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You are to always let yourselves be guided by your feeling only.

Personal words - Comment on 2016 October 2

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Then you experience the greatest miracle on this earth, you hear the sounding word at the same time. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Personal words.

25. to 27. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4387.

What the spirit announces to you is my word, and this you are to hear. I speak with you any time, if you have spoken before with me in the spirit and in truth. And therefore I do not answer to that what just your mouth speaks, but what you feel and think in the heart, that gets through to me and finds counter expression. And if you now ask me, you will receive my answer mentally. You can now confidently consider your thoughts as coming from me and also take them to heart. I want that you understand everything and do not get into doubt. And so I also want that you know in which relationship you are to stand to each other. I want to give you an advice, which you are to consider seriously, so that you then decide freely. I want that most intimate soul harmony is established between you; I want a pure relationship between you, which is borne by love to one another, a relationship where everyone is prepared to give to the other and every desire is eliminated. I want that you remain in contact, until death separates you, because your earth way is nothing but short. You have aspired to a common aim, and you are also to seek to reach it the spiritual marriage, which survives everything, which means bond in the spiritual kingdom, which consists of common work and of the same power consciousness. But this bond requires the same degree of maturity and therefore the same light radiation, consequently also the same love and the same knowledge. And for that reason the endeavour of two people, who want to work in the spiritual kingdom together, must be on earth, to make directly possible the supply of light and power, of spiritual knowledge; my spirit must be able to work in them and teach them, i.e., they must receive my word through the voice of the spirit. And it is certain that only through love work you bring the spirit in you to awakening, which now teaches you. Men now, who are connected to each other by true, pure love, open the spirit in them, who is my share, the door of the heart; they prepare themselves to the receiving vessel of my spirit and can be taught persistently. And so also you are destined to cover the way upwards together, because you then, if you live in harmony of the soul, are extremely receptive for the power of the spirit, for my radiation, for my word, which is now directly imparted to you. Who receives my word directly, he must pass it on, and he will do this the more eagerly, the more he is filled with love towards fellowmen. Moreover the word offered in love will find reception there, where again love is aroused. And love is to be nursed, because it is actually already power, therefore growing love also means growing power. (26.7.1948) Your journey of life is nothing but short, and that is the reason that every day is to be used for the mutual work for me and my kingdom. But common work requires also fullest conviction in spiritual questions, in thinking, understanding and assessment of that what is presented to you as truth, through the spirit. But right thinking always presupposes the work of the spirit, and my spirit can again only work there, where love is. Therefore let love never become one-sided, because then the one partner will lack the understanding for spiritual truths, if he stands outside of love. You are to make an effort to show love towards the neighbour out of love towards me; therefore you must practise giving love, making happy, and if it is therefore returned, an exchange of power takes place, which has an effect earthly and spiritually. And this you are to achieve, by you admonishing yourselves one another to love, by you yourselves being intimately attached to you, by the sense of belonging together becoming so strong in you that you no longer can imagine a life without each other. (27.7.1948) Then you experience the greatest miracle on this earth, you hear the sounding word at the same time. Then no separation exists for you any longer; then my spirit works in you constantly, then all doubt is turned down, the truth of my word shines towards you so brightly that you are nothing but filled with it and joyfully work together for me and my kingdom. For that reason you are to devote yourselves completely to my guidance; you are nothing to do willingly differently, than you feel inwardly urged; you are to always let yourselves be guided by your feeling only, because I lay my will into your heart, and the urging of your heart is the expression of my will. If you comply with it, then you submit to my will; if you act against it, then your will is stronger, before which I want to warn you, because my will will always lead to the aim, your own will on the other hand lead away from it or lengthen the way for you so, that you lose time, because it is shortly before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4387.


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