Faith teaching must be thought through.

What is faith? - Comment on 2015 November 22

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Through intellectual activity the connection is first established to the spiritual kingdom, and the light beings can then take action and start their actual enlightening activity, but what is impossible when man believes blindly. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


What is faith?

6. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4017.

Man is to become happy through his faith. But what is faith? When can man say rightly that he believes? Are spiritual teachings presented to him then he will never be able to demand or to bring a proof for it, because the spiritual stands outside of his intellectual activity and will never have to be submitted to proof. Therefore man must, when he believes, think something to be true, what cannot be proven. And nevertheless more is demanded of him than only blind faith, when he wants to become happy, which consists in that respect, that man does not oppose it, he therefore apparently accepts the offered thought material. It is demanded of him that inwardly he completely adjusts himself affirmatively to it, that he accepts a teaching, because inwardly he is convinced of it, also without having proof of it. But this inner conviction will always be the product of an intellectual activity, of an opinion to that what to believe is demanded of him. And this opinion must start from himself without outer force; a teaching must as it were keep him intellectually busy for so long, he must consider the pros and cons, until he has himself managed to come to an opinion, but which he now can also convincingly support himself when he is asked for a statement. The faith teaching must be thought through, before it can become actual thought material, otherwise one can only speak of a blind faith, which is completely worthless before God. What result he reaches through thinking depends on his will for truth and his desire for God, which also drives him unconsciously to love. God will certainly not leave in error a person who earnestly seeks truth, when he makes himself worthy of truth through his conduct. But as error is spread in the world, since the prince of the lie seeks to spread darkness everywhere and would like to put out all light, it is understandable that error has spread among mankind, since God respects the free will of everyone and also his holy word, which guarantees purest truth, is handed over to the free will of men; consequently it must also be left to the will of man to believe or not, when he checks the individual teachings and comments on them. But in order to be able to do this convincingly, he must absolutely examine, i.e. deal with it intellectually, and when his desire is now earnest and he fulfils the conditions, which God makes to be able to hand out spiritual good, his thinking will also be enlightened and it will be clear and plausible to him, to what his heart adjusts itself affirmatively. And then he can also convincingly say without proof: I believe. How otherwise could perhaps erroneous teachings be recognized as such, and how could God perhaps demand responsibility from men, when it would be in his will that the intellectual activity is switched off and unconditional blind faith takes its place? Then men would not be responsible, but only those few who seek to spread this teaching and want to make every resistance impossible through demands of blind faith. But that is not Godís will, because the soul work starts after all also only through mental activity, which in the first case remains mostly unnoticed. Through intellectual activity the connection is first established to the spiritual kingdom, and the light beings can then take action and start their actual enlightening activity, but what is impossible when man believes blindly. And he will certainly come to a satisfying result, when he is serious about true knowledge, about his comment to God and about his soul. For God does not leave in darkness, who seek light, and the mental result will always satisfy man, when he has won it after believing prayer to God, who alone can give him explanation, whether and when he moves in right thinking. When you believe in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence, then this is completely enough to also win a convinced faith in teachings, which have started from God, as also to recognize, what has been added humanly and how far this agrees with truth. For God as the eternal truth will always help him and order his thinking; he will give him power of judgement, when he is just wiling to recognize what is right and to stand up for truth, for that what he has recognized as truth, in the face of fellowmen Ė for God wants that truth is spread, because it alone leads upwards and makes happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4017.


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