Is the teacher’s life according to the Lord’s commands?

Worldly organizations - Comment on 2015 December 11

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Who stands in truth, he knows that no organization, which men have formed, is to be understood by that, but that my church contains all men who have established the right relationship with me through their will and love towards me and to the neighbour. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Church of Christ. Peter, the rock. Worldly organizations.

22. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4028

Who belong to my church will find themselves and join together closely, and their will will always be to walk in truth, to live in love and to serve me in time and eternity. For they carry my spirit in them; they have awakened the spirit spark, which is my share, to life and they have so become the member of my church, which I have founded myself. And I will bless them forever and ever. Who stands in truth, i.e., who is instructed by my spirit in himself, he also knows that love and faith are the foundation walls of my church; he also knows how I want my word to be understood: "You are Peter, the rock, upon you I will build my church." He further knows that no organization, which men have formed, is to be understood by that, but that my church contains all men who have established the right relationship with me through their will and love towards me and to the neighbour. From men I only require the fulfilment of my love command and strong faith and have promised eternal happiness, eternal life, to those who believe in me – but to believe in me means to accept my teaching as divine and to live accordingly. And to them I promised eternal life. And therefore these must also belong to my church, to the communion of believers, which I call my church. But when they now need a worldly joining together, which is established through the belonging to an organisation, which took its starting point from worldly side? -

This question is of such great importance that it must be looked at in detail. There is no organization which could boast about having their founder in me, but each one can completely affiliate with my church founded by me. Therefore its members could feel as belonging to my church, when they shape themselves to the rock of faith. First of all the character of my church must predominate in an organization; the followers must be filled with deepest faith in me, then the worldly founded church embraces therefore my believers, and these again can consider themselves in any organization as candidates of my kingdom, because they belong to my church, which I have founded myself on earth. My words are to be understood purely spiritually, i.e. they contain only the request to unshakeable faith, and the effect of the spirit depends on it, which is the surest symbol of my church, because he who has the right faith, he also has love, because right faith is only alive through works of love. And the sign of life is the expression of my spirit in men. Who therefore is instructed by the spirit, who is filled by its truth, he can rightly be numbered to my church; he belongs to mine, and fully convinced he will also stand up for my teaching, because he himself has received it with heart and intellect; it has strengthened his faith and made him free and happy, and love drives him towards wanting to give the same to fellowmen.

But now it is not at all a condition that a worldly church organization only makes men to candidates for the spiritual kingdom, because again it is only the heart upon which I look, the will of man and his thoughts. When they push towards me then he also has already found me – when they digress from the pure spiritual, then a church organization will bring about no change of it, because what happens under force, has no value before my eyes. But the desire for me can be awakened in every man only through announcement of my word. That it is why I do not condemn the worldly church organizations but support insofar as that I also support the teachers working in them, as far as it is permissible and their life is at the same time according to my commands. And if one of them belongs to my church founded by me that he therefore firmly and unshakeably believes in my love, power and wisdom, then I fill him with my spirit, so that he can successfully have an effect upon the group of his small community, so that also they desire the word, through which alone they can mature. Nevertheless, it is far more deserving when man wrestles and seeks by himself, if he pays attention to his inner voice, which will always announce that to him, what is right and will encourage him to work in love. If he obeys this voice then he comes considerably earlier close to me; he has a living comprehension of my word; he accepts it in his heart, and he also gives full expression to it – in truth he will belong to the church of Christ, which is unconquerable and will even withstand the strongest onslaughts, which the power of hell will still undertake until the end. Because I also have given this promise to men that the gates of hell will not overpower them, because my church is unchangeable, and it remains in existence until the end. And it will also be the foundation of all spiritual striving on the new earth. Everyone will belong to my church because only those men will inhabit this new earth, who are deeply believing and love me above all, while all others fall away if they are just members of worldly church organizations, who are without inner life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4028.


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