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My love command, the eternal order.

Law of order - Subordinating of the will - Comment on 2016 May 23

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Out of love everything has emerged and through love everything is preserved. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Law of order. Subordinating of the will.

15. and 16. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4300.

Understand that you must fulfil my will if you want to become happy. My will is the law of order from eternity, and if someone violates this order, he also acts against my will. If you now want to be mine, you also must devotedly obey my will, and if it is announced to you, it is easy for you to act accordingly, because I demand not more from you than you can fulfil. I have given you a command, to love one another because love fulfils my law from eternity, because out of love everything has emerged and through love everything is preserved. This law is therefore to be accepted absolutely, and it is also fulfil able, because it is according to the original nature of every creature. The will of man only must attach itself to my will, then there is no other way for him than to feel love and give love. But if he lets the own will emerge, then he stands in self-love, (16.5.1948) then he is no longer subjugated to me; he leaves my command out of consideration and therefore removes himself from me, because he lacks the power, which he receives from me through love. It is therefore a quite natural process that the man, who stands in self-love, gives up or omits his striving for me, what he has done in the state of love work. And the lacking power has an effect in recognition inability, in lacking faith and love-will becoming lower and lower. Man cannot understand deeper wisdoms if he lacks love. He also cannot be active in love, if he does not accept my will, if the own will is stronger than the command, which announces my will. And so the spiritual development must also spontaneously decrease, because he does not move in the order wanted by me. It does not agree with my order, that a splitting is arising of those, who have knowledge of my word, who therefore have the favour, to be instructed by me indirectly or directly. A certain degree of love activity imparts my word to him, and this degree is to be raised and the knowledge increased. If however lack of understanding occurs for the teachings, which I myself gave to men through my word, then this is a sign of retrogression of love work, a sign of increasing self-love, which darkens the light, although it cannot be completely extinguished. But I keep mine and do not allow that they sink, but I apply means, which drive to increased love work, until the thinking of man lights up again, until my truth appears again acceptable to him and his life also changes again accordingly. But never ever can I give up my love command, the eternal order, and never ever can I pour out my spirit over a man, who does not subjugate himself to my will. And blessed, if he feels the inadequate state, the inability of deeper spiritual understanding as pressure or also shortcoming. Because then he can be won again easily, and he will also pass the faith test, for the sake of which he must solve spiritual problems, which almost cause him to totter. Amen. B.D. NR. 4300.


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