A completed man on this earth is, as child of God, in everything equal to God.

Obtaining the adoption as children of God - Comment on 2015 June 29

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In no other heavenly sphere do men have to form themselves, for they are so of God, or what amounts to the same, are so through His children. But here men have to develop completely by themselves, in accordance with revealed order, or they could not possibly become children of God. And thus a perfected man on earth, as a child of God, is fully identical with God, although an undeveloped one, in contrast, is below the kingdom of animals. Read more:

Four months ago we had the webpage 2015 Feb 26 (2) – God’s adoption and there also links to previous pages were given, which dealt with this subject.

Today now two examples of men come, who have striven for this adoption of God, and who, when they made this decision to go this way, did not live on this earth. The lived on another celestial body and had to give up the live there to start a new life here on this earth.

Their decision included therefore not only striving for the adoption of God, but also the decision connected with it, to end their stay on another heavenly body.

This decision was in this way a so serious because it made an end to the stay on a celestial body, which was much more beautiful than the one which they wanted to live from now on, earth.

We should become aware that we have an extraordinary privilege to already live on earth, and therefore have to give up nothing beautiful to strive for this adoption of God.

So what here follows on this webpage should encourage us to fully go for this thing.

Our two examples are Philopold and Agrikola.

Philopold was a man who was not exactly described as being a positive man. Jesus describes him as a man who is a hard-hearted person, jl.ev01.212,02, and as a braggart of a Greek, jl.ev01.212,03, and Matthew, the apostle, until recently the tax-collector at Sibarah, describes Philopold as a thoroughly annoying person, who always kicked up a fuss outside his tax office, whenever he was taking his wares to Capernaum or Nazareth. And then Matthew still thinks that with a few more of such people on earth and Satan himself has a school he can attend for a hundred years, jl.ev212,08+13.

Agrikola was a Roman and was minister for cultural affairs in the Roman Empire, therefore at the time of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Luke 3:1. Argrikola is assessed extremely positively by Jesus and Jesus gives as reason that Agrikola has made the long journey from Rome to Jerusalem to find Jesus. Now follows Agrikola’s own report about his journey, jl.ev06.183,02-03:

   02] Look, the call has spread from Judea to even Rome that in the lands of the Jews an extraordinary man, sort of a prophet has arisen, who predicts future things, and all powers of nature are to be completely subject to his will! For a long time we did not want to believe this; but only recently again news from very trustworthy sides came to Rome and therefore also to me – since I am one of the first patricians of Rome -, and I and all these my friends, who also belong to the most respectable people of Rome, thought: There must be something about it, - what will it then be? Ships we have enough and many hundreds of sea servants; let us make a journey to Asia, and that is to Judea! There we will hear it at the earliest what it is all about!

   03] And look, we departed fourteen days ago; partially we had good wind and are now here! But strange, in Rome we obviously hear more than here in this country, where the miracle man should be! Whoever we have asked on the journey here about it, he either did not know to tell us at all or hardly anything better than what we have brought with us from Rome.

So that was therefore from the speech of Agrikola how he describes why he made the trip from Rome to Jerusalem and which gives us an idea of the personality of this man. But Agrikola is our second example, our first one is Philopold.

Now we come to the report about Philopold and how he came to the planet Earth to obtain God’s adoption.

It is an extract from Jakob Lorber‘s work "The Great Gospel of John", Volume 1, from Chapter 212, Verse 13, therefore the last verse there, to Chapter 216 Verse 6: from jl.ev01.212,13 to jl.ev01.216,06.



13. Says Matthew, "A few more such people on earth and Satan himself has a school he can attend for a hundred years. Lord, what is to be done with this one? If he really is the way he speaks, then all the angels together can achieve nothing with him in the normal way."


1. Say I, "Just let it be, you shall soon convince yourself that something can be done with this one." And turning to Philopold, the stoic, "Do you think that you did not enter upon a prior contract with God, your Creator, fulfilling all the oft-stipulated conditions essential for life upon this planet? Behold you fool, this is already the twentieth heavenly sphere on which you live physically; your cumulative age in the flesh in terrestrial years far exceeds the number of sand grains in all the terrestrial oceans. Yet besides that, what eons of time, hardly imaginable to men walking the earth physically, had you already existed as a pure spirit of the fullest being and in the clearest self-consciousness within endless space, together with countless other spirits, consummating the fullest life and power.

2. When however, living upon your most recent solar world, called Procyon by the wise of this earth, but named Akka by the inhabitants of its wide earth (pronouncing it with uniform intonation, because the inhabitants there speak only one language), you expressed the most ardent desire, (after hearing from an angel that the great, almighty, eternal Spirit and sole Creator and Sustainer of infinity and everything within it, is to take on the flesh Himself and the full human form upon one of the most insignificant planets orbiting within infinite space in countless numbers), that you would be set down here for the purpose of seeing and hearing Him Who created you; whereupon the same angel whom you see here as the seventh person, but who nevertheless is a fully free spirit, came to you and acquainted you in smallest detail with the difficult conditions you would have to suffer if wanting to become an inhabitant of this planet upon which you now stand, for the purpose of achieving the childhood of God.

