The nicest example of the stupidity of our scientists is their expression "visible light".

The "visible light" of our scientists - Comment on 2015 July 10

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Actually quite an amount of stupidity is really needed to again and again repeat such a description of a thing, like "visible light", and consequently make again and again fools of themselves and demonstrate one’s simple-mindedness. Read more:

The nicest example of the stupidity of our scientists is their expression "visible light".

Again and again I come across passages in scientific statements where the expression "visible light" is used.

When scientists now do not believe what spiritual writings report, or simply state as fact, then one can understand that indeed. Also when they do not take such statements seriously, or make fun of it, or simply ignore them, and consider them irrelevant, then also that is still understandable. But when it then comes to a situation where such a statement in spiritual writings can be proven with an experiment, which one can hardly imagine to be simpler, namely to simply lift the head at night and look at the sky, and find there confirmed that light is invisible, because the sky is black, despite the fact that the light of the sun exists there everywhere, except in the shadow of the Earth, then one can actually only speak of stupidity.

Actually quite an amount of stupidity is really needed to again and again repeat such a description of a thing, like "visible light", and consequently make again and again fools of themselves and demonstrate one’s simple-mindedness.

The Psalmist has expressed this quite nicely when he speaks of fools: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.

Today I came again across this subject when I read the following in a spiritual writing:

   11] Spirit is therefore equal to light, which indeed in itself remains light for ever, but as light cannot appear so long observable, as long as there are no objects, which it illuminates.
   12] Light comes, as you for example can see also already with the Sun, continuously regularly from it; but without object no eye can notice its existence. A moonless night has equally much light from the Sun as a moon-bright one; but in the first case light has got no object up there in the high ether, and that is why no-one notices that it exists. But if the Moon stands as an efficient body at night in the high ether, there the out coming sunlight is immediately very mightily perceived, and everyone who is somewhat familiar with star tidings will easily notice how and from where the Moon is shone upon.

Light is electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation, all electromagnetic radiation, is light. And all electromagnetic radiation, including the "visible light" of our scientists, cannot be perceived by our physical senses, also not that small band which makes objects visible when it hits physical objects.

When our scientists deal with light, and therefore with all electromagnetic radiation, then they are directly in the spiritual field, because light is spirit.

When light hits an object then scientists talk of a photo electric effect, where photons of light strike the surface of the object and there strike electrons from outer atoms of the material and that is actually still something pure spiritual. Only when then the eye of man is hit, one can speak of something like physical because that is then sense perception.

We should become much more aware that almost the whole influencing, which we receive through the media is penetrated by deepest stupidity. All people who influence us and who are almost all influenced by those who have said in their heart, There is no God, are subjecting us with a constant stream of things, which are often simply wrong scientifically, but which are also mostly irrelevant, and describe the material world to us as the only existing one and announce a naïve realisms. And all this has the purpose to keep us away from true reality, the spiritual kingdom.

Our scientists therefore have in their works, especially in those which deal with electromagnetic waves, very nicely documented their stupidity and left their mark.

Tom Lethbridge, a real scientist, not one of these stupid ones, has an explanation for such scientists (from his book "A step in the dark"):

People as a whole do not realize to what extent many of the learned men they listen to on the wireless, or see on television, are parrots. A very large proportion of them are only the parrots with the best memories. What was taught by Professor X, two or even three generations ago, has still to be served up to get the best marks in an examination. The whole system of promotion, and by that of bread and butter, depends on being a good parrot. But what if the man, who taught the parrot to say: ‘These ideas are absurd’, was in himself wrong?

Scientists who are real scientist, and not just parrots, seem to have always known that light is not visible. Here another example.

I bring a quote from A P Shepherd's book: "Rudolf Steiner. Scientist of the Invisible," 1954. Shepherd writes about Rudolf Steiner:

Meanwhile his scientific studies presented him with a new line of approach to his problem. We have already referred to his attitude to the wave-theory of light. A deeper study of the science of optics now led him to a conclusion contrary to the teaching of recognised science, viz. that though light is a reality which plays an overwhelming part in the phenomena of the physical world, yet it is itself not perceivable by the senses. It manifests itself on physical objects in the appearance of colours, but it is itself invisible. It appears therefore to be an object of a "sensible-supersensible" kind. It stands between ordinary sense-perceptible objects and supersensible reality, manifesting itself in its relation to the physical, but itself unperceivable by the physical senses.

When he spoke of this to Professor Schröer, the latter pointed out to him the similarity between his ideas and Goethe's theory of colour, in which Goethe had disputed the generally-accepted theory of Newton.

See Waves.


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