Matter is hardened power.

Judged matter - Comment on 2015 April 13

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That is why the untiring activity of men is of greatest importance, because man means for unredeemed matter and for the entity bound in it that increased power expression, through which the unused power is incited to activity, so that redemption of that which is bound can begin. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Matter ineffectual power. Redemption through increased effective power. Hands of men.

12. to 14. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3956.

Judged matter is the power of God having become form, which has become completely disobedient to him, by the spiritual being created by him no longer recognizing the purpose, which was incumbent on the spiritual. Therefore matter is the spiritual standing in God-farness, which was bound through Godís will, i.e. robbed of its original freedom and power, because it itself, therefore out of its own will, fled from the power of God. Consequently matter is certainly to be addressed as once power radiation of God, however without power effect; it is power remaining unused for the period of time of the existing form and therefore does not correspond to the divine basic order, as everything what adjust itself in disobedience to God cannot stand in his eternal order. But power that once went out from God will not be able to remain without effect through eternities because this would mean a decrease of divine power and this is not possible for ever, but increased effective spiritual power out of God is placed in opposition to this power having become ineffective, so that the process of power development, the moving of power laying fallow, begins. The spiritual, that has become form, matter, is stimulated through influence of divine radiation to activity, which however now no longer correspond to its own will but to the will of God. The spiritual that is adjusted in opposition to him must subjugate itself when it wants to take part of the power supply from outside, when it wants to be again allowed to activity and thereby, even so after endless long time, wants to reach its original state, unlimited use of power in freedom of will. The transferring back into this original state can only take place through extraordinary power development and supply on the part of this spiritual, which works in the will of God, otherwise the hardened power, matter, would remain for ever in the will disobedient against God and remained unredeemed for ever. Love towards the unredeemed must trigger an increased power effect and thereby the bound spiritual must be caused to give up its resistance against God, only then the power, which was formed to matter, is also transferred into an initial stage of activity. (13.1.1947) Increased counter-power influencing matter results that the power banished in it revives, that it seeks to express itself, that therefore a small change at matter itself is felt through life awakening in it. The bound spiritual becomes aware of its actual purpose; it feels a reinforced urge in it for activity, and it seeks to satisfy this urge. In no way, however, can it work freely, but the way of power expression is stipulated to it, i.e., it must be active according to divine will; it must subordinate itself to the law of eternal order; it itself cannot want in freedom, but it carries out every activity in a certain mandatory state, presupposed, that it wants the power in it to have an effect. For it can also oppose the power flowing towards it with resistance; then the motionless state of matter continuous; then it is in a state of death, therefore seemingly completely without power and life. And still it is fundamentally power going out from God, only without any effect and therefore contradictory to eternal order. Therefore matter can in itself never be something desirable for the more mature spiritual, but it must be recognized as something God-rebellious, as long as no serving activity is its duty. The purpose and meaning of a work of creation, resulting from the hand of God or man, also gives to matter first the worth, because it proves the will of the banished spiritual to activity. (14.1.1947) Matter therefore is something unredeemed, it is a power station, which so to speak is put out of action and which first must again be put into action through a strong willpower from outside. It is further a gathering centre of exuding life power into the universe, which, as effectively increased, seeks to unite with the ineffective power to bring forth increased performance, as which now all growing and life in nature as well as also useful creations, gone forth out of the hand of man, are to be viewed. Matter is hardened power, while the exuding life power as directly going forth from God into the universe still is in fullest effectiveness and therefore exceedingly active and life-awakening and can drive all those inactive powers to activity, so far as it finds access to them. But the will bound in matter decides this. For the hardening of matter was the result of the God-rebellious will, of the beings created by him, therefore the softening of matter must take place correspondingly to the giving up of their resistance against God. As far as the entity in matter is concerned, it would never give up the resistance, but through the supply of power, which carries divine will in it, a change of will of the entity, which is bound in hardened matter, can occur, because it feels the benefit of an effective power and this is incitement to an activity, where its power can come to development. Matter is therefore something disobedient to God, as long as it is not admitted to serving activity; but it has given up its resistance as soon as the creations formed out of it perform a serving purpose. And hence it follows from this that also man contributes extraordinarily to the redemption of matter, as soon as things emerge from his creative hand, which are earmarked for the use of man and animal, as soon as he assigns a serving activity to them, which gives the possibility to the entity bound in it, to once free itself and to flee from the form covering it, as soon as it has fulfilled its serving purpose, therefore has become completely useless and waits for a new form. That is why the untiring activity of men is of greatest importance, because man means for unredeemed matter and for the entity bound in it that increased power expression, through which the unused power is incited to activity, so that redemption of that which is bound can begin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3956.


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