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Also earthly I have promised you my help.

Truth of the announcements - Comment on 2016 March 26 (3)

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Because who should admonish you to love, if not he who is love himself? Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Truth of the announcements.

15. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4124.

And that is to become certainty for you, that my gift of favour can never ever be spoiled by you, as long as you are connected to me, that the receiving of my word is the result of intimate prayer, that you ask me for enlightenment of the spirit and you approach me trustingly, asking for my help in earthly and spiritual need. The call of your father in heaven protects you from erroneous thoughts, from wrong rendering of the received and lack of understanding of that what my spirit imparts to you. You can confidently make my word your own; you can support it as purest truth and make it the guideline of your daily life; you do not need to fear that I allow a misleading through bad powers, as you also are never to assume that I face earthly needs indifferently and leave you in such, because this would question my great love towards you. But I just want your happiness, and my word is to help you to a happy life. I will never misguide a man through my word, however seek to guide one mislead to truth, and so must my word be truth. And that it is my word, follows therefrom, that I always only admonish you to love, because you, if you obey this my admonition, will also recognize light and clearly that you can only have contact with light spirits, because love never wants to harm or allows damage. If you practise working neighbourly love yourselves, then you will also be fully convinced of the originator of the spiritual mission, and no doubt will any longer be in you. Because who should admonish you to love, if not he who is love himself? You can certainly make a separation of announcements of spiritual and earthly contents, but never think the latter being impossible, as long as I as your leader and adviser have also taken over the care over your earthly life and therefore instruct you in a spiritual way, what you are to do and to leave. Also earthly I have promised you my help, and since I want that you come like children to the father with all your matters and needs, I will also answer you like a loving father and help you where my help is necessary. And therefore do not doubt the truth of my word, but accept everything as given by me, and depend on it, and you will live according to my will; you will go no wrong ways, but permanently be guided by me until the end of your life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4124.


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