But through whom my power flows, he achieves everything.

Obtaining strong faith - Comment on 2015 January 5 (2)

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The will to be able to believe firmly and unshakeably is also guaranty to reach a strong, firm faith. Read more:

Prepare yourself for the time of the end by developing strong faith.

Study How to Measure Your Beliefs and you are on the right way.

An announcement from Bertha Dudde follows:


Wrestling for faith not unsuccessful.

25. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3752.

And this I say to you for comfort that you are not in vain wrestling on earth when you just strive to reach me. Because I value your will and help you, even when you do not obviously recognize it. I draw you, but you also must yourselves apply power and claim this from me, otherwise you cannot become perfect. And that is why you must sometimes be in the state of powerlessness and strive to overcome it. You must be active yourselves, and I will bless you. And so also your faith will become stronger the more often you seem to lie on the ground and again and again rise with my help. You do not grasp this that faith must be exposed to shakings against which he is to stand firm, and that these shakings are my will or my allowance, because they are to lead man to faith maturity. Strong faith no longer lets itself be shaken, and then man has reached his aim on earth. But as long as he still becomes staggering in cases of trouble, he is still not strong enough, and needs temptations; he needs trials of faith, which he can also overcome in trust in me. Who wants to reach deep unshakeable faith, he will also reach his goal, because I assist him especially lovingly. And earthly trouble will achieve that man thus connects with me firmly and intimately and he is therefore aware of my presence, and then he will trust me unrestrained, therefore never ever doubting me, my love and might. Then his faith is strong, and it earns him inner calmness; he no longer fears anything from the side of the world; he fears no earthly trouble because he opposes everything to my power, which flows through him. He knows that he is not alone, and completely trusts me and my guidance. I want to draw you to me when you only strive towards me in free will. What would indeed be more obvious than that I help you in every way, because I myself see highest bliss therein that you become mine? Therefore no man’s wrestling will be in vain; it will lead him to the goal, and every difficulty, every earthly or spiritual trouble are means to progress because the connection with me becomes more intimately through them, and my power supply is secure in that way. But through whom my power flows, he achieves everything – and who wants to receive power and favour and announces this through intimate prayer, he never leaves empty-handed, and the effect comes clearly to light, when deep faith is to become known before the world. Then that one will not become shaky whose striving was constantly the strengthening of his faith – then my power supply will also obviously appear, so that man makes a living witness to his fellow men of the power of faith, which is accessible to everyone who wrestles for strong faith, whose will is meant for me and whom I therefore draw towards me, because he was mine from eternity and is to remain mine for ever. The will to be able to believe firmly and unshakeably is also guaranty to reach a strong, firm faith, because I bless such will. B.D. NR. 3752.


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