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Become and remain strong-willed.

Temptations of Satan - Godís protection - Comment on 2016 August 14

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Leave all earthly wishes unnoticed. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Temptations of Satan. Godís protection.

20. and 21. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4344.

You are not allowed to let yourselves been pulled into the nets of Satan, who seeks to hurl you from above into the deepest abyss. He wins power over you, if you do not resist him through stronger will or, if you are weak, intimate prayer towards me. He is not able to do anything over you, if you do not admit to it. Because I have taken this power away from him. Therefore strive after, that you become and remain strong-willed through the call upon Jesus Christ, who increases your will any time if you just aspire to it. My opponentís aim is defection from me is and a walk of life without love. He will achieve both if you lack my power, my support and my favour. You are entitled to everything, but not against your will. If you now want that I help you and pour out my power and favour over you, then you must request in prayer, what you lack, and I must tell you again and again, how you are supposed to pray Ė full of humility and devotion towards me you are to ask and believingly trust the father like children that he fulfils the request for you. Then Satan will completely step out of your horizon, i.e., he will no longer besiege you, because you are surrounded by guardian spirits, whose luminous power is unbearable for him, and he lets up with his temptations. Nevertheless you must be on your guard, because he comes again and seeks to bring about your downfall. For that reason do not give him a target; extricate yourselves from him and flee to me Ė and I will protect you, (21.6.1948) because his power is little, if I appear as his opponent, and my protection you are to secure for yourselves. The time of the end brings increased danger, because he once again exploits all might and power to increase his kingdom; temptations of all kind will approach you; the world will present all attractions to you; the body will beseech you and cherish wishes, of which the fulfilment is a danger for you, but you will be able to resist all this, if you remain with me, if the desire of your heart is meant for me and you seriously strive for soul maturity. Then you will again and again get into contact with me; you will listen to me, when I speak to you, and Satan will truly not stand up to my words; he will flee, if you oppose him with my word, if you bury yourselves in my word in hours of distress and temptation and work for me. Because my word is power out of me, which he rejects, and that is your strength. With me you will always defeat Satan; with me withstand any temptation and with me reach the aim securely. Time hurries, and every day is valuable, that is why you are to use it and work for me and my kingdom, and leave all earthly wishes unnoticed; content yourselves with what I want to give to you, and I will truly not give you badly. But do not let my opponent win power over you; resist him and come to me, and I will reward you for your loyalty and give you what is helpful for body and soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4344.


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