Like the vibrations of sound, but faster than electricity.

Quantum theory and Jakob Lorber - Comment on 2015 November 6 (3)

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There are effects and movements of the soul, whose vibrations are more similar to that of sound and can travel in all conceivable directions, as also in all conceivable curvatures with more than electric swiftness. Read more:

I bring something from Jakob Lorber, from Himmelsgaben (Gifts of heaven), Band (Volume) 1, jl.him1.302,01-305,14, which very nicely describes a phenomenon of quantum theory, the communication between two entangled particles.

Grund und Wesen des Zweiten Gesichts (Reason and nature of the Second Sight)

from the Lorber writing »Die zwölf Stunden« (The twelve hours); 21.03.1841

   01] The so-called »Second Sight« is not for example a sign of an awakened spirit, but it merely has its reason in a somewhat heightened soul life and is in general a property of those men who are always compelled to live in great trouble and natural isolation from the world.
   02] That this Second Sight has no relationship with spiritual awareness, the circumstance can also sufficiently testify to you that even animals are also able of such a second sight, whose individuality carries throughout nothing spiritual, but certainly a soul for further development.

I will interrupt Lorber’s text several times and this is therefore the first of such interruptions.

What Jesus here says, reminds one of the Sermon on the Mount, where he explains the difference between the gifts of the spirit and the fruit of the spirit and where he tells us that when we want to ascertain the real value of a person, then we are not see the gifts of the spirit, but its fruit.

The gifts of the spirit one can also describe as the gifts of a magician and a magician can use these gifts for white magic, but also for black. The principles of white magic and those of black magic are the same. The difference lies in the kind how this magic is used, for what it is used, whether it brings light or darkness.

Jesus says that animals have this ability, the ability of second sight. There is Why animals know so much more than we do and there this wall of separation is discussed, which separates us from the knowledge that animals have, but not we.

We now carry on with Jakob Lorber‘s writing:

   03] You will now certainly ask what reality has that what portrays itself visibly in the second sight? Alone, it will not be difficult at all to loosen this knot for you. – When you are still buried in deep winter and the rigid ice and snow fields look at you dreadfully from all sides, indeed, when you then would also be forced to live in addition in cold apartments, say, would you there not start to very much long for spring and for summer? And will not the phantasy of your soul preferably occupy itself with showing to you pictorially spring and summer?

   04] Look, this longing, almost plastic presentiment is the first step of the second sight and has its reason in the gentle etheric over-blowing of that what the soul expects as agreeable in its pressed state. When someone would now become more and more absorbed, then he would like at least during night time not rarely see the pictures of spring and summer pass in front of him like dull dream pictures.
   05] But when some soul is still more restricted through suffering circumstances, then the same happens to it through such pressure, as if the air is pressed in a too high degree: it ignites and steps out of the bodily sphere. In visible space there are namely just as well effects and movements of the soul, as there are effects and movements of light in the wide light space; only with the difference that the vibrations of light on the natural way cannot travel differently than straight; against which the ones of the soul are more similar to the vibrations of sound and can travel in all conceivable directions, as also in all conceivable curvatures with more than electric swiftness.

Jesus says here that there are effects and movements of the soul, whose vibrations are more similar to the vibrations of sound and can travel in all conceivable directions, as also in all conceivable curvatures with more than electric swiftness.

And he says that these effects and movements of the soul are here in visible space.

And he says something about electromagnetic vibrations, about light, that it travels straight, and also about mechanical vibrations, about sound, that sound travels in all conceivable directions, as also in all conceivable curvatures.

But then comes the important statement that these affects and movements of the soul can travel exactly with more than the electric speed.

And electric travelling is travel of electromagnetic radiation and it travels with the speed of light.

For these effects and movements of the soul the speed of light is therefore no speed limit. They are faster. And that is exactly so with entangled particles.

And both situations have in common that consciousness is involved. Consciousness is an aspect of the soul. And the relationship of two entangled particles is also an aspect of the soul. The whole material world is an aspect of the soul, simply because it is created by the soul. The soul, or consciousness, creates the physical body of man and also its physical surroundings, and then he observes everything, the physicist takes measurements with his experiments, and wonders that this should have something to do with his consciousness, that his measurements should be influenced by consciousness.

David Ash says that he does not believe that electrons travel with the speed of light, but that it is the vibrations of electrons, which travel with the speed of light, and he refers there to the vibrations of sound waves and that with sound the molecules also do not travel with the speed of sound, but only the vibrations of these molecules. See Electrons and electricity

   06] Now think of any one fact – no matter what kind it may be, then it has perpetually three conditions as reason: one material, one of the soul and one spiritual. – What concerns the first condition, there the fact can only then be seen by the bodily eye when it happens just now, and that is in such a distance, which can be reached by the bodily power of sight. – What concerns the condition of the soul there you will easily realize without much thinking, that a fact must first precede in the soul, before it goes over into the world of bodies. But when the soul is relieved of its cover (i.e. dependence on the body), then it can often already see such a fact an important time earlier in virtue of the fast travel of the soul, than it reaches the material objectivity; or it can also see a committed fact afterwards, just as you hear a far echo.

