Be satisfied with the bread of heaven, with soul nourishment: my word.

Bread of heaven - Comment on 2015 December 15 (5)

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Do not let the soul live in want; give it what it urgently needs spiritual nourishment, food and drink out of heaven; give it my word. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Bread of heaven. Spiritual sun. Voice of the good shepherd.

10.-13. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4038.

Do not neglect to offer your soul the food, which secures it eternal life; feed it generously with food; do not let up in your striving for perfection. Then you will also gain my pleasure for you, and my love will care for and protect you, and you will lack nothing, bodily and spiritually your needs will be met, and you will stand in fullest truth; you will become knowing and still need no other master teacher than me; you will be able to come with every question to me, and I will never leave you without answer. Therefore desire my word, because this I place as condition, when you want to be satisfied with the bread of heaven, with soul nourishment, which is constantly at your disposal. Desire it; long for it, and if it is offered to you refresh yourselves thereby and persistently draw from the spring of life and you will receive power and light. All weakness will stay away from you and you will be full of wisdom. And thereby you recognize that my gift is divine; you recognize the value of my gift and you will be happy that I look after you in every spiritual trouble and also in every earthy distress. What I give to you is nothing new, but eternal truth, i.e., it must, if it is to remain truth, remain unchanged as it went out from me. But human intellect changes much; it constantly seeks to improve. And since my gift makes all wanting to improve unnecessary, it is understandable that only a change can be reached of that, what goes out from me as eternal truth. Therefore it is also understandable that my word does not remain so preserved and requires again and again purification if it is to be spread as my word on earth. And that is why I myself offer my word again and again to those who hunger and thirst after the nourishment of the soul. And these will stand in truth; they need not to fear to receive an inadequate knowledge or to understand it wrongly, because the transmission of pure truth is my will and my aim, as long as men live on earth, because only truth can lead to eternal life and help the soul to perfection. And that is why I will always be a loyal companion to my servants on earth; I will lead them ways where they meet those men who thirst for my heavenly bread; who have desire for soul nourishment and whose life is love work, why they also long for me. I approach them myself through my servants; I give them information about questions of the heart; I put thoughts into the heart so that they ask my servants for instruction and then I myself speak through these, and therefore hungry men receive the bread of heaven from me myself, full truth, which is spiritual nourishment for their soul. And the soul will develop upwards; it cannot remain behind in development if it receives the food from myself, which I have blessed with my power, which therefore can never ever remain ineffective. And where my servants can be active busily, there bright light will soon illuminate spiritual night, and men will no longer be afraid of darkness because morning has dawned for them, to which bright day will soon follow, where the shine of the sun breaks through and chases away all darkness. And once the spiritual sun has risen for men, there is no longer night, light will then shine for ever and mean an infinite favour for the soul. Because its original state was brightest light and darkness a result of sin against me, a result of arrogance and turning away from me. But now it is united to me in love for ever, and therefore it also must be unspeakably happy. For that reason do not let the soul live in want; give it what it urgently needs spiritual nourishment, food and drink out of heaven; give it my word, by you raising the will to receive it directly or indirectly. And the soul will take an interest in me, in my word, if your will is turned towards me do not let the most delicious go past it; do not let the living water exude without you refreshing yourselves with it; draw and drink out of the spring of life and satisfy yourselves with the word, which my love offers you. And if you want to be given very specially, then practise that you are able to hear myself; listen inwards and pay attention to your thoughts, and I will speak to you, fine and quietly, but you will recognize my voice, the voice of the good shepherd, who calls his sheep, because he wants to lose not one of them. As my children you will recognize the voice of the father, and because who approaches me in deepest love, to him I lean with my fatherly love, and the child will feel my love and will be happy in the possession of truth, which it receives from me, and it will come closer and closer to me through truth and finally unite with eternal truth it has reached its destination and will be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4038.


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