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Georg Kerkhoff sentenced to six years in jail - Comment on 2015 February 9

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They treated us like rubbish when these allegations first came out. They were in complete denial that something like this had happened. As far as I am concerned, the Catholic Church does not exist to me. Read more:

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Now the newest about Kerkhoff:


Paedophile priest finally convicted and sentenced

Catholic priest Georg Kerkhoff, who is alleged to have committed paedophilia in South Africa, was convicted and sentenced in Germany on Friday to six years in jail on 25 cases of sexual abuse of boys.

Judge Herbert Luczak in the Krefeld district court near Dusseldorf, gave Kerkhoff, 56, a harsher sentence than the prosecutor had demanded, which was five-and-a-half years. His victims included his godson, whom he had molested for five years since 2001 when the boy was 11, in his parishes in the Lower Rhine.

The charges included aggravated sexual abuse, child abuse and abuse of wards.

Kerkhoff was arrested on similar charges in South Africa in 2010 where he had been a pastor in Randburg. The Catholic church in Germany shipped him out in 2007 after the charges surfaced in Germany. He was later accused of abusing five children at a First Communion camp in Brits, in 2008.

He was suspended in South Africa but the criminal case against him was discontinued in June last year when he was extradited to Germany by Interpol to face charges there.

The Krefeld court heard how he used alcohol, drugs, sex toys and a parish sauna while molesting boys, according to Express Dusseldorf, an online publication.

His victims testified in camera to protect their identities.

Kerkhoff did not plead to the charges, on the advice of his lawyer William Helms, who asked the court not to give him a prison sentence. Kerkhoff addressed the families of the abused boys to say he was "sincerely sorry" and that he had never intended to hurt anyone.

The priest did not indicate on Friday if he would appeal against the sentence.

Stefan Wieland, a spokesman for the diocese, Aachen, was quoted saying: "We very much hope that he now faces up to his responsibility and accepts the verdict. Not to do so would be unacceptable."

According to local media, the German Catholic Church, which suspended him after the charges were laid against him, will dismiss Kerkhoff from the priesthood if the judgement becomes final.


He was found guilty of eight cases of sexual abuse of children under his protection, 13 cases of sexual abuse of children and four cases of severe sexual abuse of children.

The 56-year-old reportedly committed the crimes in Krefeld and Nettetal, Germany, from 2001 to 2006.

The Saturday Star reported in January that Kerkhof used alcohol, drugs, sex toys and a parish sauna while molesting boys in Germany.


The Catholic church in Germany had shipped him to South Africa in 2007 after the allegations against him surfaced in Germany.



Accused priest Georg Kerkhoff appears in court. Picture: Gunther Classen, Düsseldorf Express, Germany

Last year, the case against Kerkhoff in Brits, North West, was withdrawn on condition that he was extradited to Germany by Interpol.



The South African families of the victims of paedophile priest Georg Kerkhoff, 56, are preparing to seek compensation from the church after he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for sexual offences against children by a German court.

The Krefeld district court sentenced the former Randburg priest on Friday to six years in prison for eight cases of sexual abuse of children under his protection, 13 cases of sexual abuse of children and four cases of severe sexual abuse of children.

His conviction and sentencing came after he was extradited from South Africa where he faced similar charges, to face more than 20 charges in Germany his home country.

The father of a Johannesburg teenager, who claims he was abused by Kerkhoff during a church camp in 2008, said a German children’s rights group was representing some of the victims, including his son, to get compensation from the Catholic Church.

“Money will not be enough. We want a public apology. The church treated us like we were the ones who were wrong. My son was struggling at school.

“It has been a stressful period,” the father said.

The father of another South African victim said: “They treated us like rubbish when these allegations first came out. They were in complete denial that something like this had happened. As far as I am concerned, the Catholic Church does not exist to me.

“They have failed to practise their own message.”

Shaheeda Omar, from the Teddy Bear Clinic, said she was disgusted by the lenient sentence given to Kerkhoff.

“This man has a long history of child molestation. We cannot guarantee the safety of children around him.”

She warned however that the process of seeking compensation might cause secondary trauma to the children.

“The church must apologise. The priest got backing from somewhere and that is why this cycle of violence continued.”