Here Jesus gives us an explanation for supernatural events, how they come into being, what is behind them.

It is again the knowledge of the properties of man, which has an effect here. Man is spirit, he has a soul, and he lives in a body. The subdivision of man must be accepted, only then one can understand quantum theory. Every fact has three conditions as reason: a material one, one of the soul, and one of the spirit. The one of the soul does not depend on physical circumstances, does not depend on time and space. And here Jesus repeats the fact that the conditions of the soul travel faster and that physical time and space are not valid there. There future and past are one with the presence.

When the soul is not covered with its cover, the body, then it is free and not subject to the limitations of the body, the material world.

And the soul is free when it is in an out-of-body state; then it has unlimited access to all of this information.

All these supernatural experiences and abilities are therefore also based on a certain out-of-body state of the soul.

   07] Unnecessarily I will also still add three small examples of the seeing of the soul!

And now Jesus still gives us, in addition, examples so that we also really understand his teaching.

   08] Such a person talented with the second sight sees for example an unknown corpse passing by, while the acquaintance is still quite fresh and healthy and only dies in a few months after that. This happens the following, easy to comprehend way, namely: The soul of the one determined to die has a presentiment of the near dissolving of its cover, particularly at a time when it also sees, through a noticeable emerging, clearer and more correct its house ready for collapse. In this state it orders then already all relevant precautions and ceremonies for the transition. But at the same time also the soul of another man is in such heightened state and there sees the complete fact, what the soul of the other has already prescribed for itself, and indeed all that in the way of communication of the soul now already known to you. – Now see, in this way such things are planned by the soul, as by the bodily eye those, which just happen.

Here we have a nice description from Jesus of the phenomenon of the behaviour of entangled particles. He calls it the way of communication of the soul.

In the next example Jesus describes a situation where someone, for example, perceives in a supernatural way the approach of a ship, which is still far away from the horizon and which one therefore will only be able to see with the eyes of the flesh hours or days later.

   09] As second example: A soul sees in some far distance something happening. Also this seeing happens the same way. For wherever something happens, where men are present, either mere as spectators or as happy or unhappy co-participants, there is indeed also nothing more natural than that such a fact is immediately received into the soul life of the others and then travels there in the sphere of the soul like a most gentle magnetic aura, according to the size and kind of the fact, often several thousand hours. And when then some man is in an heightened state of the soul, then he immediately perceives such vibrations and sets eyes on the picture through the variety of the vibrations in the same way, as some material picture arrives for the bodily experience, through the eye of the flesh, through the variety of vibrations of the light of the object from which they start.

Lyall Watson has described such an event, see How does one get hold of truth? - Lyall Watson 1.

In the next example Jesus says something quite important, that all information is in us. All facts lie in our spirit, also those of the past and also those of the future. Many supernatural things can find their explanation in this. All information is available. The problem is actually not to get hold of information, but more to get hold of the right information, to recognize the right information and to choose it, and then it is still more important, to then also apply this right information in our live.

   10] As a third example this is to be assumed: When some fact, by which several men will have an accident, has not yet happened. This sight is certainly a little rarer, but happens nevertheless like the other cases. It is to be realized the following way: When some soul reaches an heightened state at particular cases, then also the indwelling spirit, certainly only for a short time, gets awakened. But all facts are imperishably based upon the spiritual condition (i.e. in the spirit of man), both the past as well as the future. The seeing can now take place there in two ways, namely the person concerned sees first out of his spirit. This what is seen goes of course over into the soul. But as soon as it has gone over into the soul, it also already travels further according to the laws known to you. And when then some man is in the heightened state of the soul, then also he sees such as it were prognostic fact together with all the circumstances, which will happen there. And this seeing is then the second kind to see, such a fact, which will only happen (in future).

   11] That such a man in the heightened state of the soul can also see souls of deceased men, when these want or are allowed to let themselves been seen, need not to be mentioned in more detail.
   12] Now see, there you have the whole nature of the second sight and can at the same time see from the same that spiritual awareness is not exactly necessary for it. For the seeing of the spirit is completely different from that of the soul. But as the seeing of the body is as the seeing of the soul, so is also the seeing of the soul as the seeing of the spirit.
   13] And as the seeing of the bodily eye can be increased through material means, such as there are: all kinds of tools – so also the seeing of the soul can be increased through those means, which naturally correspond to the soul. These means are strong, undoubted faith, a firm wanting and a spiritual awareness reached as a result of at least the half.
   14] But as the seeing of the soul can be heightened, in exactly the same way can also the seeing of the spirit be strengthened till infinity, and indeed by means of those means, which the great seer has taught you through his teaching – who great seer is just that one, who now reminds you of it!

And Jesus gives us a different expression for the spiritual seeing of the soul, for the second sight, he calls it the heightened state of the soul.


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