Your will alone determines your acting and your most inner thoughts.

Contemplation inwards - Comment on 2015 October 21

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Who wants to seek and find me, he must first turn away his will from matter, and because he nevertheless dwells in the middle of matter, because he himself has a material cover, he must withdraw himself into his innermost. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Contemplation inwards. Removing from the world and matter. Success Truth.

3.-5. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3968.

The greater the desire of man is for truth the deeper he penetrates into truth. To God, as giver of truth, nothing is unknown, and therefore he also knows about every question which moves the heart of man and he answers it; and therefore it is easy for you men to increase your knowledge, when you only let God, as eternal truth, speak to you, i.e. when you listen to the inner voice, which always instructs you right. Into yourselves you must look for the answer; you are not allowed to expect it coming from outside, then you are instructed directly, and you can be certain of fullest truth. Therefore pay attention to what he speaks to you: Do you want to serve me or the world do you want to gain my pleasure or put yourselves in reputation before fellowmen? Your will alone determines your acting and your most inner thoughts, and that is why a spiritual rebirth can always only then take place, when the deepest desire moves you to stand in union with me, when you seek me and completely withdraw from the world to unite with me. But how do you remove yourselves from the world, when you still have to live in it and see yourselves being put in front of an earthly task, which you are not to neglect? How do you establish the intimate relation with me where you still continually dwell among fellowmen and are still taken up through this again and again? Only through contemplation inwards, through a withdrawal into seclusion, which however can happen everywhere and anytime in accordance with your will and which happens the more intimately and unhindered the less outer impressions man takes up inside of him. (4.2.1947) Most inner union with me demands withdrawal from all matter, because I myself as pure God from eternity am standing outside of matter, even though matter in itself is firmed power out of me, but always standing in a certain distance from me. Who wants to seek and find me, he must first turn away his will from matter, and because he nevertheless dwells in the middle of matter, because he himself has a material cover, he must withdraw himself into his innermost. Then he will find me, and the total withdrawal from matter is then going to happen when every impression from outside is held away from the bodily eye, when he closes himself and absorbs no more material images, because these reflect themselves in the soul of man and disturb it in the quiet consideration and unification with its spirit. Spirit and matter are opposite terms and will also always remain standing in opposition to each other, and since I myself want to work in you as pure spirit, you must first carry out this inner separation from matter and you will approach me, but will never be able to establish the inner connection with me, as long as your eye and your senses are imprisoned by outer impression. (5.2.1947) I want that my nearness alone is desired, that nothing anymore finds place in your hearts and that you muster the will, to give up all earthly things for me and my nearness, that you mentally withdraw from that what is directed against me. And all matter is spiritual that is directed against me. I also want that human customs are evaded if possible, for they distract from an inner composure, when they are not carried out without thinking, or they are executed purely mechanically and are also worthless. Who earnestly seeks me, he must first sever the connection with the world, and everything belongs to the world what is not spiritual, what stands in contact with earthly matter, what is absorbed with the bodily senses of man, what therefore keeps the soul imprisoned, what hinders it to connect with the spirit in it. Only when this withdrawal is executed, is it able to talk to me, as it is my will, so that I myself can work in the heart of man with my love and favour. And truly, the quiet, deep veneration is the one I love most, and it can never be replaced by outer customs and acts, which influence the thinking of man spontaneously, which must distract him from the real thing, from the pure spiritual connection with me. I see into the heart of every man and truly need no outer evidence of your love towards me, and so, as you approach me, you can be given my love and favour, and you yourselves determine the measure. That is why you will commit no wrong acts through outer ceremonies, through human customs, however harm yourselves, by you decreasing the supply of my love and favour yourselves, as long as still another thought than me is found in the space of your heart. In spirit and in truth you are to approach me, then my eye will rest on you with pleasure and then you will feel yourselves the blessing of such intimate connection in you, then you will feel me being present and be happy. And yet you will remain deeply humble in your happiness, because you are aware of the extraordinary favour, which is given you that I take up residence in your heart, and the humility will increase the measure of favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 3968.


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