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