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I can give, I can deny.

Allocation of earthly goods - Comment on 2016 March 18

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And one can have while the other comes away empty-handed, and this at times of serious earthly difficulties as well as earthly prosperity, because the allocation of earthly goods is alone my duty. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Allocation of earthly goods. Provisions not Godís will.

15. and 16. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4106.

As long as you men are not of the same opinion, you are also not of the same spirit, because the voice of the spirit will always only announce truth; it will never contradict itself, therefore express itself with all men concurrently. Who therefore listens to the voice of the spirit, he can also be convinced to hear truth as answer to questions, which he is asked. But I withhold no answer from you, if you approach me myself because of that; I give it to you through my spirit, if it can have an effect in you; I give it to you in the form of clear thoughts if you do not hear the voice of the spirit yourselves, or also through my servants on earth, whose instructions you are allowed to accept confidently as pure unaltered truth. What is sent to you in form of thoughts must therefore agree with that what my messengers impart to you, otherwise you are still not enlightened, therefore have not desired my reply but your thoughts are the result of intellectual thinking alone. This difference you must make that you can very well have a reply ready to spiritual questions, which has no claim on absolute truth, if I am eliminated then insofar as that you have not required my opinion before, before you formed an own opinion for yourselves. And that is why always different opinions are to be found with men, and now the question arises: Who is enlightened by my spirit? Which result is pure truth? And in the case of doubt there is again only one answer: Present the question to me, and I want to answer it for you, so that you come to clarity. I hand out my gifts unmeasured, but always keeping in mind, how they are used by the receiver. I can give, I can deny. First, where the gift is used according to my will, latter, where one does not recognize my love and my work and for that reason also does not appreciate my gift. I can hand out little or also much, and both again depends on the receiver and his absolute faith in me. Therefore a believing man will be allowed to receive from me all the time and need to fear no need, because I myself never wear myself out, therefore always have gifts prepared, which I can hand out, also if this appears to be impossible earthly, because I am still Lord over all creation, and I am free to also allocate the fruit of my creation according to my discretion. And one can have while the other comes away empty-handed, and this at times of serious earthly difficulties as well as earthly prosperity, because the allocation of earthly goods is alone my duty. And that is why a believing man does not need to make provisions, because this is my worry alone, about what a man is to have at his disposal. (16.8.1947) And so you have a look at the different allocation of earthly goods with your fellowmen, you have to admit yourselves, that this does not depend on man alone, but in some respects happens fatefully, that man himself does not always have got it in the hand to create the living conditions according to his wish. And in the end you, if you believe, must regard this allocation going out from me, that I cause both good as well as bad life situation for men, according to the necessity for the maturation of the soul. In the same way the care for the body is therefore my work and happens according to the strength of faith. And the man weak in faith will not build so unshakeably on my help and therefore also be fussy in the care about his body, where he just would have to ask me full of faith to be free of every care about his bodily well-being. Planning to take precautions on long-term basis is not according to my will, because my aim is to develop you to highest strength of faith, and rarely you men will recognize that I obviously stand by your side, that I keep you and cover all your needs, often in a way, which completely steps out of the frame of the natural, to strengthen your faith exactly through that and to bring it to such strength that there is no longer any doubt about the fulfilment of every request and that man needs to care not at all about the keeping of his body, as long as he lives on earth. This strength of faith also guarantees complete supply in accordance with the mental condition of the general public, however also adapted to the needs of the individual. I truly know what men need, and very especially I look after mine, i.e., those who strive towards me in free will and acknowledge me as their father from eternity, and I will prevent that their faith is wrecked. And that is why I often take from men what they have gathered together with the intention to provide for themselves for later times, since they otherwise need long time to renounce it to me in deep faith and to ask for and expect my help. Because I want to be recognized by men; I want to be a loyally caring father to them, and my children are to carry every matter to me, entrust themselves to me and believingly expect my help. And they will never ever suffer need because I have given them the promise: Seek ye first the kingdom of God; everything else will go to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4106.


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