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It is just up to the will of man alone that he makes an effort to reach God-knowledge.

Spiritual sun - Comment on 2016 January 5

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Who walks along in the rays of the spiritual sun to him a life will open, which blesses him. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual sun.

6. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4078.

The spiritual sun has risen for those men who reach God-knowledge after a struggle through prayer and love work. It has become light in them; a glorious morning has replaced the dark spirit-night, and the day will last for ever; no night will follow it because who once stands in cognition, for him it will remain in eternity. Only when the sun of the spirit shines upon a man, finds his heart inner peace, because when it is day all worries and anxieties of the night fall off; it is the feeling of security that dominates man, and this feeling gives rest and peace. Now and then a little cloud can still cover the rays of the spiritual sun; gloomy moments in the life of men can worry him, but the rays of the sun will always break through; they will shine brighter and brighter and more and more piercingly, until in the end man is completely radiated through and everything unclean, falsity is eaten up by its heat, until the rays find no longer resistance and man is completely spiritual. Then man will live Ė he will live in eternity. For the sun awakens everything to life, and nothing can be alive without its rays. Who walks along in the rays of the spiritual sun to him a life will open, which blesses him because he will stand in deepest knowledge, and he will himself be able to radiate this knowledge , therefore so to speak become light bearer himself, a little sun, which is fed by the big sun, which, spiritualized by its rays, can hand out a spiritual material, because the rays of the spiritual sun do not lose its power, and the spiritual material offered as light will be able to be imparted to men so that also for them again a bright morning can break after a dark night. But not many walk in the spiritual sun because the majority of men avoids the bright light shine and withdraws. And these are those men who avoid every spiritual discussion, who do not desire truth, but are rather stubborn or satisfied if they know nothing about continuing their life. But others receive the knowledge and do not utilize it, i.e., they just hear it with the ears, but not with the heart; they do not feel the favour of the rays of the sun, because they do not expose themselves to them, and for that reason they are also not alive, because they lack love, which would also make the favour of the spiritual sunrays comprehensible to them. They do not see the sunrise; they remain in their state of doze, because they do not desire the light, and therefore it will also not rise for them, because they flee from the circuit of divine love. Others again are completely indifferent if the light from the height is offered to them. They feel well in the darkness and never seek to change the state, and that is why it remains eternal night in them. But the night is no manís friend. Where spiritual night is, the soul gets into extreme trouble; the light of the day must have an effect on it if it is to feel free and happy; it must be illuminated by the spiritual sun, if it wants to live in eternity. And it can escape from the night; at any time it can go towards the radiating morning, because it is just up to the will of man alone that he makes an effort to reach God-knowledge, that he practises love, connects himself to God through love work, even so unconsciously that he now feels God, calls upon him in prayer and recommends himself to his love and favour. All this must go first if man wants to reach right knowledge, if he wants to stand in right thinking and in truth, if he wants to become knowing and be taught by God himself through his spirit. But then he stands in the light; then the sun of the spirit has risen for him; then night is no longer; no darkness is spread over him; he will find shining light everywhere; he will walk the right way in the light of the day, which leads to the destination; he will free the soul out of spiritual misery; he will give it life, and nothing will any longer frighten it, because always and everywhere the One accompanies it, whom it has recognized in the light of the morning, who is the light from eternity himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4078.


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