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Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain.

Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness - Comment on 2016 February 9 (5)

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And if every man would just think in love of one of such unhappy spirit, then all would already be redeemed, because love is the strongest power, which no being can resist constantly. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.

18. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9018.

My love is also meant for the souls in darkness, and constantly I seek to have an effect on them, to soften their thoughts and to again and again turn them towards me, because also in the deep now and again the cross lights up, but is only noticed by those whose mind is already softened, which are in lethargy of the spirit, which therefore also feel touched by the cross of Christ, actually also only so far that they are not forced to express their view. The cross will just be a sign for them which they recall, and their state can change according to the impression of it. As soon as a soul gets into this lethargic state, also for them the hope exists that it finally sees the light and would like to leave the place, which was its stay for a long time that it longs for change, for a gleam of light, which might break through darkness. And then it will also again and again by illuminated by light sparks; it feels these light sparks as invitation to follow them, and so comes slowly up; it gets into a circle of seeking souls, which all follow the light, where such is also now carried towards them. They are invited to give assistances and also not reject such, because finally a work is assigned to them, which they like to comply with. But now they feel through this assistance also for themselves a help; they feel the power of love, which they give to those seeking help, and at the same time they also receive instructions why they can feel that feeling themselves, and therefore they are stimulated to constant assistances to therefore also find own help in their trouble. And they are certainly the fewest who return again to their old surroundings, which then just did not yet have the serious will to get out of the deep up. But if the cross has once become visible to these souls, then it will not be difficult, to also point them to the importance of that what both the light beings, which stay unrecognized among them, as well as man can do to these souls through preaching of the Gospel and they are also listened to by those because their resistance is broken, they can only just sink back into the old lethargy, but to arise from it again and again when it is essential to give help to those who are still in a worse way and so therefore all these souls help themselves, when the will to help is ready. Only the start is always very difficult to move the souls that they not only turn the thoughts towards themselves, that they are caused to lend a hand but when this is achieved, then each one soul constantly climbs up, because with the help given by me also its power rises, and it then can do nothing else than wanting to help. And so the coming off out of the deep alone is the most difficult work, but which every intercession for such souls strongly supports so that more and more souls calm down that their state is no longer an eternal fight, that the soul isolates itself from its surroundings and slowly thinks of itself. Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain. And the souls also notice that they are helped from a side, and they do not fight it, and therefore it also comes off more and more from its surroundings, until it then follows the light sparks, which lead them out. Only rarely a soul wants again back, and that only, when it is prepared for no assistance, that it therefore also does not feel the power, which it receives itself through it. Then it certainly takes a considerable time until it still changes its will and again makes the attempt to reach up out of the deep. In no way are these souls abandoned, only that they themselves lengthen their stay in the deep through their resistance, but which still can be broken exactly through intercession in love. And if every man would just think in love of one of such unhappy spirit, then all would already be redeemed, because love is the strongest power, which no being can resist constantly. But how many men on earth think of giving also their intercession to those who are unhappy in the true sense of the word, which therefore can only be redeemed through love? But again and again also light beings descend and introduce their situation to them, requesting them to follow them, because there are places everywhere, where they can be helped, if only the being has once given up resistance. Because my constant care is meant for those souls, so that they are not again banished into matter. And that is why exactly before the end of a redemption period a great redemption work starts, both on earth as well as in the opposite kingdom, to help as much souls up out of the deep as possible, so that they do not need to go once more the course over earth, and every soul, which has just the smallest little love spark in itself, will be rescued. Amen. B.D. NR. 9018.


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