My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity.

Power influx - Comment on 2015 March 15

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A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me. Read more:

Nikola Tesla was of the opinion that the world is filled with power and that it is just a question of how to get hold of it. The following announcement by Bertha Dudde answers this question:


Power influx. Receiving vessel. Opening of the heart.

11. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3933.

In the connection with me also lies the guarantee of the receiving of power, because what is indeed more comprehensible than that I assist those who seek me? And everyone seeks me who raises his thoughts to me requesting or asking. My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity, having an effect there, where a container is found for receiving, and every heart of man is particularly to be seen as receiving container, which is of a mind turned towards me. A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me. And in this lies your strength, the guarantee of continuous help through power supply from me that you just open yourselves towards me, that you just turn your thoughts towards me in the desire to obtain power from me, and it will fill you according to your desire. How this power supply now takes effect, is up to you, i.e. your will to mature spiritually. You can request earthly and spiritual help from me, and corresponding to your request is also my help – according to your request you are filled with power from me, but always so that your souls make use of it. This is to be understood so, that you through the connection with me, which is produced mentally, are always placed in the position to mature spiritually and therefore for that reason not always have to feel the power supply bodily, though you obtain power from me. Earthly I certainly also help you and often assist you obviously, but the maturing of your souls is earth life purpose, and every thought turned towards me, I evaluate so for you, that you can reach the aim on earth – a high degree of development of your souls. And that is why earthly calamities are often necessary, which are to cause you to seek intimate connection with me, so that now the current of power can flow over into to you, for your spiritual salvation. Without connection with me this is not possible; your heart must open towards me voluntarily, otherwise you remain untouched of my power radiation, though the whole infinity is filled with it. And so it will also become comprehensible to you, that earthly trouble is an urgent means to cause you to open your hearts. When your thoughts are meant for me, then you are rescued for eternity, because he who once gets flowed through with my power, he can no longer get lost spiritually; he gets pulled over by me into spheres of light and of knowledge; he never ever goes back into darkness, out of which he has liberated himself through the thoughts turned towards me and his will to get into contact with me. You are filled with power all the time when you live with me, and that in increased measure when you change to love. However a turning towards me in thoughts already presupposes a work in love, because as I am love myself, only a heart filled with love, a heart able to love and willing to love, can seek and establish contact with me. And so everything works together; love and power let you mature, and earthly trouble is an effective means causing you to activity where you can use your love power and increase it by this. Power from me will continuously fill you when you are of a will turned towards me, but how it has an effect upon your soul that you cannot weigh on earth, you can only establish the sure effect thereby that inwardly it will always urge you more towards me, that you no longer want to give me up and that you find your happiness in connecting yourselves with me in prayer – because you pull me myself, as eternal love, to you, which will no longer leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3933.


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Now follows something from Betty Shine’s book "Mind to Mind, The secrets of your mind energy revealed", 1989:


Healing is the most wonderful form of complementary medicine you can have.

To many people healing is a mystery, a combination of mysticism, religious faith and the miraculous. If there is a mystery, it is only because people choose to make it so: there are logical explanations for most things if one cares to look into them. Healing is simply the transmission of life force, the energy that sustains every form of life.

Human beings are first and foremost energy beings. Everyone has an energy counterpart which both occupies the body and extends beyond it as the aura: it is this which supplies life, health and vitality to the physical body. When the energy system breaks down or is blocked in any way, related parts of the body cease to vibrate with life force, and this creates ill-health in the physical system.

Although there are still some sceptics, the concepts of the life force and the energy system are becoming increasingly accepted today. Many of the alternative or complementary methods of healing, such as acupuncture, have been based on these principles for centuries, and those of us who constantly use and work with energy experience ‘miracles’ every minute of every day. I believe that a full understanding of these energies could revolutionize our attitudes to life.

We are surrounded by unseen forces, and although most people are unable to see them they can still feel them. When a breeze blows against your hair and face you cannot see it but you know it’s there. When you receive an electric shock you cannot see it but you certainly know it’s there! We accept facts and figures on trust from scientists and doctors about the workings of our bodies because we know them to be experts. If only the same approach would be taken to psychics and healers who can see and feel the energy system!

My own understanding of energy started from the time, thirteen years ago, when I saw the wonderful blue aura around our songbird, expanding as it sang, after which I could see auras around everyone. It was fascinating. The colours were all different, and I began to realize that every disability has its own radiation and colours. I began to understand, too, that there is a source of cosmic or universal energy, on which mind and body energy are dependent.

Healers have an extra supply of this force, which can be used for the benefit of others; in a healing session it is automatically and naturally transmitted through the healer to the patient, usually by laying hands on them, though a number of other methods can also be used. As the energy flows to the patient, it is replenished from the never-ending supply of cosmic energy all around.


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