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Freedom of will is the explanation for everything.

Redeemer - Faith - Freedom of will - Compulsion - Comment on 2016 October 5 (2)

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Therefore he must well be able to believe, but he is not allowed to be forced to faith, therefore my existence is not allowed to be able to be proven to him. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Redeemer. Faith. Freedom of will. Compulsion.

1. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4392.

As long as you do not want to believe, you will also not be able to believe. Every man can fashion his soul life according to his will, i.e., no compulsion is imposed upon his thinking, feeling and wanting, it will never have to move in a certain direction, but man chooses the direction himself. But so that the direction of thought and will chosen by him may correspond with my will and my eternal order, help is granted to him constantly, it is as it were offered to him, so that it is easy for him, to turn to the right direction, if he first of all devotes himself to the ruler of infinity, no matter in which form he acknowledges him, therefore first believes in him. Even without any instruction he can intellectually present to himself the questions regarding his origin, and this question will also be answered mentally for him so that he is turned upon the right track his thinking will come close to truth, because I myself want it that man stands in truth. And if he himself, as thinking being, as a work of creation of a still to him unknown master, puts his trust in him mentally, he announces the will to truth, and it will become his. Wanting to believe also secures the capability to believe, but man is never to think himself being able of being capable to fathom truth intellectually and to eliminate me and my help then or to completely reject me and to nevertheless stand in truth. If you would be able to prove my existence as also everything what I demand of you to believe, then the act of the free will decision, which is meaning and purpose of your earth life as man, would be invalid, because man must submit to a being ruling everything, because he feels himself inferior to him. Then he is so to speak driven by fear, if he does not resist openly and as a result once again plunges into the depth. But I do not want this decision of man, but he must strive towards me in fullest freedom; he must want that a power is over him, to which he submits voluntarily. Therefore he must well be able to believe, but he is not allowed to be forced to faith, therefore my existence is not allowed to be able to be proven to him. And consequently the whole soul life of a man is left up to him, i.e., thinking, feeling and wanting is not subject to force, but to the direction of the will of man, as a result of which it is now also comprehensible that a fight is waged in the spiritual kingdom about the will of man, by both powers, between whom he is to decide. Because the defection from me came into being through influence of a counter power, but which originally also was the product of my love, fully equipped with everything what marks a divine creature. That and why this being turned away from me, can likewise only be explained to you men metaphorically. But the defection let the being become my opponent, upon whose influence numerous spiritual entities rebelled against me, therefore fell out and out. I woo this defected spiritual with all love, but the opponent wants to extract from me, what I already own again partly. And for that reason a spiritual fight rages persistently, which certainly ends with a complete defeat of my opponent, however also with the relapse of many beings into darkness, because they once again have abused their free will therefore could also not be forced by my opponent, but have freely decided themselves for him. Men now, who despite their will could not believe, would therefore to be considered as forced beings, as excusable. But compulsion neither takes place from me nor from my opponent, why it is therefore possible for the wanting to believe, but faith is never allowed to be proven. But once man has won faith by virtue of his will, then he will also win the knowledge about truth, which can only be won on the way of faith. Because I as the eternal truth must be acknowledged to be able to hand it out. Men, who doubt my existence, can use their intellect no matter how eagerly, they will draw wrong conclusions and become obsessed with completely erroneous thinking, because they research and ponder without me and are at the mercy of the influence of my opponent, who now uses every opportunity to wage the fight against the light against truth. Freedom of will is the explanation for everything. Freedom of will is also explanation for the greatest mystery, for the becoming of man in Jesus Christ. That I descended to men, has only the reason that the power of my opponent had become too great, because mankind was too weak, to use their will the right way and to resist him. Compulsion took never place from the side of my opponent, but men were, since they lived without love, which is power in itself, no longer able to give the right direction to their will, because they no longer recognized it. The opponent took advantage of the weakness of will of men and exercised stronger and stronger influence on them. They could have resisted, if they had led a life in love, and that is why an example had to be given to men, what man is able to do, if he increases the power in himself through a life of love and transfers this power on the will. Faith sinks, as soon as the degree of love is a low one; on the other hand doubt rises up as attack signal of the opponent, and soon he overgrows faith and suffocates it. A man therefore must show fellowmen, which life task is set for them and how they can comply with this task a man must use the will in the right direction and receive the power for it out of love. It is a simple solution, and it is also comprehensible that the products of my love moved me to pity, as creator and father from eternity, that they, certainly out of own will, no longer became free from their tormentor, who abused his power, which he received from me, to shameful work. It must also be comprehensible that I sought a way out for the unfortunate creatures, that a work of mercy met with my approval, which wanted to accomplish love for the unfortunate. I love all my creatures and seek to again win all back. Under compulsion it would be a work of a moment, but I do not apply force for the sake of the perfection of that what has originated with me. For that I let a proof of the right use of will be sufficient for me, which the deep love of one man wanted to supply to me for his fellowmen. I saw the great love of this one man, and for the sake of this great love mercy took the place of justice. I re-routed the power of love as power of will upon weak men, who put their trust in Jesus in their weakness and ask him for help. I therefore regard men who recommend themselves to Jesus as connected to him, as a member of him; I no longer make a separation between these sinful men and Jesus, but I regard them as one whole, whom I forgive the sins for the sake of the great love of Jesus i.e., from whom I take the weakness of will, to whom I give power for the right use of their will. I help them, to use the will right, but do not force their will through the supply of power. Man must still redeem himself out of the state of defection from me; now he can do this, if he asks Jesus Christ for help, therefore acknowledges him and ask him for the supply of power for the sake of his work of redemption. Only so the work of redemption is to be regarded. Only the love of the man Jesus was decisive, which he expressed through his death on the cross. He further proved to men that death is something that is overcome for a man, who through love was so perfect that he could enter eternal life, that he therefore in reality did not die, but lived in increased light, what he has proven to men through his ascension. I therefore accepted his love, and for the sake of this love I help the debtors to get free of their guilt through the supply of will power, although the complete redemption still is incumbent on man himself that he freely decides for me and strives towards me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4392.


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