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Everything in eternity is in a way timeless.

Past – present – future - Comment on 2016 January 2 (2)

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For time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Past – present – future.

30. June and 1. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4074.

The concept past, present and future is ruled out in the kingdom of pure spirits, i.e., when the degree of perfection is reached, the idea is invalid for the soul; everything in eternity is in a way timeless. So the soul can again experience everything looking back, it will not have the impression to stand in the past but as spirit the idea for time vanishes, for time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection. But something limited cannot be concomitant in the state of perfection because there are no limitations for this state. And that is why then also the time and space concept has to cease to apply because it always includes a limitation in itself. But man cannot form an idea, but it has to be made understandable to him because this contributes much to the explanation of mysterious phenomena, which man is not capable to believe otherwise. Mature men, also due to a mission, can have visions, which reach far back into the past and are still given an account of close to life without ever having had a connection with prehistoric times. And then only that explanation can be applied that the degree of maturity of that man enables him to see past experiences, that he therefore then becomes detached from earth, his soul with the spirit in it dwells in spheres of light and there has the most marvellous experiences while looking back and can give an account of, in so far as this is beneficial for man through God’s will. Then therefore the soul so to speak still lives on earth but is already a candidate of the spiritual kingdom, except that his soul again and again returns to earth, to be able to also give an account on earth of the impressions out of the spiritual kingdom, to awaken or enliven the faith of fellow men. This is a mission which likewise requires a maturity when man wants to serve God and pass on his experiences to encourage fellow men to eager soul work, to reach the state of perfection on earth. Because men need convincing hints, teachings and also reprimands, when they take it too lukewarm. From time to time men need unusual phenomena which prompt them to think, and when they do the latter then they are also to get true enlightenment when it matters to them. But the putting back into the past is only possible in a high degree of maturity, and it is a sure sign of perfection which already entitles to the entrance into spheres of light, and such a person only still dwells on earth because of his mission, otherwise the imparting of past experiences would not happen without faith compulsion but that is not allowed to happen according to God’s will. That is why also such obvious proofs of divine work often take place in all naturalness, only always leaving that problem open how a person comes to such knowledge when the idea of spiritual seeing is not yet understood by him. Spiritual enlightenment is always only to be given, and the concept of space and timelessness can also only then be understood when man has likewise reached a higher degree of maturity through his own striving which earns him spiritual knowledge. Then also the enlightenment about mysterious phenomena will be understandable to him and only deepen his faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 4074.


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