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Jesus was mediator between God and men.

God becoming man - Comment on 2016 May 9 (6)

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Jesus held up a life according to divine will as an example to men, consequently it must also be possible for a man to reach the same perfection. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


God becoming man.

26. and 27. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4176.

God becoming man in Jesus Christ is the most powerful problem. And still a man with childlike faith can pass over it without intellectual difficulties; it can appear simple for him, exactly because he believes for him Jesus Christ is God, and he also believes it by full right, because divine is what through love has joined together with God. That this joining together was really the final aim of the man Jesus, reached in short earth time by a man, remains however also a truth, which neither the sharpest intellect nor the believing heart can deny, because to reach the degree of perfection, which makes a soul divine, a love life must really be lived in free will, out of own drive, and indeed in the stage as man, and in no way it is allowed to have an effect on the will in a certain mandatory state. An already perfect being enters earth only for the purpose of a mission. It will also fulfil this mission, but never on the basis of its already high degree of maturity before the embodiment as man, but its life must, equally to every other man, be a fight waged in freedom of will against weaknesses and mistakes of all kind. He must freely want the degree of perfection, which marks him a divine being, strive towards it and reach it through love work, which he also can omit, as he also could direct his will downwards, because he can use his will freely. Exactly as he can be good he must be able to be bad, as also every decision is taken into account in future. In no way has God an effect on such a soul, but as he also does not allow that it unwillingly becomes a slave to the opponent, therefore being forced by him to break with God or to act against his will. This freedom of decision also had to be granted to the man Jesus, if his work of redemption was not to lose value, as also his divinity had to be the merit of a man wrestling for perfection, who is to serve the entire mankind as model and to encourage to imitate his way of life. (27.11.1947) Jesus held up a life according to divine will as an example to men, consequently it must also be possible for a man to reach the same perfection. He was mediator between God and men, consequently it must also be possible to reach God under the assistance of Jesus Christ; therefore Jesus also had to be close to men humanly; he had to have been walking the same walk on earth and stand in an intimate relationship to both, God and men, in a relationship, which was supported by deepest love, that he felt such a great love for men, that he wanted to help them; but as he also felt the love for the eternal divinity, which God demanded, to give him unlimited power and fullness of strength, that he himself united with him, but what always requires, that Jesus was a man, who reached his aim was born as man and ascended as God to heaven in all magnificence. In no way was he equipped favourably that the success of his human existence would have succeeded without all effort and as complete matter of course, on the contrary, he had to fight unusually against temptations of unclean spirits, which knew about his mission on earth and sought to prevent it. The temptations approached him in all ways, and his entire strength of will was required to stand firm and to bring his bodily wishes into line with the wishes of the spirit and the soul, because his outer body was man with flesh and blood, his senses felt in unusual measure the beautiful and the attractive of the earthly world, and they desired fulfilment, and he still denied them to the body out of love towards needy mankind, to whom he could only bring help through devoting himself sacrificingly, by achieving an increased degree of maturity of his soul through renunciation and abjuration, which led him to union with God. But the union with his father of eternity enabled him for the first time to his mission, to spread the divine love teaching on earth and to announce the divine will to men, but as it also on the other hand gave him the power to bring the most difficult sacrifice which a man on earth has ever presented to God and men to innocently take upon him the death on the cross and to suffer terribly spiritually and bodily out of love to mankind, to bring help to it, which, in great transgression, had to expect a dreadful lot in the hereafter, and to protect it from an eternal damnation, from a sinking into deepest darkness. The man Jesus put spiritual life before the earthly; his will was stronger than his bodily desire, and so he was victorious in the fight against himself and thereby won the highest prize the love of the eternal divinity, which gave it him for himself, which flowed towards him without restriction and had an effect on him as power. And he became powerful and wise; he was filled with light and power; the nature of God completely took possession of him. I.e., body and soul formed themselves to love and consequently became divine, because the original substance of the eternal divinity is love and consequently must be a divine being, who carries love in himself and therefore unites with God, eternal love, - Jesus was God and man God was his nature, man was his body, which held the divine being, love, in itself. If one therefore speaks of Jesus as God, then his nature is meant, the spiritual forming of his soul, the becoming absorbed into pure, selfless love and by this means shaping of his soul to the image of God. And since Jesus had gained victory over himself, his body spiritualized itself and completely subordinated itself to the will of the soul. And therefore Jesus was radiated through with light, flowed around by light and he ascended after his death to heaven as purest spirit, but through his will also visible to the disciples. Because he had overcome death; he had redeemed the world out of the state of weakness, into which it had got through sin. He had accomplished the work of redemption as man, because otherwise it would not have been a sacrificial death and no cancelling of the enormous transgression, into which mankind had got. Amen. B.D. NR. 4176.


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