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The word coming from above must always be laid down as standard.

Spiritual leadership - Truth from above - Comment on 2016 July 7

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I will always acknowledge church leaders if they preach truth, but as I also do not silently tolerate the spreading of false doctrines to those who seek truth. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual leadership. Truth from above.

6. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4324.

You men need a constant leadership, if you want to reach the goal. Your goal is spiritual development, reaching the degree of perfection; your goal is unification with me, which you can only achieve through a change to love. Consequently you must be led on to the right way, which guarantees your ascent development; which brings you closer to perfection and thus also to me, I who can only unite with perfect beings. You can certainly also reach the goal by yourselves, if you have the good will, if it drives you from the inside to love work. Then you do not need earthly leaders, because then you are led right through the voice of the spirit, which truly instructs you right. But men who are just lukewarm in love, who are still not glowed through by its fire, do not hear this voice; they do not know the way up and therefore need leaders, who guide them on to the right way they need teachers, who instruct them right about my will, about my commands and about their earth task. They must be instructed right. When I have set for men as the highest goal the unification with me, then it also must be my will and my endeavour, to let men find the way, which leads them closer to the goal, and therefore I must also give every man the possibility to obtain knowledge of the conditions and my will. I must give them the possibility to be instructed in truth, therefore put the teaching workers to their side, who are able to spread truth according to my will. But otherwise I can also not prevent men to reject truth by virtue of their freedom of will and to acquire untrue thought material, why I also never intervene to hinder, when my pure teaching is disfigured on the part of those, who practise a teaching activity, because I do not force the will of men. I only want to make clear who is to be mentioned as spiritual leader and when men need spiritual leaders. The entire mankind walks in darkness and needs necessary supply of light. But light can only start from the eternal light; it is lightless in the heart of man as long as I still cannot light the light in it, as long as the fire of love is not in it, which gives out bright light. Light can therefore only come from the inside; it must be lighted through love, only then man will be knowing and stand in truth. Consequently right, truthful knowledge can never be taught, therefore brought to man from the outside, but only love must be awakened in man, only then he can recognize the right knowledge, imparted to him from the outside, as truth and accept it. And so the office of the leaders on earth is only limited to teach love to men, and this is the task of those who stand in the world as spiritual leaders, who have the will to direct mankind on to the way, which leads to me. If they put themselves at my disposal for this task, then I will bless them and give their words power that it may not remain without effect at men. But truth is also directly supplied to men from above, if a willing man, living in love, declares himself willing to receive truth and to carry it further into the world. These are now to be mentioned as spiritual leaders who are called to show fellowmen the right way to me. Because these are called by myself. The supply of pure truth from above happens in a way that it is an inexplicable process for fellowmen, that therefore an unusual power can be recognized. What church leaders now represent and teach must stand in most complete agreement with the knowledge supplied from above to earth; it must as it were come from one source, and the word coming from above must always be laid down as standard, as soon as deviations arise. Then church leadership is also to be acknowledged and also blessed as such by me. But I request this agreement; otherwise I must reject every teaching, which deviates from pure teaching imparted by me. I cannot make concessions where it is about pure truth, but as I also never deviate from choosing my servants for myself, to instruct and to train them for a teaching activity, because it is urgently necessary to supply men with truth. I will always acknowledge church leaders if they preach truth, but as I also do not silently tolerate the spreading of false doctrines to those who seek truth. I respect free will, but my will will also be active and seeks to reconcile where human will sins. I work against it by opposing error with pure truth, by confronting the carriers of truth to those who walk along in error and seek to spread it. And every individual man can decide freely. The inner urge for truth also secures him the supply of truth, but the lukewarm man, completely indifferent, remains blind in the spirit despite church leaders, because truth wants to be sought, to let itself be found. Amen. B.D. NR. 4324.


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