Spokesperson for the South African Catholic Bishops Conference, William Slattery, apologised to the victims and said the church would offer assistance. He said Kerkhoff would be defrocked

South Africa’s cardinal to the Vatican and a member of the church’s paedophilia committee, Wilfred Napier, who came under fire from international media for his “poor” comments on paedophilia could not be reached for comment.

Napier had reportedly said paedophiles should be treated as sick people and not as criminals.

Kerkhoff’s victims included his 11-year-old godson and his eight-year-old brother.


Memory gaps: Sex minister: He can remember nothting


Pfarrer Georg K. mit Kommunionskindern in Südafrika – auch sie soll er missbraucht haben.

Pastor Georg K. with communion children in South Africa – also them he is to have abused.

Justice officials led the man of God out from the house prison to the prisoner’s dock. On Friday the proceedings began before the district court Krefeld against the 56-years old priest Georg K., who is to have abused his godson and his brother sexually for several years since 2001 in the parish in the Lower Rhine.

But the minister does not want to confess, not to admit. K. lets his lawyer explain, he has recollection gaps. But otherwise he remembers everything.

His godchild was eleven at that time, his brother eight years old. The children of that time are today young adults. Due to the silence of the minister they now all have to testify. One mother in the hall weeps: “I thought, the minister would save the boys that.”

K.‘s lawyer Wilhelm Helms starts with his explanation how he came to the accused. A patron of the priest has asked him for the defence. It sounds like an excuse, as if he is ashamed of his client. Judge Herbert Luczak interrupts him: „That does not belong to here.”

Prosecutor Sabine Gruiter reads out the charges. Shocking. Disgusting, what the accused is to have done to the children entrusted to him. He even has smoked marihuana with them. Some spectators keep their ears shut.

K. does not want to give voice to the accusations because he cannot remember. But his personal record, this he wants to relate. Now see: K. remembers everything, also of what he was accused of in South Africa in the mission when he left the Lower Rhine hurriedly.

There K. also attracted attention, is to have abused several communion children, was suspended immediately. The proceedings lasted years, remained without acquittal and verdict of guilty. Then K. was arrested and extradited.

Judge Luczak reads out a letter from K. of May 2008 to his bishop. There he confesses the accusations of the godchildren; “in many points they are correct”, makes a “self-report”, wants “to make amends for everything again”, has “caused pain and damage”.

Before the hall Johannes Heibel, who has written a book about the case („Der Pfarrer und die Detektive“ [The pastor and the detectives]): “The children had to go to the credibility assessor. They have gone through bad things. Now they have to tell again everything. But the minister needs no examination. No expert sits in the hall who checks how dangerous this minister is. That is a scandal”

Co-plaintiff Martin Hoffmann asked the court to exclude the public when the children of that time have to testify. The court complied with the application. The proceedings are continued next week.


Abuse in Africa: Alleged acquittal: Sex minister (56) has lied!

The eighth commandment Lower Rhine minister Georg K. (56) will know well: “You are not to lie”. K., now in court for 26 cases of raping children, about his abuse lawsuit in South Africa: “I have been acquitted.” Lying!

After the now charged 26 cases of abuse in the area of Willich (2001 to 2006) K. had disappeared 2007 to South Africa. There he is to have assaulted several children of German families indecently.

Chief investigator Colin Morris from Johannesburg confirmed to EXPRESS: “K. was never acquitted. He knows that very well. The proceedings were for the time being abandoned because of his extradition to Germany and because he could get there a higher punishment.”

In court Pastor K. was inclined to self-pity and self-deception. A well-known professor and court psychiatrist to EXPRESS: “I know many similar cases. According to the accusations K. is to have abused boys over seven years. If this is the case, he is an inclination and repeat culprit. Paedophile culprits (especially priests) are often prone to see themselves as victims.

They weep over themselves. So they also talk about themselves, like to deceive. This priest seems to be able to be in fault, but less psychiatric ill. When he is guilty he must go into a therapy, ordered and supervised by the court, with a prohibition to approach children.”

Strange: The court has appointed no assessor, which evaluates K.’s danger. The proceedings continue on Tuesdays before the district court in Krefeld.


Oldest, biggest and worst terror organization


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