Merkel – the godmother of the putsch in Kiev, 2013.

Merkel – Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe - and the Ukraine - Comment on 2015 January 7 (2)

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Merkel – bringing down the economy of Russia, 2014. Read more:

Merkel was born in Hamburg and Hamburg then belonged to the free part of Germany and her parents were such fanatic Stalinists that they decided to leave their free home, and to move to the unfree part of Germany, which was controlled by the Stalinist system.

She grew up in a family, which thinking was orientated towards reaching world dominion of Stalinism.

Such thinking was now normal in the new homeland in which Merkel grew up, only that it was with most people there simply an adopted and imposed way of thinking, to which they were educated, but with the family of Merkel it was something, which came from the innermost drive and was pursued with great eagerness. They had voluntarily and consciously decided to support this system and to make it the system of entire mankind. It was an aim that was clear right from the beginning and set an unequivocal direction.

Her father was a Lutheran pastor and one could now think that there were contradictions. But the spirit of that time was completely in agreement with the aims of this family.

When members of the parish of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche wanted to go to a service in their church in West Berlin, then they planned their visit in such a way that they had a look at the list of pastors, which were intended to preach, and then they chose, for example, a Sunday where they did not have to listen to communist propaganda from the pulpit.

Merkel grew up in the striving to acquire abilities for herself, which were advantageous for her aims. She of course had to speak English and there it helped that her mother was an English teacher, and to have a command over Russian was an important aim and she was honoured for her efforts.

Her role in the political system is best known by her position as secretary for agitation and propaganda with the Free German Youth. A task for which she is just predestined and which she also today again carries out with great success with her work as Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe, and especially for the Ukraine, exactly like Erich Koch.

And then she had to watch how her dream of world dominion of the Stalinists collapsed, how the incompetence of the leaders of the Soviet Union brought the Soviet Union to a quick end.

And there the decision was then made that when one cannot beat the opponent then one joins him and becomes a member of it and works oneself up to the top, and conquers the opponent from inside by destroying the hostile system from its own top.

And that is now not something that will happen in future, but something that started in the year 2008, and has now already reached reality and must now only be brought to its natural conclusion.

Merkel is a person who from infancy, with the mother milk, received a fixing of an aim, which was unequivocal and which was constantly before her eyes and which provided for her a great advantage compared with all other politicians whose aims were and are completely blurred, and most of them just want to get to the top but in reality have no concept.

She can afford defeats, but which hardly shake her, because their influence on her Endsieg is unimportant.

With Obama and Merkel we have two determined people, who have entered upon the long way through all the official channels and have passed them and are now at the top and determine the fate of mankind, and who will now make all the preparations in future, so that the prophecies become true, and will bring about the end and the new start.


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