You pay more attention to ceremonies and humanly enacted commands than my word.

Light from above - Comment on 2015 November 8

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And who stands in truth, he will never ever lose it; he will take it over with him as spiritual good into the kingdom, which is his true home, and he will live in eternity. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Light from above. Complete darkness.

9. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3994.

In a time of complete darkness I must send increased light to you men, should you become seeing and find the right way to me. And complete darkness will rule then when men themselves no longer long for truth or when they receive everything as truth what is offered to them, what is severely interspersed with error. The light of truth is my word, because I myself am eternal truth, and from me starts light. But what is imparted to men on earth as my word has lost its bright shine of light; it is just merely the shell, which once held the kernel. With good will the kernel can certainly still be found by that man who seriously strives for truth, because it consists of the pure love teaching, which I preached myself to the people on earth to put them out of the state of lack of light into the bright state, which is purpose and destination of earth life, to guide them to recognizing of truth out of me. Because light is wisdom; light is knowledge about me and my plan of salvation from eternity. Who stands in the light, he will also feel the relief of light; who walks along in darkness, he does not know about meaning and purpose of earth life, and he seeks this in the world; he strives and creates busily only for the earthly and ignores the spiritual. He does not know the way because it is dark around him and he longs too little for light, for the word that starts from me, testifies of me and leads to me. This word is not enough offered to him because he desires it not enough. You men do not know about the power of my word when you receive it in earnest desire you pay more attention to ceremonies and humanly enacted commands than my word but this alone is to be taken seriously, the word alone it is what give lightness when you obey it, because light is sent to you with the word, which overflows you from above according to your desire. When you want to recognize error then you must let yourselves be instructed; you must learn to tell the difference between truth and error and, when both is offered to you, decide yourselves what you want to accept. You must also grant access to the light, which my love lets flow to you you must pay attention to my word, which is offered to you from above, or receive it from somewhere else in fullest will for truth, because it will always be my word when you desire to hear me myself. Grasp it that your desire alone is decisive, whether you receive truth or error. Grasp this so that it is comprehensible to you why mankind walks along in lack of light, why it is no longer in pure truth, which also means light at the same time, because the desire for truth does not exist. And that is why also error finds access and is still not recognized as error. Again and again I try to point men to truth, but shyly they withdraw; they flee from light and content themselves with twilight, which makes all clear knowledge impossible for them. They are satisfied with an inadequate knowledge and could still be introduced into deep wisdom when they would pay attention to my light from above, which is imparted to them as extraordinary gift of favour. They could raise an immense treasure and pass it heedlessly. But they receive error all the time, and as a result they worsen their lightless state. Let yourselves be enlightened; do not set for yourselves limitations of your knowledge; think for yourselves and do not accept without thinking what is offered to you under the cover of my will. Come to me and ask me for the supply of purest truth; do not be satisfied with spiritual good offered by men, but always ask me first for advice; ask me for help for right thinking, and desire intimately to stand in truth and it will be given to you; you will recognize it as truth; you will feel it pleasantly as light and never ever want to step out of the light shine of my word because my word alone is light, which shines for a long way, which chases away all darkness in you, gives you right knowledge and leads you to me. My word is eternal truth because it goes out from me myself as the eternal truth. And who stands in truth, he will never ever lose it; he will take it over with him as spiritual good into the kingdom, which is his true home, and he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3994.


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