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For every receiver of power life will still be bearable.

These are just still days of death which mankind now experiences - Comment on 2016 January 3 (2)

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Alone my word will offer you men comfort and impart power. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Rejection of men. Knowledge of God’s plan of salvation.

2. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4076.

That men take such a negative view of my writings is justified with it that they shrink from carrying out an examination, although it would dispel all doubts if they would take it seriously. Nevertheless it must be brought home to them; they must have knowledge of the extraordinary effect of God and his love, which is meant for his creatures. For once the hour comes where they recall your words since they have any other rescue anchor than this my love, which you are to announce always and constantly. And then people here and there can still find me, if they just call upon me for mercy. I obviously want to grant them my help, but they are to know about meaning and purpose of earth life, so that they then submit the question to themselves: How do I have utilized my life? – It is yet only a short time, which remains to you until the day where I appear for the first time. These are just still days of death which mankind now experiences, because it does not utilize the time, as it would be necessary, and that is why I still want to make one step of concession. I certainly do not seem to approach you as a God of love, but if no love would participate, I would have given you up already a long time ago, and would never ever wait until you return. Only love determines me to this. Look at the devastations, whose originators were men, and believe me that I could never ever do the same – just taking what is dear and valuable to you, and to give back nothing. But I want to give to you incomparably more valuable treasures than you had to have to give them. For the sake of these favourable supplies I allowed the destruction through the hand of man, although this is still incomprehensible to you. You have to give away what gets in the way for the receiving of my gift of favour. Therefore you must devotedly fall into line to my will when you have to go through suffering and affliction and lose everything. You, you who are mine, I enlighten about my plan of salvation from eternity; to you I give knowledge about what is coming so that you can also teach your fellowmen, and again and again I admonish you to do the latter, even so men decline or listen to you indifferently,. The time is coming where your words will find an echo in your hearts, and not with all they will be spoken in vain. Surprisingly fast a change will occur, and then alone my word will offer you men comfort and impart power. For every receiver of power life will still be bearable. I tell you this before so that you can adapt yourselves to it, but you will not be able to make earthly provisions, but your soul alone can prepare itself for it that the coming time does not press you down, that you live through it with the look directed upwards. It is the time of the end, and it no longer lasts long; it is the time of the great sorrow, which I have always and constantly announced through seers and prophets and which I now also again predict to you with all urgency and admonish you to eager spiritual striving and warn of lukewarmness or complete worldly minded thinking. And for that reason announce everywhere what I have told you; speak without shyness of my work, and make their soul work urgent to men, because the spiritual misery is still greater than the earthly, and you are to help to remove it, although man also rejects your help by virtue of his free will. But you are to do eager work for my kingdom, and I want to bless you for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4076.


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