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Nato wants to decide new wars in Warsaw.

Obama‘s and Merkel‘s dictatorship on the advance - Comment on 2016 July 9

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EU and Nato want to draw up rules for a "world order". Read more:

The American people now start to behave like it is shown to them by their president. They simply shoot dead people they do not like.

Under the Nazis were those people they did not like packet into goods train and transported to plants, which were specially built for them, and there they were killed factory-like.

Under Stalin one did it simpler; they were shot dead there and then and left behind. Entire nations were so wiped out and no-one complained about it because no-one was left over.

How the ultimately most successful Stalinists, Obama and Merkel, now advance, is shown by news from yesterday and today:


Assassinating police

Five policemen shot dead at protest in Dallas

During a rally against police violence five policemen were shot dead in Dallas. One suspect was obviously arrested; another is to still having barricaded himself in a parking house.


Geo politics

New role for Europe

EU and Nato want to draw up rules for a "world order".

EU will decide a comprehensive partnership with Nato. As slogans "security", "peace consolidation" and "resistance ability in the south and in the east" are given.


Geo politics

More money for armament

In future EU states must finance Nato

The EU states will in future pay for the financing of the partnership with Nato in separate budgets. The taken tasks are sweeping and in the absence of appropriate EU structures probably follow the guidelines of Nato.


Geo politics

No democratic collaboration

EU parliament remains outside of partnership with Nato

The EU parliament as democratic institution does not belong to the signatories with the new partnership. The exclusion of the parliamentarians at the collaboration signalizes a considerable democratic deficit.


Geo politics

Change of constituion

EU pact with Nato ends neutrality of Austria and Sweden

The new pact of the EU with Nato means as good as in passing the end of the neutrality of states like Austria, Sweden and Finland. The Austrian government should have fought against the pact, because it changes the federal constitution without the collaboration of the Austrian constitutional organs.


Money for armament instead of pensions

Wagenknecht calls Merkel to account: "What kind of madness is that then!"

Sahra Wagenknecht of the Left party has used her speech to Nato in the Bundestag for a general reckoning with federal chancellor Merkel: She criticized the planned armament, because tax money would be used for armament while the financing of pensions were not safeguarded. She called upon Merkel not to feel plebiscites as thread, but as expression of democracy.


In the forecourt of power

Historical: Not one single interruption of the Greens at Merkel’s final Nato speech

The change of the Greens from Nato critics to pragmatics with power perspectives was made clear in the government statement of Federal Chancellor Merkel to the armament plans of the military alliance: There was not one single interruption from the earlier always passionate anti militarists – as the transcript of the Bundestag proves. The Greens are regarded as favoured coalition partner of Merkel at the next election.


Cold war

To Lithuania

Merkel sends Bundeswehr soldiers to the border with Russia

Within the framework of Nato strategy of deterrence Germany will send 500 Bundeswehr soldiers to Lithuania. The Baltic state is the neighbouring country to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.



Before the US embassy

Greeks demonstrate against Nato summit in Warsaw

On Friday hundreds of people assembled before the US embassy in Athens to demonstrate against the Nato summit in Warsaw. The EU Member of Parliament Athanasios Pafilis said at his rally speech that Nato in Warsaw wants to decide on new wars and the EU becomes implicated.


Cold war

Against Russian threat

Obama: USA sends battalion and tank brigade to Poland

US President Obama has announced the sending of 1,000 soldiers and one tank brigade to Poland. The USA would take over the "role of the leading nation" in the framework of Nato.


Geo politics

Against "hybride" dangers

Partnership with Nato: EU arms itself for cyber war

The EU will deploy considerable means in the coming years to prepare itself against threats out of cyber space. The EU thinks it to be essential to overcome the intern crisis to protect itself from external threats. The means which the EU deploys in the framework of Nato partnership come for the most part out of the research program.


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