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All power is contained in my word.

Admonition to become immersed in Godís word - Comment on 2016 January 1 (3)

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You do not know it how powerful you can be, if you believe. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Admonition to become immersed in Godís word. Power giver.

27. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4071.

Trust in my power if you feel weak, and all weakness will fall away from you. And then become deeply immersed in my word, and the power will flow over upon you, why you need nothing further than only my word and this word is able to give you everything, although this is still not comprehensible to you. All power is contained in my word, and everyone is able to feel it who receives my word in himself in deep faith in me, for I gave you the promise: "Whosoever believeth in me shall be happy." And there is only happiness in connection with me Ė but my word is I myself Ė my word is my radiation, which means power for everyone who therefore approaches me in deep faith. You do not need to be powerless; you need to fear no weakness because bodily and spiritually I strengthen you through my word, and you recognize the truth of my word if you have reached the degree of maturity that you devote yourselves to me boundlessly and no longer let doubts arise on account of your weakness and apparent inability to do something what seems to exceed your power. Only what still stands far from me still lacks power if it has not sunk so far that it receives power from below, from my opponent. You do not know it how powerful you can be, if you believe. And that is why I teach you again and again, wrestle for strong faith, do not let up in prayer, and live in love because then also your faith grows stronger and becomes alive Ė and then there is nothing more invincible for you; and use every day and every hour, for soon the time has come where new troubles and worries approach you, which you will only be able to conquer and bear in deep faith in me. Then you will still need much more power and also receive it from me, if you turn trustingly towards me and ask for favour and supply of power. You would be full of restlessness if you would know the day and the hour where I will express myself, and that is why you are to make use of the short time if possible to increase your soul maturity, because then you must step out and teach fellowmen at every opportunity, especially then when questions are asked, when despairing people face the events and its consequences helplessly and call for God and are still unbelieving. Then you must enlighten them and emphasize my love towards men, which are in danger to get completely lost, and cannot be guided on the right way in any other way. And then you must have the conviction yourselves; your faith must be unshakable, otherwise you cannot promote me and my kingdom, otherwise you are no suitable workers in my vineyard. I will fill you with power any time, if you feel yourselves weak and call upon me for help. I help you in every earthly and spiritual trouble so that you recognize me visibly and believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 4071.


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