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Only spiritual need causes me to let you get into earthly need.

End of redemption period - Last Judgement - Comment on 2016 May 19

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Seek to win me as father and loving God for you, but do not let me become a punishing judge to you. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


End of redemption period. Last Judgement.

3. and 6. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4292.

The earth will become a place of execution for all men, which stand far from me. I will pronounce my judgement according to justice, and woe betide those who get damned – the earth will devour them, and their souls will have to go anew the course through the creations of the new earth. This is decided for eternity. Because the law of order must remain preserved, but at the end of a redemption period this law is completely disregarded, what always means destruction. Mankind, which lives in such a time, completely contradicting my order, also falls prey to this destruction, but it is always just the outer form, which falls victim to destruction, but the soul, the spiritual, just changes, i.e., it moves to another outer form, and this act of change is the judgement. The spiritual, which was already in the state of a certain freedom, is tied up anew in solid matter. This act will be carried out because my wisdom recognized it from eternity as a means, to direct the spiritual standing far from me again back to me. It is a means that is certainly effective, but unspeakably agonizing for the spiritual and which I therefore only then apply when no other possibility of an approach to me exists any more. But as long as a redemption period runs, I always point to the end, to move men, to seek the approach towards me still on earth, to make the importance of earth life clear to them and to cause them to live according to my law of order. But mankind does not want to believe in an end; it considers earth life as end in itself, not as it is, as means for the purpose, and therefore it remains untouched by the ideas of those who know about my plan from eternity and are to work enlightening on behalf of me on earth. (6.5.1948) They are instructed in truth; they have been taught through the voice of the spirit according to my will; their thinking is enlightened, and so they will always just recognize what is right and know to differentiate error from truth. They are initiated into my plan of redemption; full understanding will be realized by them, and they will also have knowledge about the course of an earth epoch; they will recognize the time of the end by men themselves and by the appearances, which are foretold since the beginning of a redemption epoch, and therefore definitely be able to point to it, if they, as my representatives on earth, are to announce my word to men. You men are to listen to them and take their words to heart, because they have been given to you by me; I myself speak to you through the mouth of those; it is my spirit, which speaks out of them, because I want to instruct you myself, because I want to admonish and warn you for the sake of your souls. You are to consider the end; you are to consider your imperfection and the great gulf, which still exists between you and me, if you are sinful. You are to entrust yourselves to me, so that I myself take care of you, and you are to see in me your rescuer out of spiritual need. Only spiritual need causes me to let you get into earthly need, because if you now listen to my servants, my words will find entrance into your heart easier, and you will also think an end of this earth being possible. You will have more contact with the spiritual kingdom, from which help comes to you in many ways. Seek to win me as father and loving God for you, but do not let me become a punishing judge to you. Win my love for you so that you do not need to fear my wrath; overcome matter so that you can enter the spiritual kingdom carefree, and create and work so that you become happy. Because the time is short, where you can still work; the day comes where an explanation is demanded from everyone; where I will judge the living and the dead; where I will separate the goats from the sheep, where every soul’s lot is according to its will – happiness in the kingdom of the free spirits or renewed banishment in matter, a state of hell, which you are to fear and from which I want to protect you. Therefore believe what is sent to you through the mouth of seers and prophets – believe that it is my word which is given to you from above so that you find favour and become happy on the day of judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 4292.


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