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I fulfil what seers and prophets have announced already long before.

Magnificence of the spiritual kingdom - Comment on 2016 January 13 (2)

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Because in order to be able to enjoy the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence, matter must have been completely overcome before. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Magnificence of the spiritual kingdom.

2. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4095.

And I have no greater care than to make you participate in my kingdom, which with its magnificence, with its spiritual creations, offers unimaginable happiness, which for that reason is worth striving for above all measure. To be able to offer you all this, you men must just be informed about it, in what the eternal magnificence exists, so that you strive for it, to reach happiness, and fulfil all conditions, which I have attached to the reaching of eternal happiness. You must unconsciously or consciously fulfil my will, i.e. being driven to love activity from the inside or practise love activity, educate yourselves to love, if you do not carry it inside of you. And because you have a totally weakened will and would certainly never fulfil these my conditions, if earthly life would give you complete satisfaction, so I come to your help in a way that you certainly do not recognize my help, but rather still doubt my will to help, as also me and my existence itself. You have remained so far back in knowledge; you stand in knowledge of those who are no longer in connection with the original power, from which they started. You have no power of judgement any longer yourselves and therefore believe what is presented to you, without giving an account to yourselves in how far the things offered to you correspond to truth. And that is why my first care about the salvation of the soul is the imparting of pure truth. You have to receive it first in your heart; otherwise you also do not acknowledge eternal truth itself and strive towards it. And that is why I come to your help in every way; I bring to you the light for the inspiration of the still dark way; I bring to you eternal truth. I supply it to you through my word and confirm it through my visible effect. I fulfil what seers and prophets have announced already long before. I still lay stress upon my word by me placing innumerable men into a state of fear, out of which they still can flee to me in their trouble. I apply so to speak the sharpest means to have without force an effect on man, who is not yet completely of bad will. I inflict much pain on men, who are still too very fond of earthly matter, to them learning to overcome latter. Because in order to be able to enjoy the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence, matter must have been completely overcome before. My aim is your happiness, and that is why I must now inflict a misfortune upon you Ė but one day you will recognize my care, my love towards you, and happy those, who then stand at the gate of heaven, who no longer let the world delude them for the sake of the spiritual kingdom. Happy those, who already on earth are convinced of my love, who devotedly take upon themselves all misfortune and know that I only send that on to them what brings about the best to them. Because these stand in faith, and they belong to mine, otherwise they would lack knowledge. But who knows about my love for my creatures, he is also not affected by misfortune, by suffering and miseries, which have an effect earthly, although such approach them, because the hope and firm confidence upon my help always remains with him with all difficulties in life, because he also recognizes my love in suffering and throws himself into the arms of the father like a child and hopes of his help. But he also knows that earth life is just a school for life in eternity and that it therefore must be difficult, if man is to reach highest soul maturity on earth. And he sticks to my promise: "What no manís eye has ever seen and no manís ear has ever heard, that I have prepared for those, who love me." I truly know no greater joy than to make my creatures happy, because I love them from the very beginning and will never stop loving them. When my creatures have left me, then I still do not rest to win them back. For I do not give up in eternity what was once mine, and surely also achieve their return, however often only in immemorial long times. But in order to shorten the time of their being far from me, which is also a time of misery, I apply all means. And so also in the last time before the end, because now there is great danger that they no longer recognize me, that they no longer love me and therefore even deny me out of a mind turned away from me when I do not help them in a way that they must recognize and can love me, if they are just of good will. But everything what I do is based on my love, which never ever ends and is meant for my creatures for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4095.


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