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Physicists find no indication that entangled photons are not in over-light-fast exchange.

Entanglement and neutrinos - Comment on 2016 August 16 (2)

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Neutrinos could be the key to the explanation of the universe. Read more:

There are areas in science, which are directly related to spiritual things. Entanglement and neutrinos are both such things, which actually can only be explained spiritually.

Today I found two articles, which deal with these two areas, and I will bring here extracts from them.

If I look at the speed of information exchange between two entangled particles then that happens instantaneously. To have an idea how fast that is, I can think of the distance from here, from our galaxy, the Milky Way, to the galaxy most far away, the known one. This distance is to be 13.87 billion light years. That is 130 times 10 to the power of 21 km. Light therefore needs 13.37 billion years to travel through this distance. Und between two entangled particles this exchange of information happens with this distance immediately, without delay. The speed of light is therefore something quite slow by comparison.

When I now take the exchange of information between the earth and Saturn, let us say between the person Bertha Dudde on earth and the former earth inhabitant John on Saturn, then it is relatively easy to imagine that a direct exchange of thoughts can exist there, without any delay.

The whole matter with thought-transference, telepathy, happens in this fast way. Telepathy does not depend on time and space. It is something spiritual. The communication between the individual heavenly bodies of our solar system happens without effort, and so also between us and such at the end of the universe.

When I now think of neutrinos, then I think of the claim of scientists that every second 60 billion neutrinos go through every square centimetre of our body or of our earth.

This information causes a spiritual person to think immediately of the radiation power of God, and to equate it with this.

The entire area of electromagnetic radiation is something spiritual. All electromagnetic radiation is light, not only the so-called visible light, which in reality is exactly the same as the rest of light not visible, is spiritual.

And these spiritual aspects of these science areas are again and again expressed in new research results and are confirmed by them.

Here now extracts from reports I read today, first the one about entanglement:

"Spooky effect in the distance" of entangled particles remains a puzzle

Physicists find no indication that entangled photons are not in over-light-fast exchange

The best known phenomenon in quantum physics is in medial reporting usually connected with "beaming." But in reality the entanglement of particles has nothing to do with teleportation. The theory rather says that for example two entangled light particles can remain connected as via an invisible thread, even so they go away from each other over any distances. Even Albert Einstein could not get to like the consequences of entanglement and spoke of "spooky effect in the distance." How the two particles remain connected with each other remains a puzzle until today.

If one manipulates one of two particles entangled with each other, by measuring the polarisation for example, something also happens immediately at the other. If one could entangle two playing dices, one would not know until the measuring, which number they show. But after the measurement with both the same – by chance – side would definitely show upwards. Since nothing can spread faster than light, this behaviour seemingly contradicts the special theory of relativity – what probably caused Einstein to his derogatory assessment as "spooky."

Einstein‘s explanation for that was: There are ‚hidden common causes‘.

Last year research groups about the Vienna experimental physicist Anton Zeilinger in Vienna as well as in Boulder (USA) and in Delft (Netherlands) could show, "that Einstein’s explanation does not work and quantum entanglement cannot be explained with this cause-effect-principle"

Here now extracts from a second report, which I read today, about neutrinos:

Neutrinos could be the key to the explanation of the universe

Experiments in Japan supply new indications why our cosmos exists at all

The IceCube neutrino detector in the Antarctic yielded no indication of sterile neutrinos. Instead experiments in Japan indicate a participating of the difficult to comprehend particles in the existence of the universe.

Neutrinos are approximately massless particles, which come along in three so-called flavours: muon, tau and electron. On the journey through the cosmos neutrinos can however change their taste. Particle physicists speak here of the so-called neutrino oscillation. But these do not always go off in accordance with the theory: Some observed oscillations cannot be explained alone with the three known flavours, why it was assumed that there is a fourth: sterile neutrinos.

The existence of such a neutrino without the ability for interaction with traditional matter would indeed contradict the common physical world picture, but could instead explain the asymmetry of matter and antimatter. Relevant results of the IceCube neutrino detector in the Antarctic, published in the "Physical Review Letters," show however that there are more likely no sterile neutrinos.

Nevertheless neutrinos could supply the key to the explanation of the cosmos. An international team of physicists around Yoshi Uchida of the Imperial College London has observed at the J-PARC research complex at the Pacific coast east of Tokyo that not all neutrinos can equally change their flavour on their journey through the universe: The relevant T2K experiment proved that more muon neutrinos change into electron neutrinos than it is the case with anti-neutrinos.

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