3. You accepted all the conditions, including the one that, in common with all the inhabitants of this planet, you be barred all retrospection to your previous existence on other heavenly spheres until such time as this same angel would call you three times by the name by which you were named on Akka.

4. If however things are of a truth just so, although of course incomprehensible to you, then how unfair is your assertion that there was no contract entered into between you and your Creator for your existence upon this earth."

5. Says Philopold, "What kind of raving lunacy is this? I am supposed to have already lived, in the flesh, on some nicer and obviously better world as a human?! No, this is getting too thick. Listen, you seventh one on the right, referred to as an angel by the Nazarene, what do they call you and me?"

6. Says the angel, "Just wait a little, and I shall in all haste fetch evidence from your previous world, and give it to you for your greater insight and identification."

7. With these words the angel vanishes, re-appearing in a few moments to hand Philopold a scroll on which, clearly inscribed in ancient Hebrew, appear the angel's and his name, together with a second scroll in which were recorded the conditions he promised before his transfer.

8. Handing such over to Philopold, the angel says, "Here, read and comprehend, old Murahel, Murahel, Murahel! For I myself, named Archiel, have picked it up from the same altar where you made me the great promise. But do not now ask how such was possible in just a few moments; for with God, the most wondrous things are possible. Read it all first and speak afterwards."


1. Philopold is absorbed with reading the scrolls, and as his inner vision opens therewith, he says after a good while, with the greatest astonishment, "Yes, it is so. I now am seeing into all the endless depths of my being, seeing all the worlds upon which I have already lived, together with the places and locations I lived from birth to departure from those worlds; I am seeing what I was and what I did on one or the other celestial spheres, seeing also all my next of kin; and behold, upon Akka I also see even my parents, my many brothers and most dear sisters. Yes, I even hear them talk about me with concern, saying, "What could have become of Murahel? Will he have found the great spirit in human form within endless space? He will not be thinking of us, because Archiel the Messenger of the great Spirit has veiled his retrospection, until he will call him three times by his real name."

2. Behold, thus I hear them speak now, even as I'm seeing them physically as well. Now they are going to the temple to look up the documents with the difficult life-conditions; yet they don't find same. But the high priest of the temple is telling them that Archiel picked up the documents a few moments ago on behalf of Murahel, but that they shall be restored in a short while. And now they are tarrying in the temple, giving a sacrifice for me.

3. Oh love, love, you divine power! How endlessly far stretchest Thou Thy holy arm. Everywhere the self-same love. Oh God, how great and holy art Thou and how fraught with mysteries is free life. What man on earth can probe the depths that I see now? With what insignificance miserable man walks this lean earth, waging mortal combat not infrequently for a span of earth, even whilst carrying within himself what billions of earths cannot grasp."

4. With these words, Philopold falls silent, going over to the angel to return the two scrolls to him, remarking, "Restore them to where they are waiting for them."

5. But the angel says, "Behold, I also brought a writing utensil, the very same one with which you wrote the documents in the temple up on Akka. Sign yourself doubly on each document and your name here, and keep the writing utensil for remembrance."

6. Philopold does that, and the angel takes the documents and vanishes.

7. After a few moments, - those he needs to talk to the high priest on Akka, he is back among us, asking Philopold what he thinks now.

8. Says Philopold, "As I handed the two scrolls back to you, the vision disappeared, and I hardly remember more than a dream, where consciousness tells only that there was one, whose details however no amount of memory-tugging will recall. I also notice that I hold some strange writing utensil in my left hand, yet I hardly recall how I came by it. Hence I would like to know why one retains either very little or nothing at all of the phenomena from the domain of the inner life. Why so?"

9. Says the angel, "Because here it is all about becoming a completely new creature out of and in God. Once you will have become a completely new creature out of God, and achieve the childhood of God, everything shall be added back unto you.

10. In all the other countless worlds, you are created externally and internally what you are to be, but here God hands the external formation to the soul, which builds its own body in accordance with its created order. But the task of the spirit placed into every soul, primarily is to develop the soul by keeping the Commandments given him from without. Once the soul as a result has achieved the right degree of ripeness and development, the spirit spreads into the entire soul, and the entire man is then perfected, a new being, and that fundamentally out of God, since the spirit within man is no less than a God in miniature, because fully out of the heart of God. But man is then so, not through God's deed but through his fully own, and is for that reason a true child of God. And I repeat to you in all brevity:

11. In no other heavenly sphere do men have to form themselves, for they are so of God, or what amounts to the same, are so through His children. But here men have to develop completely by themselves, in accordance with revealed order, or they could not possibly become children of God. And thus a perfected man on earth, as a child of God, is fully identical with God, although an undeveloped one, in contrast, is below the kingdom of animals."


