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Because suffering leads to me.

Great suffering - Great favour - Comment on 2016 March 23 (2)

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Suffering causes man to pray, and without prayer no connection is possible from you to me. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Great suffering - Great favour.

7. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4117.

Extreme suffering is a special favour, although this is incomprehensible to you; because my love does not want to let you men sink into the dizziness of the world and confronts it with hours of dark trouble to cause you to think things over, otherwise the soul would turn out empty and would have to show no success in its spiritual development. Suffering is always to be seen as a means to make man helpless and aware of his weakness, and as soon as suffering contributes that the soul turns towards me, that it asks me for help and humbly entrusts itself to me, it is of great blessing and therefore to be seen as gift of favour. Because suffering leads to me, while the opposite is reached through the pleasures of the world as well as every earthly enjoyment. Suffering causes man to pray, and without prayer no connection is possible from you to me. Without prayer the gift of favour cannot be supplied to you, because prayer announces the will and the desire for me, and therefore I can be accommodating towards man and in fulfilment of his request give him what he needs. But if man escapes suffering, then the body remains in resistance of the spirit, if it would like to announce itself to the soul, so that man can receive the right guidance and instruction. But latter is absolutely necessary for the spiritual ascent, for the reaching of a high degree of maturity of the soul, that it is instructed by the spirit and therefore the soul unites with the spirit. But I must really grant help for that with my power and therefore first be asked for it, because free will of man is decisive, but it is pushed towards the decision in suffering. Suffering can also harden the heart of man, the man is carried off course and no longer strives upward, and then there is no other means which would be more successful. But mostly suffering leads to me, mostly man perfects himself through suffering, and then it has fulfilled its purpose. But then you also should be grateful towards me for it and also acknowledge it as favour, because earthly suffering is no permanent state of affairs and extremely beneficent, if you yourselves just want that you mature. Then you will thank me for ever, and in the state of recognition earthly life is also easier explainable, and you also find your way in the time of great trouble, because then you no longer live your life alone, but with me, because you open yourselves up to me in prayer and now receive power, which you can again use according to your own will and will certainly use for the spiritual ascent, as it is you purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4117.


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