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Through intercession in love men could redeem all spiritual.

Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased - Comment on 2016 February 9

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For where there is the will for redemption there men will also be freed from him who kept them bound long enough and whose weapon is love alone, which conquers him and which he flees because it is and remains my part for ever. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.

13. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9014.

Whenever you cannot help thinking of a deceased then know that this is always a request for help, which you can give to them because no man looks after them. And when they now see a light with you, then also they want to be there and to be strengthened by this light because often they do not know what that light means, especially then when they have been entangled in error up to then. Then just one thought of this soul is enough and the request to also be there to accept an instruction. For the need is great especially with those souls, which are not followed by loving intercession and which are also to be helped that they come into the possession of truth. Only once a conscious request to take part in your explanations is already enough to now bind the souls permanently to you, and the success will always be that they no longer leave you, that they incorporate themselves into the great crowd of those who I now can also address myself. And you will permanently be surrounded by souls who want to extend their knowledge to again serve to those who still possess less knowledge and whom they also want to help. And what now matters is that you announce to them my work of redemption because only then they also accept deeper knowledge when they once have found to him and found redemption from their guilt. As a prerequisite of this they first have to be effective in love because only then understanding can be given to them when they again apply their will to love to help the souls who have the same need. Only then they will penetrate deeper and deeper themselves, and it will be easy for them to devote to the divine redeemer and to ask him for forgiveness of their guilt. But then the divine word flows towards them constantly, then they also accept it, no matter where and how it is offered to them. But exactly the first step is very difficult for a soul until it once has experienced the power of intercession, which expresses itself then in the change of its will, which is now also easier to influence, and the call to such a soul is now also obeyed. That is why you are to pay attention to every such request, and come to the aid of the souls, who long for help, who certainly make many people on earth think of them, but only find intercession from those who can help them spiritually because they consciously are united with me and I can reveal myself to them. And that my word has a tremendous power effect that every soul will be allowed to experience which once has come to you because its upward development is guaranteed. Once the opportunity is offered to me to announce myself to a person through the effect of my spirit then this person stands in the middle of a gleam of light which attracts many souls which are willing to accept the same which is offered to you, and through you also all those souls which you include in your intercession, but which then also cannot get lost. Because then only love towards those souls drives you, and for the sake of this love I also supply power to those for whom you pray. I also have to accept the laws in the hereafter, to which first belongs the free will of the being, which is not allowed to be touched, neither by myself nor by my opponent. That is what it is all about that you who also have to respect free will, only think lovingly of those who are still weak in their will, but who cannot resist the power of your intercession and whom you therefore can guide in their will, which does not resist you because the power of love touches it charitably and then it also draws it towards you irrevocably and you can now also impart the Gospel of love to them. Would you know how longingly your following (the souls) accepts (accept) my word, how they always feel that they advance, and how they are grateful towards you who have helped them through your intercession to take part in your explanations, you would not stop to pray for all such souls, and enjoy their ascent because also they protect you where they can so that the receipt of the word does not get interrupted you also purify your atmosphere around you so that they are not exposed to temptations through the opponent as soon as they are around you. That is exactly why your activity is so important because you can contribute to the redemption of many souls by giving them bread and wine, therefore supplying them with the most exquisite drink of life and the most effective food and you will once feel it with inner happiness that you could contribute to their ascent, which without your intercession would still languish a very long time in darkness. Pay therefore attention to every thought which reminds you of a deceased; see it as a call for help which you are not allowed to reject, and then consciously call him near to you, and the first step upward has been done because as soon as a person assists such a soul through intercession I can therefore also supply the soul with power what is otherwise not possible for me because it goes against the law from eternity, as only free will can request such, but which I now see in loving intercession and then also bestow my mercy on that soul and can now also give to it through you the favour of my address. Through intercession in love men could redeem all spiritual, but how few are aware of it and what great power has therefore my opponent who tries everything to disturb such connection from the spiritual world to earth, but who has no effect when a person devotes himself in love to me and I now will protect this one especially then when I want to address also the souls in the hereafter through him, by what my opponent can never hinder me. For where there is the will for redemption there men will also be freed from him who kept them bound long enough and whose weapon is love alone, which conquers him and which he flees because it is and remains my part for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 9014.


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