1. Philopold again asks the angel, "But who will show us this most mysterious order?"

2. Says the angel, "The very self-Same Who referred you to me. Go to Him, He will tell you what He has already told you. Because to live as He teaches already is hat divine life-style, through which alone one can attain to the childhood of God!

3. And He also is the very Self-Same One on Whose account you and many others have spiritually left Akka, and for the Lord's sake were incarnated on this earth, into the flesh of this earth.

4. But throughout all of Creation, and that upon all celestial spheres inhabited by intelligent beings in human form, the Incarnation of the Lord has been proclaimed by us; but only a few spirits from a small number of worlds were allowed to enter the flesh of this world. For the Lord is familiar with the nature of all the worlds in endless space, together with the nature and capacity of their inhabitants and spirits occupying one or the other such world; and He therefore knows best as to what spirit is capable of entering upon the flesh of this earth.

5. Whatever was fit anywhere, also has been transferred here, and the number transferred here is not much over ten thousand.

6. But among these you are one of the most fortunate, because if you so desire, then you can be accepted by the Lord as a disciple, like those who arrived with Him here."

7. Says Philopold, "My Archiel! Since you have already done me such great favours, please do me also the favour of taking me over to the Lord, for now that I have recognised Him, I lack the courage to go over to Him again. If it were left to me alone, I would rather run away as fast as possible and hide so that no man would find me. But since I am here now, and everybody knows me only too well, I can't do so, for the entire valley would be filled with laughter. Hence be so good and take me to the Lord, as my advocate."

8. Says the angel, "It is not necessary to do so, as the Lord knows what we have need of. Hence go to Him yourself, and He shall not pull your head off your trunk!"

9. Upon these words of the angel, Philopold plucks up courage and comes to Me with thoughtful gait, saying from some thirty paces away, "Lord, will You let me approach You? If not, then I shall make my retreat!"

10. But I say, "He who wants to come, let him come; for no man has advanced while hesitating."

11. Hearing this, Philopold hastened his steps and is therefore quickly by My side, achieving what many hesitate doing and hence frequently don't achieve, as they are not to be moved from the spot they occupy, in spite of being called.

12. For so long as someone, with all his toing and froing, does not direct his steps to Me in a straight line, all his doings and standing is to no avail to his life. And were he to win the whole world but not Me, then the whole world is of no avail to him. If however, in this time of revealing the Gospel, I call to someone, saying, "Come," yet he does not come, same shall be overtaken by spiritual death! And for this reason, Philopold is a good example that everyone should follow. He who calls after Me, let him not hesitate once called. For I shall not remain henceforth in Cana (signifying: filled with grace in this world) but shall move on, turning My eye and ear away from all who hesitate upon My "come!"


1. On coming over to Me, Philopold said, "Lord, I have sinned without limit against You, but only my great blindness was responsible for this. But now that You oh Lord, made me see in the most miraculous way, and I recognise Who You are, I beg You for the sake of Your eternal love and wisdom that You would forgive me a poor, blind sinner, the transgressions I have committed against You and my neighbors, as you pointed it out to me before. Had I written down Your holy Word, then by all the heavens, not even a dot over the i should have remained unfulfilled. But I believe myself to have memorised Your will and shall follow it to the letter. You paid off all our debts with Kisjonah, and healed all our sick miraculously, without charge and all this You did ahead of any due request; and I therefore believe that You will not cast off a begging sinner."

2. Say I, "I say unto you, you are accepted! For he who comes shall be accepted. But go and first put your affairs in order as specified by Me; then come and follow Me, for you are not to cling to this world, as you are not of this world or from below, but from another world, and hence from above.

3. Because, of all those you count as around Me, there are some from your world; others from another light-world, and only a few from this world. And these few don't mean much, for the world still matters more to them than I! Hence they are capable of only little or nothing.

4. I selected this earth however because its children are the last and lowliest throughout all of infinity, and hence I put on the garb of the deepest lowliness, to make it possible for all the creatures of My most endless Creation to come unto Me; from the lowliest planetary inhabitants to those of the highest arch-primordial central suns, all are to be enabled to come unto Me along the same path.

5. Hence let it not astonish you that you meet Me on this most imperfect and last planet of My entire Creation! For it is I Who want it thus; who therefore is to prescribe to do it differently?"

6. Says Philopold, "Lord, whoever would want to or could give You advice, if he believes and recognises that You are the Lord from eternity? But now I shall depart, in order to attend to Your holiest will immediately."


