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Use the power of love.

Love awakens requited love - Love wins - Comment on 2016 May 5

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Bertha Dudde:


Love awakens requited love. Love wins.

7. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4161.

The power of love is great, and it gains the victory. And when man feels weak, then his love is not strong enough, otherwise power would flow through him and he would be master of every situation. Because love forces everything, and it even wins its opponent for itself. It awakens requited love, provided it does not give up the fight prematurely, i.e., provided man lets up in his courting the love of fellowman. Then he himself gives up the power; the opponent, fellowman, is stronger than him; he does not use the power of love, which forces everything and can never be unsuccessful. It must set itself a goal, but this goal must also correspond to the will of God, as that it does not switch off or exceed the love of God, and the love towards God causes complete subjugation under his will. Therefore love can certainly be meant for the neighbour and have the union with him as goal, but the strongest desire should always be sacrificed to God and out of his hand accepted, what he gives to man. And according to the strength of love and of faith also the power of love and of faith will appear love will win because God himself as eternal love now has an effect, and he wins for himself what he once has seized in love. Love is something divine, what can never be without power, and no-one can withstand love. But a union in love can also only then take place when God himself approves it, when he himself joins this union, by him considering it as salutary for the soul of man, when it does not endanger its development. But this is never the case when man submits to the divine will without resistance. Then his soul is no longer in danger, and then God can and will grant him what his heart desires; he will let love flare up; he will unite himself with man, and all resistance will be given up, because when God himself wants to seize possession, love will no longer be refused to him, and the bond will be firm and of eternal duration, because love is the greatest power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4161.


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