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I direct all events.

Counterwork from the world side - Comment on 2016 May 22 (5)

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You must be active and never put the world with its demands before the spiritual work. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Counterwork from the world side.

14. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4299.

You will have a hard time with regard to those who do not want to acknowledge your spiritual work and therefore seek to make you unfit for it. You will not be able to change their attitude towards God, and it will therefore be a constant fight, which you wage against each other. The work against you will now and again cripple you, but my power will be stronger; you will not let me go and remain loyal servants for me. And for the sake of your will I will create relief for you; I will weaken the resistance; I will send co-workers to you, who inspire you and promote the spiritual work; I will come to you myself, and my words will be believed, also if I just speak through your mouth they will no longer be able to counter your words, and my work will be obvious. The powers of darkness are constantly endeavoured to darken the light, which radiates in you, and men of your surroundings fall victim to them; they do not defend themselves and do not turn to me about enlightenment, they reject me if I approach them, and therefore do not share what I offer them from above. I walked myself the way of the earthly, and this way was difficult, because I constantly had to fight against the lack of love of men, against their unbelief and their love towards the material world. And I sought to educate them to love and to faith through my word, however only with little success. Love towards the earthly again predominates, men again live without love and without faith, and I again want to help them on the right way through my word. And they do not recognize it and reject me. I do not take revenge, because they are weak in spirit, but I also do not tolerate that they oppress you, that they hinder you in your work, that they resist you, if you work for me and my kingdom. And therefore I want to support you obviously; I want to give you a field to work, where you can have an effect, although the world will always stand against you, although you will be in little demand. But I know mine, and I also know those men, who are still to be won for me, and you are to help those. And when you have a common effect, success will not fail to materialize, but you must be active and never put the world with its demands before the spiritual work. Believe in my help and do not be afraid I direct all events, as they are good for the spiritual development, and I will keep watch over those who serve me and as my servants always have to expect the protection of their Lord. I constantly put helpers at your side, who assist you in earthly and spiritual trouble. Therefore firmly and unflinchingly believe, and expect my help and your faith shall not be ruined. Amen. B.D. NR. 4299.


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