So that was therefore the experience of the Greek Philopold and it was our first example.

We now come to our second example, the Roman Agrikola:



   09] Away from the sun the planets were still visited and a few nearest suns, on which the Roman liked it always best, so that he continuously regretted that he has not become an inhabitant of such a big and most splendid beautiful light world!

   10] But the angel said to him: »Indeed, my friend, exactly on this light world you have, according to the soul, lived four thousand earth years in a body! And look, there is still your most beautiful dwelling; and the people, who are coming and going there, were your closest relatives according to the body.

   11] But when you were taught by a wise man wandering about that there is somewhere in the endless big space of creation a world on which the people sooner or later can become complete great-children of the great God, if they can decide to become detached from this world according to the soul, to once again go through a love-life-freedom-test on that earth of God in a cumbersome body – however without all temporary post-memory of this most beautiful world, because life there does not have the seeing wisdom as base, but only, especially at the beginning, the completely blind love -, so you were satisfied with that. And look, you were immediately changed afterwards, and your soul having become free was soon engendered into mother-body of that earth, and that in the most splendid city of that earth of God, so that you would not get any secret longing in certain lucid dreams, to again wish yourself back to here!

   12] And look, therefore you were already once in such a beautiful world, what you now very well recognize in your spirit and also remember everything what you have done and practised before some fifty earth years! But so that your longing to remain her does not become too keen, so we will immediately move again on to our earth of God.«

   13] At this moment they were all, that is all the Romans, again restored from the third to the earlier second sight and therefore woke up again, but with the exact keeping of all of what they had seen and true and clearly heard.


We just read of the third and the second sight and to find this explained in more detail we go back to the chapter in the work of Jakob Lorber that is before chapter 192, therefore to chapter 191:



   01] The Roman very much thanked for this my advice and went again to the angel and said to him: »My dear angel spirit, I am certainly much obliged for all your light-words, which I heard from you, - but we citizens of this earth and to respectively be or become children of God cannot get used to your celestial wisdom at all! What do we then know of still other earths in the endless far space, since we do not by any means really know this our earth enough! Consequently be so good and give me tangible proofs for your statement otherwise you will truly make no great effect with us with all your wisdom!«

   02] Says the angel spirit: »You demand much from me which I now certainly have to grant to you since the Lord wants to have it so. Your soul has now certainly been opened so far for you that you can see us pure spirits with the eye of your soul, - but that also only, then, because we have put on so to speak a substantial body out of your life-outside-sphere.

   03] If we were with you as pure spirits, then you would still not see us despite your present second sight. But when you some day will be in pure spiritual seeing – what you might call the third sight or the most inner seeing of the spirit -, then you certainly can see us as pure and purest spirits. But just this third sight is also necessary so that you, like us, can see all the other world bodies, which are in equivalent also in you in smallest scale, but will not be able to be noticed by your soul until it becomes one with the spirit out of God.

   04] But with the allowance of the Lord we can really effect with you men for a short time you becoming of a fully awakened spirit and therefore become ecstatic into the third and consequently into the highest and purest seeing.

   05] I will then put you first between the Moon and this Earth, so that you there can notice that this Earth is also just a ball, just as you can see the Moon and the Sun with the eyes of your flesh. Only after that I will bring you completely into the Moon, then into the Sun and only after that into several other worlds and earths. – Are you satisfied with this my proposal?«

   06] Says the Roman: »Certainly; but the matter will really not need for example a too long time? Because if those stars are nothing but worlds bigger than this Earth, then they certainly must be enormously far away from this Earth, because they appear quite so small, and so it goes already without saying that no matter how fast a spiritual journey there, should not exactly last only too short a time.«

   07] Says the angel: »For the pure spirit there is neither a time nor a space. Here and there in an endless distance from here is the same, and ‘now’ and ‘before aeons of years’ is also the same. Consequently you can also see and hear more in one moment in a pure spiritual state than you can find out only vaguely in your flesh on the way of word instruction in hardly several thousand years, but to which the lifetime of man on this earth is of course a much too short one. But that has also its big advantage in that respect, because the soul with us then also learns and hears in one moment far more and purer and truer than it would be able to do here on this earth in a long row of years. For if a soul has become independent just fairly in its body, then it is for it of a big life advantage when the heavy and suffering flesh is taken off it and it then steps into our company and receives from us the true life instruction completely alive.

   08] But now pay attention; for I will now therefore immediately release you in your spirit, which there is the actual love-life out of God, and therefore you are also children of God or really quite certainly can become when you thus live according to the will of God, as it is revealed to you quite at great length. Let it be! Become free, and see now the eternal creation of God related to you!«

   09] After this cry of the angel according to my will, all got into a deep sleep according to the body, but could still speak with the mouth at the same time, although they were completely robbed of all senses of the body in this state.


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